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XCOM2: Terror from the Deep

The UN-official Strategy Guide


Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Updated September 25, 1995

Edited / Maintained by Kuo-Sheng (Kasey) Chang


0.1 Introduction

Thanks for the tremendous response for XCOM:USG and XCOM2:USG! I've

received feedback all over the world and I thank you all. This is the

fourth revision of the XCOM2:USG. Undoubtably lots of things are

missing despite plenty of feedback since the first version, but with

your help details will be filled...

This latest revision has more information than ever! Updated

information such as new XCOM Webpages have been added, slightly

expanded section on movement, and various other small enhancements...

This is probably one of the longest FAQs out there! (With exception of

the Official DOOM FAQ, of course...)

I am still taking your suggestions for XCOM3, though I felt obligated

to mention that MicroProse is ALWAYS taking your suggestions as well.

Send your suggestions to "support@microprose.com", with "XCOM3

Suggestions" as the topic. Any way, I still have indirect contact with

Mr.Gollop and I can pass on your suggestions. I already have most of

the common ones like robot/cyborg units, construction kits for weapons

and tanks, reorder troops, fix the 80-item limit, etc. etc. Think of

some UNIQUE ones and send them!

0.2 Purpose of this guide

USG was written to help fellow players survive and succeed in the

universe of XCOM/XCOM2. While it tries to do that, and it lists many

tactics, only YOU, the player, can implement those tactics. XCOM2 is

NOT an adventure or RPG game. There are no "keys" for you to "solve"

the game. One given tactic could work for several missions but fail to

gain you a victory the next time. EVERY mission is a little different,

and different things CAN and WILL happen each time you play it.

The tactics, strategies, and analyses in USG are compiled from a wide

variety of sources, and most have been tested by dozens of people (if

not hundreds and thousands). If they fail, it is probably because the

tactic does not apply to your particular situation.

Do NOT assume that you can beat the game just by going through every

page of this guide. It is NOT that simple. All I can do with this

guide is offer you some suggestions. Implementation is up to you.

This guide assumes that you are already familiar with the interface

(which button to click to go upstairs on a lift, etc). If you are not

yet familiar with XCOM2, please read the manual first.

0.3 Credits where credits are due

Thanks to MicroProse and Mythos Games for bringing us such a nice

game... I can't wait to see XCOM3! (Will the graphics be as good as

that new game from Origin?)

Thanks to all the people who have contributed to the previous edition

of XCOM2:USG. Donny Chan, LT; Robert Bellflower, Xenologist;

"FractalLaw", Researcher, and many many others.

Thanks to all the people who have contributed to previous editions of

the XCOM:USG, whom include but are not limited to: William Kang, CMDR;

Tim Chown, CMDR; Doug Osborne, SGT; Stuart Lamble, SGT; Seth Cohn,

SGT; Bill Soo, SGT; Jeff Shaffer, Economist; Rob Eiben, SGT; Jim

Muchow, SGT; Menachem Pasteich, architect; Paul Close, publicist and

simulation expert; JGrif36366, Researcher, and fellow XCOM players all

over the world discussing the game on USENET, America On-line and


Lots of thanks goes to Jeff James (CGW columnist), who shared his

knowledge of the game (and the chapter scheme!) with me and provided a

lot of exclusive information (non-MicroProse), including the Julian

Gollop interview. We honor you as XCOM Admiral. :-)

0.4 Notes on the USG

XCOM: UFO Defense and XCOM: Terror From the Deep are trademarks of

MicroProse software.

This document's organization is mostly based on Jeff James's book,

_Totally Unauthorized XCOM:Terror From the Deep_, and is used with


This document is produced by "Print to File" from MSWord, based on a

Generic printer of 60 lines per page and 1 inch margin all around,

fixed pitch courier 10 font. If you loaded this into Windows or Mac,

try using Courier or other fixed-pitch font as the viewing font.

This document is available FREE of charge. You are under NO obligation

to send me ANY compensation. However, I request a small donation of

US$5.00 if you believe this USG has helped your game. If you don't

think so, that's okay too. As I said, it's voluntary. Non-US readers

can send some nice local stamps instead.

