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Dear Students,

Welcome to our new Business Communications! We will be exploring the many areas of communication as they pertain to the business world. We will be finding ways to make our writing, speaking and listening more effective in an increasingly diverse and multicultural society.

I look forward to a good semester and hope that we all come away from this course with a greater appreciation of each other and the world of Business Communications.


Курс Английского языка делового общения дает студентам возможность познакомиться с широким кругом коммуникативных навыков. Этот процесс позволит студентам хорошо ориентироваться в постоянно меняющемся, разнообразном и конкурентном мире бизнеса.

Курс включает в себя аудирование и межкультурное общение, групповые задания, совершенствование навыков письма и умений выступать перед аудиторией, а также содержит основы делового общения в устных и письменных формах в типичных ситуациях: устройство на работу, деловая встреча, командировка, ведение деловых переговоров, обсуждение и подписание контракта, деловая корреспонденция. Кроме того, студенты знакомятся с правилами написания резюме и прохождения интервью.

Курс предназначен для широкого круга лиц, стремящихся в максимально короткие сроки овладеть основами делового общения в типичных ситуациях, и содержит достаточное количество информации, необходимой для деловой корреспонденции.

By Alison Baduel

Russian text by Irina Nagai


Урок 1. Введение в курс. Важность делового общения и его аспекты.

Урок 2. Человеческие ресурсы. Бизнес терминология.

Урок 3. Продажа товаров в онлайне. Деловые переговоры (Презентация в Пауер-поинте)

Урок 4. Продукты/товары. Рекламное письмо. Презентация продажи – основы убеждающего письма.

Урок 5. Составление электронных писем и факсов. Терминология маркетинга.

Урок 6. Новый бизнес и стратегическое планирование. (Презентация в Пауер-поинте).

Урок 7 Устройство на работу (анкета, сопроводительное письмо, резюме и CV, интервью, благодарственное письмо). Различия Британского и Американского английского.

Урок 8 Изучение страны с целью исследования возможности расширенния бизнеса. Культурные проблемы и разнообразия.

Урок 9 Вхождение в иностранный рынок. Влияние культуры на менеджмент и общение.

Урок 10. Изменение стиля менеджмента. Корпоративная культура. Новая лексика делового общения.

Урок 11. Организационный дизайн. Деловой жаргон.. Основные сокращения, используемые в деловой корреспонденции. Основы делового общения для менеджера.

Урок 12. Презентация Проекта

Урок 13. Заключительный Экзамен.

Lesson 1

Career Paths, the Importance of Business Communications, and New Vocabulary

Lesson Introduction

Introduction to Business Communications

Business Communications can be considered any form of correspondence or attemped correspondence between a company and any other person or entity. Business communications can exist on various levels. It can include communications amongst a certain company’s employees, or communications between a company and its clients, and it even includes communications between a business and other businesses that it interacts with. These businesses can include governmental agencies, suppliers, distributors, partners, etc. Business communications also entails all forms of communication from verbal, non-verbal, to interpersonal formats of communication.

The Importance of Business Communications

Learning how to communicate successfully in the business world can help to ensure a successful business. It is a stated fact that if a business is unable to communicate with its customers, employees, or other businesses then it is certain that the business will not survive for long in the marketplace. However, a business must not only be able to communicate. It must also be able to communicate clearly, accurately, and in a manner that conveys goodwill towards the audience whom is being addressed. Business communications is crucial and it is a subject that should not be taken lightly. Even a company with the finest product, the best employees, and the highest level of quality will ultimately fail if they are unable to communicate well with others.

Class Discussion Exercise

These are possible areas that students may want to go into after graduation. Can the students name at least one company for each business sector?

  • Telecommunications/Media

  • Engineering

  • Retailing

  • Construction

  • Tourism

  • Banking and Finance

  • Transport

  • Vehicle Manufacturing

  • IT (Information Technology)/Electronics

  • Food and drink

  • Pharmaceutical

  • Other


Exercise A- The phrases below all include the word, “career”. Match them to their correct meanings. Use a good dictionary to help you.

1) career ladder a) something you do in order to progress your job

2) career move b) period of time away from your job to, for example, look after your children

3) career break c) series of levels that lead to better and better jobs

4) career plan d) chances to start/improve your career

5) career opportunities e) ideas you have for your future career

Exercise B- Complete these sentence with the verbs from the box.

make climb take have decide offer

1) Employees in large multinationals ________ excellent career opportunities if they are willing to travel.

2) Some people _________ a career break to do something adventurous like sailing around the world.

3) One way to __________ a career move is to join a small but rapidly growing company.

4) In some companies it can take years to ___________ the career ladder and reach senior management level.

5) Certain companies ___________ career opportunities to the long-term unemployed or to people without qualifications.

