Baron Michael & Baronessa Francesca step up to take their oaths and don the Baronial Corronets! Huzzah!

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НазваниеBaron Michael & Baronessa Francesca step up to take their oaths and don the Baronial Corronets! Huzzah!
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The Plume

Chronicle of the Barony of Three Mountains

April AS XLV 2011 Volume 36, Issue 12

Chronicler - Sannan of Hauksgarðr Webminister - Conchobar Clarsair

Deputy Chronicler – Hlutwige Wolfkiller Contingency Deptuy- Elfreda of Kingeswode

This is the April 2011 issue of the Plume, a publication of the Barony of Three Mountains of the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc. (SCA, Inc.). The Plume is available from our Chronicler (see Baronial Officers). It is not a corporate publication of SCA, Inc., and does not delineate SCA, Inc. policies. Copyright © 2011 Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc. For information on reprinting photographs, articles, or artwork from this publication, please contact the Chronicler, who will assist you in contacting the original creator of the piece. Please respect the legal rights of our contributors.

A Letter From Their Excellencies


Baronial Letter for

March 2011


The Baron & Baroness lessons/discussion was held and the attendance was strong. We will likely repeat the discussions in the future so if you are interested in learning the inner workings of being Baron and Baroness let us know.

While attending Winter’s End in Terra Pomaria, we witnessed Baron Michael & Baronessa Francesca step up to take their oaths and don the Baronial Corronets! Huzzah!

We also witnessed Their Majesties award our very own Constance Wyatt with the Goutte de Sang, Huzzah!

We attended St Bridget and had a great time. Thanks to the autocrats Kolfinna kráka Randolfsdóttir and Rebecca Fletcher for a very nice event.

Kolfinna and Rebecca were both awarded the Golden Torc for their efforts. Colin was admitted into

the Order of the Heart of Three Mountains. Huzzah!!!!

Just this weekend past we braved the weather to attend the An Tir Kingdom Arts and Sciences competition and cry out

Huzzah! for Malcolm MacGregor who is now on vigil for the Order of the Laurel.

Tuirrean ni Chaoilte dal gCais- A citizen of Three Mountains is likewise on vigil for the Order of the Laurel. Huzzah!

This year we will have an on-line orders meeting. If you are a member of one of the Baronial Orders (except Heart of Three Mountains) please sign up for the Yahoo group for your order. Before the end of March the lists will be updated and more details will be provided.

We are accepting nominations for Honour Feast 2012; and don’t forget to keep sending in those awards recommendation letters in.

The Orders meetings will soon be upon us and we need names to discuss!


Spring Revel



Other events TBD

In service to the Barony of Three Mountains and the Kingdom of An Tir

Alfric and Jill

Royal Progress

Skeggi & Taisiia




2 Mountain Edge Defender Tournament,

Shire of Mountain Edge Their Royal Majesties

11 Hopping Phules -

Baroness War, Barony of Vulcanfeldt Her Majesty Taisiia

11 Baronial Banquet, Barony of Madrone His Majesty Skeggi

15-17 Honor War, College of Lyonsmarche Their Royal Majesties

29 No event Their Royal Majesties


06-08 Hocktide Emprise, Shire of Glyn Dwfn Their Royal Majesties

14 Mayfaire, Barony of Glymm Mere Their Royal Majesties

20-22 May Crown, Barony of Vulkanveldt Their Royal Majesties

27-30 Grand Thing, Barony of Stromgard Their Royal Majesties

Head of retinue: Kolfinna Aradóttir,


I am pleased to coordinate largess gathering for Their Royal Majesties Skeggi and Taisiia in the Three Mountains/Stromgard/Rivers Region. Their Majesties enjoy bestowing the amazing works of Their populace unto others and ask that any who wish to spread their wordfame donate to Their coffers. Please contact me at ula1066 @ for more information or to donate items. I am also available at many events throughout the Kingdom and am always willing and able to accept items on the spot.