All readers, PLEASE let me know if there's a confusing or missing

remark... If you find an question about the game that is not covered

in the USG, e-mail it to me. I'll try to answer it and include it in

the next update.

PLEASE do NOT send me disks or requests for utilities mentioned mail

to you. All I CAN do is point you in the right direction (WWW pages,

FTP sites, etc.), and they are listed IN section 1. I have a VERY long

commute and I REALLY DO NOT HAVE TIME mailing disks (even when you

offer to compensate me for the disks...) Depending on availability and

time available, I MIGHT e-mail files, so include your e-mail address!

Regretably, some of you found that that I do not reply to regular mail

very well. I do respond to e-mail promptly though! So if you do

contact me via regular mail, include your e-mail address as well!

0.5 USG Distribution

The USG should be available at the Game Domain WWW

WWW : http://wcl-rs.bham.ac.uk/GamesDomain

FTP : ftp://wcl-l.bham.ac.uk/pub/~djh/faqs

Any quick updates for the USG can be found on my own homepage


Also check the various XCOM/TFTD web pages listed in Section 1.

If you are on America On-Line, look in the PC Games Forum (keyword:

PCGAMES). Go into the file library, and search under XCOM or XCOM2.

If there is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY you can get this file (how did you know

about this in the first place? ) then send me e-mail (see below) and

I'll try to get back to you.

Please don't just mail me and ask "it's nice and do you have an update

and if so please send it to me". If I have an update I can release I

would have released it already.

0.6 The Editor

I am just a gamer who didn't like the existing FAQ's and strategy

tactics collection available out there, and decided to write my own.

Lots of people like what I did, so I kept doing it.

I also wrote XCOM:USG and Wing Commander 3:USG, with Mechwarrior 2:USG

coming soon!

You can contact me at:

Internet1 kschang@sfsu.edu (preferred)

WWW Homepage http://userwww.sfsu.edu/~kschang

Internet2 ksc1@aol.com (only if you must, see below)

America On-Line Ksc1 (that's a "one", not "ell")

US Mail Kasey Chang, 2220 Turk Blvd. Apt. 6

San Francisco, CA 94118, USA

If you contact me via Internet e-mail I usually reply within two

working days. Please use the preferred e-mail address if possible, not

BOTH. I only sign onto America On-Line (second address) twice a week

so you won't get a prompt reply if you contact me there.

0.7 Revision history

April 15th, 1995 -- Initial release, quick patch together job from

XCOM USG, missing lots of stuff

June 1st, 1995 -- Major revision, new chapter scheme and all that...

LOTS of details filled

August 17, 1995 -- "Minor" revision, though substantial! Lots of

rewriting, more filling in the details, and other stuff.

September 5th, 1995 -- "Minor" revision, added section on formations

and sweep tactics, plus misc fix-ups.