6) Ambitious people often ____________ on a career plan while they are still at school or university.

Exercise C- Look at the groups of words below. Cross out the noun or noun phrase which doesn’t go with the verb in each group.

1) make a fortune 4) do research

progress a mistake

a living a job

a training course your best

2) get progress 5) take a pension

a promotion time off

the sack early retirement

a nine-to-five job a break

3) earn a bonus 6) work flextime

a part-time job anti-social hours

money overtime

40 thousand ($40,000) an office job

Exercise D- Make sentences using the phrases in Exercise C. For example, “You can make a fortune with a career in computers”.

Tara Fashions Exercise for Business Communications Introductory Lesson

(Pg. 27 Ex. B of Course Book)

Tara Fashions is a relatively new fashion merchandiser who sells new and innovative clothing worldwide. Its main office is located in Cordoba, Spain though the company has many offices located all over the world. Tara Fashions has its largest number of stores located in Spain and other European cities although they also operate in large cities located in North America, South America, Asia, and North Africa.

In total, Tara Fashions operates in 57 countries and has 25 stores located in Spain and another 42 stores located in other European cities. The number of stores that operate outside of Europe is approximately 52. Most of Tara Fashions customers are people who belong to the middle class or upper middle class income levels of various countries. Tara Fashions does not target the middle class or lower class levels of the market though some of their consumers do in fact belong to these classes. Most people who choose to purchase clothing from Tara Fashions are those who are extremely fashion conscious and want to wear the latest fashion trends from Europe.

In addition, Tara Fashions does not have a distributor. Instead the company chooses to distribute its clothing only through its own stores. It does not sell its clothing to retail companies. Tara Fashions is the producer and final distributor of its own clothing.

Tara Fashions is a relatively new company that has only been in business for the past ten years now. The annual net profits of the company average around $12,000,000 a year but recently there has been a sharp increase in production costs so the annual profits of the company have suffered. Last year’s annual net profit for the company was only $9,000,000 as a result of these changes in the marketplace and a high turnover rate. Due to changes in the employment market and a surge of older employees retiring Tara Fashions also recently encountered a record high turnover rate for the company. The turnover rate for employees was approximately 10 percent. Due to these factors, company profits also suffered this past fiscal year.

Tara Fashions is aware that it will face many more changes in the marketplace but it is a company with various strengths. The company has found itself to be sustainable and popular among consumers for the past ten years and has built a reputation as being one of the most fashionable clothing producers in the world and many of the companies’ consumers are extremely loyal to the clothing Tara Fashions produces. Tara Fashions has also managed to secure one of the cheapest material distributors in the world and has limited its production costs more so than other companies. In addition, Tara Fashions has been able to make multiple deals with transportation companies that have enabled them to ship more goods to their stores with less expense being incurred to them.

In the future, Tara Fashions plans to extend its product line and start producing clothing accessories as well. The company is particularly interested in producing such items as belts, purses, and jewelry. The company plans to sell these new products in their stores along with their clothing products.

Questions for the Class to Answer about Tara Fashions:

  1. Where is the head office?

  2. What does it sell?

  3. Who are its customers?

  4. Annual Turnover?

  5. Annual Net Profits?

  6. Number of stores in total?

  7. Number of stores in Spain?

  8. Number of stores in other European cities?

  9. Company Strengths? Future Plans?

Lesson 1: English Grammar Exercise

Working with Articles and Verbs

Correct the following incorrect sentences.

Example: My name Victor. The corrct version is: My name is Victor.

1) I want that he called me.

2) Could you tell him call me?

3) I get him for you.

4) Hello. I’m Vladimir Ivanov speaking.

5) I’m sorr. The line busy.

6) Can I help to you?

7) He not here at the moment.

8) Can I taked a message?

9) I’m sorry. He have a meeting.

10) I’ll put you back immediately.

Lesson 2

Human Resources

Lesson Introduction

Human Resources

By definition, human resources are the individuals who work within your company. These individuals form your company workforce and your workforce can be considered the most important assest of your organization. The study of Human Resources spans over a variety of topics from employee compensation, new employee recruitment, the hiring/firing of employees, employee motivation, to career counseling. The basic idea of human resources is that your employees are the most valuable asset of your company and without a dedicated, capable, and motivated workforce your company will eventually fail.

In-Class Exercises

Are certain careers more suitable fore women than for men? Which do you consider for women only? For men only? For either? Write down other careers that you think fall into any of these categories.

  • Soldier

  • Police Officer

  • Car Mechanic

  • Nurse

  • Chef

  • Pilot

  • Teacher

  • Hairdresser

  • Politician

  • Construction Worker

The London Underground Railway system recently wanted to hire more women as train operators. The company placed an ad in a popular women’s magazine called, “Cosmopolitan”. Below is an article based upon The London Underground placing this job advertisement in the magazine. Read the article below and answer the questions that follow.

