Carroll community college

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JULY 2009


KF 3941 S678 2009

Gun control : a documentary and reference guide

KF 4548.5 O97 2009

The Oxford guide to United States Supreme Court decisions

KFM 1395 A73 G6 2000

Gilbert, Richard P.

Maryland tort law handbook

LB 2338 S36 2009

Scholarship handbook 2010.

QC 21.3 B56 2010

How things work : the physics of everyday life


B 53 H3513 2003

Heidegger, Martin, 1889-1976.

What is philosophy?

B 63 P6 1966

Popper, Karl R, (Karl

The open society and its enemies

B 570 E5 O27 1993


The essential Epicurus : letters, principal doctrines, Vatican sayings and fragments

B 945 D41 G68 1994

Dewey, John, 1859-1952.

The moral writings of John Dewey

B 1545 Z7 R37 2009

Raphael, D.D.

The impartial spectator :Adam Smith’s moral philosophy

B 1649 P64 A38 2002

Popper, Karl R. (Karl

Unended quest : an intellectual autobiography

B 1649 R91 P547 2000

Russell, Bertrand, 1872-1970.

Russell on ethics : selections from the writings of Bertrand Russell

B 2599 G63 S74 2006

Stewart, Matthew, 1963-

The courtier and the heretic : Leibniz, Spinoza, and the fate of God in the modern world

BF 1091 F58 2000

Flanagan, Owen J.

Dreaming souls : sleep, dreams, and the evolution of the conscious mind

BL 245 W66 1999

Wilson, A. N., 1950-

God's funeral

BL 2018.5 G85 P42 2008

Sikh Missionary Center.

Pearls of Sikhism : [peace, justice & equality]

BL 2018.5 G85 S55 1990

Sikh religion

BR 65 A62 A95 2006

Mann, William E., 1940-

Augustine's Confessions : critical essays

BR 65 A9 A84 2006

Kennedy, Robert Peter.

Augustine and literature

BR 123 L484 2001

Lewis, C. S. (Clive Staples)

Mere Christianity; a revised and amplified edition

BS 652 I58 2001

Pennock, Robert T.

Intelligent design : creationism and its critics : philosophical, theological and scientific perspectives

BT 732.7 L48 2001

Lewis, C. S. (Clive Staples)

The problem of pain.

BX 4700 T4 A2 1957

Teresa, of Avila, Saint,

The life of Saint Teresa

BX 7233 E42 S47 2005

Edwards, Jonathan

Sermons of Jonathan Edwards

D 16.8 M251 2009

MacMillan, Margaret, 1943-

Dangerous games : the uses and abuses of history

D 521 S855 2009

Stone, Norman, 1941-

World War One

E 163 C7 2000

Commager, Henry Steele,

The empire of reason : how Europe imagined and America realized the enlightenment

E 184.7 I53 2007

Griffin, Farah Jasmine

Inclusive scholarship : developing Black studies in the United States

E 332 B787

Brodie, Fawn McKay

Thomas Jefferson, an intimate history

E 839.5 B53 1996

Medhurst, Martin J.

Beyond the rhetorical presidency

F 415.3 M39 W66 2003

McDougal, Susan.

The woman who wouldn't talk

F 2329 N45 2009

Nelson, Brian A.

The silence and the scorpion : the coup against Chávez and the making of modern Venezuela

GF 78 B57 2008

Black, David S.

Living off the grid : a simple guide to creating and maintaining

GN 281.4 E374 2000

Ehrlich, Paul R.

Human natures : genes, cultures, and the human prospect

GT 2850 S73 2009

Standage, Tom.

An edible history of humanity

GV 706.3 Z56 2009

Zimniuch, Fran.

Crooked : a history of cheating in sports

HB 161 S65 1981

Smith, Adam, 1723-1790.

An inquiry into the nature and causes of the wealth of nations

HB 501 F7 1982

Friedman, Milton, 1912-2006.

Capitalism and freedom.

HB 501 F72 1990

Friedman, Milton, 1912-2006.

Free to choose : a personal statement

HB 3722 P67 2009

Posner, Richard A.

A failure of capitalism : the crisis of '08 and the descent into depression

HD 69 T54 H665 2008

Kimmel, Jean.

How do we spend our time? : evidence from the American time use

HD 2321 N37 2009

Nardo, Don

Industrial Revolution : social and economic effects

HD 9696.8 U64 S436 2009

Mahar, Sue Martin.

