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Great Basin College

Spring Semester 2008

GRC 256 Computer Illustration II

3 credits

Instructor Kathy Schwandt, HTC 129, 753-2218

Place High Tech Center, Room 107

Time/day 4:00 – 6:45 p.m., Tuesdays

Prerequisite Working knowledge of Windows; GRC 156 recommended

Web Site


Adobe Illustrator CS2, Revealed

Deluxe Education Edition

Chris Botello

ISBN 13: 978-1-4188-3964-2, ISBN 10: 1-4188-3964-7
May 2005

Becoming a Graphic Designer:

A Guide to Careers in Design, 3rd Edition

Steven D. Heller, Teresa Fernandes

ISBN: 0-471-71506-9

November 2005

Additional Materials

Foam core board or heavy-duty poster board is required for mounting your final project.

Specialty papers and/or objects may be used for your final project.

Catalog Description

Basic elements of design are applied to various structures and compositions. Computer software will be used to create and execute a variety of two-dimensional design projects.

Course Description

You will be working with multiple tools and techniques of Illustrator CS2 to create digital compositions focused on a variety of graphic design specialties. Applying principles of design and identifying elements of design are emphasized throughout the class. Illustrator is used for each assignment, and it is available for student use in the classroom and in the open lab on certain computers. Expect to spend time outside of scheduled class time to complete your assignments.

Kathy’s office schedule for spring 2008







11:00 - 12:00


11:00 - 12:00












1:00 - 2:30


1:00 - 2:30




1:00 - 3:45





GRC 119 E01



















4:00 - 6:45

4:00 - 6:45

4:00 - 6:45



GRC 119 E02

GRC 256

COT 151













The grey boxes are the times when I should be available to meet with students

in my office, preferably by appointment.



The other labeled boxes are the times when I will be teaching in class.


If I am unavailable, please leave a voice mail message at 753-2218, an e-mail

message at or leave a message with Tami, the receptionist.

I will contact you ASAP.




Expected Learner Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this class, students will…

Measurements of learner outcomes:

    have a working knowledge of a vector-based drawing software program,

Weekly Assignments and Final Project

    be able to describe design specialties and the design process,

Participation in Class Discussions

have designed professional-quality products for use in commercial applications,

Weekly Assignments and Final Project

apply principles of design, and apply elements of design in graphic communication materials

Participation in Class Discussions, Weekly Assignments and Final Project

recognize and effectively use type as a graphic design tool,

Participation in Class Discussions, Weekly Assignments and Final Project

be aware of possible employment and the variety of jobs in the graphic design field.

Participation in Class Discussions

Methods of Instruction

  • Explanation, demonstration, and examples of graphic design concepts and software tools and techniques using in-class and online resources.

  • Hands-on software assignments incorporating graphic design concepts and software tools and techniques.

  • Reading assignments from textbooks, handouts, and online sources.

  • In-class discussions based on assigned readings and hands-on software assignments.

Attendance and Participation

You must attend class in order to participate in class discussions. Attendance records are kept and you need to notify me in advance if you expect to miss a class. If I’m not notified, your absence will be recorded as unexcused. The college catalog states

“Unexcused hours of absence in excess of the number of course credit hours is excessive. This translates to two hours of absence for a two-credit class, three hours of absence for a three-credit class, and so on. An instructor can drop any student who has excessive unexcused absences. An instructor has the sole right to excuse an absence, assign makeup work, or apply a punitive grading policy as established by the instructor’s syllabus for the class. Specifically, you are expected to comply with the attendance policy set by each instructor.”

(p. 49 of the 2007-2008 GBC General Catalog)

Please consider:

  • Attendance and participation in class discussions are part of your final grade.

  • You should work on hands-on projects in class when scheduled regardless if you can work on a project at another location. I’m here to help you, and I want to observe your progress.

If, for some reason, you feel that you cannot complete the course, you must officially withdraw from the class by the course drop deadline (Friday, April 18, 2008) by contacting Admissions & Records at 753-2102, and completing the Course Withdraw Form.

  • Officially withdrawing results in a "W" on your grade report. The "W" is not used in computing your cumulative GPA; it will appear on your transcript and be permanent.

  • If you do not officially withdraw, your grade will be based on the work you have completed averaged with zeros for work you have not completed.

Course Grade

Grades describe the quality of work completed. Grading in this course is based upon the following:

Attendance & Participation 25%

Weekly Assignments 50%

Final Project 25%

Attendance and Participation is evaluated based on quality of participation during class discussions and while working on assignments and projects.

Weekly Assignments’ components have point values which are specified for each assignment.

Details about the Final Project will be provided during the 13th week of class, and the work is due at the end of class in the 15th week.

No late work is accepted, unless turning in work late has been approved by the instructor prior to its due date.

If you have any questions about any of the assignments, please let me know—before they’re due!

The final course grade is calculated on a percentage scale and then recorded as the corresponding grade point value and letter grade as shown below.

