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Melbourne Hospitality Strategy 2011 Report

City of Melbourne


In February, the City of Melbourne commissioned a study into the economic profile of cafés, bars, catering services and restaurants. The Value of Hospitality Study allowed us to compare the sector’s health before, during and after the global financial crisis. In brief, the main story was growth.

Between 2009 and 2010, the Food Services industry in the municipality generated $700 million, employing about 30,000 people. The market share of metropolitan Melbourne Food Services held by businesses in the City of Melbourne increased from about 12 per cent in 2003–04 to nearly 22 per cent in 2009–10.

These findings testify to the quality of Melbourne’s businesses and the investments they make. However, the study also revealed challenges. The industry remains very competitive with a high churn of operators and skills shortages. It’s clear that access to sound information is more important than ever.

The City of Melbourne has a key role to play through Enterprise Melbourne, our business and economic development arm. Together with the Melbourne Hospitality Advisory Board, it has produced the Hospitality toolkit to encourage the development of successful and sustainable businesses. Potential operators will find advice on the start-up process, business viability and complying with regulations.

The Melbourne Hospitality Strategy 2008–2012 underpins the City of Melbourne’s support for the industry, one of our economy’s most vital sectors. The significant investments we make each year reflect our belief that the city’s cafés, restaurants and bars are essential to Melbourne’s reputation for unbeatable tourism, cultural and retail experiences.

In 2011, we have many achievements to report, summarised in this booklet. One example is the City of Melbourne contribution of $270,000 to the 19th Melbourne Food and Wine Festival. Meanwhile our marketing campaigns in Docklands and elsewhere promoted many of the events and festivals that make Melbourne a great place to be any time of year.

Our Small Business Grants continue to support innovative new enterprises. This year The Last Cuppa café received funding in the new category of Social Enterprise and Micro Business Expansion. We share this new venture’s optimism in a bright future for business in Melbourne .

Robert Doyle
Lord Mayor

Cr Kevin Louey
Committee Chair, Future Melbourne (Economic Development and Knowledge City)


It is with sadness that we acknowledge Todd Blake’s sudden death in August 2011. He has been a valuable contributor to the City of Melbourne’s hospitality endeavours, being the inaugural chair to the committee that preceded the MHAB. And among many other tasks, was also very involved in the early stages of development of the Hospitality toolkit.
He will be sadly missed.


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Melbourne Hospitality Advisory Board and Strategy

Vision: For Melbourne city to be recognised locally and internationally as a leading hospitality destination, distinguished by its unique diversity, cultural richness, professional service and consistent quality.

With hospitality being one of Melbourne’s significant strengths, the City of Melbourne is keen to create further opportunities for improvements, growth and innovation. This is being achieved with the Melbourne Hospitality Advisory Board (MHAB). Composed of experts from across the industry, the MHAB identifies gaps and opportunities to inform Council and advise the City of Melbourne on how it can sustain Melbourne’s vibrant hospitality sector.

The MHAB meets quarterly, with one meeting held in conjunction with the Melbourne Retail Advisory Board (MRAB). Council recognises that hospitality plays an integral role in many other industries – in particular, there are synergies between the retail and hospitality sectors, with some common challenges and shared opportunities.

An honorary board, the MHAB is an invaluable resource collaborating with the City of Melbourne for the delivery of the Melbourne Hospitality Strategy 2008–2012, so that we can achieve our vision.
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