The unofficial guide to building your business in the Second Life virtual world

HF 5381.15 F3618 2009

Farr, J. Michael.

50 best jobs for your personality

HM 435 L46 2005

Lemert, Charles C., 1937-

Social things : an introduction to the sociological life

HQ 766.15 B57 2009

Rosenthal, Beth, 1964-

Birth control

HQ 775 P66 2000

Pollack, William S.

Real boys' voices

HQ 1236 H46 2007

Hepburn, Stephanie, 1977-

Women's roles and statuses the world over

HQ 1426 C48 2008

Chinn, Peggy L.

Peace and power : creative leadership for building community

HT 392.5 C45 B3 2007

Maryland. Chesapeake Bay

Bay smart : a citizen's guide to Maryland's Critical Area Program

HV 95 U25 2009

Roush, Margaret.

U.S. national debate topic 2009-2010 : social services for the

HV 5822 A5 I84 2008

Iversen, Leslie L.

Speed, ecstasy, ritalin : the science of amphetamines

HV 6439 U5 G3586 2009

Soliz, Adela


HV 7911 H6 G46 1991

Gentry, Curt

J. Edgar Hoover : the man and the secrets

HV 9104 S448 2005

Shoemaker, Donald J.

Juvenile justice : a reference handbook

HX 36 B74 2009

Brown, Archie, 1938-

The rise and fall of communism

JC 423 M45 2009

Mencken, H. L. (Henry Louis)

Notes on democracy

JK 154 2001


The Federalist : a commentary on the Constitution of the United States

JK 216 C72 1981

Cooper, James Fenimore

The American democrat

JV 6271 D53 2006

Giugni, Marco.

Dialogues on migration policy

K 230 P665 O95 1995

Posner, Richard A.

Overcoming law

KF 224 S3 M46 2006

Mencken, H. L. (Henry Louis)

A religious orgy in Tennessee : a reporter's account of the Scopes monkey trial

KF 228 K589 L43 2008

Lebo, Lauri.

The devil in Dover : an insider's story of dogma v. Darwin in small town America

KF 4550 H66 1987

Hook, Sidney, 1902-1989.

Paradoxes of freedom

KF 4772 D46 2008

DeMint, Jim.

Why we whisper : restoring our right to say it's wrong

KF 8745 S33 S73 2006

Staab, James Brian.

The political thought of Justice Antonin Scalia : a Hamiltonian on the Supreme Court

KF 8910 B869 2009

Burns, Robert P., 1947-

The death of the American trial

LB 1050 F573 2005

Fischer, Steven Roger.

A history of reading

LB 1139.5 A78 A48 2003

Althouse, Rosemary

The colors of learning

LB 1139.5 R43 A45 2009

Allyn, Pam.

What to read when : the books and stories to read with your child and all the best times to read them

LB 1775.2 W494 2005

Nieto, Sonia.

Why we teach

LB 2342 C633 2009

College Entrance Examination

College Board getting financial aid 2010

LB 2367.4 L83 2009

Lurie, Karen, 1965-

Cracking the GRE : with DVD

LB 2822.6 B78 2009

Bruno, Holly Elissa.

Leading on purpose : emotionally intelligent early childhood administration

LC 1099.3 D47 2006

Derman-Sparks, Louise.

What if all the kids are white? : anti-bias multicultural education with young children and families

ML 3477 W35 2009

Wald, Elijah.

How the Beatles destroyed rock 'n' roll : an alternative history

ML 3532.5 R44 2009

Rivera, Raquel Z.


NA 737 G44 A35 2009

Isenberg, Barbara (Barbara S.)

Conversations with Frank Gehry

NC 1002 S54 G53 2009

Gibson, David, 1950-

The wayfinding handbook : information design for public places

ND 237 F87 A4 2009

Momin, Shamim, 1973-

Barnaby Furnas

ND 2575 P28 2009

Pappalardo, Umberto, 1949-

The splendor of Roman wall painting

P 140 F57 2005

Fischer, Steven Roger.

A history of language

PA 6522 A2 1982

Ovid, 43 B.C.-17 or 18 A.D.

The erotic poems

PL 856 U673 A23 2006

Murakami, Haruki, 1949-

Blind window, sleeping woman : twenty-four stories

PN 2058 G66 2008

Goodall, Jane R.

Stage presence

PQ 1537 A36 1970

Béroul, 12th cent.

