Applied Engineering Mathematics

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Devadas shetty, Richard A Kolk ,Mechatronics system Design, PWS Publishing company,1998
  • D.A. Bradly, D. Dawson, N.C. Burd and A.J. Loader, Mechatronics – Electronics in products and prorcesses. Chapman and Hall, 1993.

  • Robert H. Bishop. Editor-in-chief. “The Mechatronics Handbook”, CRC Press, with ISA– The Instrumentation, Systems, Automation Society, 2002.


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    UNIT- I

    Review Of Mechanical Behavior Of Materials 9

    Plastic deformation in poly phase alloys - Strengthening mechanisms - Griffith's theory of failure modes – Brittle and ductile fractures - Damping properties of materials - fracture toughness - Initiation and propagation of fatigue cracks - Creep mechanisms - Hydrogen embitterment of metals, Selection of materials for various applications.

    UNIT- II

    Engineering Alloys 9

    Cast iron , steels , alloy steels and stainless steels – an overview of phases and microstructure, types, specifications applications, heat treatment, effect of alloying elements, Aluminum, Magnesium and Ti wrought and cast alloys used in engineering applications –Types, specifications, applications, heat treatment


    Surface Modifications Of Materials 9

    Mechanical surface treatment and coating - Case hardening and hard facing - thermal spraying – vapour deposition-ion implantation - Diffusion coating - Electroplating and Electrolysis - Conversion coating - Ceramic and organic coatings – Diamond coating

    UNIT- IV

    Nonmetallic Materials 9

    Composite materials, ceramics, plastics -Introduction, an overview of processing, their characteristic features, types and applications

    UNIT- V

    Modern Materials And Alloys 9

    Super alloys- Refractory metals - Shape memory alloys- Dual phase steels, Micro alloyed, High strength low alloy steel, Transformation induced plasticity (TRIP) steel, Maraging steel –SMART materials, Metallic glass – Quasi crystal and Nano crystalline materials., metal foams

    TOTAL : 45+15(Tutorial) = 60 periods


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    6. Avner S.H., (2006) "Introduction to physical metallurgy" –Tata McGraw hill


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    • NC programming

    • Metal cutting

    • Generation of manufacturing drawings

    • Process planning

    • Part program

    • Generate CNC program for DECKEL MAHO 3 axis machining centre

    • Evaluate High speed machining in Unigraphics

    • Know about knowledge ware in Machining processes

    Introduction to numerical control- coordinate systems, tooling, tool changing, tool storage, tool offset, linear, circular interpolation, fixed cycles; fundamentals of metal cutting, cutting tool materials and cutting fluids, machining centers & machine tool structures; generating manufacturing drawings using Solidworks , CATIA & Unigraphics - engine cover, crank case, cylindrical clutch plate, wheel hub, engine blocks; process planning CAM using SOLIDCAM, and CIMATRON; Computer Aided Manufacturing and Virtual Machining; Introduction to Rapid Prototyping Technologies.

    Manual part programming for lathe and milling machine; NC parameters for 3D machining, CNC code generation by using CAM software, simulation of machining operation using any CAM softare, generating RP parts using 3D printer; a study on multi axis machining in CATIA and Unigraphics; a study of GRIP and UFUNC in Unigraphics; evaluation of high speed machining in Unigraphics; knowledge ware in machining processes.


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    5. SolidCAM Help Manual.

    6. CIMATRON Help Manual.

    7. ProE Help Manual.



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    Introduction 9

    Extensive definition of CE - CE design methodologies - Organizing for CE - CE tool box collaborative product development

    UNIT- II

    Use Of Information Technology 9

    IT support - Solid modeling - Product data management - Collaborative product commerce - Artificial Intelligence - Expert systems - Software hardware co-design.


    Design Stage 9

    Life-cycle design of products - opportunity for manufacturing enterprises - modality of CE Design - Automated analysis idealization control - Concurrent engineering in optimal structural design - Real time constraints.

    UNIT -IV

    Manufacturing Concepts And Analysis 9

    Manufacturing competitiveness - Checking the design process - conceptual design mechanism – Qualitative physial approach - An intelligent design for manufacturing system - JIT system - low inventory - modular - Modeling and reasoning for computer based assembly planning - Design of Automated manufacturing.

