Me 501 Advanced Engineering Mathematics (4 0 0 8)

НазваниеMe 501 Advanced Engineering Mathematics (4 0 0 8)
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ME 664 Theory of Elasticity (3 0 0 6)

Surface and body forces, stress tensor and transformation laws, Lagrangian and Eulerian description, strain tensor, equations of elasticity (equilibrium, constitutive law and compatibility, boundary conditions), Uniqueness and St. Venant’s principle, Strain energy functions. Two-dimensional problems in rectangular coordinates (polynomial solution, bending of beam, Fourier series solution). Two-dimensional problems in polar coordinates (axisymmetric problems – rotating discs, walled cylinders, plate with a hole, infinite plate with point load, curved beams). Two-dimensional problems in curvilnear coordinates (stress functions in terms of harmonic and complex functions, complex potential function, elliptic coordinates, plate with elliptic holes). Three-dimensional problems (extension of bar under its body weight, pure bending of bars and plates, twist of circular shafts). Torsion (circular and non-circular cross section, membrane analogy, thin walled members, hydrodynamic analogy). Bending of bars with circular, elliptic and rectangular cross section and shear center.


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ME 665 Experimental Stress Analysis (2 0 2 6)

Review of analysis of stress and strain – basic equations of elasticity. Introduction to ideal requirements of strain measuring devices – mechanical, optical and electrical strain gauges Electrical Resistance Strain Gauges -- Gauge Factor, Types, Gauge materials, Backing Materials, Adhesives, Protective Coatings, Bonding of Strain Gauges, Lead wires and connections, Semiconductor strain gauges Performance of Strain Gauges – Temperature compensation, Transverse sensitivity, Gauge Length, Response, Excitation level, Stability. Strain Gauge Circuits and recording instruments, Strain Gauge Rossetes analysis, Stress Gauge. Photoelasticity methods - behaviour of light, plane polarized and circular polariscope, isochromatic and isoclinic fringe patterns for two dimensional photoelasticity, three dimensional photoelasticity, model slicing and shear difference method, birefringent coating method. Introduction to brittle coating method and Moire Fringe technique.


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ME 666 Plastics Engineering (3 0 0 6)

Polymers: classification, structure, molecular weight, polymerization, crystallization, glass transition and viscoelasticity. Dynamic mechanical behavior: rheology, creep recovery and stress relaxation. Short term load behavior: tensile, flexural, and shear. Long term load behavior: creep, stress relaxation and fatigue. High speed property: impact, frictional loading and erosion. Weathering: stress cracking and aging. Plastics processing: injection molding, extrusion, blow molding and thermoforming. Product design feature: pseudo elastic design, shrinkage, weld line, residual stress and stress concentration. Injection molding: material, process, product design, mold design and mold filling and computer aided analysis. Fiber reinforced plastics: materials, compounding, part design and performance.

Text books:

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Reference books:

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Computer Assisted Manufacturing

DD*** Ergonomics of Industrial Manufacturing (2 1 0 6)

Ergonomics/Human factors fundamentals; Human-machine-environment interface; Application of ergonomics principles and criteria in industrial manufacturing; occupational health, safety and stress at workplace with specific reference to industrial manufacturing; VDU workstation; Engineering anthropometry and posture; Ergonomics of machine tool and systems design; Information processing and human error prediction; Users interface evaluation.


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