Table of Contents


0.1 Introduction

0.2 Purpose of this guide

0.3 Credits where credits are due

0.4 Notes on the USG

0.5 USG Distribution

0.6 The Editor

0.7 Revision history


1.1 So what is XCOM2: Terror From the Deep?

1.2 What do I need to run XCOM2:TFTD?

1.3 What's the difference between XCOM1 and XCOM2?

1.4 Gameplay bugs/gripes

1.5 Future of XCOM, and related things

1.6 Where can I find XCOM related stuff?

1.7 XCOM General Information FAQ


2.1 How is scoring calculated?

2.2 How do I win? How do I lose?

2.3 Bases

2.4 Finding Alien Colonies

2.5 Target Selection

2.6 GeoScape Tricks and Tips

2.7 GeoScape FAQ


3.1 XCOM Crafts

3.2 Target Selection for USOs in transit

3.3 USO Attack methods

3.4 Multiple interceptors

3.5 Craft Weapons

3.6 Craft Weapon Notes

3.7 Special Craft Tactics

3.8 Interception FAQ


4.1 What really eats up money at XCOM?

4.2 How do I earn more money?

4.3 How do I cut expenses?

4.4 What do I manufacture to make more money?

4.5 The "Transfer Salary Savings" cheat

4.6 Aliens signed pact with XXX!

4.7 XCOM Finance FAQ


5.1 What should I start researching first?

5.2 Overall strategy

5.3 Duplicate Research -- NOT!

5.4 Research Tree [probably incomplete]

5.5 Any hints on manufacturing?

5.6 Research and Manufacturing FAQ

5.7 Stuff that can be bought, hire, or leased

5.8 Stuff that must be researched and manufactured


6.1 Average Alien Stats on veteran (normal) level

6.2 Alien attack/defense summary

6.3 Alien Missions

6.4 Battle Notes on individual aliens

6.5 USO speed, range, etc.


7.1 Recruiting Aquanauts

7.2 How do I improve soldiers?

7.3 Soldier Specialties / Change soldier names

7.4 Missing in Action

7.5 Packing Advice

7.6 Basic Loadout for Transports

7.7 Equipment list

7.8 Other Action TU cost cross-reference

7.9 Equipment FAQ


8.1 Armor

8.2 Firing mode selection

8.3 Pistol vs Rifle debate

8.4 XCOM Ground Weapons

8.5 Specific Weapon Notes

8.6 SWS Types

8.7 Molecular Control Combat

8.8 Weapons FAQ


9.1 General Combat Notes

9.2 Locating Aliens

9.3 Capturing Aliens

9.4 General Combat Tactics

9.5 Movement

9.6 Movement FAQ

9.7 Time Unit management

9.8 Retreat (Tactical withdrawal)

9.9 Alien Movement


10.1 USO Recoveries and Assaults

10.2 Colony assaults

10.3 Artifact site assault

10.4 Anti-Terror Mission in general

10.5 XCOM Base Defense

10.6 Mastering T'leth--The Final Assault





1.1 So what is XCOM2: Terror From the Deep?

1.1.1 What is the "background" of XCOM2: TFTD?

XCOM had defeated the alien invasion which threatened Earth at year

2001. The conflict was then known as "The First Alien War". In a final

do-or-die attack, XCOM soldiers destroyed the alien homebase at

Cydonia, Mars.

But not all of it...

Deep in the ruins of the Cydonia base, a tachyon beam came to life,

sending out a signal...

To Earth, straight into Gulf of Mexico.

Deep in the oceans, machinery buried for millenia came back to life,

unseen by human eyes...

[cut to]

It is the year 2040. New aliens in flying subs (unidentified swimming

objects, or USOs) have appeared all over the world, often attacking

ships and terrorizing coastal cities.

Thus started "The Second Alien War", and only one force stand in their

way to conquest of Earth: the XCOM Underwater Experimental Facility.

You are in overall command of XCOM. You will launch and control

fighter subs to attack marauding alien flying subs, send aquanauts to

attack crashed or landed subs, raid alien colonies and other targets

on Earth (if you can find them), keep the sponsor alliances happy and

USOs out of their territories, buy the ammo and weapons you need in

the war, research and build better weapons as your aquanauts bring in

captured alien artifacts for analysis and eventually manufacture our

own copies, pay for everything by contributions from sponsor alliances

and selling stuff, and eventually figure out the alien threat's origin

and end the threat once and for all.

If you say "this sounds just like XCOM", you're absolutely right, but

this game is quite a bit harder.

1.1.2 How does XCOM2 play?

In three words, "just like XCOM". If you've never played XCOM, here's

a description:

The game is divided into two main segments: GeoScape and BattleScape.

GeoScape is a 3-D view of the globe, rotate-able and zoom-able. This

is where you control your various bases around the world (with

sonars), your fighter and transport subs (carrying your aquanauts),

your inventory at each base, the subs and alien bases/targets

currently in sight, and so on. Once ground contact is made (transport

landed next to subs, you attack alien base, aliens attack your base,

etc. ), the game switches to Battlescape.

Battlescape is an isometric tile-based 3-D combat with viewpoint

similar to SimCity 2000 and Syndicate but lower resolution. The combat

is turn-based with opportunity fire on the opponent's round (provided

you have enough TimeUnits [TUs] and reaction), with plenty of

different weapons and terrains. Every thing is mouse-driven so game is
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