The romance of Tristan; and, The tale of Tristan's madness

PQ 2435 D4 E5 1975

Stendhal, 1783-1842.


PQ 6672 I37 B3713 2004

Vila-Matas, Enrique, 1948-

Bartleby & Co.

PQ 8098.12 O38 D4813 2008

Bolaño, Roberto, 1953-2003.

The savage detectives

PR 1184 L58 2007

Rubin, Robert Alden, 1958-

Love poetry out loud

PR 2894 B28 2009

Bate, Jonathan

Soul of the age : a biography of the mind of William Shakespeare

PR 4037 C75 1998

White, Laura Mooneyham.

Critical essays on Jane Austen

PR 4453 C4 Z725 2009

Milbank, Alison, 1954-

Chesterton and Tolkien as theologians : the fantasy of the real

PR 4453 C4 Z7635 2009

Stapleton, Julia.

Christianity, patriotism, and nationhood : the England of G.K. Chesterton

PR 6039 O32 L6 1993

Tolkien, J. R. R.

The fellowship of the ring : being the first part of The lord of the rings

PR 6051 M5 H68 2007

Amis, Martin.

House of meetings

PR 6052 A6488 L54 2008

Barker, Pat, 1943-

Life class

PR 6052 A729 L66 2005

Barry, Sebastian, 1955-

A long long way

PR 6056 A89 H85 2005

Faulks, Sebastian.

Human traces : a novel

PR 6056 O45 W67 2007

Follett, Ken.

World without end

PR 6063 C335 Z42 2006

McCann, Colum, 1965-

Zoli : a novel

PR 6063 C4 O6 2007

McEwan, Ian.

On Chesil Beach

PR 6068 U757 S47 2005

Rushdie, Salman.

Shalimar the Clown : a novel

PR 9199.3 B3769 L39 2006

Behrens, Peter, 1954-

The law of dreams : a novel

PS 551 B49

Ravenel, Shannon.

New stories from the South : the year's best

PS 1449 C85 Z548

Bassan, Maurice.

Stephen Crane; a collection of critical essays.

PS 3551 U77 B66 2002

Auster, Paul, 1947-

The book of illusions : a novel

PS 3551 U77 T73

Auster, Paul, 1947-

Travels in the scriptorium

PS 3552 E517 S69 2004

Bell, Madison Smartt.

The stone that the builder refused

PS 3552 L6378 A95 2007

Bloom, Amy, 1953-

Away : a novel

PS 3553 H4367 L33 2004

Chevalier, Tracy.

The lady and the unicorn

PS 3554 A935 M43 2009

Davis, L. J. (Lawrence J.)

A meaningful life

PS 3554 E4425 F36 2007

DeLillo, Don.

Falling man : a novel

PS 3556 O713 L39 2006

Ford, Richard, 1944-

The lay of the land

PS 3563 C337 R63 2006

McCarthy, Cormac, 1933-

The road

PS 3566 Y55 A73 2006

Pynchon, Thomas.

Against the day

PS 3568 O855 E94 2006

Roth, Philip.


PS 3568 O855 E95 2007

Roth, Philip.

Exit ghost

PS 3568 U812 B75 2007

Russo, Richard, 1949-

Bridge of sighs

PS 3570 H4 B55 2005

Theroux, Paul.

Blinding light

PS 3570 Y45 D47 2006

Tyler, Anne.

Digging to America : a novel

PS 3571 P4 T44 2006

Updike, John.


PS 3571 P4 W48 2008

Updike, John.

The widows of Eastwick

PS 3611 R38 H57 2005

Krauss, Nicole.

The history of love

PT 2635 I65 A2 2005

Rilke, Rainer Maria,

Pictures of God : Rilke's religious poetry including "The life of the Virgin Mary”

Q 158.5 D977 2006

Dyson, Freeman J.

The scientist as rebel

Q 171 F385 1999

Feynman, Richard Phillips.

The pleasure of finding things out : the best short works of Richard P. Feynman

Q 171 H9 2006

Huxley, Thomas Henry,

Evolution and ethics and other essays

QA 43 M868 2007

McGraw-Hill’s conquering GRE/GMAT math

QA 76.73 J38 B63 2009

Böck, Heiko.

