Ccsf lug meeting minutes Thu, Feb 9, 2012 (meeting #3 of semester)

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НазваниеCcsf lug meeting minutes Thu, Feb 9, 2012 (meeting #3 of semester)
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CCSF LUG meeting minutes – Thu, Feb 9, 2012 (meeting #3 of semester)

Agenda: planning for our semester

  • Penguin Wednesday speaker event – 20 mins

    • Logistics: Wed, Mar 27, 3:30-5:30pm, in Rosenberg room 305

      • Plus setup before & breakdown after

    • Topic/Speaker brainstorming (typically, 3 speakers with 40 mins each)

    • Delegation: flier design by next LUG meeting (Feb 16th)

  • Unity Day – 10 mins

    • Logistics: Wed, Mar 7th, 10am-2pm, in the amphitheater

      • At least 2 members for setup at 8am (setting up tables, stage, sound system, etc) with other club representatives & ICC representatives

      • At least 2 members for breakdown from 2-3pm

    • Keith & Patrick talk about previous Unity Day experiences

    • [table planning for Unity Day until later meeting in order to make time for Penguin Wed & LUG planning]

  • Organizing the LUG – 20 mins

    • Ideas

    • Delegation – final decisions at Feb 16th meeting

      • Education – scheduling talks at meetings

      • Tech – seeking out equipment & looking into storage for any equipment

      • Social

      • ???

  • “New to Linux” planning – 10 mins


  • Aaron Brick (Faculty Advisor)

  • Keith Burton (President)

  • Patrick Buddeberg (Treasurer)

  • Katherine Moloney (ICC Rep)

  • Raymond Castro

  • Wayne Combs

  • James Cross

  • Nate Gallagher

  • Max Gardner

  • Nabil Hanania

  • Jackie Kaplan

  • Andrei Khartchenko

  • Philip Ng

  • Johnson Qiang

  • Christopher Stenqvist

  • Mapanda Trezor

  • Alan Volny

  • Art Wong

  • Sunny Woo

  • Lindsey Zylstra


  • Mapanda Trezor – to make Penguin Wed flier by next meeting (Feb 16th)

    • Keith, Patrick or Katherine to send him sample of previous flier (and if possible Tux and CCSF LUG images)

  • Everyone – reply to 5 interest questions by Tue, Feb 14th (see bottom of minutes for questions)

  1. Penguin Wed

    1. Topic Brainstorming – whatever not used for Penguin Wed potentially can be a meeting talk

      1. Security

        1. Intrusion detection

          1. OSSEC (

          2. Snort

          3. Bro (

        2. Linux system hardening

      2. Freeware Game Design

      3. Virtual Machines (pros & cons of different ones, pros & cons of using)

      4. Open Source Design (github) [Keith may know]

      5. Legal situation of open source (EFF, GPL)

      6. Wireless

      7. Video

      8. Linux careers

      9. [Seemed more like meeting topics instead of Penguin Wed topics]

        1. Configuration files [greg boyd]

        2. Sys Admin lessons

        3. Hardware Drivers

        4. interactions with other O/Sfile sharing

        5. mounting local drivers

        6. File Systems (Patrick is preparing to give this talk in the fall semester, has to read up on Kernel code)

        7. Internationalization

        8. Parallelization

        9. Programming languages

        10. Compiling anything from source

        11. Finding sources (libs not updated [Gentoo])

        12. Installing Linux on mobile, tablets, embedded devices

        13. Different distributions

      10. [most popular (as determined after brainstorming) were: Security, Freeware Game Design, Virtual Machines, Linux Careers, Wireless]

    2. Speaker brainstorming:

      1. Sam Bowne, or someone he recommends, on one of the security topics

      2. Possibly someone from the Lawrence Berkeley Lab security team (Art Wong interns there) can talk about Bro intrusion detection software

      3. David Hurwich is willing to give his presentation on open source graphic design software again:

        1. Gimp (Adobe Photoshop is the parallel product) – digital image manipulation/composition software

        2. Inkscape (Adobe Illustrator) – vector image software

        3. Scribus (Adobe InDesign) – books, magazines, multi-page/multi-sided print

        4. KompoZer (Adobe Dreamweaver) – webpages

      4. [from Aaron via email] Lancelot Kao of the astronomy, according to Craig Persiko, he has participated in the past and could potentially give a presentation on parallelization

      5. Potentially Keith Burton knows someone who could speak about open source software development ( et al)

      6. James Cross knows the database guy from YouTube

    3. Delegation: Mapanda Trezor to draft flier for Penguin Wednesday by next meeting (Th, Feb 16th)

  2. Unity Day

    1. From experience of previous Unity Days

      1. Setup has been rows of tables. There is free food. To get the free food, students (or anyone really as they aren’t checking who is a student and who is not) had to get signatures on a voucher form from 9 clubs (they’re doing this again this year). Typically, this means that students just go up and down the rows, and hear about all the clubs.