    UNIT -V

    Project Management 9

    Life Cycle semi realization - design for economics - evaluation of design for manufacturing cost – concurrent mechanical design - decomposition in concurrent design - negotiation in concurrent engineering design studies - product realization taxonomy - plan for Project Management on new product development – bottleneck technology development.

    TOTAL : 45 periods


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    UNIT- I

    Basic Of Robotics 9

    Definition, need and scope of industrial robots– Classification - selection of robot - Robot anatomy - Robot configurations - work volume - Precision movement - Basic robot motions - safety considerations

    UNIT- II

    Robot Kinematics And Dynamics 9

    Robot kinematics - Direct and inverse kinematics- Vector operations - Translational transformations and Rotational transformations - Properties of transformation matrices-Homogeneous transformations and Manipulator - Forward solution - Inverse solution-Trajectory planning - Differential kinematics & statics - Robot dynamics -Methods for orientation and location of objects - Rigid body mechanics.


    Drives, Controls And Robot End Effectors 9

    Design of drive systems-Hydraulic and Pneumatic drives-Linear and rotary actuators and control valves-Electro hydraulic servo valves - electric drives. End effectors design - Mechanical - Magnetic -Vacuum - Adhesive - air operated grippers. Force analysis and Robot motion control - Adaptive and optimal control - electronic control- feedback control- interfacing.

    UNIT -IV

    Sensors In Robotics And Applications 9

    Robot position sensors - proximity and range sensors – tactile sensors – velocity and acceleration sensors - force and torque sensing devices- sensing joint forces and slip. Robot work cell design - Robot cell layouts -Multiple robots and machine interference-Robot cycle time analysis-Industrial applications of robots - material handling - processing - assembly and inspection- tele operations

    UNIT- V

    Programming Of Robots And Vision Systems 9

    Robot programming methods and languages - lead through programming -Motion interpolation. Computer control and Robot Softwares - task planning. Robotic vision system-Image components and representation - Hardware - Image processing and analysis- Object recognition and categorization- Image segmentation- Software consideration- Training of vision system. Robot intelligence-Artificial intelligence techniques - problems representation in AI - Problem reduction and solution techniques - Application of AI and knowledge based expert systems in robots.

    TOTAL : 45 periods


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    UNIT- I

    Hydraulic Systems And Actuators 9

    Basic principles-Hydraulic Principles. Hydraulic Power Generators - Selection and specification of pumps, pump characteristics. Hydraulic Actuators – Linear, Rotary - Selection –Characteristics

    UNIT- II

    Control And Regulation Elements 9

    Hydraulic Valves: Pressure, Flow, Direction Controls- proportional control valve. Fluid power symbols.


    Design Of Hydraulic Circuits 9

    Hydraulic circuits:- Reciprocating, Quick return , Sequencing, synchronizing and other industrial circuits like press circuits - hydraulic milling machine - grinding, planning, copying, forklift, earth mover circuits - design and selection of components - safety and emergency mandrels.

    Design of Hydraulic circuits – Selection and sizing of components-calculation of frictional head loss-equivalent length for various components- actuator load calculation- pump sizing

    UNIT- IV

    Pneumatic Systems And Circuits 9

    Pneumatic system fundamentals: FRL, actuators and valves. Logic Circuits - Position - Pressure Sensing, switching, electro-pneumatic. Design of Pneumatic circuits using– Karnaugh maps. Cascade-Step counter

    UNIT- V

    Installation, Maintenance And Special Circuits 9

    Pneumatic equipments - selection of components - design calculations -application - fault finding – hydro pneumatic circuits - use of microprocessors for sequencing - PLC, Low cost automation - Robotic circuits.

    TOTAL : 45 periods


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    Materials Handling Equipment 9

    Material handling equipment: fixed path equipment - conveyors, sorting consolidating and diverting devices, cranes-Automatic Storage and Retrieval System - Magnetic handling systems, AGV, robotics and mobile material handling , etc,.Types, selection and applications.

    UNIT- II

    Design Of Hoists 9

    Design of hoisting elements: Welded and roller chains - Hemp and wire ropes - Design of ropes, pulleys, pulley systems, sprockets and drums, Load handling attachments. Design of forged hooks and eye hooks - crane grabs - lifting magnets - Grabbing attachments - Design of arresting gear - Brakes: shoe, band and cone types.

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