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particles Prof. A.A.Trusov, Grant RFBR, 05 - 03 - 32292а

  • Грант президента РФ (МК-2126.2007.4): Architectural aspects of genome functioning by example of formation of nanostructures in complexes of DNA with some chromatin proteins (2007-2008). Dr. Polyanichko A.M.

  • Mechanisms of the self-assembling of structural-functional nano-complexes based on the example of regulatory machinary of chromatin (2009-2011) Dr. Polyanichko A.M., Grant RFBR, 09-08-01119а

  • The effect of structural organization of the complexes of DNA with HMGB-domain proteins on chromatin functioning (2010-2012) Dr. Polyanichko A.M., Program of the Ministry of Science and Education of the Russian Federation.

    olecular Spectroscopy

    Professor Konstanin G. Tokhadze, Head of the Department

    M.Sc. 1966, Ph.D 1974, D.Sc. 1991

    Basic staff: Prof. D.Sc. M.O. Bulanin, Prof. D.Sc. S.F. Bureiko, Prof. D.Sc. G.S. Denisov, Prof. D.Sc. N.N. Filippov,

    Ass. Professors: Dr. V.P. Bulychev; Dr. M.V. Buturlimova, Dr. I.M. Grigoriev; Dr. M.B. Kiseleva; Dr. S.M. Melikova, Dr. K.S. Rutkowski, Dr. D.N. Shchepkin, Dr. I.K. Tokhadze, Dr. R.E. Asfin; Assist. Professors: Dr E.I. Gromova

    Senior Research.: Dr. V.V. Bertsev, Dr. T.D. Kolomiitsova, Dr. A.P. Kouzov, Dr. Yu.M. Ladvishchenko, Dr. L.A. Zhigula, Dr. G.Ya. Zelikina; Res.: V.N. Bocharov; A.V. Shuruhina.

    Physics and Applied mathematics and physics

    The field of research in the framework of the master programme:

    " Theoretical and applied spectroscopy of molecular systems "

    Lectures on a speciality

    Fundamentals of the physics of molecules

    Bulanin M.O.

    Introduction to atomic and molecular spectroscopy

    Denisov G.S.

    Electronic structure of molecules

    Bulychev V.P.

    Electronic spectra of molecules

    Kiseleva M.B.

    Experimental spectroscopy

    Denisov G.S.

    Vibrational and rotational spectra of molecules

    Shchepkin D.N.

    Physics of lasers

    Rutkowski K.S.

    Electro- and Magneto-optics of molecules

    Shchepkin D.N.

    Applied molecular spectroscopy

    Denisov G.S.

    Spectroscopy of molecular complexes

    Tokhadze K.G.

    Nature of intermolecular interactions

    Grigor'ev I.M.

    Laser and nonlinear optics

    Bureiko S. F.

    Profiles of spectral lines and bands

    Filippov N.N.

    Collision-Induced Spectra

    Bulanin M.O.

    High-Resolution Spectroscopy

    Grigor'ev I.M.

    Physics of Excited Molecules

    Tokhadze K.G.

    Vibration-Rotation spectra of polyatomic molecules

    Melikova S.M

    Modern Methods of Calculation of Molecules and Complexes

    Bulychev V.P.

    Computer Simulation of crystals and fluids

    Tokhadze I.K.

    Spectra and molecular relaxation

    Filippov N.N.

    Research Topics

    • Molecular spectroscopy of real gases and condensed media

    • Spectroscopy and laser physics of molecules

    • Spectroscopy of cryogenic solutions and spectral band shapes in dense fluids

    • Spectroscopic studies of molecular motion dynamics in condensed and solid systems

    • Anharmonic spectroscopy of polyatomic molecule, vibrational resonances

    • Collision induced infrared spectra of gases

    • Collision- indiced polarizabilities of atomic and molecular species

    • Line-mixing effects in vibration-rotation spectra of simple molecules

    • Spectroscopy of molecular complexes in pressurized gases, cryogenic solutions and in low temperature matrices

    • Spectroscopy of systems with strong intermolecular interactions, hydrogen bond and proton transfer

    • Molecular relaxation in the gas, liquid and solid states

    Selected Papers

      1. S.K. Ignatov, T.D. Kolomiitsova, Z. Mielke, A.G. Razuvaev, D.N. Shchepkin, K.G. Tokhadze A matrix isolation and theoretical study of SiF4 dimers spectra. Chemical Physics 324 (2006) 753766.

