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ABC’s of the Bible (Questions and answers) Reader’s Digest

A Baptist Manual of Polity and Practice Maring & Hudson

A Better Hope (God has given us so much to be for) Stanley Hauerwas

A Brief Introduction to Islam Imam A.M. Khattab

A Bride for Donnigan (A novel) Janette Oke

A Christmas Filled With Miracles Mary Ellen

A Cup of Coffee at the Soul Cafe (Stop planning your own future and

begin preparing for God’s) Leonard Sweet

A Day of Rest (Creating a spiritual place in your week) Martha Hickman

A Deeper Shade of Grace Bernadette Keaggy

A Different Kind of Husband (For men who want their marriages

to be happier and more fulfilling) Paul Hopkins

A Flame of the Lord’s Kindling Harriet T. McEuen

A Fourth Course of Chicken Soup for the Soul Jack Canfield

A Future History (Christianity for the Next Generation) Glenn Thomas Carson

A Gathering of Hope (Hope is all we know) Helen Hayes

A Gathering of Memories Lori Wick

A Gathering Place Thomas Kinkade

A Gentle Thunder (Hearing God through the storm) Max Lucado

A Grief Observed (Reflections on life, death and faith in the midst of loss) C. S. Lewis

A Handbook for Today’s Disciples (Concise information on heritage,

thought, worship, mission, and structure) D. Duane Cummins

A Harmony of the Gospels A.T. Robertson

A History of Christianity (Pre-Christian era to 1914AD) Kenneth Latourette

A History of Israel (Knowledge of Israel’s history is essential to

understanding the O.T.) John Bright

A History of the Christian Church Williston Walker

A History of the Churches of the United States and Canada Robert T. Handy

A House of Living Stones (Come as living stones and be built into

the house of God) John Humbert

A Jonathan Edwards Reader (Early America’s greatest theologian 1700’s) John Smith

A Love Worth Giving Max Lucado

A Marriage Without Regrets (God has a plan for your marriage) Kay Arthur

A Mini-History of the Christian Church (DOC) Guin Stemmler

A New Beginning (fiction) Michael Phillips

A Passion for the Possible (Dealing with the most controversial social

issues facing U.S. churches) William S. Coffin

A Place in the Sun (fiction) Michael Phillips

A Pilgrim’s Journey (The autobiography of Ignatius of Loyola) Joseph Tylenda

A Reporter’s Life Walter Cronkite

A Requiem For Love (Poetry) Calvin Miller

A Second Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul Jack Canfield

A Serious Call to a Devout and Holy Life William Law

A Song for Silas Lori Wick

A Symphony In Sand (Poetry) Calvin Miller

A Table for Two (A mother and daughter face death together) Alisa Bair

A Testament to Freedom (A German pastor who joined the resistance) Dietrich Bonhoeffer

A Testament of Devotion (Five essays that urge us to center our lives

on God’s presence) Thomas Kelly

A Theology for Laymen (The essence of the Christian faith) J. Arthur Heck

A Theology of Liberation (A happy fusion of gospel content and

contemporary relevance) Gustavo Gutierrez

A Treasury of Unity Poems (The works of 82 favorite authors) Unity School

A Turned-On Church in an Uptight World C. Peter Wagner

A Voice in the Wind (Stories from Jerusalem, Rome, and Ephesus) Francis Rivers

A Woman After God’s Own Heart (Become the woman of excellence

God designed you to be) Elizabeth George

Abba’s Child (God longs for us to know that he accepts us the way we are)Brennan Manning

Abraham (A journey to the heart of three faiths) Bruce Feiler

Absolute Surrender (How to achieve full surrender to God) Andrew Murray

Active Life, The (A book that articulates a vital down-to-earth

spirituality for busy, active lives) Parker J. Palmer

Administering Christian Education (A sound educational curriculum

must be an integral part of every church program) Robert Bower

Adventures In Missing the Point McLaren, Campolo

After Goodbye (How to begin again after the death of someone you love) Ted Menten

