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Religion and Kultw der Chine­sen, Leipsic, 1910.

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G. S. Streatfield, The Incarnation, London, 1910.

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New York, 1910.

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CHURCH: J. C. Barry, Ideals and Principles of

Church Reform, Edinburgh, 1910.

J. Denney, The Church and the Kingdom, London, 1910.

CavxcH HISTORY: E. de Fae, ktude sur lei ori 

gines des 4glises de lydge apostolique, Paris, 1910.

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P. Schaff, History of the Christian Church, vol. v., part 2, The Middle Ages, from Boniface V111., 1894, to the Protestant Reformation,

1617, by D. S. Schaff, New York, 1910.

CLARE, ST.: The Life of St. Clare Ascribed to Fr. Thomas of Celano of the Order of Friars Minor, A.D. 1266 61; transl. and eel. from the earliest MSS. by Fr. Paschal Robinson of the same Order; with an Appendix con 

taining the Rule of St. Clare, Philadelphia, 1910.

CLcILENt C. C.: Quellenbuch zur praktischen The 

otogie, part 1, Quellen zur ehre vom Gottes­dienst (Liturgik), part 2 Quallen zur Lehre vom ~eligionaunterrieht, &essen, 1910.

CLEMENT oh ALESAImRL1: Stromata VII., and VIII. Excerpts ex Theodoto Eclogue pro­phetiola   Quaa dives salvetur Fragments Mit drew Handschriftenproben in Ldchtdruek, eel.

O. StA,hlin, Leipsic, 1910.

Color, T.: F. B. Upham, Thomas Coke, New York, 1910.

COMMON PRAYER, Boog OF: The First and Second Prayer Books of King Edward, London, 1910.

The Prayer Book of ueen Elizabeth, 1669, to

which are a some occasional Forms o


her with an histor 


1910. ComcmNlsm: G. J. Holyoke, The History of Coop­

eration, London, 1910.

COMPARATIVE RELIGION: J. Dechelette, Le Cults du soled aux temps pr4historiques, Paris, 1910.

J. G. Frazer, Totemism and Exogamy ; a Trea­tise on certain early Forms of Superstition and Society, New York, 1910.

J.~ , The Development of Religion; a Study

fn and Social Psychology, New

York, 1910.

J. C. Lawson, Modern Greek Folklore and An­cient Greek Religion, Cambridge, 1910

J. Warneck, Die Religion der atak, Leipsic, 1909.

CoNcoxneNCEs: S. Herner, Yerbesserungen zu Mandelkerns Grosser Konkordanz, Lund, 1910 (cf. the discussion in vol. iii., p. 208, of this work).

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CoNaxzoATroNALwTs: W. E. Barton, A Congre­gational Manual; Theory and Practice, for the Use ?f Ministers, Churches, and deliberative Assemblies evened by Congregational Usage, Oak Park. 1910.

C. S. NaZ, 6ongregational Administration, Boston, 1910.


CasumoN: M. Sabiston, The Biblical Account of

the Creation;, shown
to be in Accordance the Discoveries of Science, New York, 1909.

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CON" RE, F. C.: The Ring of P e %ystua, to­gether with the Prologue o RuXus, now first rendered into English with an Historical and Critical Commentary, London, 1910.

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CYPRIAN: H. Koch, C and der r6mische Primal. Eine kir=und dogmengesehicht­liche Studie, Leipsic, 1910.

LSrxir, or ALExAND=A: A. Struckmann, Die Ew chariatislehre des heiligen Cyrill won Alex­andrien, Paderborn, 1910.

DAN=: W. M. Rossetti, Dance and Lis Conroito. A Study with Translations, London, 1910.

D=Nay, J.: See above, Cuuacs.

DOCmEIE, HISTORY or: C. Guignebert, L'tvolu­tion des dogmea , Paris, 1910.

O. RitschlymengeschicUe des Prote8tantie­mus, Leipsic, 1908.

Daums: G. Coffey, Interoourae of Gaut faith Ireland Before the First Century, London, 1910.

EASTFSa: The Book of 'Easter, with an Introduction by W. C. Doane, New York, 1910.

EABT'EBN CHUaCH: Margaret G. Dampier, Organ­ization of the Orthodox Eastern Churches, London, 1910.

Ecmsabr, M.: Moister Eckhardt's Sermons, Eng. trand. by C. Field, London, 1910.

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V. Ermoni, La Religion de 11gypte ancienne, Paris 1910.

J. LieQeu, Recherche. ay,r L'hiatoire et la civil­isation de L'ancienne Esypte Leipsic, 1910; idem, Hieroglyphisches WamenwOrterbuch, Leipsic, 1910.

EGYPTIAN E%PLOEATION FUND: Oxyrhynchoa Pa­Rt", part VIL, ed. A. S. Hunt, with Trans. t ic

ions and Notes, London, 1910.