      2. R.E. Asfin, G.S. Denisov, K.G. Tokhadze The v(OH/OD) Band Shape of Strong Hydrogen Bonded Dimers of Phosphinic Acids. Phenomenology and Formation Models. J. Molec. Struct. 790 (2006) 11-17.

      3. A.V. Cherevatova, T.D. Kolomiitsova, D.N. Shchepkin, K.G. Tokhadze, Z. Mielke, C. Coussan, P.Roubin Resonance Dipole-Dipole Coupling and Fermi Resonance in CF4 Dimers. J. Molec. Spectr. 238 (2006) 64-71.

      4. I.K. Tokhadze, T. D. Kolomiitsova, K. G. Tokhadze, D. N. Shchepkin The Effect of Resonance Interactions on the Absorption Spectra of (SF6)2 Dimers in Low-Temperature Matrices. Calculations and Experiment. Optics and Spectroscopy 102 (2007) 396407.

      5. M. Chrysos, F. Rachet, N.I. Egorova, A.P. Kouzov Intermolecular Raman spectroscopy of long-range interactions: The CO2-Ar collision-induced ν3 CO2 band. Phys. Rev. A, 75 (2007) 012707-10.

      6. S. Sharif, G.S. Denisov, M.D. Toney, H.-H. Limbach NMR Studies of Coupled Low- and High-Barrier Hydrogen Bonds in Pyridoxal-5'-phosphate Model Systems in Polar Solution. J. Am. Chem. Soc. 129 (2007) 6313-6327.

      7. A.V. Domanskaya, M.O. Bulanin, K. Kerl, C. Maul Pressure broadening and shifting parameters for the spectral lines in the fundamental vibration-rotation bands of HBr and HI in mixtures with rare gases. J. Mol. Spectrosc. 243 (2007) 155-161.

      8. V.P. Bulychev, E.I. Gromova, K. G. Tokhadze Study of the H-F Stretching Band in the absorption Spectrum of (CH3)2O HF in the gas phase. J.Phys. Chem. A, 112 (2008) 1251- 1260.

      9. M. Chrysos, A.P. Kouzov, N.I. Egorova, F. Rachet. Exact Low-Order Classical Moments in Collision-Induced Bands by Linear Rotors: CO2-CO2 . Phys. Rev. Lett. (2008) 133007-4.

      10. M .V. Buturlimova, G.Ya. Zelikina, M.B. Kiseleva Solvent effects on the ultraviolet absorption spectrum of mercury atom. J. Mol. Struct. 880 (2008) 59-63.

      11. K.S. Rutkowski, W.A. Herrebout, S.M. Melikova, B.J. Van der Veken, A. Koll, A cryosolution FTIR and ab initio study of the blue shifting C-H-F hydrogen bonded complexes F2ClCHFCD3 and Cl2FCHFCD3. Chem. Phys.354 (2008) 71-79.

      12. V.P. Bulychev, M.V. Buturlimova. Anharmonic calculation of structural and vibrational properties of the isolated complexes [F(HF)2], [F(DF)2], and [F(TF)2]. J. Mol. Struct.928 (2009)32-39.

      13. D.S. Andrianov, A.N. Cherevatova, T.D. Kolomiitsova, D.N. Shchepkin Modeling of band shapes in the low-temperature molecular liquid spectra affected by resonance dipole-dipole interaction. Chem. Phys. 364 (2009) 69-75.

      14. S.F. Bureiko, S.Yu. Kucherov, V.M. Schreiber Molecular interactions and structure of H- bonded complexes of bifunctional nitrogen-containing molecules. Polish J.Chem. 83 (2009) 771-785.

      15. P.M. Tolstoy, B. Koeppe, G.S. Denisov, H.-H. Limbach Combined NMR and UV/Vis Spectroscopy in the Solution State: Study of the Geometries of Strong OHO Hydrogen Bonds of Phenols with Carboxylic Acids. Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., 48 (2009) 5745-5747.

      16. X. Chen, T.B. Settersten, A.P. Kouzov State- and time-resolved rotational relaxation signatures in two-color resonant four-wave mixing spectra. J. Raman Spectrosc. 40 (2009) 847-852.

      17. A.V. Domanskaya, M.O. Bulanin, K. Kerl, C. Maul Pressure broadening and shifting Parameters for the spectral lines in the first overtone vibration-rotation bands of HBr and HI in mixtures with rare gases. J. Mol. Spectrosc., 253 (1) (2009) 20-24.

