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GDO Newsletter: October 2011 Page


Gender and Diversity in Organizations:

A Division of the Academy of Management

Division Chair:

Diana Bilimoria,

Professor of Organizational Behavior, Case Western Reserve University

Volume XIII, Issue III

TABLE OF CONTENTS Report from Division ChairReport from Program ChairReport from PDW Chair2011 AOM Conference Highlights

Thanks to Committee Members

Member Updates

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Newsletter Editors:

Outgoing Editor:
J. Goosby Smith, Pepperdine University,

Incoming Editor:
Judith Clair, Boston College,


It is my pleasure to reflect on the 2011 Academy of Management Conference in San Antonio, and to share with you our plans for the GDO Division during this year!

First, there are several people to thank for their work over the past year, culminating with the 2011 Academy of Management meeting in San Antonio. David Kravitz did a wonderful job as Division Chair last year, most importantly requiring Division officers and committee chairs to document their responsibilities, activities and timelines for use by future Division leaders. This organizational learning practice has been institutionalized by storing the documents on the Academy’s intranet for the Division’s future use and updating.

A big thank you to GDO Program Chair Gwen Combs who crafted a cohesive and thought-provoking scholarly program for the 2011 conference! Thank you also to all of our Division members who submitted symposium proposals and papers for the conference! I hope we will see even more proposals for the 2012 conference in Boston. The number of sessions we can present is a direct function of the number of proposals we receive. This year Gwen assumes the role of Division Chair-Elect and Fundraising Initiative Chair for the Division.

Thank you also to Stacy Blake-Beard for putting together a very interesting and useful set of Professional Development Workshops! This year Stacy moves on to her role as Program Chair for the 2012 conference. Please see Stacy’s column about the scholarly program at next year’s conference elsewhere in this newsletter.

Our newest officer, Charmine Härtel, will be responsible for the 2012 pre-conference Professional Development Workshop (PDW) program, so please send her your questions and submit your proposals. You will find the PDW Call from her elsewhere in this newsletter.

Thanks are due also to Robyn Berkley and Lisa Nishii for organizing a most informative and valuable Doctoral Consortium. I would also like to thank the following GDO Executive Committee members who rotated off the Committee after three years of Division service: Joy Beatty, Donna Maria Blancero and Mustafa Özbilgin. Continuing members on our Executive Committee are: Robyn Berkley, Doug Johnson, Patrick McKay, Lisa Nishii, Stella Nkomo, dt ogilvie, Raymond Trau and Ron Ophir (Treasurer) – a big thank you to all of these dedicated individuals who will continue to serve our Division this year! Please also join me in welcoming our new Executive Committee members: Gayle Baugh, Eden King, Orlando Richard, and Lynn Shore. I would also like to thank Jaye Goosby Smith (GDO Newsletter Editor) and Teresa Rothausen-Vange (GDO Secretary) who are also handing off their service commitments to the Division.

I am pleased to report that last year the GDO Division completed a successful fundraising initiative, culminating in support for our annual conference activities and social events, including our Friday evening pre-conference social hour, Doctoral Consortium, and Monday evening conference social hour. The quality of the catering was very positively affected by the support of the following sponsors whom we thank:

- Bentley University

- Center for Gender in Organizations and School of Management, Simmons College

- College of Business, University of Michigan-Dearborn

- College of Business Administration, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

- International Centre for Women Leaders, Cranfield School of Management

- Maureen Bickley Centre for Women in Leadership, Curtin School of Business, Curtin University

- School of Management, George Mason University

- Opus College of Business, University of St Thomas

- Organizational Behavior Teaching Society

- Weatherhead School of Management, Case Western Reserve University

Thanks also to the following book and journal publishers for support of our Division awards:

- Equality Diversity and Inclusion: An International Journal (Emerald Group Publishing) for sponsorship of the Faculty Transnational Research Award, Student Transnational Research Award, and Best Student Conference Paper Award

- The Reed Center for sponsorship of the Saroj Parasuraman Outstanding Publication Award

