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School of Public Health and Family Medicine

Research Output

Edited books

Bennett, S., Gilson, L. and Mills, A. (eds). 2008. Health, Economic Development and Household Poverty: From Understanding to Action. 276pp. Abingdon, UK: Routledge. ISBN 978 0 415 34428 9.

Chapters in books

Bennett, S. and Gilson, L. 2008. Protecting the poor from the cost of services through health financing reform. In S. Bennett, L. Gilson and A. Mills (eds), Health, Economic Development and Household Poverty: From Understanding to Action, pp. 155-172. Abingdon, UK: Routledge. ISBN 978 0 415 34428 9.

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Articles in Peer-reviewed Journals

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Peer-reviewed published conference proceedings

Raulf-Heimsoth, M., Jappe, U., Arif, S.A.M., Rihs, H.P., Lopata, A.L., Jeebhay, M.F. and Bruning, T. 2008. Relevance of carbohydrate determinants in differentiating true latex allergy from asymptomatic IgE reactivity. In S. Holgate, G. Marone and J. Ring (eds), Proceedings of the 26th Symposium of the Collegium Internationale Allergologicum, Supplement, 5-10 May 2006, Malta. Gottingen: Hogrefe & Hubber Publishers. ISBN 978 0 88937 358 7.

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