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C. By wine associations and wine-related subjects

American Wine Society

1.Historical and general

2. Bulletins and Manuals

3. Competitions

4. Conferences

5. Home winemakers’ information

6. Vintage charts

7. Amerine, Maynard


8. A-F

9. G-M

10. N-Z

11. Book lists, brochures

12. Brady, Roy

13. California, University of,

14. Cartoons

15. Grapes, Description

Labels and nomenclature

16. AVAs

17. Federal and state regulations

18. Foreign names

19. Ingredient labeling

20. Vines: nomenclature

21. Warning labels

22. Zinfandel

23. Les Amis du Vin

24. Libraries

25. Macaulay and Wine

26. Munson, T.V.

27. Packaging

28. Photographs

29. Port Lover’s Library

30. Price Lists

31. Prohibition

32. Sacramental wine

33. Schoonmaker, Frank

34. Societies and Organizations

35. Society of Wine Educators

36. Viticultural Areas

37. Viticulture: America

38. Viticulture: California I

39. Viticulture: California II

40. Viticulture: South

41. Wayward Tendrils

42. Wagner, Philip

43. Wine Advisory Board

44. Wine Auctions

45. Wine Expositions

46. Wine Festivals

47. Winegrowers of California

48. Wine Institute

49. Wine in literature

50. Wine labels

51. Wine language

52. Wine Merchants

53. Wine Merchants catalogs I

54. Wine Merchants catalogs II

55. Wine Merchants: Red Carpet

56. Wine Merchants: The Wine Merchant

57. Wine museums

58. Wine Reserve

59. Wine writers

D. Materials for Wine History

These are files assembled in preparation for the writing of my History of Wine in America: From Prohibition to the end of the century.

1. 1930s

2. 1940s

3. 1950s

4. Acquisitions and mergers

5. American Society of Enologists

6. Associations


8. Bibliographical

9. California: 1930s

10. California:1940s

11. California: 1950s

12. California:1960s

13. California: 1970s

14. California: 1980s

15. California: 1990s

16. California: Co-ops

17. California: Discontinued wineries

18. California: Oral history series

19 California: wine standards

20. Custom crushing

21. Direct shipping

22. Diseases

23. East: 1970s

24. Export trade

25. Federal legislation and agencies

26, Financing

27. Hearings

28. Midwest: 1970s

29. Neoprohibition

30. Packaging

31. Prices

32. Prohibition

33. Prohibition: California wineries

34. Prohibition: statistics

35. Regulations, federal

36. Regulations, state

37. Research

38. Roosevelt papers


Box files

A. Brochures and flyers, by country

Australia, 5 boxes

France, 3 boxes

Germany, 2 boxes

Italy, 5 boxes

South Africa, 1 box

Spain, 1 box

Oregon and Washington, 1 box

B. State and Federal publications

5 boxes

C. Statistics

California Grape Acreage, 1969-current

California Grape Crush Report, 1972-current

D. Catalogs

Esquin (afterwards Draper and Esquin), 1963-1993

Berry Brothers and Rudd, 1985-2000

Mixed, mainly Morrell and Co.

E. Wine Judgings

California State Fair, Orange Co. Fair, 1 box

Los Angeles County Fair, 1 box

F. Annual Reports and Other Material for Winery Stockholders

Chalone Wine Group, 1999-current

Constellation (Canandaigua), 1998-current

Golden State Vintners, 2002-current

R. Mondavi, 1998-current

Scheid vineyards, 2001-current

VII. Other Forms of Print

A. Posters

199 unmounted and unframed wine-related posters of all sizes

B. Calendars

32 wall and desk calendars featuring wine, 1968-2003

C. Postcards (mainly) and some photographs of wine-related scenes

602 images divided thus:

Australia 29

Austria 7

France 45

Germany 86

Italy 21

Portugal 15

South Africa 16

United States

California 206

Kansas 8

Michigan 16

Minnesota 6

Missouri 17

New York 43

Ohio, N.J., Pa. 22

New Mexico 3

North Carolina 2

Oregon 15

Texas / Arkansas 23

Washington 13

Wisconsin 9

D. Unclassifiable

1 jigsaw puzzle of wine labels

1 board game, “Wine Cellar: The Wine Tasting Game”

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