Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West

НазваниеNineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West
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Nineteenth-Century American Literature and History: Trans-Mississippi West

Fiche Listing

Anderson, Ephraim McDowell.

Memoirs: historical and personal; including the campaigns of the First Missouri Confederate brigade.

Saint Louis, Times Printing Co. 1868

Fiche: 588-598

Austin, J.P.

The blue and the gray: sketches of a portion of the unwritten history of the great American civil war, a truthful narrative of adventure, with thrilling reminiscences of the great struggle on land and sea.

Atlanta, Ga., The Franklin Printing and Publishing Co. 1899

Fiche: 600a-600g

Barney, Chester.

Recollections of field service with the twentieth Iowa infantry volunteers; or, What I saw in the army, embracing accounts of marches, battles, sieges, and skirmishes, in Missouri, Arkansas, Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, Florida, Texas, and along the northern border of Mexico.

Davenport, Printed for the author at the Gazette Job Rooms. 1865

Fiche: 614a-614h

Booth, Benjamin F.

Dark days of the rebellion, or, Life in southern military prisons, giving a corrected and thrilling history of unparalled [!] suffering.

Indianola, Ia., Booth Publishing Company. 1897

Written from a diary kept while in Libby and Salisbury prisons in 1864-5, and now in possession of the author.

Fiche: 773-781a

Britton, Wiley.

Memoirs of the rebellion on the border, 1863.

Chicago, Cushing, Thomas & Co. 1882

Fiche: 815-825

Cogley, Thomas Sydenham.

History of the Seventh Indiana cavalry volunteers, and the expeditions, campaigns, raids, marches, and battles of the armbiographical sketches of Brevet Major General John P.C. Shanks, and of Brevet Brig. Gen. Thomas M. Browne, and other officers of the regiment; with an account of the burning of the steamer Sultana on the Mississippi river, and of the capture, trial, conviction and execution of Dick Davis, the guerilla.

Laporte, Ind., Herald Company, Printers. 1876

Fiche: 944a-950a

Collins, R.M., lieut. 15th Texas infantry.

Chapters from the unwritten history of the war between the states; or, The incidents in the life of a Confederate soldier in camp, on the march, in the great battles, and in prison.

St. Louis, Nixon-Jones Printing Co. 1893

Fiche: 954-962

[Corsan, W.C.].

Two months in the Confederate States, including a visit to New Orleans under the domination of General Butler.

London, R. Bentley. 1863

By an English merchant.

Fiche: 1013-1019a

Smith, James.

An account of the remarkable Occurrances in the Life and Travels of Colonel James Smith.

Fiche: 1100-1103

Field, Charles D.

Three years in the saddle from 1861 to 1865; memoirs of Charles D. Field; thrilling stories of the war in camp and on the field of battle.

[Goldfield? Ia.]. [c.1898]

Fiche: 1423-1424

Carden, Allen D.

The Missouri harmony; or, A collection of Psalm and hymn tunes, and anthems, from eminent authors: with an introduction to the grounds and rudiments of music.

Cincinnati, E. Morgan and Son. 1837

To which is added a supplement, containing a number of admired tunes of the various metres, and several choice pieces, selected from some of the most approved collections of sacred music. By an amateur.

Fiche: 1541-1551

Mackey, John W.

The Shawnee witch; a romance of the western border.

New York, George Munro. [1868]

Fiche: 1739-1740

Grigsby, Melvin.

The smoked Yank.

Sioux Falls, Dakota Bell Publishing Co. 1888

Fiche: 2517-2522

Lothrop, Charles Henry.

A history of the First regiment Iowa cavalry veteran volunteers, from its organization in 1861 to its muster out of the United States service in 1866.

Lyons, Ia., Beers & Eaton, Printers. 1890

Also, a complete roster of the regiment, by Charles H. Lothrop.

Fiche: 2986-2997

Pike, James.

The scout and ranger: being the personal adventures of Corporal Pike, of the fourth Ohio cavalry.

Cincinnati, J.R. Hawley. 1865

As a Texan ranger, in the Indian wars, delineating western adventure; afterward a scout and spy, in Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, and the Carolinas, under Generals Mitchell, Rosecrans, Stanley, Sheridan, Lytle, Thomas Crook, and Sherman. Fully illustrating the secret service. Twenty-five full-page engravings.

Fiche: 3741-3750

Rose, Victor, M.

Ross's Texas Brigade.


Being a Narrative of Events; 185 p.

