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Appendix 2. Bibliography (list of all articles cited and what chapter cited in)

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Appendix Bibliography (list of all articles cited and what chapter cited in) iconAppendix b – hibernacula: forest habitat analysis 98 appendix c – literature cited 101

Appendix Bibliography (list of all articles cited and what chapter cited in) iconBibliography: All References, Including Sources and Literature Cited

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Appendix Bibliography (list of all articles cited and what chapter cited in) iconNote: This bibliography includes both references cited and references useful for background information

Appendix Bibliography (list of all articles cited and what chapter cited in) iconNote: This bibliography includes both references cited and references useful for background information

Appendix Bibliography (list of all articles cited and what chapter cited in) iconThese publications cited papers and books authored and coauthored by S. A. Ostroumov
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Appendix Bibliography (list of all articles cited and what chapter cited in) iconNote: The following is a condensed list of books, reports, and articles on the Bhopal disaster and related issues. This edition of the bibliography has been

Appendix Bibliography (list of all articles cited and what chapter cited in) iconPapers included in this collection should be cited according to the following format

Appendix Bibliography (list of all articles cited and what chapter cited in) iconNo part of this manuscript may be cited or quoted without written consent of authors

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