Goal and tasks of Programmes 3

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Table of Contents

Goal and tasks of Programmes 3

Academic Studies Programmes of Mathematics at the University of Latvia 3

Description of Programmes 4

Object of Programmes 5

Length of Studies and Common Score of Subject Matters 5

Terms of Awarding Qualification 6

Other Studying Possibilities. 7

Assessment of Knowledge 7

Assessment of Studies Programmes on Students and Employers’ Part 7

Long – Term Assessment of Studies Programmes 8

Studies Programmes At UL In Comparison With Studies Programmes At Universities Of Other Countries 8

Number of students 10

Financial Resources of Mathematics Studies Programmes. 10

Material and Informative provision 10

Qualification of Academic Teaching Staff 11

Scientific Research Work 11

Studies programmes Development Plan 13

Description of courses of programme 14

Algebra I 15

Algebra II 16

Analytic geometry 17

Complex variable Function theory. 18

Developmental psichology 19

Diferential equations - I 20

Elements of fuctional analysis 22

General pedagogy 23

General psychology 24

Mathematical analysis I 25

Mathematical analysis II 26

Mathematical analysis III 28

Mathematical analysis IV 29

Mathematics education method I 30

Mathematics education method II 31

Mathematics education methods III 32

Mathematical Logic 33

Mathematical Statistics 34

Methods of Optimisation 35

Numerical methods I 37

Numerical methods II 38

Numerical methods III 39

Pedagogycal practise I 40

Pedagogycal practise II 41

Probability Theory 42

Programming and computers I 43

Programming and computers II 44

Programming and computers III 45

Description of courses of programme 47



Introduction to Algorithm Theory 49

Number Theory 50

Topology I 51

Topology II 53

Differential geometry 54

Fundamentals of geometry 55

Elements of Combinatorics 56

Physic for teachers of mathematics I 57

Physic for teachers of mathematics II 58

Physic for teachers of mathematics III 59

Physics I (Natural sciences I - Theoretical Mechanics) 60

Physics II (Natural sciences II - Theory of electromagnetism) 62

Natural sciences III (Physics III) 63

Special Methods of Elementary Mathematics 65

Mathematical Models in the Differential Equations 66

Teaching Methods of Informatics 67




Computer in Teaching Process I 71

Computer in Teaching Process II 72

Theory and Methodology of Upbringing 75


Differentiation of Elementary Mathematics Exercises 77

Differentiation of Elementary Mathematics Exercises 78


Psychology of The Family 80

Goal and tasks of Programmes

The function of mathematically educated people in different spheres of national economy is the factor that simulates the growth of the state. The aim of the academic curriculum in mathematics of bachelor and master is to prepare for the state’s need a sufficient number of highly qualified and mathematically educated specialists. With development of national economy, the need for these mathematicians appears in such industrial, economical, and other branches, where it has not been necessary till now. Due to the present situation in Latvia the need for widely educated mathematicians will increase. Educating the new generation of mathematicians, academic programs are formed to go one step ahead for national economy and to secure the academic education in the science of mathematics. We must also preserve historically formed heritage of traditions in the science of mathematics and promote further development of all branches of mathematics in Latvia.

Reproduction of mathematician personnel is also important objective of the academic programs in mathematics. Many post-graduates in mathematics work at schools and continue already historically formed enlarged mathematically educational work of Latvian pupils, others on the contrary successfully continue the doctoral studies and farther can accomplish scientific studies in mathematics.

The goal of the programmes of the bachelor and master’s studies in mathematics is to secure academic education in the science of Mathematics, maintaining a historically established inheritance of the traditions of the science of Mathematics in Latvia and facilitating further development of a possibly greater number of sub – programmes in Mathematics.

The tasks of the bachelor and master’s studies programmes in mathematics are:

to offer the students of these programmes the required theoretical and practical basic knowledge in all the sub–programmes of mathematics;

to provide the required basis of academic knowledge to prepare highly qualified professionals for the use of mathematics in national economy (mathematical modelling and mathematical statistics) and to secure the education of mathematics in all levels

to prepare the specialists with an independent and creative approach in acquiring the latest achievements of Mathematics and putting them effectively into practice.

In addition to the above mentioned tasks, the main task is to offer the students of master’s degree programme extended knowledge in one or several separate directions of Mathematics, and their applications.
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