Including Pertinent History and First Ever Public Discussion of Active Auroral Behavior Modification and Surveillance Technologies

НазваниеIncluding Pertinent History and First Ever Public Discussion of Active Auroral Behavior Modification and Surveillance Technologies
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Devilvision: The World's New Wireless Grid

Including Pertinent History and First Ever Public Discussion of Active Auroral Behavior Modification and Surveillance Technologies.

Copyright William J. (Bill) Gallagher
Post Office Box 125
Hachita, NM 88040

2370 Words

Chapter 1

The Great Lament: Why Is America Dying?

"The Devil knows more because he is old, not because he is the Devil..."

"What we're looking for is something we can spray over the Soviet trenches, and they'll march out whistling 'Yankee Doodle Dandy.'"
CIA Advisor, Defense Department, Pharmaco-Warfare Division (1)

"It is important to recognize the scale of the black programs."
Keith Harmon Snow

The Great Lament

It is the year 2008, and in America there is a great lamenting. How has this country fallen to such depths of poverty and decline? Why are people so complacent, unable to act together for their own good?

Is it because we have been split up with thousands of different religions?

Within the supposed monotheism most people subscribe to, are thousands and thousands of individual churches, each with a localized philosophy based on many things, not least being the general ethnicity of the area. As well, most churches have local hierarchies to deal with; custom, culture, tradition, local environments, along with the obvious necessity of funding the workings of the church; all have a good little bit to do with how a so called temple of God is formed, what it becomes. That is rather self evident, but needs reiteration when attempting to discern the problems besetting America today.

It takes great effort to cultivate uniformity among churches, even within the same religion, and if anyone thinks that true uniformity is actually possible anywhere, especially among people, they are acting rather doltish, and need to reassess many things.

In America the one unifying force among many groups, religion included, is the Almighty Dollar. Here in America, you will seldom hear the words God, or Goddess, or the like, except during the occasional swearing of something, but anywhere you go, if you listen, you will hear the Main word, the mantra of America, and this happens in churches too! The word? MONEY. Listen for it, you may be in for a surprise.

So. Is every church become just another form of fund raising, to the exclusion of all else? That would explain a lot, but it is too pat, simplistic. Humans are complex entities, and even though money has become something of a tin god here, it is certainly not the cause of all our woes, nor are the churches whose god it seems to have become. Together these factors do add up though, making matters worse here in the land of the free and the home of in America. Yes, events produce a cumulative effect, everything is interconnected, it can be no other way. That too is worth remembering.

Money was once relegated to necessity, a servant, a service, it was fluidity via precious metals which could not be achieved through barter. Money was once simply a facilitator of commerce. It is now become the actual carrot at the end of the stick, the goal for so many, and satisfaction for none, it is a goad, not a god, but for some reason Americans have lost track of the facts. We must wonder why.

Maybe Americans have become unable to act for their own benefit because of all the drugs they are taking. After all, relatively few illegal drugs are used anymore, because anything that involves money has become tolerated at least, or quasi-legalized as MEDICINE, then taxed to make the dead squeal. Alcohol is the only real recreational drug available, also taxed ad infinitum, and it is thought by some that alcohol has been made available in such quantities because it literally creates violence, thereby helping to justify the need for a police state. This is a desired effect of something much bigger, which we will look into later.

For a fact, Americans, along with much of the rest of the world, imbibe a true pharmacopeia of manufactured drugs hourly. Lots of these supposed miracle drugs are mind altering agents, and many are proven to cause death in a fair portion of their users. Bad prescriptions cause many more deaths per year than handguns. Look it up. These legal drugs, like alcohol products, are dispensed at corner drug stores, grocery markets, and drive-throughs everywhere. They are advertised on television and radio and in the newspapers. Even scarier, this is all done at the behest of crime families who have become legitimate, or who have arranged a legitimate appearance for themselves. The astute will of course wonder if America is being literally attacked by a medical industry meandering and insincere in its purpose, except when that purpose is purveying pharmaceutical drugs, which of course is the purpose of profit. That would certainly do a number on us, wouldn't it? To make matters worse, it has been shown in many instances that these purveyors of legal drugs have many times been caught “Disease Mongering”, or intentionally creating fear of a non-existant disease to which they possess the treatment, usually very expensive. (2) The operative word there is Treatment, by the way.

There are very few real cures among the ghouls of modern American medicine any more, that's for sure. That's probably because there is no money in cures. Big dollars in treatments though. Treatments for the life of the patient. Forever and ever. Expensive drugs. Hospital visits. Research. What a treasure chest. When past medical boondoggles are taken into consideration, like the cancer causing agents in many vaccines, it is not far fetched at all to think that perhaps America has been attacked through its healthcare, and its still going on.

