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I. VIII., and brings the literature down to July, 1910. In this list each title entry is printed in capital letters. It is to be noted that, throughout the work, in the articles as a rule only first editions are given. In the bibliographies the aim is to give either the best or the latest edition, and in case the book is published both in America and in some other country, the American place of issue is usually given the preference.

ArwcA: G. Simon, Islam and Christentum im %ampf um die Eroberung der animistischen Heidenwelt,
Berlin, 1910.

AXED, C. F.: The Lord's Prayer; its Meaning and Message for To day, New York, 1910.

ALExANDRIA: A. M. de Zogheb, etudes our l'an­cienne Alezandrie, Pans, 1909.

ANDREwEs, L.: D. MaeLeane, Lancelot Andrewes and the Reaction, London, 1910.

APOCRYPHA, O. T.: Die Esra Apokalypse (IV Ezra),

frt 1, Die Ueberlieferung, ed. B. Violet,


APOLOGETICS: K. Gutberlet, Gott and die Sch6p­Jung. Begrxlndung and Apologie der christli­then Weltaufassung, Regensburg, 1910

A. C. Headlam, History, Authority, and The­ology, Milwaukee, 1910.

P. M. Muir, Modern Substitutes for Christian­' , London, 1910.

F. . Schenck, Christian Evidences and Ethics, New York, 1910.

B. Scott, The Contents and Teachings of the Catacombs at Rome. A Vindication of pure and primitive Christianity and an Ex~ Posure of the Corruptions of Romanism: Derived from the sepulchral Remains of the early Christians, London, 1910.

G. Thomas, Christianity in Christ, vol. iv. of Anglican Church Handbooks, London, 1910.

Note also Ballard, underATHEIsM, below.

ARAM: S. Schiffer, Die Aramder. Historisch~geo­graphisehe Untersuchungen, Leipsie, 1910.

ARISTOTLE: H. Meyer, Der Entwicklungagedanke bei Aristoteles, Bonn, 1909.

C. Werner, Aristote et l'idealisme platonicien, Paris, 1910.

AssYRIA: F. Delitzseh, Asurbanipal and die assyrir ache Kultur seiner Zeit, Leipsie, 1910.

P. Dharme, La Religion assyro babylonienne, London, 1910.

L. W. King, History of Babylonia and Assyria from Prehistoric Times to the Persian Con, quest, 3 vols., London, 1909.

V. Scheil and J. E. Gautier, Annalea de Tukul­tininip 11., roi d'Assyrae 889 884, Paris, 1910.

W. H. Ward, The Seal Cylinders of Western Asia, Washington, D. C., 1910.

ATHEISM: F. Ballard, The Miracles of Unbelief, Edinburgh, 1910.

N. J. Laforet, Causes and Cure of Unbelief, ed. by Cardinal Gibbons, with
a chapteby

r the Rev. P. J. Ryan, Philadelphia, 1910.

ATONEMENT: J. B. Oldroyd, The Doctrine of the Atonement, ch4y as set forth in the Epistle to the Hebrews, London, 1910.

M. Scott, The Atonement, London, 1910.

BABYLONIA: P. Dharme, see above, AssYRIA.

L. W. King, A History of Sumer and Akkad: an Account of the early Races of Babylonia from prehistoric Times to the Poundatwn of the Babylonian Monarchy, London, 1910; see also above, AssYRIA.

BAPTISTS: M. T. Whitley, ed., Minutes of the Gen­eral Assembly of the General Baptist Churches in England, with kindred Records, London, 1909.

BARDESANES: F. Haase, Zur bardesanischen Gnosis, Potsdam, 1910.

BEET, J. A.: Holiness, Symbolic and Real: a Bible Study, London, 1910.

BELGIuM: T. F. Bumpus, The Cathedrals and Churches of Belgium, New York, 1910.

BIBLE TEXT: E. Konig, Hebrdisches and aramd­isches WBrterbuch zum Alten Testament, Leipsic, 1910.

Agnes Smith Lewis, Codex climaci rescriptus. Pragments of sixth Century Palestinian S

Texts of the Gospels, of the Acts of the p flea and of St. Paul's Epistles. Also Frag­ments of an early Palestinian Lectionary of the Old Testament, etc., Cambridge, 1909.