      18. I.K. Tokhadze, T.D. Kolomiitsova, D.N. Shchepkin, K.G. Tokhadze Z. Mielke Influence of resonance interactions and matrix environment on the spectra of SF6 dimers in low tempera- ture nitrogen matrixes. Theory and experiment. J. Phys. Chem. A, 113 (2009) 6334-6341.

      19. S.F. Bureiko, S.Yu. Kucherov Structure and intermolecular interactions in complexes with hydrogen bond of a series of bifunctional nitrogen-containing compounds. J, Struct. Chem. 50 (2009) 712-721.

      20. K.S. Rutkowski, S.M. Melikova, J. Janski, A. Koll Cryospectroscopic and ab initio anharmonic studies of acetylene-trimethylamine H-bonded complex. Chem. Phys. 375 (2010) 92-100.

      21. I.A. Verzhbitskiy, M. Chrysos, F. Rachet, A.P. Kouzov Evidence for double incoherent Raman scattering in binary gas mixtures: SF6-N2. Phys. Rev. A 81 (2010) 012702-7.

      22. P.M. Tolstoy, J. Guo, B. Koeppe, N.S. Golubev, G.S. Denisov, S.N. Smirnov, H.-H. Limbach Geometries and Tautomerism of OHN Hydrogen Bonds in Aprotic Solution Probed by H/D Isotope Effects on 13C NMR Chemical Shifts. J.Phys.Chem.A, 114(40) (2010) 1077510782.

      23. O.S. Gulidova, R.E. Asfin, I.M. Grigoriev, N.N. Filippov Air pressure broadening and shifting of high-J lines of (00011)(00001) band of 12C16O2. J. Quant. Spectrosc. Radiat. Trans. 111 (2010) 2315-2320.

      24. S.F.Bureiko, S.Yu. Kucherov, IR spectra of cyclic hydrogen-bonded complexes of bifunctional nitrogen compounds in solution. Optics and Spectroscopy, 109 (2010) 1117-1126.

      25. F.R. Spiering, M.B. Kiseleva, N.N. Filippov, H. Naus, B. van Lieshout, C. Weijersborg, W.J. van der Zande Line mixing and collision induced absorption in the oxygen A-band using cavity ring-down spectroscopy. J. Chem. Phys. 133 (2010) 114305-9.

    Scientific Cooperation with:

    • Paris University (France),

    • Wroclaw University (Poland),

    • Free University of Berlin (Germany)

    • University of Antverp (Belgium)

    • Technical University of Braunschweig (Germany)

    • Université d’Angers (France)

    • Paul Scherrer Institute (Switzerland)

    • Universite de Franche-Comte, Besancon (France)

    The unique Bruker IFS-125 HR vacuum Fourier spectrometers with spectral resolution about 0.010.003 cm1 with set of special cells for:Gas phase - (L = 10 cm100 m), (P = 1 torr100 atm), (T = 600 K80 K), Cryogenic solutions(L = 1 mm1 m)

    Selected projects

    • Vibronic nature of hydrogen bonding effects in NMR spectra Ass. Prof. D.N.Shchepkin, Grant RFBR 05-03-33235, 2005-2007

    • Rotation-vibration relaxation matrix reconstruction using ab initio calculation and line shape studies. Prof. N. N. Filippov, Grant RFBR 05-03-32227, 2005-2007.

    • Analysis of strong anharmonicity of molecular complexes based on their vibrational spectra: experiment and theory Prof. K.G. Tokhadze, Grant RFBR 06-03-32073, 2006-2008

    • Spectroscopy of systems with intermolecular interactions Prof. K.G.Tokhadze, 2005-2009

    • High resolution spectroscopy of atmospheric gases. Prof . N.N. Filippov, 2008-2009

    • Vibration averaging effects in NMR spectra of hydrogen bonded complexes Ass. Prof. D.N. Shchepkin, Grant RFBR 08-03-00615, 2008-2010

    • Spectroscopy of molecular complexes. Structure, dynamics and energy of intermolecular interactions in these systems. Prof. S.F. Bureiko, Program “The Development of High School Scientific Potential” of the Ministry of Education and Science of Russian Federation, 2.1.1/640, 2009-2010

    • Manifestation of strong anharmonicity in the spectra of molecular complexes. From ultrastrong hydrogen bond to van der Waals dimers Prof. K.G.Tokhadze, Grant RFBR 09-03-00232, 2009-2011

    • Probing the geometries of functional hydrogen bonds in solution by combined NMR/UV/Vis spectroscopy Ass. Prof. I. G. Shenderovich, Grant RFBR 09-03-91336, 2009-2011

