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Health Care



Welcome to the NHS HNC partnership Healthcare course!

This Handbook is intended to give you some important introductory information about your HNC Health Care. Please read this Handbook carefully and don’t hesitate to ask if there is anything you are unsure of.

You will receive more specific information about each of the units you will be studying from your subject lecturers as you begin your programme. We want to support you to become an increasingly independent learner in your time on the HNC Healthcare course, so please be proactive in asking for information, help and support as you need it.

All the staff on the HNC Healthcare wish you well with your studies and hope that you find your programme enjoyable, challenging and rewarding.

About Your Programme

This course develops knowledge and skills relevant to a career or further study in health care. It is ideal for people returning to education after a gap, or for young people who wish to further their qualifications. It provides underpinning knowledge for Level 8 Care courses.

Who’s Who?

The programme you are undertaking is part of the Department of Department of Care, Social Sciences & Early Education.

The Curriculum Quality Leader (CQL) responsible for your programme is Parvin Morrissey. The role of the CQL is to coordinate and manage the delivery of your programme.

The Learner Development Worker (LDW) within the Department is Derek Keenan. The role of the LDW is to provide you with support and guidance to help you get the most out of your programme.

The Extended Learning Support (ELS) contacts within the Department are Rhonda Johnston, Anne Feeney (Falkirk, Stirling), Terry Ralph, Christine Muirhead (Falkirk) and Jean McKinley (Clacks). The role of the ELS contact is to help you identify and access any additional support you may need.

Your Course Tutor is Cheryl Cuthbert.

A range of lecturing staff will be working with you on your programme and you will meet them during induction and in the first weeks of your programme.

Department Of

Care, Social Sciences and Early Education

How to Contact your Lecturers

Forth Valley College has 3 campuses: Alloa, Falkirk and Stirling. The health care lecturers work between the 3 campuses and some members of staff are also regularly out of College working on various projects.

The best way to stay in touch with your lecturers is to attend your scheduled classes. You can contact them at other times by:

  • Telephone – the health care team are available at the Clackmannan campus on 01259 215321, the Falkirk campus on 01324 403076, and the Stirling campus on 01786 406093. Voice mail is available on all the phones.

  • Email. Staff email addresses are as follows:

For example, Parvin Morrissey’s email address would be:

Progression within Health Care:

Level 5

NQ Int 2 Health Care


Level 6 Social or Child Care courses

Level 5/6

Access to Nursing Course


Diploma in nursing or degree in midwifery

HNC in HC or SC

Level 6

NQ H Health Care


HNC in Health Care, Social Care, Applied Science.

Diploma or degree in a relevant subject.

Level 7

HNC Health Care


Diploma (1st or 2nd year)


Introduction to the Course

The HNC in Health Care is designed to meet the needs of the workplace and to provide workers and potential workers with the knowledge, values and skills relevant to health care. The structure of the HNC enables candidates to apply for direct articulation into the Branch Programmes of Nursing Diplomas and Degrees. The HNC shares learning outcomes with Nursing Common Foundation Programmes and covers the theory and practical experience needed to enter nursing Branch Programmes. Throughout the course you will be encouraged to take responsibility for your own learning and to start to develop the skills and qualities that you will need for professional registration.

The Programme

The nursing and Midwifery Council approved HNC Health Care consists of 12 credits. To achieve a unit you must produce satisfactory evidence to show that they have the knowledge and skills required in the unit specification.

At the end of the course, you will receive a certificate identifying each unit completed successfully and if all units have been achieved you will receive the group award of ‘HNC in Health Care’.

Theory and Practice

As stated above, the content of this programme has been matched against the Common Foundation Programme (CFP) for Nursing. As with the CFP, 50% of the programme is given over to theory and 50% to practice based on approximately 1520 hours for year 1.

As an HNC/NHS students you agree to allocate approximately 10 – 12 hrs a week of your own time for private or directed study to enable you to make up the theory hours.

As an HNC/NHS student you should be allowed to study 2.5 days per week from the beginning of September until the end of June during College term time. In practice this will work out at 2 days one week and 3 days the next. You should not be required to attend your normal workplace on these days. You will carry out a 10 day Alternative Practice Placement on the extra day per fortnight. You may also request access to a learning opportunity in a different area. This should be discussed, negotiated and agreed with your manager, student mentor and Practice Education Facilitator.

The taught component of the programme is completed at the end of June. You will then return to your ward full time. Students already in a mental health setting will get the chance to experience work within another area.

Absence Reporting

Theory is taught on Monday and Tuesday in College. You will be asked to confirm your attendance in a sign-in book. If you are unable to attend you should notify both college staff and your workplace manager. It is essential that you know and comply with your own NHS organisational policy in relation to absence reporting.

Programme Content

Unit Number

Unit Title



DR3P 34

Physiology for Health Care Professionals



DR3T 34

Psychology and Sociology in Health Care



F0K8 34

Principles of Health Care Practice



F0KA 34

Health Care Practice Experience



F0K9 34

Calculations and Practical Techniques in Health Care



DR3N 34

Health Care Policy



DR3R 34

Positive Health Care for Individuals



F0KF 34

Health Care: Graded Unit



F0KB 33

Physiology of the Reproductive System





Higher National Unit Specifications
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Department Of Care, Social Sciences and Early Education iconDepartment: Social and Behavioral Sciences

Department Of Care, Social Sciences and Early Education iconDepartment: Social and Behavioral Sciences

Department Of Care, Social Sciences and Early Education iconDepartment of Social and Decision Sciences

Department Of Care, Social Sciences and Early Education iconFaculty of health, psychology and social care department of continuing professional development and postgraduate studies

Department Of Care, Social Sciences and Early Education iconDepartment of Mathematics, College of Education for Applied Sciences

Department Of Care, Social Sciences and Early Education iconHealth & Social Work Diploma in Higher Education Adult Nursing, & Operating Department Practice (plymouth) Induction Information

Department Of Care, Social Sciences and Early Education iconGuide to the Education and Care Services National Law and the Education and Care Services National Regulations 2011

Department Of Care, Social Sciences and Early Education iconAssociate Professor, Doctor of social sciences (economics) V. Peleckiene, Doctor of social sciences (economics) J. Paunksniene
Потенциал вуза, сопоставляемый с реально действующей системой факторов, позволяет осуществлять переход из статического состояния...
Department Of Care, Social Sciences and Early Education iconFaculty of health, psychology and social care

Department Of Care, Social Sciences and Early Education iconTopic 2: Confidentiality in health and social care

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