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Dr. Albert Davydov Page one of two

Albert V. Davydov, Ph.D.

Office Address:

National Inst. of Standards and Tech. (NIST)

100 Bureau Dr., Stop 8555

Gaithersburg, MD 20899

Phone / Fax: (301) 975-4916 / (301) 975-4553


QUALIFICATIONS SUMMARY: 20+ years experience in synthesis, processing and characterization of electronic materials. Comprehensive knowledge and expertise in a) nanowire growth, thin film deposition and bulk crystal growth techniques; b) metallization to wide-band-gap semiconductors; c) structural characterization of nanowires, films and bulk crystals; d) experimental and computational study of phase equilibria.

INSTRUMENTATIONAL SKILLS: Growth systems: HVPE, MOCVD, Bridgman, e-beam deposition; XRD; SEM; EBSD; AFM; DTA; Electrical characterization: 4-point probe, Hall


National Institute of Standards and Technology

Materials Research Scientist (2005 – present)

Guest Scientist (1997-2004)

+ Research Associate at the University of Maryland

Dept. Mat. Sci. & Eng., College Park, MD (2000-2005)

Initiated projects on wide-band-gap compound semiconductors and other electronic materials:

  • Conducted growth, metallization and characterization of ZnO, GaN and Si nanowires and devices

  • Developed combinatorial approach for optimization of electrical contacts to GaN thin films

  • Evaluated thermal stability of gallium nitride thin films in various ambients and assessed Pressure-Temperature-Composition Phase Diagram of the Ga-N system

  • Assessed crystalline quality, composition and strain in MOCVD & HVPE AlxGa1-xN thin films

  • Conducted structural characterization of Te, VO2 and TiO2 nanowires, and Fe1-xCoxSi2, Hf1-xTixO2 and Hf1-xSixO2 thin films

  • Participated in the development of the thermodynamic database for commercial superalloys:

Assessed phase diagrams and thermochemistry of the Co-Mo and Co-Ti systems

Chem. Eng. Dept., University of Florida, Gainesville, FL

Assistant Scientist (1997-2000)

Postdoctoral Research Associate (1993-1997)

Conducted research on visible light emitting materials and injection devices:

  • Operated and troubleshooted MOCVD system for making thin film semiconductors.

  • Conducted experiments on: a) MOCVD growth and characterization of Zn(Mg)S and ZnCdS heterostructures, and quantum confined Si/ZnS nanostructures for optoelectronic applications, b) initial deposition studies of Si, ZnS and SrS.

  • Conducted project on assessment of thermochemical and phase diagram data in the III-V, II-VI, and I-III-VI systems, aimed at optimization of the growth conditions for selected compound semiconductors, such as GaAs, GaN, ZnS and CuInSe2.

  • Trained and coordinated graduate students in MOCVD growth and phase diagram assessment.

  • Assisted in teaching chemical thermodynamics course for undergraduate students: lecturing and supervising the ASPEN computer project on VLE equilibria.

Engineering Materials Dept., Mappin St., Univ. of Sheffield, Sheffield (UK)

Invited Researcher (on leave from Moscow State University) (1992-1993)

Accomplished Royal Society fellowship program on thermodynamic evaluation of materials for electronic application:

  • Optimized thermodynamic description of the Zn-Te system and evaluated limiting growth conditions for the ZnTe compound semiconductor.

  • Contributed to calorimetric studies of selected high-Tc superconductor phases.

Chemistry Dept., University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI

Visiting Assistant Professor (on leave from Moscow State University) (1992)

Developed process for varying electronic properties of II/VI based chemical sensors by thermal treatment of CdS, CdSe crystals in a controlled gas atmosphere.

Chemistry Dept., Moscow State University, Moscow (RUSSIA)

Assistant Professor (1991-1993)

Researcher (1987-1991)

Conducted research on synthesis and characterization of narrow band gap semiconductors for optoelectronic applications:

  • Synthesized and characterized bulk single crystals of III-VI and IV-VI materials by liquid-solid and vapor-solid techniques for use in active elements of IR-detectors.

  • Investigated phase equilibria in the metal-chalcogenide systems: In-Tl-X (X= Se, Te) and Tl-Bi-Te, in search for new alloy semiconductors with variable band gap.

  • Evaluated thermochemistry and phase diagram data in the metal-chalcogenide systems, directed at optimization of crystal growth conditions for compound semiconductors.

Teaching: taught general and inorganic chemistry courses for undergraduate students


Ph.D. Inorganic Chemistry, Moscow State University, Russia (1989)

M.S. Chemistry, Moscow State University, Russia (1984)


“25 Most Innovative Products (GaN Nanowire Nanolights)” Award

by R&D Magazine and Micro/Nano Newsletter (to NIST team) (2006)

Award of International Centre for Diffraction Data (ICDD) (2003)

Best Paper Award on ‘Phase Diagram Assessment’ from APDIC (2001)

Royal Society Fellowship Award, UK (1992-1993)

University of Wisconsin Visiting Scholarship, USA (1992)

PROFESSIONAL Head of the Semiconductor Task Group for the International Centre for AFFILIATIONS: Diffraction Data (ICDD)

Member: American Association for Crystal Growth

Reviewer: NSF, CRDF and peer-reviewed journals

Associate Editor: Journal of Mining and Metallurgy

OTHER SKILLS: Fluent in English and Russian languages; knowledge of the statistical and

specialized scientific (ThermoCalc, MTDATA) software packages

PUBLICATIONS: see Appendix attached

RECORD of GRANTS and COTRACTS for the past 15 years:

  1. Semiconductor nanowires for sensorics, opto/electronics and energy applications

Project Leader; Sponsor: NIST, 2007 - present

  1. Growth and metallization of semiconductor nanowires

Sponsor: NIST, 2004 - 2007

  1. Combinatorial development of electrical contacts to n- and p-GaN semiconductor

Sponsor: NIST/University of Maryland, 2003-2004

  1. Metallurgy of the electrical contacts to wide-band-gap semiconductors

Sponsor: NIST/University of Maryland, 2000-2003

  1. Evaluation of phase diagrams for selected electronic materials and metal alloys

Sponsor: NIST/University of Florida, 1999/00

  1. Thermodynamic evaluation and calculation of phase diagrams for Co-Mo and selected Ni-based alloys. Sponsor: NIST/University of Florida, 1997/99

  2. Bulk crystal growth and epitaxy of compound semiconductors for visible light emitters. Sponsor: NRC/COBASE, 1995/96

  3. Assessment of the thermochemistry and phase diagrams for selected wide band gap compound semiconductors. Sponsor: Stand. Reference Data Program, NIST, 1994/95


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