There is no national science just as there is no national multiplication table; what is national is no longer science

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НазваниеThere is no national science just as there is no national multiplication table; what is national is no longer science
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Dmitriy Khvorostukhin

Geoinformation Modeling in Solving Problems of Sustainable Development of Municipal Districts

The author analyzes modern views on sustainable development of territories. Availabilities of geoinformation systems for creating analytical and synthetical models in solving problems of sustainable development of municipal districts are considered.

Elena Kiryanova

Soil Mapping and Monitoring Based on Remote Sensing

The research mainly deals with the practical application of the remote sensing for carrying out soil mapping and monitoring. The presented data have been obtained on the experimental plots located in the north-west of the Saratov Region.

Anna Kvashchuk

A Uniqueness Theorem for Solutions of the Inverse Sturm-Liouville Problem

This research provides a uniqueness theorem for solutions of the inverse Sturm-Liouville problem with separated boundary conditions proof. During the proof the Weyl function and solution are introduced with the help of which uniqueness of the theorem is proved.

Natalya Kucher

BUGS for a Bayesian Analysis of Stochastic Volatility Models

This paper reviews the general Bayesian approach to parameter estimation in stochastic volatility models with posterior computations performed by Gibbs sampling. The main purpose is to illustrate the ease with which the Bayesian stochastic volatility model can now be studied routinely via BUGS (Bayesian Inference Using Gibbs Sampling), a recently developed, user-friendly, and freely available software package. It is an ideal software tool for the exploratory phase of model building as any modifications of a model including changes of priors and sampling error distributions are readily realized with only minor changes of the code.

Vladimir Maximenko

Dynamical Regimes in Semiconductor Superlattice

The method for the calculation of the spectrum of the Lyapunov exponents (LEs) has been proposed for the semiconductor superlattices (SL). Having applied the developed technique to identify the complex regimes observed in SL we have proven the presence of the dynamical chaos.

Alexander Melnikov

Local Modifications of Optical Glass by High-Intensity Ultrashort Laser Pulses

Ultrashort pulses are used to modify the structure and optical properties of the optical glasses. Energy of an ultrashort pulse absorbed in a highly nonlinear optical glass is evaluated within an analytical model based on approximate theoretical approach. In our numerical model, Gaussian beam is focused into a glass sample. Dispersion of nonlinear coefficients of refraction and absorption is taken into account.

Leonid Mihnyuk

Research on the Correlations between Musical Preferences and Individual Psychological Features of a Person

The problem of correlation between musical preferences of listeners and their individual psychological features is examined in this research work, with particular focus on the correlation between an individual’s degree of psychomotor problem solving success and the character of his/her musical preferences. The data obtained as a result of the research testifies in favor of the assumption of an existence of such a correlation.

Dmitry Mitin

Formation of Silicon Structures with Rectifying Properties by Magnetron Sputtering

The technique of creation of structure with rectifying properties by DC magnetron sputtering has been developed. The received i-v curve shows rectifying properties of structure. Sensitivity of structure of visible light was found and explored.

Nikita Nosov

The Clasterization of Plague Microbe Strains by Multilocus VNTR-Analisis

Plague is a very important social-significant problem of international importance. Solution of this problem needs a creation of new highly-effective tools of diagnostics and prevention of plague. Modern molecular-genetic systems shows high differentiating capabilities relating to different bacterial species such as PCR, sequencing and VNTR – analysis. The purpose of the work is to examine the effectiveness of three VNTR loci – ms01, ms04 and ms46 for clasterization of Yersinia pestis strains on natural focal origin.

Aleksandra Osokina

Influence of the Live Environment on Nanoparticles

Influence of the live environment on nanoparticles was studied in this paper. Сhanges of the morphology, size, and element structure of nanoparticles before and after interaction with the live environment were considered and the thickness of a cover of particles was calculated.