After Jesus, The Triumph of Christianity Reader’s Digest

After the Apostles (Christianity in the second century) Walter Wagner

Age of Belief, The (Writings of St. Augustine, Thomas Aquinas, etc.) Mentor Books

Alexander Campbell – Adventurer in Freedom (Campbell’s journey

from Scotland and the change in his spiritual journey) Eva Jean Wrather

All About Jewish Holidays and Customs Morris Epstein

All One Body – Why Don’t We Agree? Erwin W. Lutzer

All the Apostles of the Bible (The characters Jesus chose and the

message they proclaimed) Herbert Lockyer

All The Parables Of The Bible Herbert Lockyer

All the Women of the Bible (316 biographies) Edith Deen

Amazing Grace Kathleen Norris

American Covenant, The Foster, Swanson

American Crisis and Other Sermons, The Jimmy Allen

America’s Original Sin (A study of white racism) Sojourners

Amistad (The true story of a mutiny on board a Spanish slave ship) Alexs Pate

An Alexander Campbell Reader (His contributions and his writings) Lester McAllister

An Introduction to Christian Theology Kenneth Cauthen

An Introduction to the Literature of the O.T. S.R. Driver

An Introduction to the O. T. (Issues in interpretation of the O.T.) Walter Brueggemann

An Introduction to the O.T. (The O.T. books exhibit harmony and unity) Edward Young

An Overture of Light (Poetry) Calvin Miller

And the Angels Were Silent (The final week of Jesus) Max Lucado

Andrew Murray on Prayer (Biblical guidelines for effective

communication with God) Andrew Murray

Angels (At moments of special need, we are attended by angels) Billy Graham

Angels: God’s Secret Agents Billy Graham

Answer Is God, The - Dale Evans & Roy Rogers Elise Miller Davies

Answers to Life’s Problems (Guidance, inspiration, and hope for

today’s challenges) Billy Graham

Apathetic & Bored Church Member, The (Psychological & theological

implications) John Savage

Apocrypha, The (Revised standard version) Nelson

Apostle, The (The story of Paul) Sholem Asch

Applause of Heaven, The (What you’ve always dreamed but never

expected) Max Lucado

Aquinas’s Shorter Summa (A reference source for the truths of the

Catholic faith) Thomas Aquinas

Archibald McLean (His life and his labors) William Warren

At Christ’s Table Dorothy D. France

At The Lord’s Table Carlton C. Buck

Atlas of the Bible (An illustrated guide to the Holy Land) Reader’s Digest

Athanasius (The life of Antony & the letter to Marcellinus) R.C. Gregg

Authentic Witness, The (The church must remain true to its original

prototype in character and purpose) C. Norman Kraus

Autobiography of God (God revealed in the parables of Jesus) Lloyd Ogilvie

Awareness (Becoming alive to the needs and potential of others) Anthony De Mello

Balanced Life, The Alan Loy McGinnis

Baptism In The New Testament G.R. Beasley-Murray

Baptism In The New Testament Oscar Cullmann

Barriers to Christian Belief (Answers to the problems that hinder

acceptance of the Gospel) A. Leonard Griffith

Basic Christianity (Discover what Jesus Christ can mean to you) John Stott

Battle Belongs to the Lord, The (Trust God to do for you what you

cannot do for yourself) Joyce Meyer

Being A Father (Family, work, & self) Pedersen, O’Mara

Being the Body (A new call for the Church to be the light in the darkness) Charles Colson

Best Regards (Recovering the art of soulful letter writing) Ben Alex

Beyond God the Father (Toward a philosophy of women’s liberation) Mary Daly

Beyond Our Selves (The great and small things of value in our

Christian walk) Catherine Marshall

Bible Alive, The (Witness great events of the Bible) Clare, Wansbrough

Bible and Ethics in the Christian Life Birch, Rasmussen

Bible As History, The Werner Keller

Bible for Children – With Songs and Plays – O,T, Westminster Press

Bible for Children – With Songs and Plays – N.T. Westminster Press

Bible Jesus Read, The (How the Old Testament can relate to life today) Philip Yancey