Anyone with a brain will also wonder if Americans have just devolved into a nation of nothing but mean spirited and small minded tax payers? Hopelessness and depression are definitely alive and well here. Has everyone just lost interest, as they say in the newspapers and on television today?

We are being treated as if all we are good for is financing an international elite who have set up house here. Many of these elite are third generation beneficiaries of the religious fund-raising that has permeated our society for the last 100 years or so. These elite and their paper, whose representatives continue to rake Americans over the coals for food, water, fuel, and medicine, have been very busy for a long time, as we will soon see, and to say that their activities are predatory is an understatement of great magnitude. Has America finally been bled to the point that the whole shebang is just an unhealthy appendage waiting to die, in need of amputation? Has Columbia become a cankerous whore?

Or is it something...more? Could it be that the above are just indications, symptoms, the Visible aspects, of a slow and covert attack, concerted and well financed, which is just now culminating enough to show some of its shape? Something along the lines of consent engineering? Social Reformation? Perhaps even Behavior Modification?

The Attack Heard Round The World

Americas latest nightmare, which began on the 11th of September, in the year 2001 AD, will not soon be forgotten. This nightmare was in fact heralded by a lesser nightmare: an obvious corruption of the voting process, which was never supposed to happen, but did. This corruption was well planned by many people, and ended in a stolen election. Instead of a president, America became heir to an appointee. Twice in fact, and this trend seems to be repeating itself, as one might reasonably expect it to. Once these type of perception managers get their foot in the door, it is very hard to undo their damage. Other examples of this include the illegal and unconstitutional income tax; instituted as a temporary war funding measure, it was to be rescinded once the so-called necessity for it passed. Think on that a little while, then ask yourself if America can expect honest elections again without some sort of revolution taking place. There are myriad Emergency War Powers Acts in place now as well, some that have been in place since the 60’s and earlier. (3)

These also were to be rescinded, because they virtually suspended the constitution during the largely imagined emergencies which were their rationale, but like the above mentioned examples of the income tax, and the fraudulent electronic voting systems, they have been hanging around since their inception, and it looks like they will never go away. They are inroads at the highway to the destruction of freedom, and are constantly being built for that purpose by every president, since FDR, especially the appointed one in power now.



Get It?

As to preparation for this corruption of our voting system, not only was the voting apparatus usurped electronically, but the odds were stacked within politics itself, with a slow buy-off of all representatives of the people, since at least the Civil War. That is in fact how the income tax, the Federal Reserve, and so much else have happened here: the candidates are nearly all equal in their representation of foreign interests, versus Americans interests. America is now trapped within a whirlpool of never ending debt and lack of money, and this is the end of a long term plan, a machinated event. That's right, an Attack. Nearly everyone in our government is complicit. I have personally identified 16 good people within the hundreds in our government, and those 16 are not popular, believe that.

Early in this double nightmare which has become so much more, certain things were happening, long standing things of a dissenting nature in direct opposition to the appointment of the resident, and also in opposition to his family's concerted theft of the voting process. But then came 911, an events catalyst that many have come to believe was planned well ahead of time too, and was bound to happen no matter which candidate was appointed to lead the country. Either way, 911 squashed any dissent, no matter how strong or organized it was becoming. And that was just one result of the terrorism in New York on that fateful day.

The insurance clauses against terrorism which were added to the buildings' policies only a short time before the so-called terror attack, which caused the destruction of three of the largest steel framed buildings in the world, along with the fact that the twin towers were a dangerous and deteriorating white elephant already slated for demolition, said demolition to cost at least FIVE TIMES AS MUCH as their construction, points to the fact that someone was going to take a financial beating, and then some. (4) The jaded and cloistered engineers of world finance, they don't like that to happen. Not at all. They will do anything possible to keep things like that from happening, to keep from having to own up to their own mistakes. If they can shove it off on the people, on the so-called People's Debt, all the better. This is what happened, and quite a lot more. But there is remedy to their way of doing things. Keep reading, its all here.

The official explanations of 911 seem ludicrous when weighed against many facts that have come to light since. The oral depositions of the emergency personnel, which had to be acquired via the Freedom Of Information Act, AND a lawsuit, are quite indicative too. This is because those testimonies continually prove over and over again that the witnesses were watching a controlled demolition, versus a terrorist act. (5)

Also, the film footage that has since surfaced give lie to the official story in so many ways that thinking people must at least ask questions concerning that official story, many many questions, and also look deeply into the ramifications of the entire scenario. The stock profits that were made by certain parties are another part of what many rightfully consider a cover-up by insiders and actual perpetrators.