Alexander Pavlov

Boundary of Generalized Synchronization in Two Unidirectionally Coupled Tunnel Diode Generators

The behavior of the boundary of generalized synchronization in two unidirectionally coupled tunnel diode generators has been studied. Peculiarities in its behavior in the field of the relatively large values of the control parameter mistuning have been found. The character of this behavior and physical mechanisms resulting in the generalized synchronization regime onset in such system have been explained by the analysis of the spectral compound of the signal from response system.

Olga Perfilova

Synthesis of 2-(2,7-Dichloro-3-Oxo-6-(Perfluorophenylsulfonyloxy)-3H-Xanthen-9-yl)Benzoic Acid

The parent compound of preparation was changed in order to reduce the cost of the experiment. The effect of various factors was investigated. The ratio of carboxyfluorescein to pentafluorobenzenesulfonyl chloride at which maximum yield was obtained was optimized.

Nikita Phrolov

Generator with Electron Feedback under External Influence of Harmonic Signal

The output power of generator with electron feedback under influence of monofrequent signal was studied. The analysis of physical processes in electron beam with virtual cathode under external influence leading to velocity modulation of electron flow entering drift space was held.

Elena Pogorelova

Determination of Alkylpiridinium Homologues in Binary Mixtures

Multisensor system "electronic tongue" with the processing of analytical signals by artificial neural network was used for separate determination of alkylpyridinium homologues in the model binary mixtures.

Mikhail Pozharov

The Effect of Substituent Groups on Electron-donor Properties of Several Aromatic Organic Acids: Quantum Chemical Study

The structure of several aromatic organic acids was studied. Their relevant structural characteristics were evaluated. The effect of substituent groups of electron-donor properties of the said acis was discussed.

Sofia Startseva

Dynamical Properties of Discrete Models (the Impact of Iterations)

The article considers dynamic properties of mappings in various iterations. The theoretical background applicable to any mapping has been formulated and verified using a computer modeling in the case of the logistic map.

Natalya Shestopalova

Cloud Point Extraction Some Dyes

The conditions for phase separation in systems of OP-10-H2O and OP-10-H2O-NaCl are examined. Evaluated the ability of the micellar phase extraction with respect to water-soluble food and technical dyes. The role of the salting-out agent in different systems has been identified.

Vladislav Shunaev

Mechanical and Electrical Properties of Bilayer Grapheme Nanoribbons: Theoretical Investigation

Mechanical and electronic properties of strained bilayer grapheme nanoribbons were studied by tight-binding method and parallel algorithms. For considered nanoribbons the electronic spectrum and local stress field were calculated.

Nina Vorobieva

Development of Technology for Obtaining Protein Isolates from Non-Traditional Vegetable Raw Materials

Physicochemical properties of chickpea of grades “Krasnokutskiy 28” and “Priva-1”, fractional composition of chickpea proteins, chemical composition of chickpea beans shelled from coats and coats of chickpea were investigated in the work. For the extraction of protein isolates from chickpea we used the classical technology, which is based on the isolated extraction of proteins by separating the ballast associated components. Physicochemical and functional properties of protein isolates from chickpea were determined.

Viktor Zatonskiy

Dynamics of Volgograd Storage Pound Flood Plane Geosystems Development with Zeleniy Island as an Example

The article deals with the problem of landscape-ecological researches of Zeleniy Island which is located on the opposite side of Zaton settlement, Saratov. The author accentuates the human influence as the most appreciable.

The Humanities

Maria Abdulina

William Wordsworth and his Vision of the Liberty

W. Wordsworth was not only the English Romantic poet but also the thinker and the philosopher, he was a part of the English intellectual elite. Wordsworth visited France in the 1790s, saw the horrors of the Revolution and this event dramatically changed his views and the world-outlook.

Elmira Abubikerova

The Organization of Educational Process at Saratov Institutions of Higher Education in 1920th Years

This article highlights the issue of reforming the system of higher education in Saratov during the formation of the Soviet power. The main steps, ideological influence and the reaction of the professorate to the changes are analyzed.

