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----------. Portuguese Wine, London, 1969.

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----------. Woman of Taste: Memoirs from the Wine World, London, 1990.

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----------. Cognac, New York, 1973.

----------. The Complete Book of Spirits and Liqueurs, New York, 1977.

----------. Cyril Ray on Wine, London, 1979.

----------. Cyril Ray’s Book of Wine, New York, 1978.

----------. Fide et Fortitudine: The Story of a Vineyard: Langoa-Leoville Barton, 1821- 1971, Oxford, 1971.

----------. In a Glass Lightly, London, 1967.

----------. Lafite: The Story of Chateau Lafite-Rothschild, London, 1968.

----------. New ed., London, 1978.

----------. The New Book of Italian Wines, London, 1982.

----------. Robert Mondavi of the Napa Valley, London, 1984.

----------. Ruffino: The Story of a Chianti, n.p., 1978.

---------. Vintage Tales: An Anthology of Wine and Other Intoxications, London, 1984.

---------. The Wines of France, London, 1976.

----------. The Wines of France, Harmondsworth, 1978.

----------. The Wines of Germany, London, 1977.

----------. The Wines of Italy, New York, 1966.

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----------. “ “ New York, 1957.

----------. “ “, 2, London, 1958.

----------. “ “, 3, London, 1960

---------- . “ “, 4, London, 1961

---------- . “ “, 5, London, 1962

---------- . “ “, 6, London, 1963

---------- . “ “, 7, London, 1964

---------- . “ “, 8, London 1965

---------- . “ “, 9, London, 1967

---------- . “ “, 10, London, 1969

---------- . “ “, 11, London, 1970

---------- . “ “, 12, London, 1971

---------. The New Compleat Imbiber, [13], London, 1986.

----------. Cyril Ray’s Compleat Imbiber, 14, London, 1989.

----------. “ “ “ “ , 15, London, 1990.

----------. “ “ “ “ , l6, London, 1992.

----------. The Gourmet’s Companion, London, 1963.

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----------. The Simon and Schuster Guide to the Wines of Spain, New York, 1992.

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----------. The Wines of Chile, London, 1994.

----------. The Wines of Portugal, London, 1982.

----------. “ “ “ , rev. ed., London, 1987.

----------. The Wines of Spain and Portugal, London, 1973.

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----------. “ , new ed., London, 1987.

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----------. The Great Wine Book, New York, 1982.

----------. How to Taste: A Guide to Enjoying Wine, New York, 2000.

----------. Jancis Robinson on the Demon Drink, London, 1988.

----------. Masterglass: A Practical Course in Tasting Wine, London, 1983.

----------. Tasting Pleasure: Confessions of a Wine Lover, New York, 1997.

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----------. Second Edition, New York, 1999.

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----------. Third Edition, 1995.

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----------. Virginia Wines: A Vineyard Year, Charlottesville, 1987.

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----------. The Food of France, New York, 1966.

----------. The Paris Edition, 1927-1934, San Francisco, 1989.

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----------. Notes on a Cellar-Book, London, 1920.

----------. “ “ “ Edition de luxe, London, 1921

----------. “ “ “ New York, 1933.

----------. “ “ “ London, 1963.

----------. “ “ “ New York, 1978.

[Salvator, Ludwig L.], Eine Blume aus dem Goldenen Lande oder Los Angeles, Prag, 1878.

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----------. Supplement 1, Wiesbaden, 1978.

----------. Supplement 2, Munich,1982.

----------. Supplement 3, Munich, 1984.

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----------. Sixth Edition, New York, 1975.

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----------. The Wines of Germany, New York, 1956.

----------. “ “ Revised by Peter M.F.Sichel, New York, 1980.

----------. “ “ “ “, London, 1983.

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----------. A Book of French Wines, London, 1928.

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Shaw, Thomas George, Wine, The Vine, and the Cellar, 2nd ed., London, 1864. (Facsimile).

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