Bible Heroines – Deborah, Ruth, Esther, Mary Barbour Publishing

Bible Power for Successful Living Norman Vincent Peale

Bible Questions & Answers, 3,285 Emily Filipi

Bible Stories You Never Heard Before William R. Phillippe

Bible Through the Ages, The (The oral tradition, the written word, words

of a new faith, copying the word, the printed word) Reader’s Digest

Big Fisherman, The Lloyd C. Douglas

Billy Graham: Personal Thoughts of a Public Man David Frost

Bishop’s Daughter, The (An Amish novel) Wanda Brunstetter

Blood of the Martyrs Naomi Mitchison

Body Book, The Rue, Mach

Book of Clean Jokes, The Dan Harmon

Book of Guys, The Garrison Keillor

Braxtons of Miracle Springs, The (fiction) Michael Phillips

Bread for the World (The world hunger crisis) Arthur Simon

Bread of Blessing, Cup of Hope Michael E. Dixon

Breaking the Code (Understanding the book of Revelation) Bruce Metzger

Breakthrough (Rediscovery of the Holy Spirit) Alan Walker

Brethren, The (fiction) Beverly Lewis

Building for Effective Mission (A guide for congregations on

bricks and mortar issues) Kennon Callahan

Burn – Live the Compassion of Jesus Brian Shipman

By What Authority? William Barclay

Call of the Carpenter, The Bouck White

Called to Teach (The delights and satisfactions of teaching) Charles Spotts

Campbell and the College Perry Gresham

Campbell Mansion, Bethany, WV Bethany College

Can I Be A Christian Without Being Weird? (Teens getting to know God) Kevin Johnson

Can The Church Make It? (A youth forum book) Elmer Witt

Cane Ridge Bicentennial Sampler (Commemorating 200 years) Board of Trustees

Cane Ridge Reader, The (A biography of Barton W. Stone) Barton W. Stone

Care and Feeding of Volunteers, The Douglas Johnson

Case for a Creator, The (A journalist investigates scientific evidence that

points toward God) Lee Strobel

Case for Christ, The (A journalist investigates the evidence for Jesus) Lee Strobel

Case for Faith, The (A journalist investigates the toughest objections

to Christianity) Lee Strobel

Character Is the Issue Mike Huckabee Charles Sheldon – Author of In His Steps (Heroes of Faith) Ellen Caughey

Celebrate With Thanksgiving Keith Walkins

Celebrating Life (Learn how to catch the thieves that steal your joy) Luci Swindoll

