Учебно-методический комплекс по дисциплине Иностранные языки

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AND CITY CENTER (1350 п.зн)

Moscow Authorities, Railway Ministry and Aeroflot General Director signed an agreement to build a unique high-speed rail track that will link together Sheremetyevo Airport and the city center.

The Railway Ministry has long been working on that project and calculating its cost, which it has finally put at $57 million. According to the ministry's studies, Russia's first high-speed railroad track will be highly lucrative and is expected to pay back in seven years. The project is to be funded by creditors.

The first stage of construction will start with the laying of a rail track that will link Sheremetyevo Terminal 3 (currently being built) to Leningradsky railway station. The link will ultimately consist of two 30-km lines. For passengers, the rail link will be the most convenient, reliable, and cheap way of travelling to and from the airport, as trains will conveniently arrive and depart according to a timetable. Besides, the train journey will cost several times less than taking a hard-to catch taxi. The shuttle service will have six specially designed, high-comfort trains that will speed at 70 km per hour on average, taking air passengers from downtown Moscow to the airport within 25 to 30 minutes. Another good thing about the rail link is that it will take some of the burden off the congested highway, to the relief of motorists driving to and from their dachas.

The project's second stage will see the laying of a track to the Moscow City business center, and further on to Vnukovo and Domodedovo airports. In the span between Paveletsky railway station and Domodedovo, construction work will have been completed to make Pavaletsky railway station and Domodedovo airport into a single engineering complex. As a result, air passengers will be able to register right at Paveletsky railway station regardless of the time of departure of their flights from Domodedovo airport. On the order of Moscow city authorities, routes to Vnykovo airport and to the town of Zelenograd near Moscow have already been mapped out.

shuttle — челнок

lucrative — выгодный

to pay back — окупаться

hard-to-catch — труднодоступный

congested — перегруженный

take off— уменьшать

regardless — независимо

map out — планировать

authorities — власти


NEW RECORD (1500 п.зн.)

The ER-200 express, departing from Moscow for St. Petersburg, arrived at its destination half and hour earlier than scheduled. By covering the distance between Russia's northern and southern capitals in 3 hours and 54 minutes, it set an sbsolute record for this route,

"There is no one to meet us", people in the driver's cabin noted with deep satisfaction. "No wonder: neither the passengers nor their friends in St. Pete who expected them to arrive 26 minutes later had an inkling that was a special train that had set out to break the 'four-hour barrier'. Throughout the trip the drivers fought hard for every minute, every second even. And though a power black out near the city of Tver set us back a whole six minutes, and we had to work like mad to make up for lost time, the barrier was broken".

The result that has been achieved thus far is not going to affect train schedules noticeably, although we will work to cut the travel time. We have done this just to see what we can do. Making this kind of speed a standard, however, will take a good deal of improvement, above all in the quality of railroad tracks.

As a matter of fact, to make this speed journey possible, the Oktyabrskaya main line that links Moscow and St. Petersburg had to undergo large scale modernization. Even so, the ER-200 cannot go at 200 kph throughout the route. Its average speed is just 140 kph.

Still, passengers got a chance to choose between travelling by plane or by train. Railroad operators are making no secret of their intention to compete with airlines. Counting the time it takes to go to and from the airport, travel time is now the same. Meanwhile, Russia has joined the ranks of countries with a high-speed railway network, of which, until recently, there have been just three: France, Germany, and Japan. True, the Moscow-St. Petersburg route is just the first element of ours. Designed for the 2000-2015 period, a federal high-speed railway transport development program envisages a speed of 160 kph to 200 kph not only for trips to Europe (Helsinki or Berlin) but also to Nizhny Novgorod and Rostov-on-Don.

neither...nor... —ни...ни...

black-out — отключение

make up — наверстывать

as a matter of fact — на самом деле

large-scale — широкомасштабный

compete — конкурировать

envisage – рассматривать


The press service of the Supreme Council of the Autonomous Republic of the Crimea, Ukraine, has confirmed that during the celebrations of Russian Navy Day in Simferopol, Crimea, the Moscow city government and the autonomy's leaders signed a protocol on the construction of a bridge across the Kerch Strait,

The bridge will be seven kilometers long, including the length of the access roads. Its construction will cost around $1 billion. All the present blueprints of the bridge show it as three-tier, with a four-lane motor road, a railway bed, and pipelines.

