Issue #23 focuses on Wonder Woman and the giants of mlj/Archie! It sports two Golden Age covers: a never-before-published 1940s Wonder Woman cover by H. G

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НазваниеIssue #23 focuses on Wonder Woman and the giants of mlj/Archie! It sports two Golden Age covers: a never-before-published 1940s Wonder Woman cover by H. G
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Issue #23 focuses on Wonder Woman and the giants of MLJ/Archie! It sports two Golden Age covers: a never-before-published 1940s Wonder Woman cover by H.G. Peter, and a new Hangman drawing by Bob Fujitane! Inside, editor Roy Thomas spotlights unseen art from two "lost" 1940s WW stories by H.G. Peter, plus an analysis of the "Charles Moulton" scripts! Bob ("Fuje") Fujitani is interviewed by Jim Amash (with lots of rare art of The Hangman, Airboy, Dr. Solar, Shock Gibson, and more)! There's a talk with John Rosenberger, Silver Age artist of The Fly and The Jaguar! Editor Victor Gorelick discusses Archie & The Mighty Crusaders, with art by Ray Morrow, Rich Buckler, Paul Reinman, and others! (TwoMorrows Publishing)

Magazine, 108pg, b&w $5.95


Beck and Schaffenberger: Sons of Thunder is a split-biography book (with a foreword by Ken Bald) on the careers and lives of two of comics' greatest and most endearing artists, C.C. Beck and Kurt Schaffenberger! Both men are known for their seminal work on the character Captain Marvel, and this up-close and personal retrospective journey takes us from their childhood years to the Golden Age of comic books and beyond! Co-written by FCA (Fawcett Collectors of America) editor P.C. Hamerlinck and Mark Voger, this book is profusely illustrated with previously unpublished artwork by both artists, including pre-comic book work, art from Captain Marvel, Lois Lane, and more, plus hundreds of rare photographs! "Boom!" echoes the far-reaching thunder from the works of Beck and Schaffenberger - their artwork's impact forever clamoring attention with resounding tones! If you're a fan of either of these Golden and Silver Age greats, this is a book you can't miss! (TwoMorrows Publishing)

SC, 9x11, 160pg, b&w $15.95


Comic Shop News is the most popular weekly newsletter about comics. Each issue is full color, 8-12 pages with CSNsider, news, interviews, color art, and CSN Comics - an original Sunday-style comic. Only CSN has a complete monthly checklist, which includes Previews order numbers, plus exclusive CSN Hot Picks! "Fab Firsts," a monthly checklist of all the first issues due for the month, is also included. Sold in both 50-count and 100-count bundles. (Comic Shop News)

Tabloid, FC PI Ea.


Legionnaires assemble! In April 1958, DC launched the careers of Cosmic Boy, Lightning Lad, and Saturn Girl, the core of what would become its largest group of teen heroes, The Legion of Super-Heroes. Now, 45 years later, CBG commemorates the anniversary. Columns by Tony Isabella, Andrew Smith, Craig Shutt, and Peter David round out this issue. (Krause Publications)

Tabloid $3.99


Alpha Flight turns 25! In 1978, The X-Men faced Wolverine's former teammates, a Canadian super-group known as Alpha Flight. Revisit the team's early adventures with insight from artist John Byrne and writer Chris Claremont. Columns by Andrew Smith, Craig Shutt, Peter David, and Tony Isabella make this issue one you can't afford to miss! (Krause Publications)

Tabloid $3.99


A review of June-shipping releases. CBG's Retailer Review panel takes a look at some comics scheduled to ship in June. And, as the nation celebrates Free Comic Book Day May 2, CBG joins in. In addition, columns by Craig Shutt, Peter David, Tony Isabella, and Andrew Smith make this a can't miss issue. (Krause Publications)

Tabloid $3.99


Fifteen years of Venomous vitriol. In 1988, Spider-Man got a makeover with a new black costume, courtesy of an alien machine on a distant planet. The costume later became the villainous Venom and CBG looks at the past decade and a half of the character's adventures. Columns by Peter David, Tony Isabella, Andrew Smith, and Craig Shutt add flavor to the mix. (Krause Publications)

Tabloid $3.99


Mr. Silver Age's Summer Reading List! With the school year winding down and vacation planning in full swing, it's time to assemble your summer reading! Mr. Silver Age provides suggestions. And columnists Tony Isabella, Andrew Smith, and Peter David may have some additional items to pack along. (Krause Publications)