    • Collisional effects on the spectra of molecular gases. Prof. N.N. Filippov, 2010-2012

    • Spectroscopy of molecular complexes and clusters: the shape of absorption bands, structure and dynamics Prof. K.G.Tokhadze, 2010-2014

    Nuclear Physics

    Prof. Konstantin A. Gridnev, Head of the Department

    M. Sc. 1960, Ph. Dr. 1968, D. Sc. 1983.

    Professors: Dr. V.A. Andrianov, Dr. V.E. Bunakov, Dr. V.M. Mikhajlov, Dr. E.P. Grigoriev, Dr. L.V. Krasnov, Dr. Yu.N. Novikov, Dr. V.A. Rubchenya

    Ass. Professors: Dr. L.I. Vinogradov, Dr. A.K. Vlasnikov, Dr. V.P. Kondratiev, Dr. O.E. Kraft, Dr. R.B. Panin, Dr. V.O. Sergeev, Dr. V.A. Sergienko, Dr. S.Yu. Torilov, Dr. S.N. Fadeev, Dr. V.I. Tselyaev

    Heads of laboratories: Dr. S.E. Belov, Dr. V.I. Zherebchevsky

    Senior Researchers: Dr. F.F. Valiev, Dr. O.V. Chubinskij, Dr. A.P. Dubenskij, Dr. N.A. Lyutorovich,


    The field of research in the framework of the master program:

    "Experimental and theoretical investigations of properties of atomic nuclei by means of nuclear spectroscopy and nuclear reactions"

    Lectures on a speciality

    Nuclear Physics

    Gridnev K.A.

    Actual Problems of Nuclear Physics

    Gridnev K.A.

    Neutron Physics

    Krasnov L.V.

    Structure of atomic nuclei

    Mikhajlov V.M.

    Theory of atomic nucleus

    Mikhajlov V.M.

    Quantum Chromodynamics

    Andrianov V.A.

    Exotic Nuclei

    Novikov Yu.N.

    Heavy Ion Reactions

    Bunakov V.E.

    Alpha-, beta-, and gamma processes

    Grigoriev E.P.

    Cluster Radioactivity and Nuclear Fission

    Rubchenya V.A.

    Gamma Rays Resonance Scattering

    Sergienko V.A.

    Introduction to Speciality

    Sergienko V.A.

    Interaction of Radiation with Matter

    Vlasnikov A.K.

    Basic properties of the atomic nuclei (nuclear forces)

    Vlasnikov A.K.

    Introduction to Quantum Electrodynamics

    Panin R.B.

    Weak and Electromagnetic Interactions

    Panin R.B.

    Radiation Detectors and Nuclear Electronics

    Vinogradov L.I.

    Bases of Symmetry Theory

    Kondratiev V.P.

    Experimental Methods in Nuclear Physics

    Sergeev V.O.

    Nuclear Reactions Theory

    Fadeev S.N.

    Direct nuclear reactions

    Tselyaev V.I.

    Research topics

    • Investigation of properties of nuclei and of nuclear reactions mechanisms in a wide range of energies

    • Modeling the decay of nuclear systems produced in the heavy ions reactions

    • Investigation of collective phenomena from femto to nano levels of structure of matter

    • Fundamental and applied innovation research of nucleon systems produced in nuclear reactions in a wide range of masses and energies

    • Integrated study of exotic and cluster nuclei


    Scientific Cooperation with

    • GSI (Darmstadt, Germany)

    • University of Jyväskylä (Finland)

    • Forschungszentrum Juelich (Germany)

    • Johann Wolfgang Goethe University Frankfurt am Main, Germany)

    Special equipment

     Beta-spectrometer of π type with equilibrium orbit r=500 mm and

    resolution of 0.1%.

     -ray spectrometer with semiconductor detectors of 40-100 cm3 sensitive

    volume with resolution 3-4 keV at Eγ = 1.3 MeV.

     Position-sensitive detector with microchannel plates.

     Equipment for investigation of detectors.

     Semiconductor γ- spectrometer for ecological investigations.

     Educational laboratory with equipment for nuclear physics investigations .

     U-120 cyclotrone.