Fiche: 3910-3914

Gayarre, Charles Etienne Arthur.

Romance of the history of Louisiana.

New York, D. Appleton. 1848

A series of lectures, by Charles Gayarre.

Fiche: 4926-4931a

Watterson, Henry.

Oddities in southern life and character.

Boston, Houghton, Mifflin. 1883

edited by Henry Watterson; with illustrations by W.L. Sheppard and F.S. Church.

Fiche: 5228-5239

Calvert, Henry Murray.

Reminiscences of a boy in blue, 1862-1865.

New York and London, G.P. Putnam's Sons. 1920

Fiche: 5348-5335a

Cate, Wirt Armistead, ed.

Two soldiers; the campaign diaries of Thomas J. Key, C.S.A., December 7, 1863-May 17, 1865, and Robert J. Campbell, U.S.A., January 1, 1864-July 21, 1864; edited, with an introduction, notes and maps.

Chapel Hill, The University of North Carolina Press. 1938

Fiche: 5356-5363

Clark, James Samuel.

Life in the middle west; reminiscences of J.S. Clark.

Chicago, The Advance Publishing Company. [1916]

Fiche: 5386-5389

West, John Camden.

A Texan in search of a fight.

Waco, Texas., Press of J.S. Hill & Co. 1901

Being the diary and letters of a private soldier in Hood's Texas brigade.

Fiche: 5564-5568

Clark, George.

A glance backward; or, Some events in the past history of my life.

[Houston, Press of Rein]. [1914?]

Fiche: 6501-6503

Fletcher, William Andrew.

Rebel private, front and rear; experiences and observations from the early fifties and through the civil war.

Beaumont, Press of the Greer Print. 1908

Fiche: 6800-6805

Polley, Joseph Benjamin.

Hood's Texas brigade, its marches, its battles, its achievements.

New York, Neale Publishing. 1910

Fiche: 6895-6903

Ware, Eugene Fitch.

The Lyon Campaign in Missouri.

Topeka, Kans., Printed by Crane. 1907

Being a history of the First Iowa infantry and of the causes which led up to its organization, and how it earned the thanks of Congress, which it got. Together with a birdseye view of the conditions in Iowa preceding the great civil war of 1861.

Fiche: 6992-7002

Champigny, Jean, chevalier de.

La Louisiane ensanglantee, avec toutes les particularites de cette horrible casastrophe, redigees sur le serment de temoins dignes de foi.

Londres, Aux depens de l'editeur: chez Fleury Mesplet. 1773

Fiche: 7919-7921b

Spring, Gardiner.

Memoirs of the Rev. Samuel J. Mills, late missionary to the south western section of the United States, and agent of the American colonization society, deputed to explore the coast of Africa.

New York, New York Evangelical Missionary Society, J. Seymour Printer. 1820

Fiche: 8891-8893b

Darby, William.

The emigrant's guide to the western and southwestern states and territories comprising a geographical and statistical description of the States.

New York, Kirk & Mercein. 1818

Accompanied by a map of the United States.

Fiche: 9285-9288b

Webber, Charles Wilkins.

Old Hicks, the guide, or, Adventures in the Camanche country in search of a gold mine.

New York, Harper. 1855

Fiche: 9367-9370a

Bennett, Emerson.

Forest and prairie, or Life on the frontier.

Philadelphia, J.W. Bradley. 1860

Fiche: 9389-9393a

Lewis, Meriwether.

History of the expedition under the command of Captains Lewis and Clark, to the sources of the Missouri, thence across the Rocky mountains and down the river Columbia to the Pacific ocean.

Philadelphia, Bradford and Inskeep. 1814

Performed during the years 1804-5-6. By order of the government of the United States / prepared for the press by Paul Allen.

Fiche: 9420-9431a

Bryant, Edwin.

What I saw in California: being the journal of a tour, by the emigrant route and South pass of the Rocky mountains, across the continent of North America, the great desert basin, and through California, in the years 1846, 1847.

New York, D. Appleton & Company; Philadelphia, G.S. Appleton. 1848

Fiche: 9538-9543

Coke, Henry John.

A ride over the Rocky mountains to Oregon and California.

London, R. Bentley. 1852

With a glance at some of the tropical islands, including the West Indies and the Sandwich isles.

Fiche: 9559-9563a

Colt, Miriam (Davis), Mrs.

Went to Kansas; being a thrilling account of an ill-fated expedition to that fairy land, and its sad results; together with a sketch of the life of the author.