Tabloid $3.99


Comics International is the news and comment bible for the comics industry! Includes hundreds of reviews of top titles, with plot synopses, plus an overview of scripts and art quality, as well as a directory of comic stores, specialists, events, and festivals. (Comics International)

Magazine, PC $2.25


Featuring: Featuring: Little Orphan Annie and Mr. Am by Harold Gray, Modesty Blaise by Peter O'Donnell and Romero, Gasoline Alley by Dick Moores, Flash Gordon by Dan Barry and Wally Wood, The Phantom by Lee Falk and Ray Moore, Tarzan and the Diamond of Ashra by Dan Barry, Alley Oop by V. T. Hamlin, Buz Sawyer by Roy Crane, Casey Ruggles by Warren Tufts, and Krazy Kat by George Herriman. (Manuscript Press)

Magazine $6.95


Comics Spotlight #5 - Batman includes interviews and profiles of many of the great creators who have breathed four-color life into the Dark Knight Detective, including the current smash team of Jim Lee and Jeph Loeb, Joker and Robin creator Jerry Robinson, longtime writer and editor Denny O'Neil, veteran Bat-artist Jim Aparo, editor Bob Schreck, Greg Rucka, Ed Brubaker, Tim Sale, and others! Comics2Film's Rob Worley scopes out Batman at the movies, and ComicBookResources' Augie De Blieck Jr. rates the top ten Bat-stories, plus much more! This issue features a choice of two covers: one by Jim Lee and one by Claude St. Aubin and Jason Brunner! If you miss the days of fan magazines like Comics Interview, Amazing Heroes and others, don't miss Comics Spotlight! (Ground Zero)

JIM LEE CVR.--Magazine, 80pg, b&w $4.95

ST. AUBIN/BRUNNER CVR.--Magazine, 80pg, b&w $4.95


Start off with a bang by our terrific cover from former Ren & Stimpy cellmates Bill (Monroe) Wray and Stephen DeStefano! Inside, there are interviews and "How-To" demos on all aspects of creating comic imagery, including: an interview and demo on cartooning and painting by Bill Wray; working in the digital realm in comics and illustration with cover artist Celia Calle; Stephen DeStefano on crossing over and working in both comics and animation; and an inking tutorial by Draw! editor Mike Manley! Plus, the latest installment of our regular feature on figure drawing by Bret Blevins, a look at adding light and shadow to your work, new product reviews with Ande Parks, and even more of what's made Draw! (TwoMorrows Publishing)

Magazine, 9x11, 88pg, PC $5.95


Sketch turns 20 with a feature interview of the storytelling sensation J. Michael Straczynski. As creator of the television sci-fi epic Babylon 5, Straczynski has became a major figure behind some of the biggest titles in the comic industry. From Midnight Nation to Spider-Man and his newest Marvel project, Straczynski gives a fascinating look into his process of transforming an idea from scratch into an unstoppable juggernaut of epic storytelling. As always, Sketch satisfies with plentiful "how-to" instructionals from tried-and-true industry talent, packed with penciling, computer coloring, and marketing tips to help you become an artistic rising star. (Blue Line Pro)

Magazine, 64pg $5.95


Tripwire's full-color relaunch continues, as the magazine takes a look at the imminent release of X-Men sequel X2! With the aid of director Bryan Singer, some of its production crew and many of the comic line's creators! Tripwire's Film Diaries continue as does "Stripwire," its brand new comic strip section. There'll also be Ashley Wood's "Illustrators," "Studio Space" (a look at comic illustrators and painters), "Launchpad" (Tripwire's focus on new talent), "Company Profile," "What Were They Thinking?" (a look at the comic, film and TV series that should never have been), "Sounding Off," "Past Perfect" (retro looks at comic and film classics), and much more! With the new design and content direction, Tripwire will be the only comic magazine you'll ever need! (Tripwire)

Magazine, 96pg, FC $5.95


Write Now!, the magazine that puts you into the minds of today's top comics, animation, and science-fiction writers and editors. This time around, editor Danny Fingeroth brings you interviews with and lessons from: Warren Ellis, writer of Transmetropolitan and The Authority! Howard Chaykin, creator of American Flagg (who graces this issue's new cover art by Howard), the upcoming Mighty Love, and writer of TV's The Flash and Mutant X! Paul Dini, the man behind Warner Bros.' Batman and Batman Beyond! Bob Schreck, a founder of Oni Press and group editor of the Batman line! Diana Schutz, Editor in Chief of Dark Horse Comics, and others! Plus, more writing lessons from Dennis O'Neil, nuts and bolts of writing comics stories, tips on craft from DC editor Joey Cavalieri, freelancer strategies from Steven Grant, reviews of books on writing, and more! (TwoMorrows Publishing)