Words from Their Royal Majesties:

Gift or Largesse Ideas: We prefer items We can share with the Populace to increase the medieval atmosphere of events and encampments. We will be travelling to both Gulf Wars and Estrella so small items for largesse that are easily transported are encouraged. Please label largesse with the artisan's names if possible. We love to spread wordfame for An Tir artisans!


Period Jewelry (belt buckles, cloak pins, brooches, hair pins etc)

Cast or Horn Needle Cases

Metal Worked Items (Torches, cooking tools, knives, hooks, tent

stakes, portable holes)

Glass Items (cups, lampworked beads)

Wood worked items (buckets, boxes, lanterns, tables, benches, combs, bowls)

Cast Tokens to give as appreciation gifts

Spindles/Card weaving kits

Silk or Wool Banners

Wool Haversack bags

Handbound leather or wood books

Hoods/ Norse Caps/ Wool Hats



Wool Cloaks with embellishment

Leather Pouches


Handwoven trim or cord

Knit or nalbinding items (mittens, socks, hats)


Fabric yardage (wool, silk, hemp, or linen only)

Handmade soaps or bath salts (no strong scents)

Strings of beads (pearls, amber, jade, jasper, horn etc. Natural

materials only.)

Period games

Sewing kits

Skeins of hand spun wool, silk or linen

Bone or antler items

Small handmade toys for children

Dislikes: Please, refrain from gifting the following.

BASKETS- Their Majesties have a whole room full of baskets. Haversack

bags work well to present items in

Store bought items

Machine-made trim

Canned food



Non-period jewelry



Your Local Group needs you! Ever think about volunteering? The Barony of Three Mountains has openings for Exchequer, Event Coordinator, Demo Coordinator and Historian.! Any of the Baronial Officers are willing and able to teach you about their office. Contact any of them from the officer's pages to get started or email our Seneschal at:


AnTir/West War Web Site is up!

The website is being updated daily! Prereg will open by the end of the week. Merchants registration is open.

Questions please email

Attia and Nadezedha


Sport of Kings Website is Up and Running!

Check out the action and see the video!

All ARCHERS are welcome to join the local archery list: for the latest information and practice dates and locations!

From your Chronicler...Do you want to share the news about a good book, a cool SCA type site...please do! A New Feature of The Plume.....Any Craft or Historic related book reviews you would like to share feel free to complete a Creative Content Release and share away... And I'm now listing one cool medieval site a month. Usually, I'm trying to make it one I haven't seen listed elsewhere, unless it's been on a focus list and not made the rounds of the general interest SCA lists in the area yet that I've seen. Or, I just think it's very cool and has been helpful, and I sometimes get overwhelmed by so many websites being listed that just one to explore at a time is a treat!


Cool Link

A New NEW Feature of The Plume.....Cool online link for SCA-dians. This link will bring up an 8mb manual written by authors at the Central European University on: Dress, Jewels, Arms and Coat of Arms: Material Culture and Self-Representation in the Late Middle Ages with Glossary and Bibliography

From the Bookshelf...

Masterpieces of Illumination: The World's Most Famous Manuscripts 400-1600

by Ingo F. Walther, Edited by Norbert Wolf

Taschen 25th Anniversary, Taschen gmbH, 2005, Hardcover 503 pages

Language: English, ISBN-10: 382284750X, ISBN-13: 978-3822847503

LC Classification: ND 2920 .W365

Product Dimensions: 12.6 x 9.7 x 1.6 inches

Shipping Weight: 6.8 pounds

Look on amazon and the 5 star reviews for this book abound.

Wonderful overview of the subject. A reference book I go back to time and again. As an illuminator it lets me quickly settle on a period of time that I want to delve deeper into and find my other art books to reference. The discussions of the actual artistic detail of each piece are helpful and serve as a wonderful art history resource and survey of a very broad subject. As a starting book for anyone getting their feet wet with scribal arts and manuscript illumination this is a great reference tool. The historical context alone allows you to wrap your head around a frame of a body of work spanning years from the ancient world of AD 400 to the late 1500 when the printing press was making its debut. The breadth of the number of countries touched on was incredible as well. I can't say enough good things. The appendix contains artist biographies, along with a comprehensive bibliography, glossary, and index. The reproductions here are quality and make me long to see the original art. This book will definitely always have a home on my shelf. At less than $30 new, it was a steal! And I just checked amazon and it was listed for under $20! wow!