Celebrating the Inner Beauty of Woman (May we fulfill His plan and

thus, in turn be fulfilled) Janette Oke

Changing Male Roles in Today’s World Richard Olson

Chicken Soup for the Soul (101 stories to rekindle the spirit) Jack Canfield

Chicken Soup for the Soul Vols. 1 – 6 Jack Canfield

Chicken Soup for the Christian Family Soul Jack Canfield

Chicken Soup for the Christian Soul Jack Canfield

Chicken Soup for the Couple’s Soul Jack Canfield

Chicken Soup for the Kid’s Soul Jack Canfield

Chicken Soup for the Mother’s Soul #2 Jack Canfield

Chicken Soup for the Parent’s Soul Jack Canfield

Chicken Soup for the Soul of America Jack Canfield

Chicken Soup for the Surviving Soul Jack Canfield

Chicken Soup for the Teen Age Soul Jack Canfield

Chicken Soup for the Teen Age Soul on Love & Friendship Jack Canfield

Chicken Soup for the Teen Age Soul on Tuff Stuff Jack Canfield

Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul Jack Canfield

Children of Divorce (A study series for children from preschool

through high school) Homeland Ministries

Children’s Letters to God Hample, Marshall

Christ in a Pluralistic Age John Cobb

Christ of the Gospels, The J. W. Shepard

Christ the Lord, Out of Egypt (A novel) Anne Rice

Christian Devotion John Baillie

Christian Meditation, Its Art & Practice H. Wayne Pipkin

Christian Response to the Sexual Revolution, The (How some basic

misconceptions about sex have become accepted Christian principles) David Mace

Christian Responsibility In a Hungry World (How can well-fed, affluent

Christians respond?) Freudenberger & Minus

Christian Symbols Handbook Dean Moe

Christian Theology: An Introduction (The first 2,000 years of Christian

theological debate) Alister McGrath

Christian Women Share Their Faith Homeland Ministries

Christianity and the Social Order William Temple

Christianity for the Rest of Us (How the neighborhood church is

transforming faith) Diana Bass

Christian’s Secret of a Happy Life, The (2 copies) Hannah Whitall Smith

Christmas Book Mary Batchelor

Christmas Child, The (A story of coming home) Max Lucado

Christmas Eve – Dialogue on the Incarnation Fredrich Shleiermacher

Christmas in Plains Jimmy Carter

Christmas Train, The David Baldacci

Chronicles – News of the Past Vols. 1 & 2 Eldad, Aumann

Church Dogmatics (A summary of Barth’s 14 volume work) Karl Barth

Church History in Plain Language (The story of the church for

today’s readers) Bruce Shelley

Church’s Bible, The Darrell Jodock

City of God, The (An interpretation of modern Western society) Saint Augustine

Color the Sidewalk for Me (Leaving home & God behind) Brandilyn Collins

Come Thirsty (Let Christ be the water for your soul) Max Lucado

Coming Back (One man’s journey to the edge of eternity and

spiritual recovery) James L. Johnson

Coming Home (fiction) David Lewis

Coming Home to the Father Who Loves You Robert Jeffress

Communion Reflections & Prayers James L Christensen

Comparative Religion (A survey of world religions) A.C. Bouquet

Complete Guide to Prayer-Walking, The (A simple path to body and

soul fitness) Linus Mundy

Conscience in Conflict (How to make moral choices) Kenneth Overberg

Conversational Prayer Rosalind Rinker

Conversion (What is it, how does it come about, what are its

lasting effects?) E.S. Jones

Cost of Discipleship, The (Our relationship with Jesus’ teachings) Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Could You Not Tarry One Hour (Making the time you spend each

day with God a delightful one) Larry Lea

Courage for the Chicken Hearted, Vols. 1 & 2 (Humorous and inspiring

stories for confident living) Becky Freeman

Covenant People Heckmand, Gibble

Creating an Intentional Ministry John Biersdorf

Creation and Fall – A Theological Interpretation of Genesis 1-3 Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Creative Ministry Henri Nouwen

Creative Years, The Reuel Howe

Creeds in Collision (Christianity is fighting for its life) R.B. Garrison

Cremation Paul Irion

Crossing the Threshold of Hope (Be not afraid) John Paul II

Crossroad, The Beverly Lewis

Crucified God, The (The liberating Spirit of God in the midst of

human life) Jurgen Moltmann

Cry of the Heart, Psalms of Lament & Longing IBS Publishing

Cure for the Common Life (God designed you for a one-of-a-kind

assignment) Max Lucado

Dale Fiers – Twentieth Century Disciple D. Duane Cummins

Dancing With Dinosaurs (How to plant culturally relevant congregations) William Easum

Dare to Desire (An invitation to fulfill your deepest dreams) John Eldredge

Dare to Be Different (Peer pressure – a vital topic for young people) Fred Hartley

David (A man of passion and destiny) Charles Swindoll

David the King Gladys Schmitt

Day Christ Was Born, The (The story of the birth told with imagination) Jim Bishop

Dayuma: Life Under Waorani Spears Ethel Wallis

Declaration and Address [the book also includes: Thomas Campbell

The Last Will and Testament of the Springfield Presbytery Barton W. Stone

Delivering Knock Your Socks Off Service American Mgmt. Assn.