Magazine, 9x11, 80pg, b&w $5.95



The most current information on film, television, gaming, technology, commercials, conferences, events, and industry trends. Check out the resources for education, and training in the field of animation! (Animation Magazine)

Magazine $5.95


These magazines cover the superstars of sports and sports-card collecting with insightful articles and colorful action photos. Regular features include looks at the most popular players and cards; tips on card collecting; and "Readers Write," a forum for readers. Plus, one of the hobby's most reliable and relied-upon price guides for cards. (Beckett's Publications)

BASEBALL (#218)-Magazine, FC $4.99

BASKETBALL (#154)-Magazine, FC $4.99

FOOTBALL (#158)-Magazine, FC $4.99

HOCKEY (#151)-Magazine, FC $4.99

RACING & MOTORSPORTS (#105)-Magazine, FC $4.99



Each issue includes price guides and checklists, new release information, video game tips and tricks, coverage of all characters, contests, web site reviews, merchandise and cartoon reviews, and much more! (Beckett's Publications)

Magazine, 94pg $5.99


Fresh, creative, and fun articles and columns on the latest and greatest Pokémon products. Find out the value of collectibles, and where to find conventions to buy, sell, or trade. Plus, words of wisdom from writers in the industry! Monthly. (Beckett's Publications)

Magazine, 72pg, FC $5.99


Dedicated to racing die-cast and Hot Wheels collectors. DCD features the latest pricing in the monthly "Price Guide Pull-Out" section, along with articles and news from the world of imports, Hot Wheels, Johnny Lightning, and what's new in Nascar and other types of racing. (Die-Cast Digest)

Magazine $4.50


Featuring an X-Men pull-out guide and a complete photo checklist of every Toy Biz X-Men toy ever done, as well as another 80s flashback, taking a look at one of the Big 80s toy brands and where it is now! Plus, the latest releases for G.I. Joe, Star Wars, Marvel, DC Direct, McFarlane, Dragon, and more. Includes' the Hot Wheels pricing guide, and news on Star Wars, Marvel, DC, Image, G.I. Joe, Transformers, and more! (Lee Publications)

Magazine, FC $5.95


Featuring show coverage, price guides, and showcasing the best in toy lines! Plus, AFD's regular departments on new product announcements, international markets, Action News Briefs, and the Star Wars Update are all included in this issue (Tomart Publications)

Magazine, FC $5.95


Feature stories and columns concentrate on models of Chrysler, Plymouth, Dodge and DeSoto automobiles. This issue also finishes up our coverage of the American International Toy Fair of New York. If you're into Hot Wheels, check out the "Hot Wheels Price Guide," listing values from 1995 and on. Toy Cars & Models provides comprehensive coverage of the model car hobby without bias toward scale, subject, manufacturer or material. Toy Cars & Models offers columns and news stories featuring models made of die-cast, white metal, plastic, resin, and more. Monthly giveaways, reader polls, and an active letters column give readers a chance to participate in their hobby.(Krause Publications)

Magazine, FC $5.50

TOY SHOP #304-305

Spring is here, and that means toy shows and auctions are in full swing. Check out what's selling and for how much. We'll take you to some of the biggest toy auctions in the country. Also, see what your toys are worth in our new price guide. Toy Shop provides toy news, information, and product releases you won't find anywhere else. From vintage toys (tin, character, robots, etc) to new toys (action figures, die-cast vehicles, model kits), they all have a home in Toy Shop. Don't forget to check out the classified ads section, indexed alphabetically by category, making it easy for you to locate items of interest. (Krause Publications)

Tabloid (Note Price) $4.99Ea.