This one is 5 plumes out of 5 all the way.

Review by HL Sannan Cairngorne of Hauksgardr GdS, JdL, AoA

aka. Sondra Prowett

From the Bookshelf...

by Susan Benjamin
The Smithsonian Illustrated Library of Antiques, prepared by the Cooper Hewitt Museum
1983, Hardcover, p.128. LC:82-72761
This thin volume has 33 color illustrations of some of the most beautiful enamels in the world and 100 black and white. All the enamels described are glass fused to a metal foundation. The writer describes the process and how it was done historically; how it has evolved over time; where it is now.
      She covers the early origins of enamel type work and extant examples from Egypt, Byzantium, Persia, India, China, Japan, Russia, and Scandinavia and discusses some of the artistic details of the enamel examples still to be seen from these countries.
     The continent of Europe is treated separately with the history of the Holy Roman Empire, the Carolingian and Ottonian Empires and Spain, Venice, France and Germany. Some names of European enamelers are known and remembered since enamel is a time consuming and expensive process that was mainly the perview of the nobility and the Church. Great Britain merits a chapter of its own.
       There is a one page glossary that is fairly inclusive in the back and a nice reading and reference list that includes, "A Technical Study of Opaque Red Glass of the Iron Age in Britain." Proceedings of the PreHistoric Society, Cambridge, England, 1972 by Hughes, M. J. that I would love to get my hands on.   She also has a list of public displays of enamels around the world and a fairly comprehensive index.
     It was an informative and enjoyable read. Not so much a how-to, as informative about the art itself.
I'd give it 3 plumes out of 5.

European Tapestries: 1450-1750: A Catalogue of Recent Acquisitions, Spring 1986
by Simon Franses
Published by J Franses Ltd Antique Tapestries, Carpets, and Textiles, London, 1986, Hardcover, 43.pp.

This is a record of 9 unique examples of European tapestries that were chosen for inclusion in the catalogue because of their considered importance or signifigance in the history and development of tapestry design and weaving.

As is usual in a sale or museum catalogue detailed information has been given about the pieces with place and date of weaving, materials used, though not exhaustive in that respect, dimensions (width and height), design and artist, weaver and workshop, description with information and subject and scene, the sources from which it's derived, related tapestries in terms of artist or subject or patron or weaver, provenance, literature as a list of published sources from which the information derives as a bibliography.
The 9 tapestries discussed are: 1. The Lady with Palm Before Cloth of Gold, Franconian mid 15th Century, 2.) Scenes from the Life of St. Julian of LeMans French from about 1515, 3.) Mille Fleurs, Brussels, early 16th century,  4.) The Union of the Romans and the Sabines, Brussels, mid 16th century, 5.) La Musique, Beauvais, 1690, 6,) Le Triomphe De Venus, Gobelius, First Quarter of 18th Century, 7.) The Fish Quay and The Gypsy Fortune Teller, English, First Quarter of the 18th Century,  8.)L'Oiseau Royal, Aubussen, 2nd quarter of 18th century, 9.) Le Sommeil De Renaud, Gobelins, 1753.

I bought and own and reference it for the patterns and beauty of the cloth. Tapestries have always held a fascination for me. How can you warp 17-10 strands in an inch and achieve such rich and exacting detail. I now study examples of floral motifs in medieval art and try to note patterns so the discussions in the book touching on that subject are interesting to me. I like catalogues because they are not information that can necessarily be found everyday, but for most SCA purposes I would probably only rate this a 2 1/2 plumes out of 5.
HL Sannan Cairngorne of Hauksgardr
aka Sondra Prowett

Upcoming Events

Carnevale di Venezia 2011

April 23, 2011

Dragons Mist

Portland, OR

On the eve of Saturday, April 23rd, A.S. XLV, our shire will be hosting a feast and masked ball in the tradition of the Venetian celebration of Carnevale.*#Join us at Christ United Methodist Church, 12755 NW Dogwood Street, Portland, OR 97229 as we dance, eat, drink and revel, bringing joy to our corner of the Kingdom. *#In addition to dinner and dancing, we'll be sponsoring a competition for mask-making, a rapier tournament, and hosting classes. *#The fee for this event is $18 for SCA members, $7 for children 6-12, and free entry for children under 6. Non-SCA members must pay the additional $5 surcharge. This cost includes the price of the feast. Pre-registered adults will receive a $3 discount. Make checks payable to: “Shire of Dragon's Mist, SCA, INC.”

