2001-2005 Event Guidelines

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2001-2005 Event Guidelines

P.O. Box 99
Chelsea, MI 48188

Toll Free 877-386-8708



Prepared by:

The Events Committee of US Windsurfing

Darren Rogers

Steve Sylvester

Revised 1/4/13 10:16 A1/P1

Table of Contents

Table of Contents 2

Introduction 3

Racing Rules 3

Alternate Event Guidelines 3

Useful Abbreviations and Definitions 4

The Event Paperwork 5

Notice of Race 5

The notice of race shall include the following information: 5

Sailing Instructions 6

The Sailing Instructions shall include but not be limited to the following information: 6

US Windsurfing Events Sanctioning or Recognition 8

Entry Requirements for Competitors 8

Safety Recommendations 9

Boat(s) on the Water. 9

Competitor Safety Equipment Recommendations 9

Sail Numbers 10

Competition Grouping 11

Event Scoring 13

Crowning of US Windsurfing National Champions 14

Wind Minimums and Maximums 15

Measuring the Windspeed 15

Courses 16

Start Lines 16

Long Distance Races 16

Designing racing events for High Spectator Appeal 17

And the media? 17

USW E.G. Appendix 1 - Starting Systems 18

USW E.G. Appendix 2 - US Windsurfing National Racing Tour Event Criteria 19

USW E.G. Appendix 3 - US Windsurfing Regions 20

USW E.G. Appendix 4 - US Windsurfing National Racing Tour Ranking System 21

USW E.G. Appendix 5 - Notice of Race Template 22

USW E.G. Appendix 6 – Sailing Instruction Template 26


The US Windsurfing's Event Guidelines have been created by the Events Committee of US Windsurfing solely as an aid to race event organizers. It is intended to cover issues not addressed by the Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS). This is not a rules book. Competitors and Race Committees shall not refer to these guidelines as a basis for protests.

It serves several important purposes:

  • It provides for a consistent foundation upon which event organizers can start their efforts

  • It makes the organizing of events easier by eliminating guesswork and reducing the amount of work LOAs have to do

  • It makes participating in events easier because competitors experience consistency in the rules and regulations from event to event

  • It endeavors to ensure that events run under these Guidelines will measure up to a high standard of quality in event management thus assuring more events that are successful for organizers, competitors and sponsors.

While US Windsurfing will require all Sanctioned and Recognized events be run according to these guidelines, event organizers should be creative in developing a regatta structure within the Event Guidelines that will work best for the sailors in their region. These Event Guidelines are a work in progress. The Events Committee welcomes all comments and suggestions for their improvement. The key goal, as always, is to attract tons of participants and have fun in the process.

Racing Rules

Rules for Course and Long Distance Racing shall be governed by The Racing Rules of Sailing 2005-2008 (www.isaf.org) and The IFWC 2005 Class Rules & Racing Guidelines (www.formulawindsurfing.org).
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