This fabulous issue features an "Entertainment Card Price Guide," which has been in high demand, and a free Upper Deck Game Face Baseball trading card! Tuff Stuff is a monthly price guide for sports cards in singles, packs, boxes, and sets along with prices for bobble heads, figures, limited edition collectibles, and much more. Find out what the top 10 hottest cards are as well as market reports for baseball, football, basketball and hockey. If you are looking for autograph pricing and information, Tuff Stuff has more autograph coverage than any other magazine. Also find coverage on Figures like McFarlane, a racing card preview and commentary article and the latest new card product previews. (Krause Publications)

Magazine $4.99



Dragon Magazine is the only magazine solely dedicated to D&D, so there's no coincidence that it's the finest role-playing game magazine in the industry! This magazine features things that are sure to excite D&D fans. (Curtis Circulation)

Magazine $5.99


The official source for the third edition of D&D adventures! Dungeon Adventures #95 offers all-new adventures for all levels of play, each complete with maps, NPCs, new treasures and weapons, and more! (Curtis Circulation)

Magazine $7.99


Provides current news and reviews for the adventure gamer, with entertaining features covering a variety of games. Covers role-playing games, card games, board games, miniatures, tabletop miniatures games, novel based on game worlds, game-related accessories, and new SnarfQuest comics! (Fast Forward Entertainment)

Magazine, 64pg, FC $4.99


As well as providing news, reviews, and previews covering the whole world of X Box, the magazine's cover-mounted DVD is the source of exclusive playable X Box game demos. The future of game magazines! (Imagine Publishing, Inc.)

Magazine, FC w/CD-ROM $7.99


The biggest stories in PC gaming! Hard-hitting reviews ensure you'll buy the right games. Your most pressing tech questions are answered in the incomparable Hard Stuff section. Plus, the biggest games are solved, with hundreds of cheats to help you get to the end. (Imagine Publishing, Inc.)

Magazine, FC w/CD-ROM $7.99


100% Playstation. 100% Independent! Each issue includes the latest news from the U.S. and Japan, software reviews and previews, strategy guides to the hottest games, cheats and codes, letters, and exclusive covers illustrated by some of the comic industry hottest creators! (Imagine Publishing, Inc.)

Magazine $4.99


Full coverage of Legion, the new set for Magic: The Gathering, MechWarrior's Fire For Effect, and Lord of the Rings' Battle of Helm's Deep! Also, continuing coverage of: Magic, Yu-Gi-Oh, Hero-Clix, Pokemon, Dragonball Z, Star Wars, Star Trek, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Magi-Nation, MLB Showdown, NFL Showdown, Warlord, WWF Raw Deal, Mage Knight, Buffy, and more. Scrye is the only magazine providing you with the most complete Magic price guide. Don't miss out on the latest news in "Card Collector Confidential." Check out the winning decks in the "Winners Circle." And plan your gaming schedule with the Scrye Convention and Tournament Calendar. (Krause Publications)

Magazine, FC $5.50


Crammed with news, gaming articles, and pictures of miniatures. Includes the latest news releases of Citadel Models, in-depth features on armies, painting guides, modeling tips, rules clarifications, and battle reports. White Dwarf is the guide to the Games Workshop hobby (Games Workshop)

Magazine $4.99



Previews is your ultimate source for all the merchandise available from your local comic book specialty retailer... approximately two months in advance! Hundreds of comics from a myriad of publishers, merchandise, and exclusive editorial content available nowhere else! This issue features items scheduled to ship from May 2003 through July 2003!

Catalog, 8x11, 480+pg, PC $3.95


Previews makes it easy for you to order every item in the catalog with this separate order form booklet! This issue ships in late March 2003 for items on sale in June 2003.

Comic-sized, 62pg, PC PI


Previews Adult features Adult-oriented art, info, and related news not found in Previews. NOTE: Due to customs and international restrictions, adult material may not be available in some international markets. Please check with your local comic book specialty retailer for availability.


Catalog, 24pg, b&w (Note Price) $0.95



Airbrush Action brings you step-by-step articles from two of automotive airbrushing's top dogs, Vince Goodeve and Steve Vandemon. Also featuring the smokin' hot rod art of legendary flame painter Rod Powell. Also in this issue, the memory of kustom legend Ed "Big Daddy" Roth lives on with a sculpted tribute to the one and only Rat Fink. Bone up on the basics with our informative and in-depth look at how improving your drawing skills can take your airbrushing to the next level. Also featured: "2003 Compressor Buyer's Guide," "T-Shirt Tactics," "Q&A," and more! (Airbrush Action, Inc.)

Magazine, 84pg, FC $5.99


Bill DuBay, Jr. takes an in-depth look at the upcoming Daredevil, Hulk, Sub-Mariner, Punisher, and Fantastic Four feature films. X-Men 2 Set Director Guy Dyas production designs. Preview of the new fall shows from Nickelodeon and the WB. First look at the films War of the Worlds and Chrome. (MUV Multitech Pvt. Ltd.)

