Bca 501-Software Engineering

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BCA 501-Software Engineering

Requirement Analysis:

Statement of System Scope, communication Techniques, Analysis principles, Software prototype and Specification.

Analysis Modeling:

Data modeling, Functional modeling, Behavioral modeling, Mechanics of Structured Analysis, Data dictionary.

Design Concept:

Design process, principle, concepts.

Design Methods:

Architectural design and process, Procedural design, Interface design.

Software testing methods:

Test cases, white box testing, basis path testing, black box testing, testing for specialized environment.

Software Implementation:

Structured coding techniques, coding style, Standards and guidelines, documentation guidelines.

Software Maintenance:

Maintainability during development, managerial aspects of software maintenance, maintenance tools and techniques.


Software Engineering, A practioner’s Approach, Roger S. Pressman, McGraw Hill Publication

Software Engineering Concepts, R.E Fairely, Tata McGraw Hill Publication.

An Integrated Approach to Software Engineering, p. Jalote, Narosa Publication House.

BCA 502- Internet Techniques and Applications

Description of Internet: Definition, role of Internet (Social point of view, technical point of view, practical/commercial point of view, Internet history/ development, working, domain name, Address concept ), How to connect with net(Hardware, software, communication requirements), Internet Accounts, ISP, Role of ISP, International & National ISP’s (like AOL, MSN, CompuServe, VSNL, BSNL, Satyam etc.), Types of accounts. World wide web (WWW), Application areas of Internet.

Surfing the Net: Surfing, Concept of the web Browser(Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator etc.), URL,HTTP, Browsing, Web page Home page, Hyperlink, Searching on the Web, Searh Engines(yahoo, Hotmail,VSNL, Khoj, Rediff), Chatting.

Electronic mail: Basic about E-mail, How it works, Advantages and limitations of E-mail, E-mail Account, Mail account, Mail box, Getting, composing, Sending, Editing E-mails, Address, Books, Attaching files with E-mail.

Other Communication Tools on Internet: ftp, ftp sites, common ftp commands, TELNET, common TELNET commands, Newsgroups, news bulletins boards.

E-Commerce on the Internet: Definition, History of E- Commerce, types of E- Commerce(B2B,B2C,C2B etc), Electronic payment system(wallet, e-cash, e-cheque, Digital Signature), Application Areas of E-Commerce, Legal Vs Security Issues.

Internet Application Development: Fundamental Programming in Java, HTML, DHTML, Front page & Other web Design tools, Creation of home Page/web page.

Suggested Readings:

Learning to use the internet Ernest Ackermann BPB

ABC to the Internet Christian Crumilsh BPB

Electronic Commerce Ravi Kalalota, Andrew B Addison- Wesley

BCA 503- Visual Language Programming

Introduction: Introduction to Visual Language, features of Visual Language, Environment and application areas of Visual languages, Introduction to project, Forms, Objects, Properties, Method, Events, Overview to the main Screen, Title bar, Tool Box, Customize the form, use of visual objects on the form(Command button, Check Boxes, Option Button, Text boxes etc.)

Program Elements: Data types, Variables, Constants, Statements, Writing Codes behind visual objects, use of procedures and function (In-built/user defined), Decision making, looping, branching, switching, arrays, modules.

Visual programming: Creating forms, Add objects to the form, writing codes behind the objects, compile & run the program, convert to the exe form, use of Menu bars with form, developing MDI forms in the project.

Database programming: use of data source object to link form with tables, Attach database objects with table, perform append, deletion, editing, searching, quering operation on database, use of SQL.

Simple program in Visual Language with anyone VC++ or VB

Suggested readings:

VC- The complete Reference, Cris H. Pappas

BCA 504- Digital Communication and Networks

Introduction : Networking, Use of Computer Networks(Goals and Applications), OSI Reference Model & TCP-IP Refernce Model, Novel Netware, ARPANET, NSFNET, The Internet.

Network: OSI reference Model, Topology types, Selection design, local area network, Wide area Network, CSMA/CD, token bus, token ring techniques, protocols, medium Access control (MAC) protocol, Physical layer Description (X.21), Data link Layer protocols, HDLC, Analysis of protocols, Introduction to Network layer, Network Security, Electronic Mail, Switching Techniques, Routing methods, TCP-IP, ISDN

Communication: Introduction, Concept of data Transmission, Signal Encoding, Modulation methods, Multiplexing, Cryptography.

Suggested Reading:

Tannenbaum, A.S, Computer Networks, Prentice Hall.

Stallings, William: Data & Computer Communication, PHI

Comer: Internetworking with TCP/IP: Volume I, PHI.

BCA 505- Java Programming

Unit 1: Introduction to Java

Procedure Vs Object oriented Programming with reference to OOPS principles, History of Java, Java features, JDK, JVM, Hello world program in Java, Compilation Using Java and execution using Java.

Unit 2: Data types, Tokens in java

Tokens of Java, Data types in Java with size and range, simple, floating, Boolean etc. Type conversions, Type casting, declaring variables, Arrays in Java

Simple programs in Java base on variables and constants.

Unit 3: Java Operators

Arithmetic Operators, Relational, Logical, Bitwise, Boolean operators and their use in Java programs.

Unit 4: Control Statement in Java

Loops(for, while, do- while), Decision making statement(If- then- end if), nested If, Nested Loops, Switch- case and sample programs


Unit 5: Object Oriented Programming In Java

Concept of Class and objects in java, Java Class creation, scope Identifiers, java methods, object and use of methods by objects, sample class based programs in java, method overloading in Java, Abstract class and it’s use, java Constuctors.

Unit 6: Inheritance & Multithreading in Java

Define Inheritance, Types of inheritance in Java and use in Programs, Super class, Method overriding, Java Thread model, native methods of threads class.Implementation of threads in java, Simple Applet programming in Java.

Suggested Reading:

Java 2.0 E.Balaguruswami

Java 2.0 Complete Reference Peter Norton

Java Black Book


Bca 501-Software Engineering iconMe 501 Advanced Engineering Mathematics (4 0 0 8)

Bca 501-Software Engineering iconM. Sc Branch: software engineering

Bca 501-Software Engineering iconM. tech. Software engineering

Bca 501-Software Engineering iconBooks on Software Engineering

Bca 501-Software Engineering iconCurriculum of software engineering

Bca 501-Software Engineering iconSoftware Engineering and Project Management

Bca 501-Software Engineering iconThe soft side of software engineering

Bca 501-Software Engineering iconTop 100 Best Software Engineering Books, Ever

Bca 501-Software Engineering iconNotes for simotion/sinamics engineering-Software

Bca 501-Software Engineering iconNew contribution made to the field of software engineering

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