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Daniel Fuller Lived in Green Co Pa near Carmichaels, Pa.

John Fuller, 1786 1865

Mary Jane, by 1st wife, Born 1807. m. Winslow

Mary Winslow

John Winslow, lost in Spanish War.

(All others presumably by 2d wife)

Amanda, B. 1809 m. Trump

Eugene Trump

Fuller Trump, Springfield, O.

Amzi, B. 1811

George, 1842 1847

Alfred M., 1845 1912 Col in Spanish War

Lawrence, B. 1888 Sewickley Pa

Alfred, 1890 1918

Walter, B. 1892.

Eliza, born 1813, m. Hawkins. No issue.

Mancy, B. 1816 m. Dr Harah

Dr Smith Fuller, Born Feby 3d, 1818   1892. m.1. Alvira S. Markle Born Feby 22, 1821 ob May 25, 1848. m.2. Jane R. Beggs who was born Oct 10, 1825 & died Feby 15, 1888 & to whom he was married on July 3d, 1849. See Book 3 Pages 263 & 264 from which I am making corrections & additions.

Harriet Fuller, By 1st wife, Born Oct 31, 1839   1911 m. F. Anderson.

Charles Fuller, b. 1860 Pgh Pa

Dorothy, B. 1897

Fuller, b. 1909

Hallie, B. 1865 m. Rev R. Van Eman Merrittstown, Pa.

Frank Fuller, died at age of one year.

George Fuller, B. 1871 Pittsburgh Pa

Mary, B. 1905.

Harriet, B. 1906

Frank Fuller, B. 1908.

Elizabeth Markle Fuller, by 1st wife, B. Sept 4th, 1841 Lives Uniontown Pa.

Dr John Markle Fuller, by 1st wife, B. Sept 18th, 1843 Died Mch 12, 1921. July 23, 1868 M.1. Belle Modisette B. Mary 30, 1850 ob Jany 3, 1877. m.2. F. Elizabeth Saul.

Mary Fuller, by 1st wife, m. Theophilus Bowie Live Uniontown, Pa.

Belle, B. 1890

Robert, B. 1895

Helen Fuller Bowie, B. 1819 [think he means 1919]

Louise, B. 1896 m. Smith

Edward S. Smith, B. 1920 Ralph Bowie, 1898 1903

Harry Fuller, by 1st wife, B. Nov 19, 1871 ob Jany 23, 1908 Unmarried.

Helen Modisette Fuller, by 1st wife, B. Nov 25, 1875 m. Alfred Barker & live in Phila on May 20, 1913. He was born in Phila Pa May 11, 1874, son of James Barker & wife Mary Emma Beeston & live 54 W. Upsal St German  town Pa where he is in the Machine shop & foundry business. No issue.

Fannie M., by 2d wife & all those following, b. 1883 m. Prof Geo Phillips

George Fuller Phillips, B. 1903

John C. Fuller, living now at Brookville, Pa B. 1886 m. Bess O. Davidson

John C. Jr, b. 1911

Alfred Davison, b. 1913

James M., b. 1917

Alvira Markle, b. 1887 m. E. Gadd Snider Live at Uniontown.

George Fuller, b. 1889 Corp Co D. 110 Inf 28th Div wounded Aug 1, 1918.

Smith Fuller, B. 1892 Sergeant Co D 110th Inf 28th Div in France

Marguretta, b. 1896 m. McCowan

Fuller McCowan, B. 1920.

Dr William B. Fuller [of Dr Smith Fuller] by 2d wife, B. Apr 17, 1850 Died 1895.

Frank, B. June 16, 1851 ob June 15, 1853.

Frank M. Fuller, B. Apr 7, 1853, ob 1905.

Charles, B. Nov 18, 1855 ob Jany 20, 1860.

Dr Smith Fuller Jr, B. Aug 9, 1857 ob 1890.

James Fuller, Born Mch 11, 1796 ob July 7, 1866


Mary, B. 1860, Married


John, m. Springer

William, dead

Alice, b 1858




Daniel, m. Coleman

George, dead

Alfred M. Fuller, 1832 1918, m. Coleman (same) [apparently he married the widow of Daniel].

Margurette, 1882 1897 Burned in Windsor hotel fire New York City.

V5 Page 150

At Mrs Mary E. Eastman's No 122 S. Beeson Ave Uniontown Pa Aug 29, 1921

I am copying from Dr & Mrs Eastman's Cottage Bible printed in 1872 by S.M. Betts & Co Hartford Conn & Cincinnati, O.


Henry Eastman & Mary Elizabeth Porter married Nov 9, 1853.

Asbury Rutledge Struble and Austrias Woodbury Eastman married Feby 11, 1886.

Thomas Nehemiah Eastman and Jennie Hogsett married June 10, 1886.

Jacob Sidwell Hackney and Anna Mary Eastman married June 7, 1887.

Ernest Harah Fowler and Nora Blanche Eastman married July 29, 1908.


Henry Eastman Born Mar 17, 1826.

