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© 2001 Netherlands Institute of Care and Welfare / NIZW

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Editorial board

Margriet-Marie Govaart

Henk Jan van Daal

Angelika Münz

Jolanda Keesom (final edit)

With the cooperation of:

Norbert Broenink, Esther Plemper, and Katja van Vliet (Verwey-Jonker Instituut)
Henk Kinds (Community Partnership Consultants)
International Association for Volunteer Effort (IAVE)

With contributions of:

Kenn Allen, Margaret Bell, Galina Bodrenkova, Maria Jesús Córdoba, Kirstin Sverdrup,
Piet Driest, Steven Howlett, Priya Lukka, Kan-Huyn Lee, Argelia Melo, Onny Prijono,
Menchita O. Caramat, Olga Sozanska, Jirˇí Tosˇner, and others

With financial support of:

Netherlands Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport (VWS)
VSB Fund


Tolkagentschap, Amsterdam


Hollandse Hoogte, Amsterdam p. 11, 102, 220, 223
ABC Press, Amsterdam p. 31, 40, 67, 122, 160, 199, 249


Krips, Meppel

ISBN 90-5050-832–4

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Volunteers: they make a difference everywhere !

Worldwide, billions of citizens are giving their time, talent, and energy to build strong communities, solve problems, and fight for safety, opportunity, and justice for all people.

All this volunteering is often taken for granted, so we don’t always realize the significance of their contribution to societies.

The huge contribution of volunteering to the economy, and especially to the social capital of societies, is invisible and one of the aims of the International Year of Volunteers 2001 is to change this. Volunteers and their organizations should be visible

to the world of governments, business, media, education, and research. Only then volunteers can get the recognition and support they need and deserve.

Volunteering worldwide makes a major contribution to this goal. The profiles of volunteering in 21 countries show us the diversity of volunteering, the cultural embedding of it, and most of all, the way in which volunteers make a difference: everywhere!

The Netherlands Institute of Care and Welfare / NIZW, the Verwey-Jonker Instituut, and Community Partnership Consultants have given inspired leadership to this work. They have led the research effort, recruited and coached the authors, edited drafts, translated Dutch, English, and other languages in which drafts were prepared. Special thanks go to Margriet-Marie Govaart, Henk-Jan van Daal, and Angelika Münz for their leadership. They have added greatly to the development of a global literature on volunteering.

IAVE, the International Association for Volunteer Effort, is particularly proud that members of its worldwide network contributed directly to many of the profiles – from providing background information, reviewing drafts prepared by others to actually authoring profiles. It is a reflection of the strength of the IAVE network that they could make such a contribution.

This publication is a first step to increase the visibility of volunteering worldwide: it is a good start of a process that should continue beyond the International Year of Volunteers.

Volunteering is the fundamental building block of civil society. Without people who are willing to be involved in their community, there are no NGO’s, no philanthropy, no responsible governments, no democracies.

This book will help you understand this, and even more important: it will challenge you to build support for volunteers.

Kenn Allen, Ed.D

World President IAVE

Theo van Loon

First vice-president IAVE


Introduction 9

Volunteering: What are we talking about? 13

Australia 25

Brazil 35

Canada 47

China 57

Colombia 65

Czech Republic 71

Egypt 85

France 97

Great Britain and Northern Ireland 109

Indonesia 119

Israel 129

Japan 135

Jordan 147

Kenya 157

Russia 169

South Africa 179

South Korea 195

Spain 205

The Netherlands 213

United States 229

Zambia 245

Reflections 257
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© 2001 Netherlands Institute of Care and Welfare / nizw icon2001. Type of document: Draft rivo id number: 109 Aarts, P. G. Guidelines for Programmes Psychosocial and Mental Health Care Assistance in (Post) Disaster and Conflict Areas. Draft. 2001

© 2001 Netherlands Institute of Care and Welfare / nizw iconFrom welfare to work, or work to welfare: will reform of the Community Development Employment Program help close the employment gap?

© 2001 Netherlands Institute of Care and Welfare / nizw iconA contemporary Model of Residential Care for Children and Young People in Care

© 2001 Netherlands Institute of Care and Welfare / nizw iconAarp public Policy Institute. (2001)

© 2001 Netherlands Institute of Care and Welfare / nizw iconA literature Review of Publications Concerned with Health Care Provided in Residential Care Homes for Older People and the Case for an Assessment on Entry which

© 2001 Netherlands Institute of Care and Welfare / nizw iconEducaţia este o cultură a caracterului, o obişnuinţă contra naturii, dar şi singura care-i distinge pe oameni. Este artă, care face să treacă inconştientul în

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© 2001 Netherlands Institute of Care and Welfare / nizw iconSchool of Industrial Design Engineering, The Netherlands

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