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Food for Thought: An Anthology of Writings Inspired by Food, New York, 1987.

----------. Inspired by Drink: An Anthology, New York, 1988.

Dion, Roger, Histoire de la Vigne et du Vin en France des Origines au XIXe Siècle, Paris, 1977.

Director, Anne, The Standard Wine Cook Book, Garden City, NY, 1948.

Dobson, Betty, Fruit of the Vine: 200 Years of Winemaking in California, San Francisco, 1988.

Dobyns, Fletcher, The Amazing Story of Repeal: An Exposé of the Power of Propaganda,

Chicago, 1940.

Don, R.S., Wine, London, 1968.

Dorn, Michael, ed., Tycoons in the Kitchen, [New York], 1968.

Dorozynski, Alexander, and Bibiane Bell, The Wine Book: Wines and Wine Making Around the World, Manchester, 1969.

Dorper, John, Wine Country: California’s Napa and Sonoma Valleys, Oakland, 1996.

Doughty, Brian, ed., A Guide to Good Wine, London, 1952.

----------. “ “ 3rd Ed., 1970.

Dow, Michael, and Carl T. Endemann, “Voices of the Wineland: An Anthology by Twenty-Two Napa Valley Poets,” Calistoga, CA, 1978.

Downard, William L., Dictionary of the History of the American Brewingg and Distilling Industries, Westport, CT, 1980.

Doxat, John, The Book of Drinking, London,1973.

Doxat, John, Michael Jackson, Jancis Robinson, ,Richard Clark, and Leonard Kirschen, The Indispensable Drinks Book, London, 1982.

Drake, Albert Nathaniel, Wine and You, Los Altos Hills, CA, n.d. [1970?].

Dufour, John James, The American Vine-Dresser’s Guide, Vevay, 2000 (facsimile of Cincinnati, 1825).

Dufur, Brett, Exploring Missouri Wine Country, Columbia, MO, 1997.

----------. “ “ Second Edition, Rocheport, MO., 1999.

Duijker, Hubrecht, The Great Wine Chateaux of Bordeaux, New York, 1983.

----------. The Great Wines of Burgundy, London, 1982.

----------. The Wine Atlas of Spain and Traveller’s Guide to the Vineyards, New York, 1992.

----------. The Wines of the Loire, Alsace, and Champagne, London, 1983.

Dumas, Alexandre, Dumas on Food, ed. Alan Davidson, London, 1978.

Dumay, Raymond, Guide du Vin, new ed., Paris, 1967.

Dunstan, David, Better than Pommard! A History of Wine in Victoria, Melbourne, 1994.

Durac, Jack, Wines and the Art of Tasting, New York, 1974.

Durkan, Andrew, Vendange: A Study of Wine and Other Drinks, New York, 1972.

Dutton, Joan Parry, The Left Their Mark: Famous Passages through the Wine Country, St. Helena, CA, 1983.

Eakin, James H., Jr., and Donald L. Ace, “Winemaking as a Hobby,” n.p. [State College, PA], n.d. [?].

Eden, Dorothy, The Vines of Yarrabee, New York, 1969.

Edita Lausanne, The Great Book of Wine, New York and Cleveland, 1970.

----------. “ “ New York, 1974.

----------. Il Libro dei Vini, 3rd ed., Milan, 1980 (Italian abridgement of the French original)

Edwards, Helen H., A List of References for the History of Agriculture in the Southern United States, 1865-1900, Davis, CA, 1971.

Ehle, John, The Cheeses and Wines of England and France, with Notes on Irish Whiskey, New York, 1972.

Emerson, Edward R., A Lay Thesis on Bible Wines, n.p., 1902.

----------. The Story of the Vine, New York, 1902,

English, Sarah Jane, The Wines of Texas: A Guide and a History, Austin, 1986.

----------. “ “ Revised Edition, 1989.

----------. “ “ Third Edition, 1995.

Ensrud, Barbara, American Vineyards, 1988.

----------. The Pocket Guide to Wine, Rev. ed., London, 1982.

Escritt, L.B., The Small Cellar, London, 1960.

Evans, Len, Australia and New Zealand Complete Book of Wine, Sydney, 1973.

Eyres, Harry, Cabernet Sauvignon, London, 1991.

----------. Wine Dynasties of Europe: Personal Portraits of Ten Leading Houses, Oxford, 1990.

Fadiman, Clifton, ed., Dionysus: A Case of Vintage Tales about Wine, New York, 1962.

Fadiman, Clifton, and Sam Aaron, The Joys of Wine, New York, 1974.

----------. Wine Buyers Guide, ed. Darlene Geis, New York, 1977.

Faith, Nicholas, Cognac, Boston, 1987.

----------. The Story of Champagne, London, 1988.

----------.Victorian Vineyard: Chateau Loudenne and the Gilbeys, London, 1983.

----------. The Winemasters, New York, 1978.

Fante, John, The Brotherhood of the Grape, Boston, 1977.

Fegan, Patrick, Vineyards and Wineries of America: A Traveler’s Guide, Brattleboro, VT, 1982.