Percentage Grade Point Value Letter Grade Quality of Work

94-100 4.0 A Superior

90-93 3.7 A-

87-89 3.3 B+

83-86 3.0 B Above Average

80-82 2.7 B-

77-79 2.3 C+

73-76 2.0 C Average

70-72 1.7 C-

67-69 1.3 D+

63-66 1.0 D Below Average

60-62 0.7 D-

<60 0.0 F Failure

Grade Appeals

If a student has concerns or complaints about grading, s/he should follow the steps of the published procedures as stated on page 51 in the 2007-2008 GBC General Catalog.

Class Work

Students should keep their graded work until they know their final course grade at the end of the semester in case there is any discrepancy in grades.

Academic Integrity

GBC is dedicated to education. Therefore, the college demands a high level of scholarly behavior and academic honesty. No form of academic dishonesty is acceptable, and the Rules and Disciplinary Procedures for Members of the University Community will be enforced.

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Statement

GBC supports providing equal access for students with disabilities. An advisor is available to discuss appropriate accommodations with students. Please contact the ADA Officer (Julie Byrnes) at 775-753-2271 at your earliest convenience to request timely and appropriate accommodations.

Student Computer Lab Use

The computer labs are provided as a service to students. Use of the computer lab is a privilege, not a right. Users must refrain from doing anything that annoys others or disrupts their education. The computer lab cannot be used for non-college work. If you notice anyone violating the policy of the computer lab, notify one of the lab assistants or a faculty member immediately.

Expect to have to use the lab often. There are several hours each week when a lab assistant monitors the lab.

Lab Rules

  1. Computer lab use is restricted to authorized individuals: students, faculty, and staff with appropriate logins.

  1. Logins are issued to individual users and ARE NOT to be used by anyone else.

  2. Food and drink are prohibited while in a computer lab. Items may be left on a table outside of a lab.

  3. Children are allowed in the labs only if they are enrolled in a course offered specifically for them.

  4. Internet access is to be used for class-related work only. Internet activities will be randomly monitored.

  5. Computer labs are for students to use for class-related work only.

  6. Copying of ANY software is prohibited without prior authorization.

  7. No ringing cellular phones in the labs.

Final Notes

Don’t let yourself get behind! Once we begin, we will cover several concepts in each class. If you are confused about any particular concept, let me know immediately.

You will be learning a tremendous amount of new material in this semester. For some, all this new information may be overwhelming. Be patient. You are here to learn and I am here to facilitate your learning.

Spring 2008 GRC 256 Course Outline (Subject to Change )

Week #




T, Jan. 22

Introductions, Syllabus, Network Logins, Class Website

Graphic Designer book: read pages 6-27 for Week 2; Handouts for next week


T, Jan. 29
Illustrator CS2 Book
Design: Becoming a Graphic Designer; Design Means Plan, Not Just Style; Elements & Principles of Design
Weekly Assignment #1; Graphic Designer book: read pages 56-71 for Week 3


T, Feb. 5
Illustrator CS2 Book
Design: Corporate Design, Ligatures

Weekly Assignment #2; Graphic Designer book: read pages 28-55 for Week 4


T, Feb. 12
Illustrator CS2 Book
Design: Editorial Design, Magazine Covers

Weekly Assignment #3; Graphic Designer book: read pages 72-97 for Week 5


T, Feb. 19
Illustrator CS2 Book
Design: Book Design, Book Covers

Weekly Assignment #4; Graphic Designer book: read pages 98-113 for Week 6


T, Feb. 26
Illustrator CS2 Book
Design: Music/CDs Design, Typography, Layout, CD Cover

Weekly Assignment #5; Graphic Designer book: read pages 114-120 for Week 7


T, Mar. 4
Illustrator CS2 Book
Design: Information Design, Maps & Icons

Weekly Assignment #6; bring examples of good and bad design for Week 8

Graphic Designer book: read pages 121-143 for Week 8

Logo Design Project: team and client assignments


T, Mar. 11
Illustrator CS2 Book
Design: Advertising and Branding Design

Weekly Assignment #7; Graphic Designer book: read pages 144-157 for Week 9

Logo Design Project: introduce yourself to client, get information


T, Mar. 18
Illustrator CS2 Book
Design: Environmental Design
Weekly Assignment #8; Graphic Designer book: read pages 158-179 for Week 10

T, Mar. 25

Spring Break!


T, Apr. 1
Design: Interactivity Design
Weekly Assignment #9

Logo Design Project: Show three rough compostions to client, get feedback


T, Apr. 8
Design: Inspiration, Ideas, Sketches, Production Notebook:
Resulting in Finished Design

Weekly Assignment #10


T, Apr. 15

Logo Design Project: before class this week, show single tight composition to client, get feedback; work on Logo Design Project final design in class


T, Apr. 22

Final Project Information and Design/Production Session

Logo Design Project: final design to client this week in multiple formats burned to CD


T, Apr. 29

Final Project Design/Production Session


T, May 6

Final Project Design/Production Session

Course Evaluation

Final Project DUE at end of class


T, May 13

Finals Week: Pick up graded projects


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