Send the check, registration form, and required waiver forms to:

Carnevale di Venezia Registration

C/O Ryan Davidson

18405 SW Stepping Stone Dr. Apt. 39

Beaverton, OR 97006

Pre-registration Contact Info: Ryan Davidson 971-227-2479

Carnevale di Venezia 4/23/2011 Pre-registration Form Must be post-marked no later than 4/1/2011

Hear the music playing in the hall and the drumming of the dancers' feet!

Later in the evening, the dining hall will be cleared to make way for dancing, led by our own dance mistress HL Slaine inghean ui Maille. She's planning a set of rousing dances to entertain both dancers and spectators alike. *#Although not required, dancers are encouraged to wear their finest garb, as the dancing will be central to the room. Venetian masks are highly recommended.

The Dance Sets: Gathering Peascods , Black Alman , Rufty Tufty , Earl of Essex Measure , Picking of Sticks , Petit Riense , Goddesses ...There will be a short break before the second set of dances...*#Montard Bransle, The Fine Companion , Anello , Heart's Ease , Champagne Bransle Suite , Gelosia , Dargasson , Korobushka If we run out of time before we get to all of these, we'll be using the Korobushka as the last dance (as is tradition in our region).

Smell the feast cooking in the kitchen! For supper we will serve a grand feast for all guests. The cooking staff will be in charge of preparing entrees to delight the taste buds and inspire the imagination. The menu is currently being devised, but will surely delight the taste buds, as it is being planned by our good friend HL Sionaid ine Cullaich. Please note that this is a hosted feast, not a potluck. Bring your feasting gear. If you'd like to assist in the kitchen, contact the autocrat. * The website for Carnevale di Venezia has been updated with some of the most vital information to date: the menu! Look for it on the feast page. We also have information on the 6 different classes we will be able to offer at the event, photos of the stained glass panels offered as prizes for the various competitions, and more.

If you pre-register for this event and you have any food allergies, we need to know what they are. Enclose a short note describing your allergies so that we can try to plan dishes that will work for all of our guests.

Come One - Come All!

The Shire of Dragon’s Mist

AS 46 Defenders Tournament

Invites You to Join In Our Grand Melees for Armored, Rapier, and Youth,

Activities Will Include: Armored Combat Tournament! Rapier Tournament! Archery Tournament! Youth Combat Tournament! All this and MORE! The Archery Shoot-off,

And a Grand A&S Village! Don’t miss this! A Combat Archery Shoot-off Against


July 29-31 AS 46, In the Beautiful Canton of Kaldor Ness (Vernonia, OR)

Site Fee: Ages 16 and up: $15.00 at the gate, $13.00 Pre-registered (+$5.00 NMS)

Day trip fee age 16+ $10.00 (+$5.00 NMS), ages 6-15 $6.00

Pre-registration ends July 15, 2011

Merchant Fee: $15.00, Pre-registration required

Merchant Contact :

Contact the Autocrat at

Large groups (5+tents) call (971)248-0321 to inquire about available contiguous space.

Gate will open at 9:00 am, July 29 and will close at 7:00 pm July 31

$10.00 at the gate, $7.00 Pre-registered

Hauksgarðr Spring Revel

April 30, 2011

Incipient Canton of Hauksgarðr

Sponsored by the Barony of 3 Mountains
The Dalles, OR

Join the Incipient Canton of Hauksgarðr and our sponsoring branch the Barony of Three Mountains in celebrating the start of Spring in the beautiful Columbia River Gorge at Thompson City Park in The Dalles, Oregon with a double elimination tourney, a potluck feast, a persona introduction pageant, period cooking contest, and our hauk in any medium contest.