- McGraw-Hill Publishing for sponsorship of the Dorothy Harlow Best Paper Award

- Sage Publications for sponsorship of the Best Paper Based on a Dissertation Award, Janet Chusmir Distinguished Service Award, and GDO Scholarly Contributions (Lifetime) Award

The annual meeting is also a time to celebrate exemplary performance of our members. You will find a list of the award winners elsewhere in this Newsletter. Here, I’d like to offer a special word of congratulations to David Harrison, who received the GDO Award for Scholarly Contributions to Management. This is the most important (lifetime) scholarly award we offer and Dave is a worthy recipient. Congratulations, Dave, and thanks for all your work. Please also join me in congratulating Belle Rose Ragins who received the Division’s Janet Chusmir Distinguished Service Award which is presented to the nominee who has made an outstanding contribution to the GDO Division and who has personally served as a mentor and role model for others in the field. Congratulations, Belle, and thank you!

Plans for this Year

I am honored to have the opportunity to serve as the GDO Division Chair this academic year. GDO is a wonderful division whose members do important work to improve the workplace, business, and society. I look forward to working with and for you during the coming year.

To operate all our many activities, GDO needs your help. The GDO Division is a volunteer organization. Volunteers do all of our work. Thus I invite you to volunteer for one or more of our many activities. For example, I hope you will consider serving as a conference reviewer and on one of our committees. The standing committees are described on the conference web site at ( Shortly I will send around a survey seeking your participation in committee volunteer opportunities – the survey will allow you to indicate your specific interests in volunteering. Volunteering to review submissions to the annual meeting is handled separately – please see our Program Chair Stacy Blake-Beard’s column, elsewhere in this newsletter, for more information.

If you would like to play a major role in the Division, you might consider running for office. Each year we elect three members to the Executive Committee and an officer who will work through a five-year sequence of positions. These leadership positions offer you the opportunity to influence the direction of the division and, in the case of officer selection, to contribute to the shaping of GDO programming at the annual conferences. These positions also offer the opportunity to connect with top GDO scholars and to build our institutional community.

At our recent conference in San Antonio, various GDO members asked me about how they might be able to run for elected office. I thought I’d share some information here, originally discussed by last year’s Division Chair, about the procedure used to determine who appears on the ballots for new officers and executive committee members. Elections are coordinated by the Past Division Chair, who is now David Kravitz. The GDO officers comprise the nominations committee, whose goal is to select individuals with proven commitment to the GDO mission. We particularly seek those who we know take their service responsibilities seriously, that is, those who have actively served on Division committees in the past. Thus, we ask nominees to complete a survey that helps us make these judgments. While reviewing, presenting at the annual meeting, and chairing conference sessions are important activities, the nominating committee typically give more weight to past active service on the Division’s committees. Of course, the GDO membership decides the election by voting upon nominated candidates. Our sense is that many members vote for those whose names they recognize, so building a solid research record can be helpful at that stage.

I would like to offer a few thoughts about the Divisional priorities I would like to focus on for the coming year. First, we plan to complete the process begun last year to update and revise our bylaws. Second, our website needs to be updated and redesigned, particularly to make it more accessible to different groups. Third, our Executive Committee will continue discussions focused on spurring membership growth and involvement, particularly internationally. Fourth, we need to determine what to do with the Division’s historical records which are in hard copy form. And finally we need to continue our fundraising success so that we can continue to support vibrant conference activities.

Finally, I urge you to join the conversation. If you are not yet familiar with AOM Connect, please check it out at:

In addition, I hope you will join the GDO Division listserv, to ensure that you receive the announcements, queries, and responses that are posted and so you can post your own messages. To join the listserv, please go to:

I look forward to working with you! Please feel free to contact me with your thoughts about the Gender and Diversity in Organizations Division.

Diana Bilimoria, Division Chair


Hello GDO Members and supporters. I am sure that by now, many of you have recovered from the heat of San Antonio and settled into the start of fall in your various locations. It was wonderful to see so many GDO members engaged in the professional development workshops and program sessions at the Academy of Management 2011 meeting. Before I share some of what we have coming up for the 2012 program, I’d like to acknowledge Gwen Combs (2011 Program Chair) for all that she did to make our last program so successful. We are getting ready for an engaging and informative program for the 2012 Academy of Management meeting that will be on August 3-7 in Boston, Massachusetts. The theme for the 2012 conference is “The Informal Economy.”

