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Exercise B: Match the term on the left to it’s definition on the right.

1) Back door A) a complex problem

2) Bait and switch B) to falsify records

3) Bang for the buck/Bang for your buck C) a hopeless person/situation

4) Basket case D) to expand, make stronger

5) Batting average E) no longer contributing

6) Beef up F) an unethical sales technique

7) Bells and whistles G) an unsolvable problem

8) Can of worms H) of questionable ethics, dishonest

9) Catch 22 situation I) questionable past activities

10) Dead wood/Dead weight J) % of the time you are successful

11) To cook the books K) most results for your money

12) Dirty laundry L) features/details of a product

Common Business Abbreviations

Introduction to Business Abbreviations

The use of business abbreviations in the business world is as common as the use of business jargon. Most businesses are unaware of the fact that they are using jargon or abbreviations because such forms of communications have become the standard in their workplaces. Abbreviations are typically used by businesses in an effort to save time and money. You will commonly find business abbreviations in memos, faxes, notes, emails and job advertisements. The following is a list of some of the most commonly used business abbreviations.

A/C- account current

adsd- addressed

adse- adressee

ad- advertisement

app- appendix

Attn.- attention

cc- copies

CEO- Chief Executive Officer

Co.- company

Corp.- corporation

Dept.- department

doc.- document

e.g./e.x.- example

exc.- except, excluding

FY- fiscal year

Inc.- incorporated

info- information

inv.- invoice

IOU- I owe you

L/C- letter of credit

LLC- limited liability company

mdse- merchandise

memo- memorandum

N/A- not applicable

PO- post office

pp.- pages

R&D- research and development

ref.- reference

V.I.P.- very important person

vs- versus

v.v.- vice versa

w/- with

w/o- without

&- and

@- at

#- number

Lesson 12

In-Class Final Project

Have class use “Order” terminology to write formal business letters. Break the class into two groups or four groups depending on the size of the class. One or two groups will be ABC company writing to Xerox company and one or two groups of the class will be Xerox company responding to ABC company’s request. The groups that are ABC company do not need to write their letter before the Xerox groups start their work. They can simply write a letter at the same time as the other groups since they know what the people who are part of the ABC group will be writing. Below is what the letters from each group should be based upon. This outline should go on the board for the class to better understand what they are doing.



You want to order 5 copiers from Xerox but only can afford to pay for 3 of those machines right now. You want to see if Xerox will agree to arrange some kind of payment terms for you so you can get all 5 photocopier machines now.

You need to respond to ABC company’s request. You need to tell them if you are willing to extend credit to them or if you have other options available to allow them to get all 5 copiers right now. You can deny their request for the 5 copiers but must explain your denial in your letter.

Appendix A

English-Russian Business English Reference Guide

Useful Words and Expressions



enquiry for delivery

запрос о поставке

We ask you to inform us whether you are able to supply us with ...

Просим Вас сообщить нам, можете ли Вы поставить нам ...

Please inform us of your possibility to provide us with ...

Просим сообщить нам о возможности поставки ...

Please send us an offer quoting your best prices and possible discounts.

Просим выслать нам предложение, назначив наиболее выгодные условия и возможные скидки.

We shall be very grateful if you could send us your quotation as soon as possible.

Мы были бы очень признательны, если бы Вы направили нам Ваше предложение как можно скорее.

We are in the market for ...

Мы намереваемся купить ...

We would like to know the lead time of the goods and your payment terms.

Мы хотели бы знать срок поставки товара и Ваши условия оплаты.

We would like the delivery to be made ...

Желательно, чтобы поставка была осуществлена ...

... on FOB conditions.

... на условиях ФОБ.

... during September.

... в течение сентября.

... no later than October of the current year.

... не позднее октября этого года.

Sample Letter

Dear Sirs:

Our company is one of the major furniture importers in Russia. At present time we are looking for a foreign manufacturer who is able to supply us with modern elite models of kitchen furniture.

We learn from your catalogue that you are producing kitchen suits. Please inform us of your current export prices and delivery terms.

If your conditions are acceptable to us, we'll be ready to place regular large orders with your company.
We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Yours faithfully,
T.P. Ivanov
Sales Manager

Уважаемые господа!

     Наша компания является одним из крупных импортёров мебели в России. В настоящее время мы ищем иностранного производителя, способного поставить нам современные элитные модели кухонь.
     Мы узнали из каталогов Вашей компании, что вы производите кухонные гарнитуры. Просим вас сообщить нам о ваших текущих экспортных ценах и условиях поставки.
     Если ваши условия окажутся приемлемыми для нас, мы будем готовы разместить у вас регулярные крупные заказы.

      Ждём Вашего ответа.

С уважением,
Коммерческий директор Т.П. Иванов




We have received your enquiry.

Мы получили Ваш запрос.

We thank you for your enquiry for ...

Мы благодарим Вас за Ваш запрос о ...

We'll send you our quotation in the nearest future.

Мы направим Вам наше предложение в ближайшем будущем.

We are pleased to quote as follows:

Мы рады предложить Вам следующее:

In reply to your enquiry of ..., we regret to inform you that we cannot offer you the goods required.

В ответ на ваш запрос от ..., мы с сожалением сообщаем Вам, что не можем предложить Вам требуемый товар.

Referring to your enquiry we are pleased to let you know that we can supply you with ...

Ссылаясь на Ваш запрос, мы с удовольствием сообщаем Вам, что мы можем поставить ...

deadline for delivery
delivery time

срок поставки

Delivery: approximately 2 to 3weeks from receipt of order.

Поставка: приблизительно 2-3 недели со дня получения заказа.



ex works

со склада

delivery method

способ доставки





The price is ... per unit.

Цена - ... за штуку.

total price

общая стоимость

VAT inclusive

включая НДС

exclusive of VAT

без НДС

bank charge

банковская комиссия

quoted in US dollars

цены в долларах США

payment terms

условия оплаты

Payment is net 30 days from the shipping date.

Оплата в течение 30 дней со дня отгузки.

Payment terms - open account 60days.

Условия оплаты - открытый счёт 60 дней.



The quotation is valid for 30 days.

Предложение действительно в течение 30 дней.

We trust we have supplied sufficient information for your requirements.

Мы надеемся, что предоставили Вам достаточно информации по Вашему запросу.

If you require any further information we shall be happy to let you have this, on request.

Если Вам потребуется какая-нибудь дополнительная информация, мы будем рады предоставить Вам ее по Вашей просьбе.

We kindly ask you to confirm the present offer by fax.

Просим подтвердить наше предложение по факсу.

Trust the above quotation is of interest.

Надеемся, что выше указанное предложение Вас заинтересовало.

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