ELAM: G. Hosing, Die Sprache Elama, Breslau,


ENGLAND, Csvacs or: C. Bastide, L'Anglimniame,

L'~gliae d'Angleterre, son hiafoire et son o?uurore, la di.~uacon de L'anglicaniame, Saint Blaise, 1909.

N. N. Bond, The Earnest Churchman, being England's Reply. to the Pretensions of Rome and Dissent, London, 1910.

J. H. Burn, The Struggle with Puritanism, London, 1910.

C. S. Carter, The English Church in the $even­teenth Century, London, 1910.

W. L. P. Cox, The Church of England as Catho­lic and 11elrr»ied: an Exposition and an Eirenicmi, London, 1910.

A. C. Headlam, History, Authority, and The­ology, London, 1910

A. Plummer, The Church of England do the

R EG. Usher, hteenth London 1910.

of the English Church, New York, 1910.

ENwtiHTEmIENT: J. G. Hibben The Philosophy of the Enlightenment, New
York, 1910.

Eassmvs: Erasmus Desiderius, Opus epistolarum Desiderii Erasmi Roterdams; denuo reeoq­nitum et auctum per P. S. Allen, vol. n., 1614 17, London and New York, 1910.

Emics: E. Darr, Grrundzitge der Ethik, Heidelberg, 1909.

B. Rand, The Classical Moralists. Selections from the (Treat Authors in the History of Ethics fi*n Socrates to Martineau, London,


EUCHAmT: M. Goguel, L'Eucharistie des origines

d Justin Martyr, Paris, 1910

A. Struclmoann, Die Eucharistielehre des heili 

gen Cyrill won Alexandrien, Paderborn, 1910.

EUBEHIUB of CASAIEA. Eptscults. Pars 1., Ep~a­tulas 1. L%%., ed. L 13ilberg, Vienna and Leipsic, 1910.

EuTrcaros of AL=•rmau: Annals", in CSCO,

vol. vii., part 2, 1909.

EvoruxioN: F. J. Hall, Evolution and the Fall, New York, 1910.

Exaoasm: W. H. K. Soames, Old T An

Attempt to Expm~nd some of the or

Obscure, or rosunderstood Tents, assages,

and Expressions in the New Testament, Lon­

don, 1910.

FtNP.oN: J. Lemaitre, FBruilon, Paris, 1910.

Fowrxa, C. H.: Patriotic Orations, 'ed for

Publicationb~ his Son C. H.•Fm~o

duction by J. `1 V. Hill, New York, 1910.

F$sNeis, SAm, or Assm: A. Bailly, The Divine Minstrels; a Narrative of the Lqe of St. Francis of Assisi with his Companwna, New York, 1910.

B. Berenson, A Sienese Painter of the Prancis­can Legend, New York, 1910 (the painter is Stefano Sassetta, and his subject was St. Francis).

FaamcssoNs: Fraternalism and the Church: by a

Devotee to both, Dowagiac, Mich., 1910.

FanNcH REVOLUTION: P. Pisani, LIglise de Paris

et la resolution, Paris, 1909.

Fay, E.: Georgina K. Lewis, Elizabeth Fry, Lon 

don, 1910.

Gaoaaa, ST.: C. S. Hulst, St. George of Cappadocia in Legend and History, London, 1910.

GNosnccism: F. Haase, see above, under Beawx­sexNS.

GOSPEL AND GosPELB: B. Bonkamp, Zur Evange­lienfrage, Monster, 1910.

V. H. Stanton, The Gospels as Historical Docu 

ments, part 2, The Synoptic Gospels, London, 1910.

Guaaosy VIL: A. H. Mathew, The Life and Times of Hildebrand, Pope Gregory VII., London, 1910.

HALL, A. C. A.: The Apostolic Ministry; a Charge . with Notes and Appendices, New York, 1910.

HAascoNms: J. M. Thompson, The Synaptic Gos­pels arranged in Parallel Columns, New York,


HyADLAm, A. C.: See above, ENGLAND, Cauaas or.

Hmmeaaws, Eruwla To: B. Weiss, Der Hebrder­brief in sedgeschacWieher Beleuchtung, Leip 

sic, 1910.

E. C. Wiekham, The Epistle to the Hebrews. With Introduction and Notes, London, 1910.

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Samuel macauley jackson, D. D., LL. D iconSamuel macauley jackson, D. D., LL. D

Samuel macauley jackson, D. D., LL. D iconSamuel macauley jackson, D. D., LL. D

Samuel macauley jackson, D. D., LL. D iconSamuel macauley jackson, D. D., LL. D

Samuel macauley jackson, D. D., LL. D iconSamuel macauley jackson, D. D., LL. D

Samuel macauley jackson, D. D., LL. D iconSamuel macauley jackson, D. D., LL. D

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