Anna Alkhova

N.M.Karamsin in a Theatrical Sphere

Кaramsin is a famous writer, but an unexplored theatrical critic. This work has been written to show a high value of N. Karamsin as an expert and admirer of theatre. N. Karamsin was the first who started to talk about theatre on the pages of his public magazine called Moscow Magazine. Nikolai Karamsin reserved for us rich theatrical heritage. It wasn’t ordinary criticism on play. He didn’t show only his own point of view, but gave the readers the possibility to form their own point of view. Besides, Karamsin indicated defects in the plays and gave advice how to correct them.

My purpose was to investigate and analyze all Karamsin’s reviews. Thanks to this analysis I have identified the main signs of play construction, requirements to actors and writers. Karamsin described the culture of foreign countries in detail, gave the idea of importance of the theatre, performances, new actors and actresses in the XVIII century. I have shown the biggest Karamsin’s influence on people of the XVIII century. He directed their mind on the progressive way and compelled readers to think. Karamsin formed the images of foreign and Russian theaters of the XVIII century and due to that we can see the origin of the theater and conception of the actor’s art.

This work indicates Karamsin’s great contribution to the development of theatre. Karamsin’s reviews awoke interest not only in the people of the XVIII century, but in our contemporaries, too. It proves his true talent.

Sofia Baranovskaya

The Failure of the American Policy of Pressure in North Korea

The present article highlights the events of the last two decades when a common US diplomatic practice of pressure and imposing their own political and economical conditions on a country missed by a mile while trying to settle the North Korean nuclear problem.

Alexandra Berdnikova, Darya Chentsova

Some Problems of Comprehension in the Modern World

The article is devoted to the problems of understanding in the modern society. The authors pay attention to some aspects of communication such as linguistic interaction, representing the concept of two language flows in the current language, their coexistence in the language and specification of their correlation.

Elena Chekalkina

USA Foreign Policy in Latin America. Plan ALCA

The article covers the key issues of the United States foreign policy strategy towards Latin America, the change of the place and role of this region in the USA strategic doctrine. The main attention is given to the USA plans to create a Free Trade Area of ​​the Americas (ALCA, Área de Libre Comercio de las Américas), prospects and the main obstacles of building the inter-American free trade zone.

Ekaterina Demchenko

Child Labor in Britain during the Industrial Revolution: Historiography of the XIX Century Views of the Ttraditionalists" and "Non-Ttraditionalists

The Industrial Revolution is one of the most important events in the English history. There is a lot of debate around it, so historiography on this issue is one of the most interesting. Scientists argue about economic and political consequences of such a rapid development of industry. But the most controversial point is the social consequences of the Industrial Revolution. In this paper I have tried to consider the two major trends in the historiography of the 19th century England on the use of child labor in factories

Lyubov Dobrovolskaya

Structural and Semantic Characteristics of Speech in Emotional Tension (in Russian and English)

The work is devoted to structural characteristics of speech in emotional tension. “Foma Gordeev” by M. Gorky and its three English versions illustrate syntactic correlates belonging to 3 types of psychological state. The degree of translation adequacy, the cases of divergence with the original text were registered by means of special programs.

Natalya Dorofeeva

Gender Bias in the Indian Culture

India is a fascinating country with a rich cultural heritage. But it is hard to imagine what is behind all this beauty. In my work I want to tell you about the terrible plight of Indian women. They say woman's body is nothing more than the price paid for the sins in a previous life.

Oxana Dorofeeva

The International Financial System Stability: 1 Way to Improve the Situation (EU Experience)

The article «The international financial system stability: 1 way to improve the situation (EU experience) » deals with the problem of European countries sovereignty restriction as a measure of stabilizing the financial system of the world market. Such questions as «What is the essence of the national sovereignty restriction principle? » and «What should be done to bring harmony into the international financial system? » are raised. The conclusion that all European Union countries should unite in order to overcome the financial crisis and bring stability to the international relations is made.

Ilya Dudnikov

Trans-Afghan Pipeline

Afghanistan is situated at the crossroads of the East and the West. Historically its geopolitical location between South Asia, Central Asia and the Near East enabled it to play important role in the region. Nowadays Afghanistan is the field of the clash of interests among its powerful neighbors.

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