Magazine, 80pg, FC $4.95


Enter the dark and mysterious world of vampires - but beware! There's a lot more to Bite Me! than simply sharp-toothed garlic-hating creatures who happen to sleep in coffins. Interested in all things spooky and weird, Bite Me! has even more scary treats! Inside is the usual news on film, books, the Internet, events, music, and competitions. Offering superb quality and beautifully designed, this and other issues have already become collectors' items!

Magazine, PC $6.95


Continuing "The New Adventures of Frankenstein," a Frankenstein feature-length novel with illustrations, (Denis Druktenis Publishing)

Magazine $7.00


The new CFQ features a cover story on the making of X-2 featuring an in-depth one-on-one with auteur Bryan Singer along who talks about his new mutants along with interviews with the cast and crew. Also, the first part of exclusive coverage of Matrix Reloaded, the eagerly anticipated sequel to The Matrix and writer/director Lawrence Kasdan unveils the secret of Stephen King's Dreamcatcher in The CFQ Interview while Michael Piller unlocks The Dead Zone. Plus, a retrospective on the landmark science fiction movie Tron and new columns on comics, video games, home theater and toys. Plus a complete listings and calendar section from Zentertainment's Sean Jordan. (CFQ Media)

Magazine, PC $6.99


Cinescape covers the debut of Ang Lee's The Hulk, with interviews with the director and stars Eric Bana and Jennifer Connelly! Plus a retrospective of the Jad Giant's comic book history! Also: Freddy vs. Jason, Charlie's Angels 2; reviews, previews, and behind-the-scenes action on your favorite movie, TV, and media products! (Mania Entertainment)

Magazine, FC $6.99


Plan viewing with Cult Times' Out of the Box, the indispensable listings guide of cult TV programs to watch out for on terrestrial, cable, and satellite. Read interviews with the stars, and features on shows currently airing in the U.K. Highlights of the previous month's viewing are featured in Times Past. (Visual Imagination)

Magazine $6.99


Trawling through the '90s, In-Vision covers the making of the BBC-sponsored documentary, 30 Years in the Tardis. Plus: BSB's Doctor Who Weekend, MOMI's "Behind the Sofa" exhibit, lost episode restoration, radio play scripts, and more. (Jeremy Bentham)

Magazine $6.00


In this issue, the final part of Gareth Roberts' "Guess Who?" as the Seventh and Eighth Doctors come in for a spot of character assessment. Andrew Pixley turns his researcher's eye onto "Whose Doctor Who" as the 1977 documentary is the subject of a special "Archive Extra." Influential musician Dudley Simpson recalls his days composing for the series, and Christopher Benjamin recalls his turn in classic tale "The Talons of Weng-Chiang." Plus a special, one-off full-color comic strip adventure "Where Nobody Knows Your Name" by Scott Gray and Roger Langridge, and all the usual news, reviews, and interviews. (Panini)

Magazine, 52pg, FC $6.80


For the latest news and reviews from the world of sci-fi and fantasy entertainment, choose Dreamwatch magazine. Showcasing the latest films, TV shows, books and games, with incredible features from the world of sci-fi and exclusive interviews with the creators and stars. (Titan)

Magazine, 84pg, FC $5.99


The new Femme Fatales just got steamier with a provocative cover story on Rebecca Romajin Stamos talking about being an unnatural blue in X-2 while our team of photographers scours the earth for the hottest young up-and-coming talent in "Belles de Jour." Plus, Kelly Hu, Famke Janssen, Carrie Anne Moss, Monica Bellucci, Lizzy Strain and more. And if that's not enough, Andy Richter Controls The Universe's Paget Brewster returns with another installment of our sex advice for geeks column and an exclusive look at Charlies' Angels: Then & Now. Plus, all color, more pages and exclusive photography you'll be ripping out of the magazine and putting on your wall... if your wife let's you. (CFQ Media)

Magazine, PC $6.99


Special Tarzan features include an interview with 1930s Tarzan, Bruce Bennett (Herman Brix) who's still going strong at 96; 1960s Tarzan, Ron Ely; and a profile of Johnny Weismuller. Norman Lloyd on producing and directing Alfred Hitchcock Presents; the screen's first black singing cowboy Herb Jeffries; Ellen Burstyn on The Exorcist; and many more features, interviews, and reviews of the latest DVDs, books, and CDs from the worlds of science fiction, horror, and fantasy of the Golden Age through the '70s. (Filmfax)

