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Primary Health Care Directorate

Research Output

Articles in peer-reviewed journals

Havenaar, J.M., Geerlings, M.I., Vivian, L., Collinson, M. and Robertson, B. 2008. Common mental health problems in historically disadvantaged urban and rural communities in South Africa: prevalence and risk factors. Social Psychiatry Psychiatric Epidemiology, 43: 209-215.

Wellcome Trust funding for HIV and TB initiatives

Wellcome Trust Fellows Associate Professor Robert Wilkinson (left) and Dr Graeme Meintjes (right) with senior students at UCT’s Institute of Infectious Disease and Molecular Medicine.

The fight against HIV and TB received a boost in 2008 when the Wellcome Trust granted a consortium of researchers, led by Associate Professor Robert Wilkinson, £3 million (R45 million) to establish a Centre for Clinical Infectious Disease Research at UCT. The grant was part of a £20-million investment by the Trust in research and training in Africa, aimed at ensuring that researchers are equipped to tackle the most pressing problems in their respective regions. The UCT centre will focus on HIV and TB, which are among the main causes of death in Sub-Saharan Africa. Approximately 25 entry positions in research will be established to develop the skills of scientists working in southern Africa so that they can compete better for their own funding. In addition, the capacity to conduct clinical and laboratory research will be enhanced.

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Department of Psychiatry and Mental Health

Research Output

Authored books

Stein, D.J. 2008. Philosophy of Psychopharmacology. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press. 210pp. ISBN 978 0 521 85652 2.

Chapters in books

Joska, J. and Stein, D.J. 2007. Mood disorders. In R.E. Hales, S.C. Yudofsky and G.O. Gabbard (eds), Textbook of Psychiatry, pp. 505-504. Fifth Edition. America: The American Psychiatric Publishing. ISBN 978 1 58562 257 3.

Articles in Peer-reviewed Journals

Brand, L., Groenewald, I., Stein, D.J., Wegener, G. and Harvey, B. 2008. Stress and re-stress increases conditioned taste aversion learning in rats: Possible frontal cortical and hippocampal muscarinic receptor involvement . European Journal of Pharmacology, 586(1-3): 205-211.

Carter, C., Jacobson, S., Molteno, C.D. and Jacobson, J. 2007. Fetal alcohol exposure, iron-deficiency anemia, and infant growth. Pediatrics, 120(3): 559-567.

Combrinck, M.I. and Joska, J. 2008. Inflammation, immunity and Alzheimer's Disease. Current Allergy & Clinical Immunology, 21(3): 132-136.

Corrigall, J., Lund, C., Patel, V., Plagerson, S. and Funk, M. 2008. Poverty and mental illness: fact or fiction? A commentary on Das, Do, Friedman, McKenzie & Scott. Social Science & Medicine, 66: 2061-2063.

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Davidson, J., Baldwin, D.S., Stein, D.J., Pedersen, R., Ahmed, A., Musgnung, M., Benattia, I. and Rothbaum, B.O. 2008. Effects of venlafaxine extended release on resilience in posttraumatic stress disorder: an item analysis of the Connor-Davidson Resillience Scale. International Clinical Psychopharmacology, 23(5): 299-303.

Degenhardt, L., Chiu, W., Sampson, N., Kessler, R., Anthony, J.C., Angermeyer, M., Bruffaerts, R., De Girolamo, G., Gureje, O., Huang, Y., Karam, A., Kostyuchenko, S., Lepine, J., Mora, M.E.M., Neumark, Y., Ormel, J., Pinto-Meza, A., Posada-Villa, J., Stein, D.J., Takeshima, T. and Wells, J.E. 2008. Toward a global view of alcohol, tobacco, cannabis, and cocaine use: findings from the WHO World Mental Health Surveys. PloS Medicine, 5(7): 1053-1067.

Fincham, D., Smit, J., Carey, P., Stein, D.J. and Seedat, S. 2008. The relationship between behavioural inhibition, anxiety disorders, depression and CD4 counts in HIV-positive adults: a cross-sectional controlled study. Aids Care, 20(10): 1279-1283.

Franklin, M.E., Flessner, C.A., Woods, D.W., Keuthen, N.J., Piacentini, J., Moore, P., Stein, D.J., Cohen, S., Wilson, M.A. and Trichotillomania Learning Centre-Scientific Advisory Board. 2008. The Child and Adolescent Tricholtillomania Impact project: Descriptive psychopathology, comorbidity, functional impairment, and treatment uilization. Journal of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics, 26(6): 493-500.

Frenkel, L. 2008. A support group for parents of burned children: a South African Children's Hospital Burns Unit. Burns, 34: 565-569.

Ganasen, K.A., Fincham, D., Smit, J., Seedat, S. and Stein, D.J. 2008. Utility of the HIV Dementia Scale (HDS) in identifying HIV dementia in a South African sample. Journal of the Neurological Sciences, 269: 62-64.

Ganasen, K.A., Parker, S., Hugo, C., Stein, D.J., Emsley, R. and Seedat, S. 2008. Mental health literacy: focus on developing countries. African Journal of Psychiatry (Previously South African Psychiatry Review), 11(1): 23-28.

Gupta, J., Silverman, J.G., Hemenway, D., Acevedo-Garcia, D., Stein, D.J. and Williams, D.R. 2008. Physical violence against intimate partners and related exposures to violence among South African men. Canadian Medical Association Journal, 179(6): 535-541.

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Hahn, B., Wolkenberg, F.A., Ross, T.J., Myers, C.S., Heishman, S.J., Stein, D.J., Kurup, P.K. and Stein, E. 2008. Divided versus selective attention: Evidence for common processing mechanisms. Brain Research, 1215: 137-146.

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Jaspan, H.B., Soka, N.F., Strode, A.E., Mathews, C., Mark, D., Flisher, A.J., Wood, R. and Bekker, L. 2008. Community perspectives on the ethical issues surrounding adolescent HIV vaccine trials in South Africa. Vaccine, 26: 5679-5683.

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Psychiatric medications examined through a philosophical lens

With rapid developments in the field of cosmetic psychopharmacology, Professor Dan Stein's new book, Philosophy of Pharmacology: Smart Pills, Happy Pills and Pep Pills, published by Cambridge University Press, poses interesting philosophical questions about the implications of developments in neuroscience for our understanding of human beings.

Mental disorders are a leading cause of disability worldwide, and are relatively underdiagnosed and undertreated. At the same time, there have been significant advances in psychopharmacology, and critical questions have been raised about the medicalisation of normal distress. Stein's new work sets out a conceptual framework, pulling in theory and data from modern neuroscience, for examining these issues.

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