Come share your martial skills and your bardic talents. Introduce yourself and your persona as you walk in our persona introduction pageant. Share a dish with us and document your medieval cooking skills for our period cooking contest. Or embroider a hauk onto a banner, paint it on a box, stamp it on a coin or bake it into a subtlety and share it with us in our hauk in any medium contest.

Site Opens: 10am Site Closes: 6pm Setup: 8am Off site:8pm
Site fee: $5 for adults, 6-17 $2, 5 and under free, family cap $12
Non-Member Surcharge $5 Please make checks payable to: SCA Inc., Barony of Three Mountains

Site: Thompson City Park, 602 W. 2nd St, The Dalles, OR 97058
Potluck Contributions by Modern last name: A-F: Side Dish G-M Desert N-Z Main Dish
Bring Feast Gear, a chair, your table setting, and your choice of non-alcholic beverage
This is a DRY site. Smoking is not allowed in any public park in The Dalles on park property.

Directions: From the WEST: I-84 West take Exit 84 toward City Center/The Dalles merge unto W 2nd Street, Turn Right on Cherry Heights Road at 602 W 2nd St, The Dalles, OR 97058
From the EAST:  I-84 East take Exit 85 toward City Center/The Dalles. Turn left at Brewery Overpass Rd. Take the First Right onto E 2nd Street, Slight right to stay on E. 2nd Street. Turn Left on Cherry
Heights Road at 602 W 2nd St, The Dalles, OR 97058

Autocrat: Sannan of Hauksgarðr (Sondra Prowett) 541-380-1635 prowett@
PO Box 186, Cascade Locks, OR 97014

Happenings in the Neighborhood

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Baron Michael & Baronessa Francesca step up to take their oaths and don the Baronial Corronets! Huzzah! iconIntroduction Where’s The Content?
«include» and «extend» dependencies. Sure, this level the uml use-Case Diagram is a useful first step. But we don’t really get into...
Baron Michael & Baronessa Francesca step up to take their oaths and don the Baronial Corronets! Huzzah! iconЛабораторная работа. L-фракталы
Начальное состояние исполнителя описывается набором из 5 параметров (x0, y0, a0, step move, step a), где x0, y0, a0- начальные значения...
Baron Michael & Baronessa Francesca step up to take their oaths and don the Baronial Corronets! Huzzah! iconБизнес-план открытия книжного магазина
Ма step by Step не несет ответственности за убытки или ущерб, причиненный вследствие использования информации исследования третьими...
Baron Michael & Baronessa Francesca step up to take their oaths and don the Baronial Corronets! Huzzah! iconRed is coming soon, I will not sell or trade these items until they are in my hands, so don’t ask until they are blue! Many trades fall through and some don‘t hold their end of the bargain : D

Baron Michael & Baronessa Francesca step up to take their oaths and don the Baronial Corronets! Huzzah! iconFlowcharts provide a step by step schematic representation of an algorithm or process

Baron Michael & Baronessa Francesca step up to take their oaths and don the Baronial Corronets! Huzzah! iconCreative Web design : tips and tricks step by step

Baron Michael & Baronessa Francesca step up to take their oaths and don the Baronial Corronets! Huzzah! iconFigure 39. 4 Phototropism experiment, step by step (fig394. jpg)

Baron Michael & Baronessa Francesca step up to take their oaths and don the Baronial Corronets! Huzzah! iconCreative Web design : tips and tricks step by step

Baron Michael & Baronessa Francesca step up to take their oaths and don the Baronial Corronets! Huzzah! iconEvaluations of the Step By Step Program
Сцдямяр вя тязя айаг ачан кюрпяляря истигамятляндирилмиш програм цзря ишин тяшкили
Baron Michael & Baronessa Francesca step up to take their oaths and don the Baronial Corronets! Huzzah! iconAnatomy and physiology of domestic animals / R. Michael Akers and D. Michael Denbow. Ames

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