Magazine, 100pg $7.50


After a hiatus, Flick magazine is back, with improved quality and content! Featuring the long-awaited interview with Paul Jenkins who talks more than just comics. Elvira's new feature, the pin-up photography of the Tiki master Octavio, a thought provoking feature on women of color in the pin-up world, tattoos, comics, goth eye candy, and more! This is a subculture magazine for those interested in alternative, goth, industrial, retro, and all things in between. Bringing back the "cult" in subculture! (Acid Poptart Productions)


Magazine, 54pg, b&w $4.95


Become a student of American iconoclast Charles Fort with this expansive guide to the bizarre. Features news, reviews, and research on strange phenomena, experiences, and curiosities from the intricacies of crop circles to phantom hitchhikers. It's wild, it's funny, it's open-minded, yet skeptical - and it's true! (I Feel Good)

Magazine, 100pg $6.25


Reprinting the entire story from G-8 and his Battle Aces. Includes "The Invisible Staffel," originally published in May 1934. For two days that phantom Fokker had terrified the Front. A strange, weird ship of death, all men could see was its dim outline. The fuselage --the wings, the pilot -- were invisible! How could men fight an invisible enemy? What good was Vicker's lead against a plane that was as transparent as air?" (Adventure House)

Magazine, 7x10, 112pg, b&w $9.95


High Times is not only the premier journal of marijuana-related news, stoner culture, humor, and adventure, but a name brand instantly recognized by anyone who has ever been interested in that part of our culture. SEE PREVIEWS ADULT FOR MORE INFORMATION. (High Times)


Magazine, 84pg, FC $4.99

LOCUS #507

The science fiction and fantasy community's journal, with news and reviews on new and upcoming releases, as well as articles and columns by noted authors. (Locus Magazine)

Magazine, 70pg, b&w $5.95


The English-language edition of Japan's #1 anime and manga publication. Oversized, glossay and like the original, it reads from right to left. Free bonus gear in every issue, including a manga special and an exclusive DVD insert. Contents include anime, manga, music, game, toy and model reviews, feature articles with incredible original illustrations by the industry's leading artists, director interviews, voice talent profiles, and regular columns by industry experts, tastemakers, and deep-cover insiders. Each issue weighs in around 200 pages!

Magazine $9.95


Issue #5 features the usual mix of news and reviews on the Asian film industry including Invincible Armour, Evil Dead Trap, Hypnosis and Pyrokenesis. And, there's an exclusive star interview! (Oriental Film Review)

Magazine $7.99


The Phantom of the Movies VideoScope -- the ultimate genre video guide, #46 is the Indie Auteurs a go-go edition! Exclusive interviews: Indie ace Larry Fessenden (Habit, Wendigo), British director Stuart Orme (The Puppet Masters) on The Lost World, director George Ratliff on Hell House! And, live from the Miami Film Festival! Digging up the 1910 Frankenstein, "Golden Silents," and "2003: The Best on DVD!" The Phantom's Annual "B"wards," and "Hounds of the Baskervilles!" Plus, over 100 new genre-video/DVD reviews! Action! Horror! Sci-Fi! Anime! Cult! Asian! Thriller! Exploitation! And much more! (Phanmedia)

Magazine $5.95


The largest-selling, most respected men's magazine in the world - the one that gave you centerfolds, bunnies, and Jenny McCarthy! Millions of adults love Playboy's engaging mix of fun, fiction, superstar personalities, sports, top-name interviews, and sensually provocative photos of the most beautiful women in the world! SEE PREVIEWS ADULT FOR MORE INFORMATION. (Warner Publisher Services)


PLAYBOY (JUNE 2003)--Magazine $4.99


PLAYBOY PRIVATE (#36)--Magazine $6.99


It's the most testosterone-filled magazine out there! Bringing you all the carnage direct from the arena, as well as behind-the-scenes looks at the House Robots. This month there's all the action from the final episode of the current Wars, and more gossip from Robot Wars' inside man, Craig Charles. And, clear a space for cool posters of your favorite battling brutes! (Titan)

