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* Christie A. Puzzles. M., 1983.
Assignment 1

Chapter 1 (pp. 10-21)

I. Be sure that you know the right pronunciation and translation of the following words. Write them down in your vocabulary books.













II. Find the following word combinations, write them out, translateinto Russian, remember the situations in which the author usedthem.

To give out the prizes (p.10), to frown (p.11), to go to sleep (p. 11), to be awake (p. 12), to go mad (p. 12), to ring up the police (p. 13), to cast a reproachful glance (p.13), I didn't quite catch (p.13), to dial a number (p. 13), to be good at smth (p. 15), to be heavily made up (p.17), to make a discovery (p. 17), to try one's hand at smth (p. 18), to remind smb of smth (p.19), to throw light upon smth (p.19), to bite one's nails (p. 19), to look alike (p.21).

III. Find the following adjectives in the text of the novel, writethem out. Make up your own sentences to illustrate the use ofthese adjectives.

Тактичный, осторожный (р.10), приглушенный (р.10), сдержанный (p.11), непредвиденный (р.14), запущенный и неряшливый (р.16), яркий, цветистый (р.17), кричащий, безвкусный (р.17), невероятный (р.18), щедрый (pp.13, 20).

IV. Find synonyms to each of the following words.

To be finished (p.10), to think (p.ll), husband (p.11), quickly (p.ll), unmarried woman (p. 14), to get out of a car (p. 15), detective (p. 18), to be having breakfast (p. 19), to understand (p. 19), to explain (p.20).

V. Answer the questions:

  1. What was Mrs. Bantry's dream about?

  2. Why did she frown in her dream?

  3. What did Mary cry out that made Mrs. Bantry awake?

  4. What was Colonel Bantry's first reaction when his wife tried to wake him up? How did it characterize him?

  5. Colonel Bantry didn't find anybody in the library, did he?

  6. Why was Police Constable Palk's tone undergo a slight modification when he heard the colonel's voice?

  7. Was the girl murdered or strangled?

  8. Why was Miss Marple surprised when she heard her telephone ring?

  9. Why did Mrs. Bantry decide to send the car for Miss Marple?

  1. Why did Constable Palk let Miss Marple come into the library?

  2. What did Miss Marple see in the library?

  3. Who else came to see the body?

  4. What was Miss Marple famous for?

  5. What did Miss Marple think of the murder?

VI. Correct the false statements.

  1. Colonel Bantry never agreed with his wife in anything.

  2. Mary, the servant, who found the body was very courageous.

  3. Miss Marple lived with her large family in London.

  4. The strangled girl was poorly dressed, she wore no make-up.

  5. Constable Palk did not allow Miss Marple to come into the library.

  6. Inspector Slack was a slow man who justified his name.

  7. Miss Marple said she knew what the murdered girl could have been doing in the library.

  8. Mrs. Bantry liked Selina Blake, Basil Blake's mother.

  9. Colonel Bantry did not like Basil Blake very much.

10. Miss Marple remarked that all those young girls looked different.

VII. Comment on the following sentences:

(p. 13) Police Constable Palk's tone underwent a slight modification. It became less impatiently official, recognizing the generous patron of the police sports and the principal magistrate of the district.

(p. 16) Constable Palk gave way. His habit of giving in to the gentry was lifelong.

(p. 18) Colonel Melchett said with a slight chuckle, "If you ask me, your wife's going to try her hand at a little amateur detecting".

VIII. Translate these sentences into Russian:

"I must have been dreaming" (p. 11)

"You must have imagined it" (p. 12)

"True to his ingrained belief that the gentry didn't let you down, Mrs. Bantry immediately moved to the door" (p. 17)

"... they make me green with envy" (p.20)

IX. Translate into Russian in writing.

(p. 17) "And across the old bearskin ... old-fashioned comfort of Colonel Bantry's library."

X. Be ready to speak about: Miss Marple
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