The parties to the protocol have agreed to build the project in two stage. The first stage will see the establishment of the Kerch Strait public joint-stock company with a charter capital of 550000 rubles. 74 percent of the company's shares will belong to Moscow, and 26% will go to the Crimea's State Property Fund. 23 percent of Moscow's stake will be offered to South Russia's Krasnodar Territory, on whose soil the Russia end of the bridge will stand. Which will leave Moscow with no more than 51%.

The Moscow Mayor's Office told that it would allocate the money on a repayable basis in proportion with the shareholders' stakes in the company's capital, Moscow City always finances such projects from its off-budget funds. "Moscow wouldn't have undertaken the project if it weren't gainful to the city", the Mayor's Office said.

access road — подъездная железная дорога

blueprint — проект

stake — доля капитала

three-tier — трехярусный

pipeline — трубопровод

four-lane — четырехрядный

joint-stock — акционерный

charter capital — уставной капитал

shareholder — вкладчик, акционер

allocate — размещать

off-budget — внебюджетный

gainful — выгодный


More than a hundred Muscovites helped to build Siberia's first underground rail line (nine kilometres and five stations) in Novosibirsk. Muscovites took part in designing and putting together the tunnel shields and the building of the tunnels and the stations. The weather is freezing here, and since the granite and marble finishing slabs for the stations were frozen, we've got to warm them before they can be used. Before our work crew came to Siberia, we had worked at Metro projects all over the country, and nowhere else did we meet so many difficulties as we met here. The average annual temperature in Novosibirsk is below the freezing point, but we didn't realize how many problems that would pose. For example before starting the finishing work for the stations' surface entrances we had to build heated shelters for them. Generally speaking, much of the work we did here during the winter is usually done in summer at other Metro projects. The summer here is very short and if we followed the usual practice, we would have dragged out the construction for another five years.

Builders from different place also worked on the project, since it is usual for Metro builders to pool efforts when a city undertakes such a major project. When we're through with our work here we'll go back to Moscow. And we'll return to Siberia because there are blueprints for the construction of Metro also in Omsk, Krasnoyarsk and Irkutsk.

shield — проходческий щит

finishing — отделочный

pose — поставить вопрос

drag out — затягивать


pool efforts — объединять усилия

to be through with — закончить

blueprint — проект


Recently a familiar voice could be heard in Pairs Metro announcing: "On the occasion of the centennial of Paris Metro, Line 13 plays host to Moscow Metro." The anniversary was celebrated in 2000. The Metro appeared in Paris later than in London, New York, Chicago, Budapest, Glasgow, and Vienna, and it owes its name to the Paris Metropolitan Railroad Company.

As part of wide-ranging celebration program, including the modernization of nearly 200 of its 375 stations, the Paris Metro decided to invite its counterparts from four continents.

Four stations will reproduce the interior of Seoul Metro, representing the Asian continent; Cairo Metro, representing Africa; and Mexico Metro for the Americas. The honor to represent Europe at Les Invalides, the busiest station in downtown Paris, went to Moscow Metro. Using slides and photos sent in from Moscow, interior decorators reproduce faithfully elements of Moscow Metro. Fixtures were replaced by reproductions of stained-glass windows of Novoslobodskaya Station and mosaics of Kievskaya with columns, benches, and even inscriptions in Cyrillic while the attendant staff much to their delight put on Moscow Metro uniforms.

centennial —столетний

on the occasion — по случаю

play host — выполнять роль хозяина

counterpart — коллега

downtown — центр

fixture — арматура

stained glass — цветное стекло

attendant staff— служащие

Cyrillic — славянский


  1. Журналы "Rail International", "Economist".

  2. Журнал "Structural Engineering International".



для студентов технических специальностей и направлений

Аудиторные контрольные работы №1 и №2 предназначены для студентов I курса, контрольные работы №3 и №4 – для студентов ΙΙ курса технических специальностей заочной формы обучения, изучающих английский язык.

Контрольные работы считаются одной из форм обучения студентов грамматике английского языка, способом расширения их словарного запаса. Проведение контрольных работ также направлено на выработку у студентов навыков перевода с английского языка на русский язык, так как наряду с чтением текстов перевод является целью обучения иностранному языку в неязыковом заочном вузе.




