Baron Michael & Baronessa Francesca step up to take their oaths and don the Baronial Corronets! Huzzah!

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НазваниеBaron Michael & Baronessa Francesca step up to take their oaths and don the Baronial Corronets! Huzzah!
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Chamberlain (5/2012): Duncan, Present. No Activity to Report.

Minister of A&S (5/2012): William, Absent, Written Report. Given by Constance

Unto Their Excellencies Three Mountains, Master Aleyn, and the populace of Three Mountains, Greetings from Lord William Mor.

My thanks to Lady Vivien for putting on what was, by all accounts, a fabulous night of games at the February Second Monday social. If you missed the class, the Sergeantry Trials will be bringing them back during the April social, so I encourage everyone to come out and give the candidates a good test of their skills.

The next A&S class will be during the May social and I am looking for anyone interested in teaching a class to do so. This is a great, low-pressure venue for first time teachers if you have ever thought of doing so. If interested, please email with the class you would like to teach.

In service,

Lord William

Dance (8/2010): Slaine, Present, Report. Open


Dance practice continues as normal. We had a great turnout last Friday. If any of the more experienced dancers would like to come help me do some of the more complex dances with one of the sergency candidates, it would be much appreciated.


Armorer: Aleyn, Present, No Activity to Report.

Herald: Zach, Present, Written Report.

Greetings unto their Excellencies, the Council, and to the populace of the Three Mountains.

Their Excellencies attended St Brigid's where presented they following members of the populace with awards.

Lady Rebecca and Kolfinna were granted Golden torcs for services. Colin, Connor and Antipatra's son were granted entrance into The Order of The Heart of Three Mountains. Colin and Zach were given tokens of appreciation from her excellencies.


Zach, OP

Mountains Persuvant

Deputy Herald: Constance, Present, No Activity to Report.

Scribe (10/2012): Randal, Present. Written Report.

Randal FitzAlan to their excellencies and council greetings ,

Charters were provided to their excellencies for 2-19-2011, a heart of Three Mountains for Colin, as well as GTs for Kolfinna kráka Randolfsdóttir, Rebecca Fletcher.

Due to Carith’s work schedule for the next few weeks at least Paint Night is will be moving to Sunday evening, YES, SUNDAYS at the home of Carith and Jonathan (and Jamie). Their apartment is 10419 SE Cook Ct.Apt #123, Portland OR 77222. Time: 6-9:00 pm (note the earlier time as well) Phone:503 774-1654 Come join us. As usual there will be paints, brushes, pallets and of course charters or something to paint. (currently we do not have this Kingdom charters, sorry - but lots of Baronial charters to keep us busy) Bring you own supper or call ahead if you want to order Pizza with us. OH! Please bring a camping chair if you have a sturdy one. We are kind of short on chairs. Carith and Jonathan have informed me that there is a possibility of their needing to stop hosting paint night, at which time Leah and I would begin hosting paint night, this is still very preliminary at this stage, more info will follow.

February 19th Master Malcolm MacGregor taught a class on quill pen preparation, four participants made their own useable period pens, and much fun and learning was had by all, many thanks to Master Malcolm for sharing his knowledge.

I would also like to announce a competition for new charter designs to be held at Three Mountains Champions in June. What I am looking for are new Golden Torc, Heart of Three Mountains, U Rock, and Food God charter blanks. If you would like help with wordings or design ideas please contact me.

Also Hauksgarðr sent me a report which is appended

Greetings Unto the Officers and Populace of the Canton and Master Randal, Scribal actually has a report this month. Due to interest being shown by some of our other Canton members we are talking about basic Illumination this evening and going to be holding a basic illumination hands on sometime on a weekend in the near future. This will be similar to other hands on type instruction I've taught in the past to new scribes under the eye of Dame Tamlyn and Mistress Alaine, OP at Kingdom events when they were busy with their own projects and wanted to get new people up and running with instruction under their belts.

I'm in the process of completing a "Thank You" charter for the Canton that can be used generically when we wish to express our appreciation to businesses and individuals. It is peri-oid but will give us a small sized object to paint for practice.

I'm also expecting to receive a small batch of kingdom charters to work on in the coming weeks and that should just about top out my time and energy.

YIS, Sannan

In Service

Randal FitzAlan the Redowtable

Chatelaine (12/2012): Havoise, Present, Written Report

To the Baron and Baroness of Three Mountains; to the respected Officers thereof; and to the populace of the Barony; there was only one contact in the past four weeks. However, he is a returning An Tirian rapier fighter (knows Gregorio!), moving back from Utah after an extended absence to a job in Portland. He should be here in a few days -- if anyone would like to help him unpack, please contact me privately at Looks to be settling in the area near Multnomah Village. That is all.