The definitive guide to Netbeans Platform

QC 33 I8 2001

Pizzo, Joe, 1939-

Interactive physics demonstrations : a collection of Deck the Halls columns and other articles reprinted from The Physics Teacher 1972 - 2001

QC 33 S8 2003

Sutton, Richard Manliffe

Demonstration experiments in physics

QC 53 A66 1998

Mamola, Karl C.

Apparatus for teaching physics : a collection of "Apparatus for

QC 174.12 S896 2008

Susskind, Leonard.

The black hole war : my battle with Stephen Hawking to make the world safe for quantum mechanics

QC 363 G66 2000

Goodman, Douglas Seymore.

Optics demonstrations with the overhead projector

QC 903 C56 2009

Letcher, T. M. (Trevor M.)

Climate change : observed impacts on planet Earth

QH 87.3 H87 2001

Hurd, Barbara.

Stirring the mud : on swamps, bogs, and human imagination

QH 361 D39 2004

Dawkins, Richard, 1941-

The ancestor's tale : a pilgrimage to the dawn of evolution

QH 375 A93 2007

Ayala, Francisco José, 1934-

Darwin's gift to science and religion

QK 100 A1 S74 2009

Stewart, Amy.

Wicked plants : the weed that killed Lincoln's mother & other botanical atrocities

QP 38 G657 2009

Gonzalez-Crussi, F.

Carrying the heart : exploring the worlds within us

QP 376 B755 2006

Brizendine, Louann, 1952-

The female brain

R 853 H8 U846 2003

Goodman, Jordan.

Useful bodies : humans in the service of medical science in the twentieth century

RC 117 K38 2003

Kaufmann, Doug A., 1949-

The fungus link. Volume 2, Tracking the cause

RC 480.8 C4 2007

Celenza, Andrea, 1954-

Sexual boundary violations : therapeutic, supervisory, and academic contexts

RJ 386.5 O27 2009

O'Brien, Robyn.

The unhealthy truth : how our food is making us sick-- and what we can do about it

RJ 506 A9 J326 2002

Jackson, Luke, 1988-

Freaks, geeks and asperger syndrome : a user guide to adolescence

RJ 506 A9 S99 2004

Szatmari, Peter.

A mind apart : understanding children with autism and Asperger Syndrome

RM 222.2 P76 2008

Privitera, Gregory J.

The psychological dieter : it's not all about the calories

RT 42 B83 2006

Buresh, Bernice, 1941-

From silence to voice : what nurses know and must communicate to the public

RT 50.5 N8696 2008

American Nurses Association.

Nursing informatics : scope and standards of practice.

RT 62 R26 2010

Ramont, Roberta Pavy

Comprehensive nursing care

T 385 B473 2009 DVD

The best of Photoshop user, the eleventh year

TD 175 J445 2009

Jensen, Derrick

What we leave behind

TP 248.65 F66 R66 2008

Ronald, Pamela C.

Tomorrow's table : organic farming, genetics, and the future of food

TP 339 N49 2008

Chesapeake Bay Commission.

Next-generation biofuels : taking the policy lead for the nation


LB 1025.2 N48 no.118 2009

Kreber, Carolin.

Internationalizing the curriculum in higher education

LB 2328 N48 no.146 2009

Romano, Richard M.

Occupational outlook for community college students

LB 2328.15 U6 U6 U6 2009

Cejda, Brent D.

Undergraduate research at community colleges

LB 2341 N48 no.146 2009

Meyer, Katrina Anne

Lessons learned from virtual universities


N 6853 B57 A4 2009

Bonnard, Pierre, 1867-1947.

Pierre Bonnard : the late still lifes and interiors

ND 553 C33 M334 2008 v.1-2

Machotka, Pavel.

Cezanne : la sensation à l'œuvre = the eye and the mind

ND 623 B25 L56 2008

Lingo, Stuart, 1964-

Federico Barocci : allure and devotion in late Renaissance


VHS 1410 Harold and Maude

DVD 482 John Brown’s holy war

DVD 512 The Lost year : the untold story of the year following the

crisis at Central High School


Carroll community college iconCarroll community college

Carroll community college iconCarroll community college

Carroll community college iconCarroll community college

Carroll community college iconFor this assignment, I chose to focus on the journalism collection in the academic library at Cayuga Community College in Auburn, N. Y. Cayuga Community College

Carroll community college iconHaywood Community College

Carroll community college iconMadisonville Community College

Carroll community college iconGlendale Community College

Carroll community college iconMetropolitan community college

Carroll community college iconNaugatuck Valley Community College

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