Mary Elizabeth Eastman Born Nov 6, 1836.

1. Austrias Woodbury Eastman born Oct 29, 1854.

2. Thomas Nehemiah Eastman born Nov 23, 1856.

3. Anna Mary Eastman born Oct 10, 1860.

4. Martha Jane Eastman born Dec 23, 1862.

5. Henry Eastman Jr born Sept 15, 1868.

6. Ellen Maria Eastman born Aug 18, 1870.

7. Nora Blanche Eastman born Oct 18, 1878.


Martha Jane Eastman died Jany 23, 1878.

Henry Eastman Sr died July 12, 1894.

Thomas Nehemiah Eastman died Mch 16, 1912

Henry Eastman Jr died Jany 7, 1916

Ellen Maria Eastman Rothmell died Feby 15, 1920

Ernest Hara Fowler died Apr 30, 1913.

V5 Page 151

From Page 147

At 3 PM, I started around to see Cousin Alvira Markle Snider & met my good friend Mrs Mary C. Browing at the Second Natl Bank corner & had a nice five minutes talk with her. Arrived at Cousin Alvira's at 3:10 PM where I met her & her husband E. Gadd Snider on the porch. He was just leaving to act as pallbearer for Minnie Quit McKnight, wife of Jesse of Alfred of William who was being buried this afternoon at Sandy Hill. I gave Alvira the blueprint she had given me & she said she was getting the exact dates of her father's record & his descendants & would send to me when she got them gathered in. I bid her goodbye at 3:30 & walked around the corner to 122 S. Beeson Ave to Mrs Marie E. Eastman's where I arrived at 3:33 PM & found her sitting in the parlor & questioned her about her grandfather Thomas Wilson whom she well remembered. She said he had cataract come on his eyes & lost his sight entirely when about 40 yrs old. She said he was born in Lancaster Co Pa & she thought he was one of the youngest if not the youngest of the family. Said he came out to Fayette Co very young & lived in a little log cabin on a farm, which I understood her was the Alexis Hugh Ross farm on Middle Run & that he owned too she thought a farm which later was owned by the father of Uriah Higinbotham in the same neighborhood. She said he married Sarah Flenniken of Greene Co near Carmichaels

V5 Page 152

& had but two children, Mary, her mother who was eldest & married Moses B. Porter & Sarah two or three years younger who married Cephas Porter, a brother of Moses, who were sons she said of James Porter & she thought Charles Porter, Associate Judge was a nephew of her grandfather James. She said her grandfather's farm embraced the Clark R. Hess farm & the George A. Stewart (of Wm J.) farm adjoining & that Cephas got the Clark R. Hess part & her father got the Stewart end, on which was the old frame house off to the right as you go you [sic] way in the field. She said her father built the brick house along the road where Geo A. Stewart now lives & that her grandparents Thomas & Sarah Wilson lived with her father & mother & both died there, he dying first & she a few years later. See Book 4 Page 319 item 37 for record of their deaths taken from their tombstones in Dunlaps Creek gy. Mrs Eastman thought their Bible Family Record would have been left there with her mother & that her sister Annie W. Porter unmarried living at Washington Pa in rooms by herself would have it. She did live with her sister, Mrs Ewing there, but said Jim Ewing a lawyer there could tell me where to find her. she said her Uncle Cephas Porter moved to Grand Ridge Ills & died there. His sons were Samuel who married a daughter of James Wilson, brother of Squire

V5 Page 153

John, John Thomas & James W. I think she mentioned too a daughter Mary who married a Johnson Van Kirk, a nephew of old Johnson, who had raised him as his parents had died when he was young & at last accounts she was still living at an advanced age in Kansas. Asking her about the Leckey's being related, she said: "oh my yes". She knew of the Hustons being related through the Leckeys & also the Jenkins, but did not know where the Jenkins went, but had heard her mother talk of them. She said she knew of a Mrs McWilliams being a sister of her grandfather Thomas Wilson, but did not know who were the wives maiden names of Samuel & Alexander A. Wilson or where they went. Said her grandfather was a brother of James the father of Squire John, & of the above named brothers & sisters & that there was another sister of her grandfather Thomas Wilson viz "Aunt Sally Sproat" whom I think she said she remembered & who she said was the grandmother of Joseph Sproat Struble who she thought was named for his grandfather Sproat. The record I took of her death at Leckey gy Book 4 Page 186 item 62 is not correct. I will have to go examine it again. I believe if she knew her the date of death should be 1857 & to conform to her husband's record item 63, her age should be 89 yrs. She said her Aunt Sally Sproat had

