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5600 Jomali Drive

Durham, NC 27705

June 18, 2009

Lisa Jackson, Administrator

United States EPA

EPA Docket Center Mailcode 6102T

ATTN: EPA-HQ-OAR-2009-0171

1200 Pennsylvania Ave, NW

Washington, DC 20460

Dear Administrator Jackson:

Over the past decade, the earth has entered an entirely natural short-term cooling cycle, which will decrease temperatures over the next two decades. The signs of this are already clear, in the bad winters now being experienced in many areas of the world. This short-term trend exists within the broader warming trend that began about 200 years ago, and that brought us out of the Little Ice Age. Have you heard of the horrific winter that Washingtons troops faced at Valley Forge? That was the Little Ice Age.

CO2 has played no measurable part in these trends. Here is a graph that shows the non-correlation between CO2 and temperature, over the past 500 million years:

The thin line is CO2; the heavy line is average temperatures, as reconstructed from proxy data (our only evidence for the deep past). There is no correlation between temperatures and CO2 concentrations. Attached to this letter are excerpts from an article that supports this conclusion.

Claims to man-made global warming are simply the latest of a series of scary scenarios, invented in order to induce increasing government power through the manipulation of emotions. Because the goal of the EPAs actions is obviously not to help the environment, but rather to increase government power, I doubt this letter will have much effect. But in the name of the once-free United States of America, I must get on record. I oppose this massive increase of government power, the destruction of freedom that is its meaning, and the fraudulent scientific foundations on which it is based.


Dr. John David Lewis

Visiting Associate Professor of Philosophy, Politics and Economics

Duke University

Attachment: Excerpts from the articleHistory, Politics, and Claims of Man-made Global Warming

Excerpts from the article “History, Politics, and Claims of Man-made Global Warming”

John David Lewis

Forthcoming in the journal Social Philosophy and Policy 26.2

Also forthcoming in the edited volume, “The Environment: Philosophy and Policy,” eds. E Fraenkel-Paul, Jeffrey Paul, and Fred Miller (Cambridge University Press)

  1. Climate Change: The Deep History

Claims that the Earth is now undergoing an unprecedented rise in temperatureboth in absolute terms and in the rate of increaseshould be examined using precedents from the long-term history of the Earth.1 At least seven major ice ages have occurred in the last billion years, when mile-deep ice sheets periodically advanced beyond polar areas and engulfed regions that were once warm, before melting in retreat. On a shorter timescale, some eleven glacial and interglacial periods have cycled during the past one million years. We are now living in a temporary interglacial warm period, the Holocene, that began with a relatively sudden rise in temperature about 11,000 years ago. We should expect the next glacial period to begin in the near future, meaning a few thousand years. These cyclical temperature changes have far surpassed the lesser variations since the dawn of industrial life.

What causes such variations? One of the central tenets of the AGW hypothesis is that high atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide (CO2) and other greenhouse gases have a direct effect on temperatures around the globe. The thermometer was not invented until the Renaissance, so scientists must study ancient temperatures and chemical concentrations indirectly, by gatheringproxy datataken from fossils, tree rings, ice cores, coral reefs, peat bog cellulose and other evidence. All of this requires highly technical scientific interpretation, and is subject to new discoveries and complex methods of statistical analysis.

Using information derived from such proxy measurements, it is possible to reconstruct, at least roughly, temperature levels and the CO2 concentrations going back into the Earths deep history. Christopher Scotese, a geologist at the University of Texas at Arlington, used ancient evidence and computer models to determine average temperatures going back over 600 million years ago (mya).
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