  1. Определите по суффиксу часть речи.


  1. существительное *

  2. прилагательное

  3. наречие

  1. Из приведённых ниже глагольных форм выберите неопределённую форму глагола (инфинитив).

  1. to realize *

  2. realize

  3. realized

  4. realizing

  1. Укажите время и залог сказуемого в предложении.

Electric and diesel traction play a leading role in handling traffic.

  1. Present Indefinite Active *

  2. Past Indefinite Active

  3. Future Indefinite Passive

  1. Укажите, в каком предложении глагол to be является модальным.

  1. The student is at the library.

  2. The technical possibility of this mode of transport is enormous indeed.

  3. The train is to arrive at 7 o clock. *

  1. Определите, какой модальный глагол нужно употребить в приведённом предложении.

Мы можем начать работу сейчас же.

  1. can *

  2. may

  3. must

  1. Выберите правильный вариант перевода английского сложного предложения на русский язык, учитывая правило согласования времён.

The speaker announced that the problem of water pollution was one of the most important ones.

  1. Оратор заявил, что проблема загрязнения воды была одна из самых важных.

  2. Оратор заявляет, что проблема загрязнения воды - одна из самых важных.

  3. Оратор заявил, что проблема загрязнения воды - одна из самых важных. *

  1. Выберите правильный вариант перевода английского сложного предложения на русский язык, учитывая союзное и бессоюзное подчинение.

The manager said he would place a large order for equipment.

  1. Менеджер сказал о размещении большого заказа на оборудование.

  2. Менеджер сказал, что разместит большой заказ на оборудование. *

  3. Менеджер сказал, что разместил большой заказ на оборудование.

  1. Определите, какую функцию выполняет причастие.

The man writing an article is our engineer.

  1. обстоятельство

  2. определение *

  1. Выберите правильный вариант перевода английского причастия на русский язык.

Having received good test results he was sure of the new engine’s efficiency.

  1. Полученные результаты испытаний убедили его в эффективности нового двигателя.

  2. Получив хорошие результаты испытаний, он был уверен в эффективности нового двигателя. *

  3. Результаты испытаний, которые он получил, показали эффективность нового двигателя.

  1. В английском предложении найдите независимый причастный оборот и выберите правильный вариант перевода на русский язык.

The first question of the agenda having been decided upon, the conference passed the resolution.

  1. После обсуждения первого вопроса повестки дня конференция приняла резолюцию.

  2. Обсудив первый вопрос повестки дня, конференция приняла резолюцию.

  3. Когда первый вопрос повестки дня был обсуждён, конференция приняла резолюцию. *



Прочитайте текст и выполните задание.


Until recently many people were of the opinion that the railways had reached the limit of their improvement. Yet the Japanese and French railways were the first to prove that they were wrong. In these countries trains are normally run at speeds of 240-270 km/hr, while in the FRG the Experimental High Speed train ICE reached a record speed of 406 km/hr. All this caused a dramatic change in favour of the railways. It was for the first time that passengers are preferring the train to the plane. This experience is now made use of in many countries.

The drive for effective ways of developing railways is going on in an ever growing number of countries. Many railway lines in Russia handle 100 and even more trains a day. In Russia on an average the annual tonnage of lines of the network is 26 million gross tons per kilometer of tracks. The through-put capacity of modern large classification yards in Canada, the FRG and in a number of other countries is as high as 8000-10000 wagons per day. In the USA running 20000 ton trains has become normal practice. The railway networks of Asia and African countries are expanding. Automating and mechanizing of basic operations have become standard practice on most of the railways.

In the eighties and nineties of the last century many countries of Europe and America celebrated the 150th anniversary of their railways. Among railway experts the historical aspects of railways have arouse great interest. The railways have passed through the period of accelerated expansion of the railway networks, that was a period when 20000 km of lines were built every year. Over the last 30 years the mileage of railway networks even shrank. Super steam locomotives rated at 5000 h.p. and developing a pressure of 15 to 16 bars were replaced by electric and diesel electric locomotives.

The carrying capacity of wagons increased constantly and the mass of rails went up steadily as well. Automatic brakes and the automatic coupling have become an indispensable part of rolling stock designs. Modern passenger coaches have become more comfortable and spacious.

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