Business Process Transformation

НазваниеBusiness Process Transformation
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Business Process Transformation

This list of suppliers was pre-qualified for the ICT Management Consultants multi-use list category of Business Process Transformation.

Version 35.0 – 30 November 2011

Service Type Definition

This refers to the reengineering and management of business processes at an agency or whole of government level. It could cover:

  • Developing and documenting business process models and associated information;

  • Understanding and applying business process modelling standards (eg. BPMN and XPDL) and how they may affect modelling tools and methods used by agencies;

  • Facilitating business process workshops with agencies; and

  • Presenting and explaining business process models to senior non-technical officers in the APS, in a persuasive and accessible manner.


All supplier information is as provided by the supplier in their application. Accordingly, before relying on information provided in the ICT MCL, agencies should independently verify its accuracy, currency, completeness and relevance for their purposes. Agencies must ensure that any procurement process is undertaken in accordance with agency guidelines.

In selecting suppliers, agencies may invite all or some of the listed suppliers to submit tenders, provided that the largest number of potential suppliers is selected that is consistent with an efficient procurement process. (See Commonwealth Procurement Guidelines 8.24)

If you have any questions about the multi use list (the List), please call us on 02 6215 2030 or send us an email

Organisation Name

451 Consulting Pty Ltd

Trading Name


Mr Gerard O'Hara


Level 1, 377 Montague Road


West End












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