Magazine, 68pg, FC $6.99


In this issue: "A Century of Fantasy and Fright Films" Part 4 enters the 1940s; "Stalking Kin Kong," "Cosmic Drive-In 1959," tells what monster and sci-fi movies were playing then; "Double Vision: Creature with the Blue Hand meets Bests of the Yellow Night," revisiting the "Fright Factory," "Gammera," "Zakkorr!" "Monster Memories Presents: Monsterpiece Fiction," all within a wraparound painted cover by scary Terry Beatty! (Dennis Druktenis Publishing)

Magazine $7.95


Don't miss the world exclusive "Jackie Chan's Spartan X," the official Jackie Chan comic now premiering in every issue of Screen Power, starting now! This issue also includes an exclusive interview with Michael Golden, the artist of "Spartan X"; behind-the-scenes photos and report from the "Highbinders" Hong Kong re-shoots and press conference; an exclusive interview with Nicky Li, member of the Jackie Chan Stunt Team; Jackie's latest cameo role in "The Twins Effects"; on the set of Jackie's new movie in Thailand, Around the World in 80 Days! Plus, merchandise, reviews, readers' letters, competitions, and all the happenings in the Hong Kong movie world! (Screen Power)

Magazine $7.95

SFX #104

In this issue of the great sci-fi magazine from the U.K., not only will all the most important and exciting happenings in the world of science fiction be covered, but also the issue is cover mounted with a massive poster of one of the hottest women in sci-fi! (Future Publishing)

Magazine $7.75


Interviews with the creative people of the horror world! Regular features include writer Kim Newman's outspoken "Opinion" column, and Ingrid Pitt on horror fandom worldwide. Plus, up-to-the-minute news and reviews of all the latest horror on DVD, film, and TV. (Visual Imagination)

Magazine $6.99


All Star Trek matter is explored, with regular news on actors, series, movies, books, video games, comics, and more, plus exclusive interviews, a catalog of merchandise. This issue features an excursion behind-the-scenes of Enterprise, into sound, graphics, props, and more. Plus, head back out to The Final Frontier on the 15th anniversary of Star Trek V with William Shatner, Harve Bennett, and others. (Decipher)

Magazine, 100pg $5.95


In-depth news and information on Star Trek every month, complete with unique new pictures. Includes gatefolds with detailed technical drawings and full-color artwork, plus full analysis of the characters, races, and starships, as well as 24th century technology. (Fabbri Publishing)

Magazine $7.99


The most informative Star Wars fanzine around! With in-depth coverage of the movies, stories, art, and the people that make the Star Wars universe so amazing - you will always be an insider with Star Wars Insider! (Curtis Circulation)

Magazine, FC $5.99


Starburst continues to offer its unique blend of the latest news, features, and interviews combined with a look back at science fiction classics of the past. Plus, the finest reviews section known to man, with the cream of films, books, soundtracks, television, comics, and DVDs all scrutinized for you. (Visual Imagination)

Magazine $6.99


This action-packed issue features Keanu Reeves in The Matrix: Reloaded, the sequel to the Wachowski brothers ground-breaking blockbuster. Also, get a look at X-2, the further adventures of Marvel Comics' The X-Men starring Patrick Stewart and Halle Berry. Plus, exclusive features on everyone's favorite moody vampire Angel. (Visual Imagination)

Magazine $9.99


Featuring information on upcoming movies and TV shows! In this issue: on the set of The Matrix: Reloaded and a preview; Michael Crichton's bestseller becomes a cinematic adventure in Timeline; Marvel's mutants are back in X-Men 2; Director Roland Emmerich ends the world once more in Day After Tomorrow; Director Andrew Stanton creates Pixar's new CGI masterwork with Finding Nemo; he's green, angry, and running amok in The Hulk; get a taste of Womrtongue as villainous Brad Dourif speaks from The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers; America's favorite vampire killer from Buffy may have met the end of the road; and Stargate SG-1's Christopher Judge chats about acting alien. Plus, Enterprise, Angel, Smallville, and more! (Starlog Group)

Magazine $7.99

TV ZONE #162

Up-to-date news, features, and interviews for popular cult TV shows like Stargate SG-1, Angel, Enterprise, Farscape, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The League of Gentlemen, Blake's 7, Red Dwarf, and Doctor Who. Each issue features a full reviews section on the latest episodes to be broadcast, and episode guides to popular series. (Visual Imagination)

Magazine $6.99


Visual Imagination's entertainment magazine is devoted solely to DVD. Every issue contains the latest news, DVD reviews, star interviews, production notes, and a diary of forthcoming releases. Plus, a look at the latest players. (Visual Imagination)