    Selected papers

    1. Gridnev, K.A., D'yachenko, A.T., Baryshnikov, V.N., “Pion production by protons on nuclei near the threshold”, Bulletin of the Russian Academy of Sciences: Physics 74 (4), 471 (2010)

    2. Gridnev, K.A., Rodionova, E.E., “The role of exchange interaction in elastic scattering of 16O + 16O and 16O + 12C” Physics of Particles and Nuclei Letters 5 (4), 349 (2008)

    3. Gridnev, K.A., Rodionova, E.E., Fadeev, S.N., “Description of elastic scattering in the 16O + 16O and 16O + 12C systems” Physics of Atomic Nuclei 71 (7), 1262 (2008)

    4. Torilov, S.Yu., Gridnev, K.A., Greiner, W., “New insight on the chain states and bose-einstein condensate in light nuclei” International Journal of Modern Physics E 17 (10), 2150 (2008)

    5. Gridnev, K.A., Fadeev, S.N., “Applicability of the α-particle folding model to the description of scattering of α-cluster nuclei” Bulletin of the Russian Academy of Sciences: Physics 71 (6), 789 (2007)

    6. Gridnev, K.A., Torilov, S.Yu., Kartavenko, V.G., Greiner, W., “Model of binding alpha-particles and structure of the light nuclei ” International Journal of Modern Physics E 16 (4), 1059-1063 (2007)

    7. Gridnev, K.A., Torilov, S.Yu., “Ikeda diagram within the model of binding alpha particles” Physics of Atomic Nuclei 69 (7), 1204 (2006)

    8. Gridnev, K.A., Gridnev, D.K., Kartavenko, V.G., Mitroshin, V.E., Tarasov, V.N., Tarasov, D.V., Greiner, W., “On stability of the neutron-rich oxygen isotopes” International Journal of Modern Physics E 15 (3), 673 (2006)

    9. Kuzmenko N.K., Mikhajlov V.M. The Canonical Heat Capacity of Normal Mesoscopic Fermion Systems: The Temperature Evolution and Particle Number Oscillations,

    “Statistical Mechanics Research”, Nova Science, New York. 2008. P.181-216.

    1. Tarasov V.N., Tarasov D.V., Gridnev K.A., Gridnev D.K., Kartavenko V.G., Greiner W. Properties of Fe, Ni and Zn isotopes near the drip-lines.

    Int. J. Mod. Phys. E. 2008. V.17. P.1273.

    1. Tselyaev V.I. Quasiparticle time blocking approximation within the framework of generalized Green function formalism

    Phys. Rev. C. 2007. V.75. N.2. 024306.

    1. Litvinova E.V., Tselyaev V.I. Quasiparticle time blocking approximation in coordinate space as a model for the damping of the giant dipole resonance. Phys. Rev. C. 2007. V.75. N.5. 054318.

    2. Litvinova E., Ring P., Tselyaev V. Particle-vibration coupling within covariant density functional theory.

    Phys. Rev. C. 2007. V.75. N.6. 064308.

    1. Litvinova E., Ring P., Tselyaev V. Relativistic quasiparticle time blocking approximation: Dipole response of open-shell nuclei.

    Phys. Rev. C, 2008, V.78, N.1, 014312.

    1. Tselyaev V., Speth J., Krewald S. Description of the giant monopole resonance in the even-A 112-124Sn isotopes within a microscopic model including quasiparticle-phonon coupling.

    Phys. Rev. C. 2009. V.79. N.3. 034309.

    1. Kuzmenko N.K., Mikhajlov V.M. Polynomial method for canonical calculations.

    Physica. A. 2007. V.373. P.283.

    1. Kuzmenko N.K., Mikhajlov V.M. Low Temperature Resonances in Electron Heat Capacity of Finite System.

    Physica. A. 2010. V.389. P.2376.

    1. Vlasnikov A.K., Kuzmenko N.K., Mikhajlov V.M., Smirnov A.S. Investigation of weak pairing correlations in Al nanograins.

    Izv. RAN. Ser. Fiz.. 2010. V. 74. №4. P.611.

    Selected projects

    1. Modeling the process of decay of nuclear systems produced in heavy ions reactions. Prof. K.A.Gridnev. RFBR grant 09-02-00141-a, 2009-2010.

    2. Organization and holding of the 60-th International conference on nuclear physicsNucleus 2010. Prof. K.A.Gridnev. RFBR grant 10-02-06040, 2010.

    3. Participation in 13-th international conference on nuclear physics. Prof. K.A.Gridnev. RFBR grant 11-02-08011, 2011.

    4. Investigation of pairing and qusipaticle-phonon effects in nano- and femto-systems. Prof. V.M. Mikhajlov. Program “Development of scientific potential of higher school”, project 2.1.1/4779. 2009-2010.

    5. Theoretical investigations of properties of unstable nuclei. Dr. V.I. Tselyaev. RFBR grant 05-02-04005-ННИО.2005-2008.


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