Desire of the Everlasting Hills (The world before and after Jesus) Thomas Cahill

Dimensions of Older Adult Ministry (A guide for providing spiritual

care for older adults) Richard Morgan

Dimensions of Prayer Douglas Steere

Disciples, The (The ordinary men of Galilee) Emil G. Kraeling

Disciples and Theology (Understanding the faith of a people in covenant) Stephen Sprinkle

Disciples of Christ – One Hundredth Anniversary – 1809 to 1909 American Christian

Missionary Society

Disciples of the High Calling Perry Gresham

Discover Your Possibilities (Guidelines that will enrich your life) Robert Schuller

Do What You Have the Power to Do (Studies of six N.T. women) Helen Pearson

Doctor and the Word, The (Discover God’s pathway to healing for you) Reginald Cherry M.D.

Doctrine and Thought of the Disciples of Christ (What they believe and

practice) Howard Short

Doctrine of Prayer, The T.W. Hunt

Don’t Turn Me Off, Lord (Jailhouse meditations) Carl F. Burke

Down-To-Earth Meditations That Will Give You A Lift James L. Stoner

Dr. Cy – Losanganya (A biography of Cyrus Yocum) Paul Kerr

Dreamers (A teenaged slave in Potiphar’s house) Angela Hunt

Dropping Your Guard (The need for honest, meaningful relationships) Charles Swindoll

Dynamic Worship (Advancing and improving the worship service) Kennon Callahan

Early Christian Doctrines J.N.D. Kelly

Early Christians – Life in the First Years of the Church John Drane

Earthquakes (Unconventional glimpses into the future for church leaders) Leonard Sweet

Easter Ideals James Kruse

Eating and Drinking at the Welcome Table William McElvany

Elect In The Son Robert Shank

Embrace of God, The (Examining the roots of how we see God) Lloyd Erickson

Embraced by the Light (The most profound and complete near-death

experience) Betty Eadie

Emerging Churches (Common patterns of belief and practice in churches

that are engaged with postmodern culture) Gibbs & Bolger

Encountering Evil (An introduction to philosophical & theological

prospectives on evil) Stephen Davis

Encountering Jesus (An argumentative dialogue among theologians) Stephen Davis

Encourage Me Charles Swindoll

End Times Controversy, The Tim Lahaye

English Reformation to 1558, The T.M. Parker

Environmental Stewardship in the Judeo-Christian Tradition (Jewish

and Christian wisdom on the environment) Acton Institute

Epistle to the Romans, The James M. Stifler

Eternal Kingdom, The F.W. Mattox

Ethics (Reinterpretation of the role of Christianity) Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Ehics of Martin Luther, The Paul Althaus

Every Day We Will Bless You Katherine Kinnamon

Everyday Life in Bible Times National Geographic

Everyday Prayers for Everyday Cares for Women Honor Books

Everyday Religious Living Joseph Fort Newton

Evil and the God of Love John Hick

Evil and the Justice of God (Can we envision a world without evil?) N.T. Wright

Experiencing God Henry Blackaby

Faith, A Holy Walk (What does it mean to have faith?) Oswald Chambers

Family in the Bible, The Edith Deen

Faith Seeking Understanding (An introduction to Christian theology) Daniel Migliore

Fanny Crosby – The Hymn Writer (Heroes of the Faith) Bernard Ruffin

Fathering (Strengthening connection with your children) Will Glennon

Father’s Book, The (Being a better father) Ted Klein

Fatigue in Modern Society (Psychological, medical, & Biblical insights) Paul Tournier