Magazine Article from the Daily Telegraph Newspaper by Paul Marston:

Cosmopolitan Readers Queue for Tube Job

More than 1,400 readers of Cosmopolitan have applied to become a London Tube train driver. London Underground described the response to its single advert in this month’s issue as ‘exceptional’.

Successful applicants will have to get out of bed for regular 4:45am starts, but the 27,650 (pounds) salary and up to eight weeks’ holiday pay may prove sufficient compensation.

Lorraine Candy, editor of Cosmo, said the interest her reads had shown demonstrated that young women were not bound by traditional career patterns.

‘It’s always been a classic thing for boys to want to be train drivers. Now we’re seeing that girls can do it too’, she said.

I don’t think the job is boring or un-sexy and I’m sure the passengers couldn’t care less whether the train is being driven by a man or a woman-as long as it it’s on time.’

The ability to break bad news to travelers more sympathetically is one reason London Underground is keen to increase its number of female drivers from 100- just three percent of its driving staff.

Exercise A: What do these numbers in the article refer to?

a) 1,400

b) 4:45

c) 27,650

d) eight

e) one

f) 100

g) three

Exercise B: Answer the following questions about the reading.

1) How many adverts did London Underground put in Cosmopolitan magazine?

2) What are the advantages and disadvantages of the job?

3) What do passengers care the most about?

4) Why does London Underground want to hire more women?

In- Class Exercises

Exercise A: Rearrange the words in 1 through 9 to make questions from a job interview. Then decide whether each question is making a request, making an offer, or asking about ability.

1) get you can I anything?

2) details contact your confirm I could?

3) can you software package use this?

4) speak languages any other you can?

5) about tell you job us your present more could?

6) tell your current salary me you could?

7) start you when can?

8) would you as soon as possible your decision let us know?

9) like coffee some more you would?

Exercise B:

Match the questions in Exercise A with the interviewee’s answers below.

a) It’s $43,000.

b) Yes, I use it a lot in my current job.

c) I can let you know next week.

d) Yes, a cup of coffee would be great, please.

e) Yes, the address is the same, but my e-mail has changed.

f) I’d love some more. Thank you.

g) Well, I am currently responsible for European sales.

h) Yes, I can speak French and Spanish

i) My notice period is two months

Useful Terms and Language

Phone Conversation Dialogue:


  • Who’s calling please?

  • Yes, this is YOUR FIRST AND LAST NAME.

  • Could you tell me what it’s about?

  • I’m calling about…

  • I’ll put you through.

  • Could you tell him/her that I called?

  • Can you hold?

  • Could you ask him/her to call me back?

  • I’m afraid that there’s no answer. Can I take a message?

Vocabulary Words

    1. Absenteeism

    2. Application

    3. Appointment

    4. Background (Information)

    5. Bonus

    6. Career

    7. Career Ladder

    8. Compensation

    9. Human resources

    10. Job advertisement (Job Ad)

    11. Job opening

    12. Labor force/workforce

    13. Labor union

    14. Morale

    15. Motivation

    16. Overqualified

    17. Overtime

    18. Overwork

    19. Promotions

    20. Qualifications

    21. To apply

    22. To appoint

    23. Turnover

    24. Under-qualified

    25. Unemployment

    26. Unemployment rate

    27. Unskilled

    28. Workaholic

    29. Workload

Lesson 2: English Grammar Exercise

Working with Antonyms

Exercise A: Match the words on the left with their antonyms on the right.

1) incorrect a) dull

2) interesting b) first

3) terrible c) far-sighted

4) last d) dirty

5) answer e) quiet

6) near-sighted f) dangerous

7) unhappy g) outdoors

8) clean h) easy

9) indoors i) correct

10) difficult j) expensive

11) safe k) ask

12) cheap l) like

13) fast m) happy

14) hate n) slow

15) noisy o) wonderful

Exercise B: Find the antonyms for the words in the sentences on the left with the words listed in the column on the right.

1) Mary is very tall. wide

2) John is quite thin. long

3) The floor is wet. slowest

4) Why are you so sad lately? large

5) She is an elderly woman. fat

6) I know he is right about this. cooler

7) This is a very narrow street. different

8) The weather is getting much warmer. old

9) This water is far too hot. new

10) They are the same products. short

11) Today has been a horrible day for me. wet

12) He is going to be early to class today. young

13) We had gone on a long trip to the city. wrong

14) This is a new book. cold

15) That car is the quickest one. wonderful

16) I bought a secondhand car yesterday. late

17) You have a very small suitcase. happy

Lesson 3
  1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   ...   15


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Понятие “делового общения”. Характеристика, виды, уровни и задачи делового общения
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