Feret, Barbara L., Gastronomical and Culinary Literature: A Survey and Analysis of Historically-Oriented Collections in the U.S.A., ,Metuchen, NJ, 1979.

Féret, Édouard, Statistique Générale…du Département de la Gironde, Paris and Bordeaux, 1874 [incomplete].

Fessler, Julius H., “The Art of Wine Making,” Berkeley, n.d.

Fiddler, Linda, Ten Years of Taste: An Adventure in Food and Wine, n.p. [Bakersfield?], 1993.

Field, S.S., The American Drink Book, 1953.

Fielden, Christopher, ed., Harvey’s Pocket Guide to Wine, London, 1981.

----------. Is This the Wine Your Ordered, Sir? The Dark Side of the Wine Trade, London, 1989.

Figiel, Richard, Culture in a Glass: Reflections on the Rich Heritage of Finger Lakes Wine, Lodi, N.Y., 1995.

Finigan, Robert, Robert Finigan’s Essentials of Wine: A Guide to Discovering the World’s Most Pleasing Wines, New York, 1987.?” Washington, D.C., 2002.

Finkel, Harvey, “In Vino Sanitas?”,Washington, D.C., 2002.

[Finkel, Harvey, Howard Bursen, and Jack Partridge], Wines of New England, Brattleboro, VT, 1990.

Fisher, M.F.K.,Among Friends, San Francisco, 1971.

----------. The Art of Eating, Cleveland and New York, 1954.

----------. As They Were, New York, 1983.

----------. The Boss Dog, New York, 1991.

----------. A Cordiall Water, London, 1963.

----------. Dubious Honors, San Francisco, 1988.

----------. Here Let Us Feast, New York, 1946.

----------. Long Ago in France: The Years in Dijon, New York, 1991.

----------. Map of Another Town: A Memoir of Provence, Boston, 1964.

----------. Not Now but Now, San Francisco, 1982.

----------. The Story of Wine in California, Berkeley, 1962.

----------. Two Towns in Provence, New York, 1983.

----------. With Bold Knife and Fork, New York, 1969.

Fitzgibbon, Theodora, The Food of the Western World: An Encyclopedia of Food from North America and Europe, New York, 1976.

Fletcher, Wyndham, Port: An Introduction to Its History and Delights, London, 1978.

Florence, Jack W., Sr., A Noble Heritage: The Wines and Vineyards of Dry Creek Valley, Geyserville, CA, 1993.

Flower, Raymond, Chianti: The Land, the People, and the Wine, New York, 1979.

Fluchère, Henri, Wines (“Golden Guides Series”), New York, 1973.

----------. Wines, New York, 1974.

Foley, Henry A., They Called Him King of the Grapes: Memoirs of Peter J. Divizich, n.p., 1976.

Foote, E.J., Will You Take Wine? A Guide to the Purchase, Serving and Appreciation of Wines, Cocktails, Spirits, and Liqueurs, London, 1935.

Foott, John H., and James A. Wolpert, “How to Plan A Commercial Vineyard,” [Oakland, 1990].

Foppiano, Louis J., A Century of Winegrowing in Sonoma County, 1896-1996, Berkeley, 1996.

Forbes, Patrick, Champagne: TheWine, the Land and the People, New York, 1967.

----------. The Story of the Maison Moët et Chandon, n.p., 1972.

Ford, Gene, ,The ABC’s of Wine, Brew, and Spirits, Seattle, 1978.

----------. “ “ “ Toronto, 1980

Forest, Louis, Wine Album: Adapted from “Monseigneur le Vin, Paris 1927,” New York, 1982.

----------. Ford’s Illustrated Guide to Wines, Brews, and Spirits, Dubuque, Iowa, 1983.

Fosdick, Raymond, and Albert L. Scott, Toward Liquor Control, New York, 1933.

Fougner, G. Selmer, Along the Wine Trail, 5 volumes, New York, 1934-1937.

Foulkes, Christopher, ed., Larousse des Vins: Tous les Vins du Monde, [Paris], 1998.

----------. Larousse Encyclopedia of Wine, Paris, 1994.

Francis, A.D., The Wine Trade, New York, 1973.

Francis, Dick, Proof, New York, 1985.

Fredericksen, Paul, “The Authentic Haraszthy Story,” San Francisco, 1947.

Fried, Eunice, Burgundy: The Country, the Wines, the People, New York, 1986.

----------. What Every Woman Should Know about Wine, Garden City, NY, 1974.

Friis, Leo J., Campo Aleman: The First Ten Years of Anaheim, Santa Ana, CA, 1983.

----------. John Fröhling: Vintner and City Founder, Anaheim, CA, 1976.

Fromm, Alfred, Marketing California Wine and Brandy, Berkeley, 1984.

Frumkin, Lionel, The Science and Technique of Wine, London, 1965.

----------. Fourth ed., Cambridge, 1974.

Fuller, Andrew S., The Grape Culturist: A Treatise on the Cultivation of the Native Grape, new and enlarged edition, New York, n.d.

----------. “New, revised and enlarged edition,” New York, 1908.