In service, Havoise de Rohan

Gold Key (4/2012): Alexandria, Present, Report.

Greetings to all this drippy Ides of March!

Beware, Beware the Ides of March (if you are NOT a Driven Roman Emperor taking on the formidable Roman Senate, please ignore)

Other than a severe cold that knocked the whole houshold flat for two weeks of the month and guaranteed that I got nothing useful done, I have nothing of note to report for the office.



Demo Coordinator (5/2011): Helena, Present, Report Office Open

Greetings to Their Excellencies and Council

I have received two requests for demos for the outdoor school program in Clackamas County. While it appear to be separate requests it may in fact be the same request from two separate people. One is from Dame Juliana and the other from the Director of the Programme. I should have more clarity in a day or two.

My office is still open and my term still ends in May. If you have any questions or interest in the position please contact me or Havoise. We would be more than happy to enlighten you.

In service,


Chronicler (5/2011): Sannan, Present, Written Report. Office Open

Greetings Unto Their Excellencies, the Council and Populace of Three Mountains,

The Plume was published and the notice was sent out on the 12th. All event copy and officer information that has been sent to me has been updated. Please check over your listing, or the listing of any meetings that fall under your office to make sure the information is correct.

A new officer directory was emailed out last month.

Both Cantons have reported, Kaldor Ness through January and Hauksgarðr through February.

I sent an email to Hlutwige detailing our next steps for transferring the chronicler's office and will be trying to schedule time this month to get together with her to load the Plume files on her PC and teach her how to use the publishing software I'm using so she can make the determination of what software she might want to use for the office.

YIS, Sannan

Deputy Chronicler: Hlutwige, Present, No Activity to Report.

Web Minister: Conchobhar, Present, Verbal Report.

Sport of Kings on Calendar and Spring Revel Web Page up.

Historian: () Office Open

Knight Marshal (12/2012): Felix Avor, Absent, No Activity to Report

Chronicler's Note: Sir Olin wanted to let it be known that Felix has made the 3M practice a great place for newcomers to come and learn and has loaner gear available and he thinks he's doing a wonderful job.

Fence (12/2012): Talbot, Absent, No Report.

List (4/2011): Rusiko, Present, Verbal Report

Lists has nothing to report. (So do I need to send this out anyway?)

Archer (9/2011): Ersebet, Present, Written Report

Greetings all. Here is a short because-I-am-exhausted version:

1. Practice continues at Star Farm Arabians in Canby.

2. Practice to move to Mike Brown Homestead, also in Canby, but different, in April, depending on weather.

3. All reports needing to be filed, are filed.

4. Mounted archery last weekend went great with good attendance and people are shooting well. It did start an hour late due to an unexpected arrival--a small male lamb whose mother forgot she had a baby and needed to be reminded. (I really wish she would have chosen a day that did not have sideways rain and knee deep mud, but that is Lambing Season in Oregon.)

Have fun and shoot straight,

HL Vadas Ersebet, OGGS

Baronial Archer of Three Mountains

Youth Armored Combat (5/2011): Sebastiaen, Present. Written Report.

Youth Armored Combat Report Barony of Three Mountains

January 2011 March 15, 2011

Greetings to Their Excellencies and to the Populace of Three Mountains Barony,

No practices have been held this month.

I have arranged a discount on certain products for those interested in Youth Armored Combat and looking to build their armor and needing leather through Oregon Leather. Those interested please get in touch with me by email or phone.

I am currently working our Kingdom Deputy (Lord Jólgeirr Álarson) to find instructors and marshals to assist with Sport of Kings Youth Track this year.

At this time there is no other activity to report.

In Service,

Sebastiaen “Sable” des Roseaux G.d.S.

Youth Armored Combat Warden Three Mountains Barony

Aka David Hemmer Portland, OR

Chirurgeon (9/2012): Rusiko, Present, Written Report

All hail Their Excellencies and Noble Populace of the Barony of Three Mountains-

Your Chirurgeon has nothing to report, other than that her Chirurgeon's quarterly report was submitted in a timely manner to the appropriate offices.

A (hard)copy of the Quarterly Chirurgeon report will be given to our most Excellent Seneschal.



Baronial Chirurgeon

Applications for Open Offices (as needed)

(Chronicler, Web-minister ) (Section IV-5. of the Customary)

Chronicler (to be discussed in May office open in June)

Greetings unto Alfric and Jill, Lord and Lady Three Mountains, Master Aleyn Seneschal, the honourable Lady Sannan, Chronicler and the officers and populace of Three Mountains from Ducessa Hlutwige this 18th day of January Anno Societatus 45 (2011).