Magazine, FC $7.99


If you're into horror, science fiction, fantasy films, Hong Kong action cinema, '60s sexploitation, or cult movies, Video Watchdog is jam-packed with in-depth reviews of all the latest releases on VHS, DVD, and LaserDisc, including coverage of rare mail-order and import titles. (Video Watchdog)

Magazine, 80pg $6.50


The world's longest-running Twin Peaks-oriented magazine devotes this issue to actor/musician Chris Isaak with a look at his role in Fire Walk with Me as FBI Agent Chet Desmond, and a guide to The Chris Isaak Show on Showtime! Also, news and reviews of all the latest Lynchian happenings! (Win-Mill Productions)

Magazine, b&w $4.95


The war between mutants and mankind heats up, as the sequel to the massive X-Men hits! And the Official X-Men 2 Souvenir Movie Magazine is the place to read about 2003's hottest super-hero flick. Featuring interviews with cast and crew -- including director Bryan Singer and stars Patrick Stewart and Hugh Jackman -- and a slew of exclusive behind-the-scenes features, from production design to special effects! Plus, choose between the regular version and two special editions created exclusively for Previews. (Titan)

REG. CVR.--Magazine, FC $6.99

PREVIEWS EXCLUSIVE ED.#1--Magazine, FC $6.99

PREVIEWS EXCLUSIVE ED. #2--Magazine, FC $7.99


Interviews, features, and news from the weird world of fantastic movies and TV, including Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Stargate SG-1, Roswell, Smallville, and The Dead Zone. Plus, all the latest movies and TV episodes reviewed. (Visual Imagination)

Magazine $6.99


Issue #23 focuses on Wonder Woman and the giants of mlj/Archie! It sports two Golden Age covers: a never-before-published 1940s Wonder Woman cover by H. G iconThe Woman question / selections from the writings

Issue #23 focuses on Wonder Woman and the giants of mlj/Archie! It sports two Golden Age covers: a never-before-published 1940s Wonder Woman cover by H. G iconA former Mormon Woman’s Journey to Self-Discovery

Issue #23 focuses on Wonder Woman and the giants of mlj/Archie! It sports two Golden Age covers: a never-before-published 1940s Wonder Woman cover by H. G icon"Someone tell me, is that woman alive, right now?" Doug Carlin in DÉJÀ vu

Issue #23 focuses on Wonder Woman and the giants of mlj/Archie! It sports two Golden Age covers: a never-before-published 1940s Wonder Woman cover by H. G iconWoman's Studies bibliography by Magnus Mckinnley

Issue #23 focuses on Wonder Woman and the giants of mlj/Archie! It sports two Golden Age covers: a never-before-published 1940s Wonder Woman cover by H. G iconA vindication of the rights of woman, with strictures on political and moral subjects

Issue #23 focuses on Wonder Woman and the giants of mlj/Archie! It sports two Golden Age covers: a never-before-published 1940s Wonder Woman cover by H. G iconChapter One: Who is the Woman of Canadian Women’s Studies? Theoretical Interventions

Issue #23 focuses on Wonder Woman and the giants of mlj/Archie! It sports two Golden Age covers: a never-before-published 1940s Wonder Woman cover by H. G iconA woman on the street I was sitting in a taxi, wondering if I had overdressed for the evening, when I looked out the window and saw Mom rooting through a

Issue #23 focuses on Wonder Woman and the giants of mlj/Archie! It sports two Golden Age covers: a never-before-published 1940s Wonder Woman cover by H. G iconSidman, R. D. and Gallagher, E. J. (1995), Exertional Heat-Stroke in a young Woman Gender Differences in Response to Thermal-Stress

Issue #23 focuses on Wonder Woman and the giants of mlj/Archie! It sports two Golden Age covers: a never-before-published 1940s Wonder Woman cover by H. G iconAcoworker once described Florence Kelley as a "guerrilla warrior" in the "wilderness of indus­trial wrongs." A woman of sharp wit and com­manding presence

Issue #23 focuses on Wonder Woman and the giants of mlj/Archie! It sports two Golden Age covers: a never-before-published 1940s Wonder Woman cover by H. G iconIs a 40-year-old Muslim, Arab woman. One day, when Sabah least expects it, she falls in love with the wrong man: She's Muslim, he's not. Keeping him secret from

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