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The Environmental Legacy of the UC Natural Reserve System

Edited by Peggy L. Fiedler, Susan Gee Rumsey, and Kathleen M. Wong

Published by UC Press, 2013

Bibliography: All References, Including Sources and Literature Cited

Editors’ Note: Included in this section are all sources consulted in the preparation of this book as well as a selected listing of research conducted at each of the NRS reserves. This list includes master’s theses, doctoral dissertations, and published research in peer-reviewed journals, books, book chapters, and selected technical reports. These references are not comprehensive but serve to illustrate the range of research that has been, and continues to be, conducted at NRS reserves.

Part I: Inspiration and Vision

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Part II: Reserves

Heath and Marjorie Angelo Coast Reserve

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Año Nuevo Island Reserve

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Bibliography: All References, Including Sources and Literature Cited iconNote: This bibliography includes both references cited and references useful for background information

Bibliography: All References, Including Sources and Literature Cited iconNote: This bibliography includes both references cited and references useful for background information

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