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2.1 NEPAD and Its Programme in Infrastructure and Water

2.1.1 NEPAD is an African initiative conceived by African leaders and driven by them. It is an integrated development framework to enhance socio-economic development and reduce poverty on the African continent. It seeks to promote development by addressing key social, economic and political priorities in a coherent and integrated manner. It also seeks to engage development partners, as well as the private sector in a new partnership in which Africans take a leadership role. The long-term objective of NEPAD is to eradicate poverty in Africa and to place African countries, both individually and collectively, on a path of sustainable growth and development.

2.1.2 NEPAD recognizes that regional economic communities (RECs) and individual countries are the prime drivers for economic growth, and therefore seeks to infuse new energy and create and sustain an enabling environment for socio-economic development. It is therefore recognized that NEPAD’s role is essentially one of coordination, advocacy and facilitation so that the continent can effectively utilize its rich natural resources and human capital base to achieve higher levels of socio-economic development so as to eradicate poverty and Africa’s marginalisation in the global arena.

2.1.3 Infrastructure, comprising energy, water and sanitation, transport, and information and communication technology, is characterised in Africa by poor coverage, poor maintenance, weak financing and inefficient management. Africa has the lowest coverage of any of these infrastructural services, and the coverage in some areas is falling as a result of higher population growth rates, poor maintenance and weak management. This impedes economic development, trade and regional integration. Because the development of sustainable regional infrastructure is vital for sustaining regional economic development and trade, and for sustained effort to reduce poverty in Africa, NEPAD therefore intends to play a crucial role in the development of regional infrastructure.

2.2 Short Term Action Plan (STAP) for Water and Sanitation

2.2.1 In order to put into action its visions for Africa’s development, NEPAD, through designated lead agencies prepared Short-Term Action Plans (STAP) for immediate implementation. ADB was selected to lead NEPAD’s infrastructure program, Water and Sanitation (including water resources management and development) being one of four priority infrastructure areas - the others being Energy, Transport, Information and Communication Technology (ICT).

2.2.2 The STAP programmes and initiatives for infrastructure were launched in June 2002. The short-term infrastructure programmes were selected on the basis of their contribution in addressing the main issues and challenges in the water sector and fall within the context of the African Water Vision and its Framework for Action. Emphasis was placed on:

  • development of national integrated water resources management (IWRM) policies;

  • mitigation of floods and droughts;

  • meeting basic water needs;

  • food and energy security; and,

  • management of transboundary water resources, thereby enhancing regional cooperation.

2.2.3 The criteria adopted for selecting initiatives in infrastructure are:

  • programmes/projects that are at an advanced level of preparation and that could be fast-tracked;

  • projects that support regional approach and integration through infrastructure provision;

  • projects that have been stalled and was felt that NEPAD’s engagement would possibly make a difference; and,

  • initiatives that offer development of regional enabling environment (policy, regulatory and institutional) towards regional infrastructure activities.

2.2.4 For water and sanitation, the STAP could be grouped into three main themes: Better management and development of Africa’s water resources, improvement and expansion of basic water supply and sanitation services and enhanced financing for the water sector.

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