Approved Book List for English 15

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Approved Book List for English 15

(updated 31 October 2011)

The following list is a compendium of the texts approved for use in English 15. If you want to use a different textbook, please check with the Composition Department for approval prior to submitting your book order

Mandatory: You MUST use Penn Statements in your English 15 class.

Rhetorics & Rhetorics/Readers:

Glenn, Cheryl. The Harbrace Guide to Writing (2009). ISBN-13: 9780495800351-5

(Cengage) The Harbrace Guide to Writing, brief edition (2009). ISBN-13: 9781111840266

The Harbrace Guide to Writing, concise edition (2009). ISBN-13: 9780495913993

Lunsford, Andrea A. Everything’s an Argument, 5th edition (2010). ISBN-10: 978031538120

(Bedford) Everything’s an Argument with Readings, 5th edition (2010). ISBN-13: 9780312538613

Glenn, Cheryl. Making Sense: A Real-World Rhetorical Reader, 3rd edition (2010). ISBN-13: 9780312463830


Selzer, Jack. Good Reasons, 5th edition (2011). ISBN: 97802025012640

(Pearson) Good Reasons with Contemporary Arguments, 5th edition (2011). ISBN: 9780205000937

Gilyard, Keith. Rhetorical Choices: A Reader for Writers, 2nd edition (2006). ISBN: 0-321-44492-2


Fahnestock, Jeanne, and Marie Secor. A Rhetoric of Argument, 3rd edition (2004). ISBN: 0-07-293823-4

(McGraw) A Rhetoric of Argument, brief, 3rd edition (2003). ISBN: 0-07-303617-X

Ramage, Bean and Johnson. Writing Arguments, brief, 9th edition Rhetoric with Readings (2011). ISBN 9780205171637 (Pearson) Writing Arguments, concise, 5th edition (2010). ISBN: 0-205-66577-2

Corbett, Edward, and Rosa Eberly. The Elements of Reasoning, 3rd edition (2006). ISBN: 97803212551732


Moser, Joyce, and Ann Watters. Creating America: Reading and Writing Arguments, 4th edition (2004).

(Prentice Hall) ISBN-10: 0-131-44386-0

Latterell, Katherine. Remix: Reading and Composing Culture, 2nd edition (2010). ISBN-10: 0-312-47668-X


Crusius, Timothy W. and Carolyn E. Channell. The Aims of Argument, 6th edition (2009). ISBN: 0-07-332617-8

(McGraw) The Aims of Argument: A Brief Guide, 6th edition (2009). ISBN: 0-07-340583-3

Bullock, Richard. The Norton Field Guide to Writing, 2nd edition (2009). ISBN-10: 0993934381

The Norton Field Guide to Writing with Handbook, 2nd edition (2009): ISBN-10: 039393439X

The Norton Field Guide to Writing with Readings, 2nd edition (2009): ISBN-10: 0393933814


(Remember: a reader supplements the use of a rhetoric and cannot be used alone in English 15)

Selzer, Jack. Conversations: Readings For Writing, 7th edition (2009). ISBN: 0-205-58956-0


Satris, Stephen. Taking Sides: Clashing Views on Moral Issues, 13th edition (2011). ISBN-13: 9780078050091


Long, Elizabeth. A Civil Word: A Contemporary Issues Reader (2003). ISBN-10: 0321088190


Wyle, Susan. Revisiting America: Readings in Race, Culture and Conflict (2003). ISBN-10: 0130293059

(Prentice Hall)

Gillespie, Jane, and Robert Becker. Across Cultures: A Reader for Writers, 8th Edition (2011).

(Pearson) ISBN-10: 0205780377

Tomasino, Anna. Discovering Popular Culture (A Longman Topics Reader) (2007). ISBN-10: 0321355962


Tribble and Trubek. Writing Material: Readings from Plato to the Digital Age (2002). ISBN-10: 0321077172


Eggers, Dave. Best American NonRequired Reading 2006. (Mariner). ISBN-10: 0618570519

McCloud, Scott. Understanding Comics. Harper Paperbacks, 1994. ISBN-10: 006097625X

Connelly, Mark. The Sundance Reader, 5th edition (2009). ISBN: 1-4282-2972-8


Muller, Gilbert H. Many Americas: Reading and Writing Across the Cultural Divides (2006). ISBN: 0-618-60828-1


Winkler, Anthony C., and Jo Ray McCuen-Metherell. Readings For Writers, 13th edition (2010).

(Cengage) ISBN-10: 1428231285

Cooley, Thomas. Back to the Lake: A Reader for Writers (2009). ISBN-13: 9780393925081


Writing/Style Manuals and Handbooks:

Glenn, Cheryl, and Loretta Gray. The Hodges Harbrace Handbook, 17th edition (2010). ISBN-10: 0-495-79756-1


Glenn, Cheryl, and Loretta Gray. The Writer’s Harbrace Handbook, brief, 4th edition (2011).

(Cengage) ISBN-10: 1-428-29189-X

O’Connor, Patricia. Woe is I: The Grammarphobe’s Guide to Better English in Plain English, 3rd edition (2010).

(Riverhead Trade) ISBN-10: 157322331X

Williams, Joseph. Style: The Basics of Clarity and Grace, 4th edition. 92010) ISBN-13: 9780205830763


Strunk, Jr., William and E. B. White. The Elements of Style, 4th edition (Longman, 1999). ISBN-10: 0205313426

The Elements of Style, Original Edition (Coyote Canyon, 2007) ISBN-10: 0979660742

Lunsford, Andrea. The Everyday Writer, 4th edition (2010). ISBN-10: 0-312-59456-9

(Bedford) The Everyday Writer with Exercises (2010). ISBN-10: 0-312-59458-5

Murdick, William. A Student Guide to College Composition 2nd edition (2011). Jain Publishing. ISBN-13: 9780875730509

Ruszkiewicz, John and Maxine Hairston, and Christy Friend. SF Express, 2nd edition (2006). ISBN-10: 0131969862

(Prentice Hall)

Harris, Muriel. Prentice Hall Reference Guide, 8th edition (2010). ISBN: 9780205782310


Weston, Anthony. A Rulebook for Arguments, 4th revised edition (2008). Hackett Publishing. ISBN-10: 0872209547

Gibaldi, Joseph. MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers, 7th edition (2009). ISBN-10: 1603290249

Hacker, Diana. A Writer’s Reference, 7th edition (2010). Spiral w/2009 MLA & 2010 APA ISBN: 9780312601430



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Approved Book List for English 15 icon"Hindu Dharma" is a book published by Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan which contains English translation of two volumes of the Tamil Book "Deivatthin Kural"; which is a collection of invaluable and engrossing speeches of Sri Sri Sri Chandrasekharendra Saraswathi MahaSwamiji

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