Watertown [N.Y.] Printed by L. Ingalls & Co. 1862

Fiche: 9695-9698

Hayden, Ferdinand Vandeveer.

Contributions to the ethnography and philology of the Indian tribes of the Missouri Valley.

Philadelphia, C. Sherman. 1862

prepared under the direction of Capt. William F. Raynolds.

Fiche: 9700-9703

Leland, Alonzo.

New map of the mining regions of Oregon and Washington Territory...compiled from observations made in 1861-2.

San Francisco, A. Roman. 1863

Fiche: 9711-9711a

Bliss, Edward.

A brief history of the new gold regions of Colorado Territory, together with hints and suggestions to intending emigrants.

New York, J.W. Amerman. 1864

Fiche: 9720-9720a

Hall, Edward Hepple.

The great West: migrants', settlers' & travellers' guide and handbook to the states of California and Oregon, and the territories of Nebraska, Utah, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada and Washington.

New York, Tribune Office. 1864

With a full and accurate account of their climate, soil, resources, and products.

Fiche: 9722-9723

Mullan, John.

Miners and travelers' guide to Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, and Colorado, via the Missouri and Columbia Rivers: accompanied by a general map of the mineral region of the northern sections of the Rocky Mountains.

New York, W.M. Franklin. 1865

Fiche: 9733-9735

Stuart, Granville.

Montana as it is, being a general description of its resources, both mineral and agricultural, including a complete description of the face of the country, its climate, etc.

New York, C.S. Westcott. 1865

Fiche: 9743-9745

Tufts, James.

A tract descriptive of Montana Territory, with a sketch of its mineral and agricultural resources.

New York, R. Craighead. 1865

Fiche: 9746

Kellogg, Louise Phelps, ed.

Early narratives of the Northwest, 1634-1699.

New York, C. Scribner's Sons. 1917

with a facsimile and two maps.

Fiche: 9754-9758a

Bruce, Henry Clay.

The new man.

York, Pa., P. Anstadt. 1895

Twenty-nine years a slave. Twenty-nine years a free man. Recollections of H.C. Bruce.

Fiche: 10278-10282

Bay, William Van Ness.

President's message--slavery--California.

[Washington, Printed at the Congressional Globe Office]. [1850]

Speech of Hon. W.V.N. Bay, of Missouri, in the house of representatives, February 20, 1850, in committee of the whole on the state of the Union, on the resolution referring the President's message to the various standing committees.

Fiche: 10443-10444

St. Landry Parish (La.).

An ordinance organizing and establishing patrols for the police of slaves in the parish of St. Landry.

Opelousas [La.] Printed at the Office of the Opelousas Patriot. 1863

Fiche: 10539-10540

Foote, Henry S. (Henry Stuart).

California, territorial governments, &c.

[Washington]. [1850]

Remarks of Hon. Mr. Foote, of Mississippi, on the plan of adjusting the questions growing out of slavery, reported in the Senate, May 15, 16, and 20, 1850.

Fiche: 10597-10598

The reign of terror in Kanzas [!]: as encouraged by President Pierce, and carried out by the southern slave power: by which men have been murdered and scalped! Women dragged from their homes and violated! Printing offices and private houses burned! Ministers of the Gospel tarred and feathered! Citizens robbed and driven from their homes! And other enormities inflicted on free settlers by border ruffians. And related by eye witnesses of the events.

Boston, C.W. Briggs. 1856

Fiche: 10720-10721

Dumas, Alexandre.

Un Gil-Blas en Californie.

Paris, Levy. 1861

Fiche: 10970-10978

California. Constitution.

Constitution of the state of California.

San Francisco, Printed at the Office of the Alta California. 1849

Fiche: 11248-11249

De Fontaine, Felix Gregory.

History of American abolitionism; its four great epochs, embracing narratives of the ordinance of 1787, compromise of 1820, annexation of Texas, Mexican war, Wilmot proviso, negro insurrections, abolition riots, slave rescues, compromise of 1850, Kansas bill of 1854, John Brown insurrection, 1859, valuable statistics, &c., &c., &c., together with a history of the southern confederacy.

New York, D. Appleton & Co. 1861

(Originally published in the New York Herald).

Fiche: 12085-12087

Clay, John M., Mrs.

Uncle Phil, a novel.

New York, The Abbey Press. [1901]

Second and revised edition.

Fiche: 12419-12425

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