Volcanology, environmental remote sensing, and atmospheric chemistry

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НазваниеVolcanology, environmental remote sensing, and atmospheric chemistry
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Clive Oppenheimer BA PhD

Reader in Volcanology and Remote Sensing

Volcanology, environmental remote sensing, and atmospheric chemistry.



* 1991-1993: NERC PDRA and visiting research fellow, Open University, and NASA JPL.

* 1993-1994: University of Cambridge; SERC/NERC Earth Observation Fellowship.

* 1994-1997: University Assistant Lecturer, Department of Geography, University of Cambridge.

* 1997-2003:University Lecturer, Department of Geography, University of Cambridge

* 2003-present: University Reader, Department of Geography, University of Cambridge

* 2007-8: Leverhulme Trust Study Abroad Fellowship


* BA (Cantab)

* PhD (Open University)


Clive Oppenheimer's research has developed broadly around the elaboration and application of novel remote sensing techniques (ground-based, airborne and spaceborne) to volcanology. Several of these methodologies are now being used by volcano observatories for routine surveillance, contributing both to hazard assessment, and a deeper understanding of volcanic processes. His current work focuses on the application of spectroscopy to field measurements of the composition, flux and atmospheric chemistry of volcanic gases, in order to interpret magmatic and hydrothermal processes, and to understand the environmental and health impacts of volcanic pollution. Field sites include Mt. Erebus volcano in Antarctica. He is also involved in projects examining the human impacts of major historic and prehistoric eruptions, and some non-vocalnological applications of atmospheric spectroscopy including studies of reactive nitrogen oxide emissions from airports and biomass burning. Clive coordinates the Cambridge Volcanology Group.

1. Measurement and modelling of volcanic emissions

Volcanoes emit gases and particles both during and between eruptions. Surveillance of volatile composition and flux is essential for interpretation of volcanic activity, since the nature of degassing exerts a strong control on eruption style. It also supports assessment of the role of volcanic gases and aerosol in modifying atmospheric chemistry and dynamics, and in affecting human health (see next). Clive has been at the forefront of research on the development and application of spectroscopic methods (ultraviolet and infrared) to measurements of the composition and flux of volcanic gases.

2. Atmospheric, environmental and human health impacts of volcanic emissions

The measurement techniques described above are being used to investigate the tropospheric chemistry of volcanic plumes, particularly in collaboration with David Pyle and Tamsin Mather. Recent observations have highlighted meteorological controls on aerosol size distributions, and kinetics of halogen and sulphur chemistry. This work is yielding significant advances in understanding the chemical processes peculiar to volcanic (compared with industrial) plumes. A longer-term goal is to develop integrated models capable of predicting the atmospheric, environmental and medical effects of eruptions. One current focus of research is on the impacts on the Antarctic troposphere arising from the sustained emissions from Mt. Erebus volcano. This work is being carried out in collaboration with Phil Kyle at New Mexico Tech.

3. Great eruptions

Studies of some of the largest historic and prehistoric volcanic eruptions are important because we have only seen modest-scale eruptions in the modern instrumental period. Extending the record back in time improves our understanding not only of the links between volcanism and climate but also helps in considering the risks of future large eruptions. Clive has recently been working with colleagues in India on the fallout from the Toba "super-eruption", and in Iceland on the 1783 Laki Craters eruption, which appears to have brought forward many deaths in England.

4. Volcanic slope failure and mass flows

Several of Clive's students work on aspects of volcanic mass flows, arguably the most hazardous volcanic phenomena. A particular interest is the rainfall-triggering of volcanic landslides. Another study underway is using sonar, radar and optical remote sensing data to characterise and interpret the growth and mass wasting of giant volcanic ridges in oceanic and continental rifts.

For further details, please see the Cambridge Volcanology Group website.


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Minor refereed papers & correspondence

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Public outreach & education

* Tittel, F.K., Weidmann, D., Oppenheimer, C., and Gianfrani, L., 2006, Laser absorption spectroscopy for volcano monitoring, Optics and Photonics News, May issue, 24-31.

* Sparks, S., Self, S., Grattan, J., Oppenheimer, C., Pyle, D., and Rymer, H., 2005, Super-eruptions: global effects and future threats. Report of a Geological Society of London Working Group, Geological Society of London, 25pp.

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TV and radio

* Regular contributor to TV and radio news stories and documentaries on volcanoes and eruptions.

* Featured in Werner Herzog's 2007 film 'Encounters at the End of the World'.

* Field consultant for BBC's "Earth – the Biography" during filming at Erta 'Ale volcano, Ethiopia in 2006

* Featured in 2001 National Geographic TV production "Lava lake" at Erta 'Ale volcano, Ethiopia

* Featured in TV science documentary on Mt. Etna in 2001 ("Under the Volcano" National Geographic TV).

* Featured in TV science documentary on Oldoiyo Lengai volcano, Tanzania in 1999 (part of "Volcanoes" series, Discovery Channel)


* Geographical Tripos (Undergraduate level) including final year paper in volcanology

* MPhil in GIS and Remote Sensing

External activities

* Leader, IAVCEI Commission on Volcanism and the Earth's Atmosphere (2004-)

* "Expert member" of International Volcanic Health Hazard Network

* Member of advisory committee of Cambridge Interdisciplinary Centre for Risk in the Built Environment.

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