Please accept this as my application for the office of Chronicler of this noble Barony. I am a paid member in good standing of the Society for Creative Anachronism and fully understand and am capable of fulfilling the requirements set forth by the Baronial Customary, Kingdom Law and the Governing Documents of the Society. I have suitable computer access as well as experience with newsletter layout and am prepared to take on the position at such time as deemed appropriate by the Council.

My thanks for your time and consideration,

Ducessa Hlutwige

Web-minister (to be discussed no sooner than April office open in ?)

Salutations unto the Barony of Three Mountains,

I, Stefan von Wulfen (aka mundanely James Williams) do hereby submit my letter of application for the office of Web Minister.

I have read the job description as given in the Three Mountains Customary, and believe that with my computer experience, as well as years in the SCA, that I am qualified to be able to assist the Barony in keeping its web page up to date. It would be my intent to work closely with the Chronicler of Three Mountains in order to help keep the populace informed of current happenings in a format that will be easy and pleasing to view. The council should be aware that due to mundane considerations I would only be able to attend council occasionally, though I would be able to make sure that a representative would bring reports to council in my absence.

Thank you for your consideration of this application.

Stefan von Wulfen

Exchequer (First month published, to be discussed in May office opened in January)

Malcolm Rudolf macGregor
Contingency Deputy Seneschal, Barony of Three Mountains
mka Karl K. Christoffers, 3716 S.E. Liebe St., Portland, OR 97202-4032

15 March 2011

Unto Their Excellencies Alfric Rolfson and Jill Blackhorse, Lord and Lady Three Mountains, Their Officers and Populace in Council assembled, does Malcolm macGregor send these words,


I wish to apply for the position of Baronial Chancellor of the Exchequer.

I am a sustaining member of the S.C.A. Inc. I have reviewed the Baronial, Kingdom and Imperial documents applicable to the Office of Exchequer and feel I am capable of fulfilling all directives therein. I have sufficient computer resources to keep the books and transmit reports. I have signed-up for the Exchequer Training session at the beginning of next month, to be held in Mountains Edge, where we can also have the required Review of Books performed.

I have served the Barony in the past as Seneschal and Exchequer, and I have served two terms as An Tir Kingdom Exchequer. And nobody died.

I hope this application meets with your favor. Should I be approved as Baronial Exchequer, I shall resign as Contingency Senschal, thereby giving Master Aleyn a contingency to deal with.


Malcolm macGregor, OP

Confirmations of office applicants (as needed)

Event Reports (Kingdom Confirmed)

Feast of St. Brigid's February 19, 2011

Autocrat: Kolfinna Randulfsdottir/ Lady Rebecca Fletcher

Consulting: HL Eleanor de Sackville Canton Hauksgarðr

Final Report

Greetings to the 3M Baronial Council,

St. Brigid's seemed to be a great success. We had a total of 62 people in attendance, which is a record attendance for a Hauksgardr event. It generally seemed like everyone had a good time, and ultimately we were very satisfied with the event.

We had no major problems, and the one lost and found item on site has already found its owner.

Now, on to the money. As I said, we had 62 people in attendance, which breaks down to 52 adults, 8 youths, and 2 children. We had three people comped, 15 non-members, and one person using a VIP pass. Including the $50 gate draw and the non member surcharge, we grossed a total of $443 on gate fees.

Our budget for the event was $125, with a $50 refundable cleaning deposit, which at this point has been refunded/voided. We spent $225.25 of that budget, and when the math is done, we ended up with a profit from gate alone of 202.75, which when added to the bag raffle total of $268.00 make the total profit for St. Brigid's $370.75.

We've delivered all the receipts and money to the 3M exechequer, our numbers and math match with what she's come up with, so we hope to be able to close the event tonight.


Rebecca Fletcher and Kolfinna Randolfsdottir

NAME OF EVENT: Feast of St. Brigid DATE OF EVENT: 02/20/2011

Fee Breakdown Site Fee # of attendees Paid Income

Site/Adult $6.00 52 312.00

Site/Youth $3.00 8 24.00

Site/Child-5yrs&Under Free 2 0.00

comps ($6.00) 3 ($18.00)

Non-members $5.00 15 $75.00

Gross Income 65 $393.00


Income $393.00


Advertising $0.00

Equip Rental $0.00

Food $0.00

Supplies $65.25

Insurance $0.00

Site Charge, garbage $50.00

Postage $0.00

Printing $0.00

Telephone $0.00 Expenses $190.25

Travel $0.00

sub-total $115.25

Crier $0.00

NMS $75.00

SCA Insurance $0.00 Net Income $202.75

sub-total $75.00 Raffle $168.00

Other branch in AnTir $0.00

Total $190.25

  • Note includes return of $50 cleaning deposit

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