      2. Previously, we had wanted power to run computers, so we had a table outside of the main section of tables, and therefore had very little traffic.

        1. After last time, we decide that we should stay within the pack of tables & if any computer demos these should run off batteries (either our own laptops or borrowing netbooks from the CS department)

      3. Previously, we had taken a Tux Linux banner, but, if we stay in the pack of tables, all anyone can see is the table top.

        1. If anyone can get more Linux banners donated, especially something that wouldn’t tear easily, we could display on tabletop


    1. Ideas

      1. Field trips

        1. ideas so far

          1. Intel Museum

          2. Conferences

          3. Computer History Museum

          4. studio audience of Twit TV [in Petaluma…20-30 audience members can be accomodated])



          5. group shopping trip

        2. if you have additional ideas…

          1. please do all the research (the what, where, how much, when, etc) & then send the details to Keith Burton or Katherine Moloney

        3. James Cross has a friend with a bus, in case we might need en masse transportation

      2. Offer to fix machines for community, host InstallFest, or attend InstallFest hosted by another group

      3. Share book/website/shopping recommendations

      4. Hardware hacking (on what & where/when)

      5. Work thru Sam Bowne’s security projects or personal projects in Hacker Lab (Science 214)


          1. Intro to Security (CNIT 120) projects:

          2. Ethical Hacking (CNIT 123) projects:

          3. Computer Forensics (CNIT 121) projects:

        2. Current lab hours:

          1. Patrick is there W 3-6pm (pretty busy & right before class starts at 6pm)

          2. Katherine is there Sat 12-2pm (low activity & Sam said we could use up to 4pm when janitor would kick us out)

      6. Linux careers

        1. Hosting individual speakers and/or panel (possibly larger event in conjunction with CS & CNIT department)

      7. Gaming day (with set up on Linux)

      8. Linux radio show (either podcasting or time on KCSF)

      9. Public library card as pass


          1. pass is for 1-2 adults with 1-4 kids

      10. SopCast – P2PTV


    2. Delegation – everything below can be shared by more than 1 person)

      1. Education – someone to schedule presentations at meetings & possibly maintain an online calendar or listing

        1. Possibly a Linux novice (but not necessarily)

      2. Tech – equipment acquisition & where could any equipment be stored

        1. Aaron Brick: anything that can fit in a small box can easily be stored in either closet in Linux lab (BATL 413) or in CS department office

      3. Social – making sure we’re doing fun things too

    3. Budget -- $449.14 to spend before end of semester

      1. How best to spend this?

  4. “New to Linux?”

    1. Attendees

      1. Aaron Brick

      2. Nabil Hanania

      3. Jackie Kaplan

      4. Katherine Moloney

      5. Johnson Qiang

      6. Mapanda Trezor

      7. Art Wong

      8. Sunny Woo

    2. hands on

      1. use the installed Red Hat on the Linux lab computers (Batmale rm 413, our meeting room)

      2. run distros from USB or Live CDs

      3. how to look up computer hardware, so user can go online to look up whether there are the necessary drivers ( for the LINUX distributions they are interested in (i.e. can their particular machine run that particular distro)

        1. primarily looking for which VGA compatible controller (graphics card) you have & which Ethernet controller (NIC card)

          1. …and sometime the SAIA controller, but not usually

        2. On Linux you would use the following command to get the listing (need to research how on Mac & PC):

          1. lspci -v

      4. installs

        1. installing Linux distribution as only operating system on machine (“bare metal”)

        2. installing Linux distribution(s) in virtual machine (either using VMWare or VirtualBox)

        3. setting up dual boot system

    3. plans

      1. Feb 16 – just sit down at Linux lab machine and practice commands (basic CS160A/B lessons)

      2. Everyone do at least 1 install this semester

      3. ???

Interest Questions (reply by Tue, Feb 16th)

1) what you are personally interested in organizing,
2) what field trips you are personally interested in (whether or not we end up going as a group)
3) if you have an additional field trip suggestion, please do all the research (what, where, how much, when, public transport or not, etc)
4) Your recommendations:
    4a) Where you shop for computer related stuff
    4b) Good websites
    4c) Good books
    4d) Other recommendations
5) Do you know anyone who would be able to give a talk at one of our meetings (or Penguin Wed or any other time) on one of the topics of interest?


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