Учебно-методическое пособие для аспирантов

НазваниеУчебно-методическое пособие для аспирантов
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As international contacts become an integral part of modern life there are growing possibilities to take part in various exchange programmes, pay research visits. Every researcher is interested in the achievements of his colleagues abroad. A study visit provides an excellent opportunity to get acquainted with foreign experience in one’s special field. International scientific cooperation is the key trend in the development of modern world science.

From the present section you will learn about requirements to a research visitor, documents to be submitted, anticipated visit outcomes, follow-up activities.


study/research visit – стажировка

research project – научно-исследовательский проект

to do research on the exchange program(me) – стажироваться по программе обмена

application – заявка на участие

applicant – претендент

deadline/closing date – конечный срок (подачи документов)

a three-months visit – трехмесячная стажировка

to fund the program(me) – финансировать программу

to bear/to cover expenses – оплачивать расходы

to provide accommodation – предоставлять жилье

to stay at a hotel/halls of residence – останавливаться в отеле (гостинице)


experienced ~ – опытные сотрудники

to be introduced to the ~ – быть представленным коллективу

to be shown round – показать (провести по)

to arrange a visit – организовать посещение

identical approach – идентичный подход

collaboration – совместная работа

(of) mutual interest – представляющий взаимный интерес

related fields – сходная проблематика

to be given a free hand (in the research) – предоставить полную свободу действий

to maintain permanent contacts – поддерживать постоянный контакт

to conduct joint experiments – проводить совместные эксперименты

to have a very busy time – быть очень занятым

to be absorbed in work – быть поглощенным работой

to get the material ready for publication – подготовить материалы к опубликованию

to work against time – работать не покладая рук

farewell party – прощальная вечеринка

to speak in flattering terms – лестно отозваться

to express deep gratitude (to) – выразить глубокую признательность

report on a research visit – отчет о стажировке

One can find advertisements about Exchange Programmes, Research Visits in Internet, in newspapers; relevant information can also be provided by Research Departments of the establishments concerned. Study some of such ads and comment on them.

1. Edinburgh BITs May 2005: HPC research opportunities

EC-funded research visit opportunities in computational science

Call for applications: next closing date 31st May 2005

HPC-Europa, a consortium of 11 leading European centres, is calling for applications from researchers working in Europe to visit one of more than 200 research institutes associated with the Transnational Access programme. Visitors will use HPC-Europa's High Performance Computing (HPC) facilities to advance their research, while collaborating with scientific researchers from an appropriate local research institute.

The programme is fully funded by the EC's Structuring the European Research Area programme, and offers:

  • access to some of the most powerful HPC facilities in Europe;

  • HPC consultancy from experienced staff;

  • opportunities to collaborate with scientists working in related fields at a local research institute;

  • travel costs, subsistence expenses and accommodation.

The selection panel approves applications on the basis of scientific merit. For this reason, applicants are encouraged, where possible, to identify a suitable researcher with whom to collaborate before applying, as this often increases the chances of the application being approved.

HPC-Europa is funded until the end of 2007. Selection meetings are held fout times per year, and applications must be received by 31st May 2005 for the selection meeting in June. Successful applicants will visit for between three and 13 weeks, starting during the period from July to December 2005.

Further information and the online application form are available at http://www.hpc-europa.org

2. President Fund Grants

Short Research Visits

  • Larger awards of up to £2,000 are available for making short research visits of up to two months duration. The host institution may be overseas, or in the applicant's country of residence.

  • All applicants must be paid up members of the SGM of at least 3 calendar months standing before the date of their application for a grant.

  • All applicants must be resident and registered for a PhD, or in a first postdoctoral position, in a country in the European Union,

  • All applicants who are funded by a research council or other funding body that regularly supports conference attendance or activities connected with the applicant's work must submit evidence that they have applied for sponsorship from that body. Salaried applicants must submit evidence of their annual income (net, after tax).

  • Only one application for a research visit grant may be made awarded from the President's Fund during the term of a postgraduate studentship or first postdoctoral position.

  • Retrospective applications will not be considered.

  • Applicants must submit evidence of acceptance by the host institution e.g. a copy of the letter of invitation from a senior member of the staff, with their completed application form.

  • Applications for research visit grants will be considered twice yearly by an award panel. Closing dates for applications: 14 October 2005.

  • Two copies of the completed application form and all supplementary documentation must be submitted for consideration.

The BSU maintains close contacts with a wide range of universities abroad. German, Austrien, Polish, British, American universities encourage students and post-graduates to participate in scientific exchanges programmes.

Once you have made up your mind to participate in a programme you should contact the office in charge of the documentation for further information and fill in the Application form like that.

UMEA UNIVERSITY SWEDEN International Summer University 2005 Applicationform - Fill in with blockletters

* compulsory information

Please include a

Photo of yourself


Family name*

Date of birth* year* month* Day*



Current address (where we will send your letter of acceptance)

Street* number*

City* Postcode*


Please send the letter of acceptance to my work/university* [ ]

Send the letter of acceptance by e-mail* [ ]

Send it to my current address above* [ ]


If student, discipline*:

Adress to my university/work*


Street*, number*


City* Postcode

Work e-mail*:

1 apply for the course*:

If student, subjects and levels 2004/05*

If student, number of years of studies

in relevant disciplines*:

Total number of years of univ. studies*

If accepted I will be applying for my Visa at the consulate/embassy of: (Swedish, Finnish, city)

I hearby certify that all the information given above is correct. I have read, understood and accepted the general requirements





The application has been approved by /Dean or Rector)





Official stamp of the University
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