BIBLE VERSIONS: O. Procksch, Studien zur Ge­schwhte der Septuaginta: Die Propheten, Leipsic, 1910.

J. Wright, ht, Grammar of the Gothic Language

and ~ Gospel of St. Mark. Selections, from

the other ~spels and Timothy with Notes

and Glossary, London, 1910.

BIBLICAL CRITICISM: R. Kittel, Die alttestament­liche Wissenschaft in ihren wich~eten Ergeb­nissen mit Ber"gdehtigung des eligion8un­terrichts, Leipsic, 1910.

W. B. Riley, The Pinals of the Higher Cri& cism, or the Theory of Evolution and false Theology, Minneapolis, 1910.


BIsLIcAL THzOLOOY: J. Adams, Israel's Ideal; or, Studies in Old Testament Theolqpy, New York, 1910.

A. B. D. Alexander, The Ethics
of St. Paul, Glasgow, 1910.

G. R. Berry, The Old Testament among the Semitic Religions, Philadelphia, 1910.

C. Clemen, Die Entuheklung der christlichen

Religion innerhalb des Neuen Testaments,

Leipsic, 1908.

P. Fine, Theologie des Neuen Testaments, Leipsic, 1910.

U. Z. Rule, Old Testament Institutions: their Origin and Development, London, 1910.

A. J. Tait, Christ and the Nations. An Exam­ination of Old and New Testament Teaching, London, 1910.

D. Westphal, The Law and the Prophets; or, the Revelation of Jehovah in Hebrew History from the Earliest Times to the Capture of Jerusalem by Titus, New York, 1910.

BRABIuNmM: L. de La Villbe Poussin, Notions sur lei religions de 1'Inde. Le Brahmanisme, Paris, 1910.

S. Tattvabhusan, The Philosophy of Brahman­ism, Expounded with Reference to its His­tory, London, 1910

M. Walleser Der dlfere Vedanta Geachichte.

Kritik undr Lehm, Heidelberg, 1910.

BRAZIL: S. R. Gammon, The Evangelical Invasion oj Brazil; or, a half Century of Evangelical issions in the Land of the Southern Cross, Richmond, Va., 1910.

BUDDHISM: Psalms of the Early Buddhists. I. Psalms of the Sisters, by Mrs. R. Davids, London, 1910.

J. W. Sinha, The Singularity of Buddhism, London, 1910.

CANON OF Tim BIBLE: L. Dennerfeld, Der altteata­mentliche Kanon der antiochenischen Kirche. Evariatus Radus, Die Menachenopfer der alien Hebrder and der benachbarten Volker, in Biblisehe Studien, Freiburg, 1910.

CARTHAGE, SYNODS OF: On the chronology consult the Fr. transl. of Hefele's Conciliengeschichte, i. 1088 1124, Paris, 1907.

H. van Soden, Sentential L%%%VII Epia­coporum: Das Protokoll der Synods roan

Karthago am 1. September, 866, Gdtdngen, 1909.

CARTwRIOHT, P.: P. M. Walters, Peter Cartwright, New York, 1910.

CATHARINQs, A.: J. Schweizer, Ambrosius Cathar­

inus Politus ( 1668), sin Theolote des

Reformationszeitalters. Sein Leben and seine

Schriften, Munster, 1910.

CRLIBAcY: Note should be made of the disserta­tion on conciliar legislation concerning celi­bacy in the Fr. transl. of Hefele's Concilien­gesehichte, ii. 1320 48, Paris, 1908.

CRlmc CauRcH: D. Davies, The Ancient Celtic Church of Wales: Where is it F London, 1910.

C86LLONER, R.: E. H. Burton, The Lkfe and Times Bishop Challoner, 1691 17'81, 2 vols., London, 1910.

CmIVA: W. Grubs,
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Samuel macauley jackson, D. D., LL. D iconSamuel macauley jackson, D. D., LL. D

Samuel macauley jackson, D. D., LL. D iconSamuel macauley jackson, D. D., LL. D

Samuel macauley jackson, D. D., LL. D iconSamuel macauley jackson, D. D., LL. D

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