Technology Resources for Struggling Students and Students with Disabilities

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НазваниеTechnology Resources for Struggling Students and Students with Disabilities
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Technology Resources for Struggling Students and Students with Disabilities

Table of Contents

Universal Design for Learning 2

North Star 4

Accessible Instructional Materials 6

Reading 8

Writing/Publishing 10

Math 12

Science 14

Creative Media 16

Virtual Instruction/elearning 18

Computer Access 22

FCAT Accommodations 24

Assistive Technology Competencies 26

Florida Technology Services 28

Digital version of this booklet

Universal Design for Learning (UDL)

Universal design as used in IDEA is based on the definition found in the Assistive Technology Act of 1998. [Section 3(17)]

“The term 'universal design' means a concept or philosophy for designing and delivering products and services that are usable by people with the widest possible range of functional capabilities, which include products and services that are directly accessible (without requiring assistive technologies) and products and services that are interoperable with assistive technologies."

UDL definition from

“Universal Design for Learning (UDL) is a framework for designing curricula that enable all individuals to gain knowledge, skills, and enthusiasm for learning. UDL provides rich supports for learning and reduces barriers to the curriculum while maintaining high achievement standards for all.”

Adapted from the Universal Design for Learning Guidelines v1.0. Download the complete UDL Guidelines Graphic Organizer at

Universal Design for Learning provides an excellent framework for curriculum design and technology infusion. Use the following resources to learn more about UDL and how you and your school can use UDL as a guide for technology integration in the classroom.

  1. UDL Guidelines Graphic Organizer - . visual guide to the basics of UDL

  2. UDL Guidelines - . guidelines to help in designing flexible curricula.

  3. UDL Toolkits - . online resources to help educators understand and apply UDL principles in the classroom

  4. UDL Guidelines Blog - . a forum for educators and education stakeholders

  5. AT and UDL - . great collection of information and ideas on teaching every student

  6. Computer Based Study Strategies - . excellent resource on strategies that benefit all students

As you read through this booklet you will find a wealth of great software to help implement UDL in your classroom. Here are just a few examples.

Digital Text Tools – Text-to-speech tools give students the option of hearing digital text read aloud

  1. CLiCk, Speak - . a Firefox browser extension that adds text-to-speech . students can hear web pages read aloud

  2. Accessibar - . a Firefox browser extension that adds visual accommodation tools and text-to-speech

  3. ReadingBar – . adds text-to-speech to Internet Explorer on Windows so web pages can be read out loud and saved to audio . it also includes a feature that will enlarge the graphics and text on a web page (see illustration)

  4. Natural Reader – . a free Win text-to-speech utility. add to Adobe Reader and your computer can read PDF files aloud . use with a web browser and the Internet "talks"

Memory/Information Management Tools – These tools give students a way to record thoughts and ideas as well as a way to manage assignments

  1. Aspire (Mac) - . broad goal oriented brainstorming and plan review software . includes some interesting tools for visually sorting information by importance

  2. Evernote (Win . Mac) - . inexpensive information management software

  3. NoteBook (Mac) - . inexpensive information management software

  4. OmniOutliner (Mac) - . one of the best idea organizers and writing tools on the Macintosh. the Pro version includes the ability to record audio with the notes

  5. Assignment Calculator - . free web tool. students can input starting and ending dates for writing a paper and this tool will create a calendar of activities to help them stay on track

Most interactive whiteboards (Smart, Activboard), include screen capture "notebooks" that are great memory tools when used on individual student's computers as well as with a class.

Graphics/Video Tools – Graphics and videos give students additional ways to “write” and present information in a classroom

  1. Flip - . an inexpensive video camera that is user friendly and includes built-in software to email videos or publish them online

  2. Jing Project (Win . Mac) - . free screen capture and screen recorder software

  3. CamStudio (Win) - . free open source screen recording software to record to an avi file any computer activity

  4. Screenium (Mac) - . inexpensive screen and audio recorder for making quality training videos

  5. Camtasia (Win) - . excellent set of screen recording to video tools with extensive choices for final video format

The North Star Guide to Technology Planning

As a framework for the infusion of technology in the classroom, the North Star Guide is similar to Universal Design for Learning (UDL) in that they are both student centric and share a goal of the student as an expert and lifelong learner. However, while UDL focuses on a highly flexible curriculum design to help all students achieve and be enthusiastic about learning, the North Star Guide focuses on the emotional relevance of the curriculum to each student. Under the North Star Guide, technology tools are divided into six overall categories. You will find many technology ideas in this booklet to help your students find their North Star.

View the North Star Guide at

North Star Resources

  1. The North Star Story - . a great online story that affirms the individuality of the journey each student takes. a book version can also be ordered

  2. The North Star Overview - . an overview of some of the online resources available at the North Star website

  3. North Star Mini Posters - . free mini posters to download and use in the classroom, “aimed at encouraging life-long learning, diversity appreciation, creative thinking, positive school communities, and more!”

  4. FableVision Educator Resources - . activities and clip art to help provide the spark of inspiration

  5. FableVision Place - . interactive town with games, stories, and fun places to visit

FableVision Software

  1. Stationery Studio (Win . Mac) - . incredible program for creating writing guides and printed materials for grades K-5. download a demo version from the website

  2. Essay Express (Win . Mac) - . writing strategy software for grades 4-8

  3. BrainCogs (Win . Mac) - . learning strategies software for grades 4-8

  4. Animation-ish (Win . Mac) - . super animation software for students in grades K-up

Here’s a fun activity you can do to help you find your North Star. Then use it with your students. The online version is at

Answer each question below and rate the importance to you by small star for important, medium star for very important or big star for super important. Choose only one star per answer.

Who is important to you? _________________________________________

What special talent do you have? ___________________________________

What do you like to do? __________________________________________

What place has a special meaning to you? ____________________________

What else is important to you? _____________________________________

What do you hope to do someday? __________________________________

Now pick stars below to write your answers on using the largest stars for your super important answers, medium stars for very important answers, and the smallest stars for your important answers. This gives names to the stars in your sky. Consider how you might connect them to create your personal constellation.

Appropriate & Accessible Instructional Materials (AIM)

Students with disabilities who cannot read standard print effectively and are unable to meet grade level standards in reading fluency due to a disability require appropriate and accessible instructional materials to participate in and progress in the general curriculum. Teachers and schools should review the content, structure, and the presentation/media of any instructional materials to ensure they meet the individual needs of the student as well as curriculum objectives.

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