Those would be the international elite who have set up house here. Their representatives ran the 911 Commission, the Warren Commission, and many other so called boards of inquiry: they are rife in our government. Many of these people actually hold passports for countries other then America, mostly Israel, while also holding top secret security clearances here in America. The most notable of these dual citizens is one Michael Chertoff, who was Assistant Attorney General on 9-11. Following 911, Mr. Chertoff immediately freed over 100 Israeli spies in America, and was then promoted to head the Department Of Homeland Security. There are many other indications that Israel played more than just a victims role in the fiasco of September 11 2001, and some of that will be illuminated further in the next chapter.

The appointed president of America is the servant of the internationalists who have taken advantage of Americans' inherent good nature and honesty. The real truth about 911 has yet to be seen though, and it is hoped this book will open the eyes of many people to a new technology of control that is largely invisible, but oh so coercive, and is probably what 911 was REALLY about.

911 was the distraction, the shock, the actual creation of the fragmented mind within the collective psyche (A well known mind control tactic used on individuals) so that this new law enforcement/tax enforcement technology, developed all in secret and denied denied denied unto this day, could be deployed. A secret Air Force, A secret Space Program, Spy Satellite Systems that can monitor individual conversations anywhere, aerosol programs for Quantum Energy Harvesting and human experimentation, through-roof and through-wall eavesdropping equipment, high power electronic field technologies deployable by the military next door...and much much more.

An Attack indeed. With the majority of the victims completely incapable of even discerning their own demise. No expense has been spared, no detail overlooked, in this overtly covert conquest, because Americans have a long history of seeing beyond the pall, of counter-intuiting the lurker at the threshold. This long term attack was built with lies, and religious twaddle, and technology, and drugs. It had to be oh-so carefully crafted, foisted upon America as a benefit called drought remediation. What was not forthcoming from these providers of benefits, and still isn’t, is this: it was the other half of the elite's scientists, the Nazis who went to Russia after World War II, who then developed and used Tesla antennae technology to create this American drought from the other side of the world, commencing in the 1960’s, and becoming worse ever since. Quite a weapon. Beginning in the 80’s and even before, the emergency drought remediation was begun, very quietly, oh so quietly, because thats not really what it was for. This cover story was then further obscured with a super adept curtain of confusion called global warming, all in all allowing the carefully hidden wireless sciences, in all their various aspects, to be deployed with decent deniability as to the real effects and harms caused.


(1) The Ibogaine Story
Report On The Staten Island Project
Paul DeRienzo
Dana Beal

(2) Disease Mongering
Are you one of big Pharmas Lab Animals?
Amid Bad Publicity, Drug Company Uses Progressive Union to Peddle Its Products

3) Emergency and War Powers Act
The Informer
The Genesis of the Emergency / War Power Act

Emergency and War Powers act
In writing the Constitution for the United States of America, James Madison said that states in order to enhance their power, often resorted to “the old trick of turning every contingency into a resource for accumulating force in the government.”  The idea is to foster an emergency, and then step in to “save the people” by drastically increasing state power.  This is precisely the scenario since 9-11-2001 in the United States, but includes as well the response to droughts, floods, depressions, illicit drugs, acts of war, and so forth.  There is virtually no natural or man-made disaster which cannot be used to garner greater power into the hands of an increasingly greedy-for-power government.   The United States Bankruptcy of 1861 placed the country under Emergency War Powers (12 Stat 319), a situation which has never been repealed and continues to exist in Title 50 USC Sections 212, 213, 215, Appendix 16, 26 CFR Chapter 1 paragraph 303.1-6(a), and 31 CFR Chapter 5, paragraph 500.701 Penalties....”

4)Insurance Clauses added to World Trade Center just prior 911

4)Cost of dismantling the World Trade Centers:
T(as posted, online: 7/18/06)
The Controlled Demolition
of the World Trade Center; 9/11/2001,
and "National Security Breach"
A material, 'legal deposition'
by Tom-Scott Gordon
July, 5, 2006

(5)emergency workers verbal histories:
the city of New York would not release them until it was forced to do so. Early in 2002, the New York Times requested copies under the freedom of information act, but Mayor Michael Bloomberg's administration refused. So the Times, joined by several families of 9/11 victims, filed suit. After a long process, the city was finally ordered by the New York Court of Appeals to release the records (with some exceptions and redactions allowed).

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