Me 501 Advanced Engineering Mathematics (4 0 0 8)

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Specialisation: Fluids and Thermal Engineering

ME 501 Advanced Engineering Mathematics (4 0 0 8)

Vector and Tensor Analysis (Cartesian and Curvilinear): Orthogonal coordinate systems, Transformation of coordinate systems. Review of ODEs; Laplace & Fourier methods, series solutions, and orthogonal polynomials. Sturm-Liouville problem, Review of 1st and 2nd order PDEs. Similarity transformations for converting PDEs to ODEs. Linear systems of algebraic equations, Gauss elimination, LU decomposition etc., Gram-Schmidt orthogonalization. Matrix inversion, ill-conditioned systems. Numerical eigen solution techniques (Power, Jacobi, Given, Householder, and QR methods). Numerical solution of systems of nonlinear algebraic equations; Newton-Raphson method. Numerical integration: Newton-Cotes methods, error estimates, Gaussian quadrature, Numerical integration of ODEs: Euler, Adams, Runge-Kutta methods, and predictor-corrector procedures; stability of solutions; solution of stiff equations. Solution of PDEs: finite difference techniques. Functions of Complex Variable: analytic functions and mapping. Probability and Statistics – Probability Distribution, Bays Theorem, Random numbers, Parameter Estimation, Testing of Hypothesis, Goodness of Fit.


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ME 520 Fluid Mechanics (3 0 0 6)

Fluid kinematics; Integral and differential forms of governing equations; Mass, momentum, and energy conservation equations; Navier-Stokes equations and its applications; Potential flow; Laminar boundary-layer; Free-shear flows: jet, wake, and mixing layer; Instability and transition; Turbulent flow; Compressible flow: Isentropic flow; flow with area change; flow with heat transfer; flow with friction.


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ME 521 Experimental Methods (2 0 2 6)

Theory and Experimentation in Engineering: Problem solving approaches, Types of engineering experiments, computer simulation and physical experimentation; Generalized measuring system, types of inputs, analog and digital signals, standards, calibration and uncertainty, Measurement System: Performance characteristics, static performance characteristics-static calibration-linearity, static sensitivity, repeatability, hysteresis- threshold- resolution, readability and span; Analysis of Experimental Data : Causes and types of experimental error, un-certainty analysis, statistical analysis of data, probability distributions and curve fitting; Dynamic performance characteristics; Input types; Instrument types- zero order instrument, first order instrument, second order instrument; Experiment Plans: Model building; Measurement Methods and Applications : Measurement of force and torque; Measurement of strain and stress; Measurement of pressure; Flow measurement and flow visualization; measurement of temperature; optical methods of measurements; Data Acquisition and Processing : Types and configurations of DAS, signal conditioning, A/D, D/A conversion; Design, Planning, Execution and Analysis of experimental projects.


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ME 522 Convective Heat and Mass Transfer (3 0 0 6)

Conservation equations and boundary conditions; One-dimensional solutions; Heat transfer in laminar developed and developing duct flows; Laminar boundary layers: Similarity and integral solutions; Turbulence fundamentals and modeling; Heat tranfer in turbulent boundary layers and turbulent duct flows; Laminar and turbulent free convection; Fundamentals of boiling and condensation; Numerical methods.


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ME 523 Advanced Engineering Thermodynamics (3 0 0 6)

Review of fist and second law of thermodynamics, Maxwell equations, Joule-Thompson experiment, irreversibility and availability, exergy analysis, phase transition, types of equilibrium and stability, multi-component and multi-phase systems, equations of state, chemical thermodynamics, combustion. Third law of thermodynamics

Kinetic theory of gases- introduction, basic assumption, molecular flux, equation of state for an ideal gas, collisions with a moving wall, principle of equipartition of energy, classical theory of specific heat capacity.

Transport phenomena-intermolecular forces, The Van der Waals equation of state, collision cross section, mean free path

Statistical thermodynamics- introduction, energy states and energy levels, macro and microscales, thermodynamic probability, B-E, F-D, M-D statistics, distribution function, partition energy, statistical interpretation of entropy, application of statistics to gases-mono-atomic ideal gas, distribution of molecular velocity, ideal gas in a gravitational field.


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Specialisation: Machine Design
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