Fuller, Robert C., Religion and Wine: A Cultural History of Wine Drinking in the United States, Knoxville, TN, 1996.

Furnas, J.C., The Life and Times of the Late Demon Rum, London, 1965.

Fusonie, Alan M., Heritage of American Agriculture: A Bibliography of Pre-1860 Imprints, Beltsville, MD, 1975.

Fusonie, Alan, and Donna Jean Fusonie, A Selected Bibliography of George Washington’s Interest in Agriculture, Davis, CA, 1976.

Gabbacia, Donna R., We Are What We Eat: Ethnic Food and the Making of Americans, Cambridge, MA, 1998.

Gabler, James M., How to Be a Wine Expert, Baltimore, 1987.

----------. Passions: The Wines and Travels of Thomas Jefferson, Baltimore, 1995.

----------. Wine into Words: A History and Bibliography of Wine Books in the English Language, Baltimore, 1985.

Gage, Joseph H., The Beckoning Hills: A Story of the Italians in California, Philadelphia, 1951.

Gaige, Crosby, Cocktail Guide and Ladies’ Companion, New York, 1946.

Gaither, Frances, Double Muscadine, London, 1951.

Galet, Pierre, A Practical Ampelography: Grapevine Identification, trans. and adapted by Lucie T. Morton, Ithaca, 1979.

Galhano, Amândio, Une Région Délimitée, Une Appellation d’Origine: Le Vinho Verde, Porto, 1986.

Gallander, J.F., and A.C. Peng, “Wine Making for the Amateur,” [Columbus], 1972, 1973 (2 copies).

Gallo, Ernest, and Julio Gallo, with Bruce B. Henderson, Ernest and Julio: Our Story, New York, 1994.

Gardner, M.W., and William B. Hewitt, Pierce’s Disease of the Grapevine: the Anaheim Disease and the California Vine Disease, Berkeley and Davis, 1974.

Garneau, Joseph, Co., “A Guide to Good Living with Wine,” [New York, 1966?].

Garner, Michael, and Paul Merritt, Barolo: Tar and Roses: A Study of the Wines of Alba, London, 1990.

Gates, Paul W.,ed., California Ranchos and Farms 1846-1862, Madison, 1967.

Gauweiler, Helmut, and Eugen Herwig, eds., Weinland: Rhein-Mosel-Saar-Ruwer-Nahe- Ahr, vol. 2, Mannheim, n.d.

Gayot, André, Guide to the Best Wineries of North America, Los Angeles, 1993.

George, Rosemary, The Simon and Schuster Pocket Wine Label Decoder, New York, 1989.

----------. The Wine Dictionary, Harlow, Essex, 1989.

----------. The Wines of Chablis, London, 1985.

German Wine Information Bureau, “German Wines: A Correspondence Course,” n.p. [New York], n.d. [c. 1984].

German Wine Institute, The Concise Atlas of German Wines, London, 1986.

Gherini, John, Santa Cruz Island: A History of Conflict and Diversity, Spokane, 1997.

Gibson, David Joseph, “The Development of the Livermore Valley Wine District,” MA thesis, University of California, Davis, 1969.

Gilding, Bob, The Journeymen Coopers of East London, Oxford, 1971.

Gillette, Paul, Enjoying Wine, New York, 1976.

Gillette, Peter, and Paul Gillette, Playboy’s Book of Wine, Chicago, 1974.

Ginestet, Bernard, Chablis, n.p. [Harlow, Essex], 1990.

----------. Margaux, n.p. [Harlow, Essex], 1990.

----------. Saint-Emilion, n.p. [Harlow, Essex], 1988.

----------. Saint Julien, New York, 1984.

----------. Sauternes, n.p. [Harlow, Essex], 1990.

Giordano, Frank, Texas Wines and Wineries, Austin, 1984.

Glatre, Eric, Champagne Guide, New York, 1999.

Gleave, David, The Wines of Italy, Los Angeles, 1989.

Gleeson, Bill, Backroad Wineries of California, San Francisco, 1985.

----------. Backroad Wineries of Southern California: A Scenic Tour of California’s Country Wineries, San Francisco, 1994.

Glen EllenWinery and Vineyards, Wine Without an Attitude,Glen Ellen, CA, 1992.

Gohdes, Clarence, Scuppernong: North Carolina’s Grape and Its Wines, Durham, NC, 1982.

Gold, Alec H., ed., Wines and Spirits of the World, London, 1968.

Goldenson, Suzanne, Vintage Places: A Connoisseur’s Guide to North American Wineries and Vineyards, Pittstown, N.J., 1985.

Gomberg, Louis, Analytical Perspectives on the California Wine Industry, 1935-1990,

Berkeley, 1990.

[Gonzalez Byass and Co., Ltd.], “Old Sherry”: The Story of the First Hundred Years of Gonzalez Byass & Co., Ltd. 1835-1935, n.p. [London], n.d.[1935].

Gordon, Manuel M. González, Sherry: The Noble Wine, London, 1972.

Gordon, Nadia, Sharp Shooter, San Francisco, 2002.

Gordon, William Reed,
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