Call for Reviewers

As Program Chair for the 2012 conference, I am making a request of all GDO members. One way that you can contribute to the upcoming program is by being willing to act as a reviewer of the various submissions of papers and symposia that we anticipate receiving. Each reviewer will receive up to three submissions to review. Please make a commitment now to respond affirmatively to this opportunity to serve the division and contribute to the program next year. On October 12th, an electronic call for reviewers will be sent out by the Academy of Management (AoM). When you get this call, please register to be a reviewer for the GDO Division.

The review process will be conducted through the AoM Centralized Reviewer System. Submissions for review will be available on the AoM Reviewer Website around January 19th, 2012; the deadline for returning reviews will be on February 9th. As you complete the reviewer request form, think carefully about the interest areas that you designate. Provide all of the information requested regarding your interests, expertise areas, and key words. Our goal is to send you submissions that match your interest areas. Your reviewer comments will help to determine the conference program that will be presented. An important secondary purpose of your reviews is to provide valuable feedback to the authors who have submitted their work. So, we ask that you provide carefully constructed, insightful and thoughtful comments to your colleagues. Reviewers will receive recognition in the AoM Program Book at the GDO Business Meeting at the conference. Please sign up to be a GDO Reviewer!!

Call for Submissions

The Call for Submissions will be announced on October 12th and posted on the AoM website. The conference submission website will open on November 2, 2011. The submission deadline for all papers and symposia for the regular scholarly program is 5:00 pm EST, January 10, 2012. If you have not already started, you are encouraged to begin now to prepare and organize your papers and symposia to meet the submission requirements and deadline. Your early efforts will ensure that your submission receives full review and consideration.

The GDO Division welcomes and encourages submissions of papers (quantitative and qualitative) and symposia that relate to its specific mission domain, found at, which include: to generate and disseminate knowledge about gender and diversity within and outside of organizations, to embrace diverse perspectives in organizational research and education, and to support social justice through the inclusion of marginalized voices in members’ research and practice. Submissions that address and delineate the multifaceted mission of GDO are welcomed. Papers and symposia that embrace and reflect the conference theme “The Informal Economy” are especially encouraged.

With this theme our AoM Program Chair, R. Duane Ireland, challenges us as business educators and scholars to “innovatively use our concepts and theories to qualitatively and quantitatively examine a rich and yet-to-be-fully defined set of organization and management questions that are embedded within the informal economy.” The GDO Division embraces this challenge as we seek to generate and disseminate knowledge, and enhance understanding about gender and diversity issues related to the informal economy. We look forward to papers and symposia that allow us to delve into the challenges and opportunities offered by the informal economy; we encourage submissions that represent diverse perspectives from all countries and global communities.


Each year, the GDO Division engages in opportunities to recognize the superior work and contributions reflected in the paper submissions. Papers may be eligible for the following awards in 2012:

The Dorothy Harlow/McGraw Hill Best Paper Award is presented for the best conference paper.

The Sage Dissertation Award is given to the best conference paper based on a dissertation defended between January 1, 2011 and December 31, 2011. Papers considered for the dissertation award must be solo-authored. Consideration for this award must be clearly stated at the time of submission with the dissertation date specified in the submission.

The Best Student Paper Award is presented for the best conference paper authored by a student. The paper may be co-authored, but a student must be enrolled in a graduate degree program at the time of the submission and must be the first author. Consideraton for this award must be clearly stated at the time of submission and the student’s university and status must be specified in the submission. Papers may be considered for either the best student paper or the dissertation award, but not both.


Thank you for reading this lengthy but important message. Please volunteer as a reviewer and submit papers and symposia for the program. Watch for future correspondence regarding the 2012 GDO conference program. If you have any questions, please contact me at I look forward to working with you in the coming months. Thank you in advance for your anticipated help and submissions.

Stacy Blake-Beard

2012 Program Chair

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