Favorite Bible Stories and Verses Rand McNally

Feast of Joy, The (The Lord’s supper in free churches) Keith Watkins

Fed By God’s Grace (3 books: years A, B, and C) Michael Dixon

Feeling Good – The New Mood Therapy David Burns

Fifty Two (52) Ways to Make Christmas Special Jan Dargatz

Fifty Two (52) Ways to Show Aging Parents You Care Green, Temple

Fifty Ways You Can Feed a Hungry World Tony Campolo

Filing Your Sermon Ideas Paul L. Clem

Filled With His Glory (The O.T. tabernacle and its connection to

Jesus’ life) Aletha Hinthorn

Finding God in the Questions (God meets us in the midst of grappling

with heartfelt issues) Dr. Timothy Johnson

Finding A Spiritual Friend Timothy Jones

Fire In The Belly (On being a man) Sam Keen

First Corinthians (The Community Struggle) Marcos Inhauser

First Epistle of St. Paul to the Corinthians Jean Hering

First Jesuits, The (A comprehensive account of the Society of Jesus

in its founding years – 1540 to 1565) John O’Malley

First Steps in Prayer Kermit R. Olsen

Five Love Languages, The (How to express heartfelt commitment to

to your mate) Gary Chapman

Flower Arranging in Church Grizelda Maurice

Flying Closer to the Flame (Fully embracing the Spirit of God) Charles Swindoll

Following Jesus Without Embarrassing God (2 copies) Tony Campolo

Fool of God, The (A novel based on the life of Alexander Campbell Louis Cochran

Footprints (The story behind the poem) Margaret Powers

For Men Only (When does a boy become a man) Earnest Larsen

Forbidden (A novel) Wilma Wall

Forerunners of Christ (The deeds of those who preceded our Lord) Joseph Fichtner

Fortress Introduction to Contemporary Theologies (An introduction to

major theological movements) Miller & Grenz

Four Faces of Christian Ministry (Dale Fiers: Our first General

Minister and President) Bethany Press

Four Thousand Questions & Answers on the Bible A. Dana Adams

Fragrance of God, The (Recalling us to the beauty of creation) Vigen Guroian

From Heaven Or From Man Hugo McCord

From Mainline to Front Line (The change in relationship between the

church and North American culture) Richard Hamm

Fuel – Igniting Your Life With Passionate Prayer Randy Southern

Fumbling (A pilgrimage tale of love, grief, and spiritual renewal) Kerry Egan

Galatians: A Letter For Today L. Harold DeWolf

Get a Life Without the Strife (Save on expensive therapy, learn to

help yourself) Fred Littauer

Getting Acquainted With the Old Testament – Vols. 1 & 2 (A popular

introduction to the O.T.) Charles Pledge

Giving and Stewardship in an Effective Church (Money is not the first

issue of stewardship) Kennon Callahan

Gifts From the Bible (A musical instrument, a lamp, a statue, a stone) Ennen Hall

Give It All to Him (A story of new beginnings) Max Lucado

Gladys Aylward – Missionary to China (Heroes of the Faith) Sam Wellman

Glorious Intruder (God’s presence in life’s chaos) Joni Tada

Glory of Christmas, The Life

God Chasers, The Tommy Tenney

God, I’m Still Hurting (Break free from the legacy of family dysfunction) Claire W.

God in the Dock (Pondering the mystery of the problem of suffering) George Buttrick

God Is Faithful Sheila Walsh

God Is For Real, Man (Kids from city streets) Carl F. Burke

God Is Where You Are Alan Walker

God Made My River Leon Coffman

God, Pain, and Evil (Pondering the mystery of the problem of suffering) George Buttrick

God, The Evidence (The reconciliation of faith and reason in a

postsecular world) Patrick Glynn

Godly Play (Becoming childlike in order to teach children) Jerome Berryman

God’s Politics (Why the Right gets it wrong and the Left doesn’t get it) Jim Wallis

God’s Politics –
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Tylersville road christian church library books – general reading by titles author iconThat’s right; the library has an arrival of new books! All the new books are listed below listing their title, author, and call number. The next new arrivals will be announced soon!

Tylersville road christian church library books – general reading by titles author iconThat’s right; the library has an arrival of new books! All the new books are listed below listing their title, author, and Call Number. The next new arrivals will be announced soon!

Tylersville road christian church library books – general reading by titles author iconHistory of the Christian Church

Tylersville road christian church library books – general reading by titles author iconHistory of the Christian Church

Tylersville road christian church library books – general reading by titles author iconHistory of the Christian Church

Tylersville road christian church library books – general reading by titles author iconHow to borrow books To add new titles to your booklist contact rnib on 0303 123 9999, email or post your list to po box 173, Peterborough pe2 6ws how to purchase books

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