V5 Page 154

two daughters. She never heard of any other children viz: "Peggy" who married Hugh Thompson, a widower with two sons. who she thought lived on a farm near Uniontown. She thought likely near upper Middletown & who her grandfather Thomas Wilson used often to visit & who he esteemed highly. She did not think Thompson had any daughters as she only heard of the two sons. I think he was first married to a Baily & that Hugh T. Mathew who married Louise Beeson descends from him. He did not have any children by "Peggy" Sproat & Mrs Eastman thinks he did not live long after his marriage to her as after his death, she moved back to her old home viz the present Hugh Thompson Huston farm, which Mrs E. thought was the Sproat home farm. Peggy raised Hugh T. Huston & gave him this farm. This "Peggy" is the Margaret Thompson noted in Book 4 Page 185 item 51 & her sister the other daughter of Aunt Sally Sproat was the first wife of Asbury Struble. Mrs Eastman said see Book 4 Page 186 item 61. From her information, my own knowledge & Dr Anjou's history, I make up the skeleton genealogical table on Pages 156 & 157. Mrs Eastman had Blanche get out their family Bible & I copied from it the family record shown on Page 150 of which however Blanche gave me the date of her marriage & of Mr Fowler's death.

V5 Page 155

Just as I was finishing my copying, Mrs Helen Eastman Hustead came in & at 5 PM, I left & went right to room 910 1/2 in the skyscraper to see Miss Matilda Hostetler & found her in & Miss M.M. Alter with her. Miss Alter left shortly & Miss Hostetler got out her father's Bible which was printed in NY in 1844 by D. Fanshaw for American Bible Society & from which I copy his marriage & the ages of their children or rather their names with dates of birth which Miss Hostetler says was written in the Bible by Squire Matthew Arison


Joseph Hostetler & Anne Leckey were married Mch 24, 1836. Births

Joseph Hostetler was born Oct 1811.

Ann Hostetler was born May 10, 1811.

1. Eliza Jane, Dau of Jos & Ann Hostetler was born Feby 17, 1837.

2. Hannah, dau of Jos & Ann Hostetler was born Mch 19, 1839.

3. Mary Ann, Dau of Jos & Ann Hostetler was born July 7, 1841.

4. Martha, Dau of Jos & Ann Hostetler was born Mch 15, 1844.

5. Albert, son of Jos & Ann Hostetler was born Aug 1, 1846.

6. Emily, Dau of Jos & Ann Hostetler was born Oct 22, 1849.

7. Matilda, Dau of Jos & Ann Hostetler was born Oct 27, 1851.


Hannah Hostetler died Sept 2, 1845.

Martha Hostetler died Aug 30, 1845.

Anne Hostetler died Aug 24, 1883.

Hannah & Martha died of scarlet fever & are buried at Leckey's graveyard. Miss Matilda says her father died after her mother & she thinks it was in 1886 & that both are buried at Lutheran Cem & have monument & markers, but there are no markers yet to her brother or sisters grave both of whom are buried there. See page 158.

V5 Page 156 & V5 Page 157

[Descendant Chart]

Alexander Wilson, Born Oct 4, 1727 in Newton, Aberdeen, Scotland. Died in Fayette Co Pa July 9, 1815 aged 88 yrs & is buried in Leckey's graveyard. See Book 20 P 550 for his Rev War service. He married Deborah, daughter of Samuel Gilmore of Londonderry Ireland who was born in 1742 & died in Fayette Co Pa Mch 13, 1825 aged 83 yrs & is buried in Leckey's graveyard.


1. Mary Wilson, Born Died May 27? 1827 aged Married John Leckey who died July 18, 1821 aged 77 yrs.

9. Alexander A. Wilson, m. Margaret, daughter of Alexander Faulkner No issue. The above record by Anjou is wrong. See Pages 354 & 355 for record of his children & descendants etc. Born Nov 17, 1776 Died in Iowa aged 91 yrs. See Pages 354 et seq. this book.

2. Samuel Wilson, married Sarah Kendall See Pages 85 to 90 Anjou's Hist of Wilson Family "Lancaster Co Pa Fayette Co Pa & Ohio."

3. James Wilson, Born in Lancaster Co Pa Mch 21, 1764 Died in Fayette Co Pa Feby 19, 1841 & is buried in Leckeys gy m.1. Mary Robb m.2. Elizabeth Lowry

5. Sarah Wilson, m. Joseph Sproat, who was born Jany 18, 1761 & died Mch 4, 1838. Both are buried in Leckeys gy. She died Feby 23, 1857 aged 89 yrs Tombstones says aged 91 yrs.

Margaret Sproat, b. May 17, 1801 ob Sept 27, 1868 m. Hugh Thompson his second wife. Buried Leckeys gy.

Maddison Thompson, See Page 169 Line 3 This is wrong. He is son of her sister Debbra see other end of line.

Anne Sproat, B. July 29, 1806 ob Aug 3, 1805 Buried Leckeys gy. M. Asbury Struble his first wife.

Sarah Jane Struble, m. B. Frank Hellen

Joseph Sproat Struble, Unmarried

Samuel Sproat


Hannah, m. John Huston

Deborah, m. Jonas Thompson son of James 1758 1835 See other end of line.

James Madison

Deborah Maria

6. Anne Wilson, B. May 20, 1769 Died Apr 13, 1809 M. John McWilliams. He was born May 11, 1760 & died Sept 1, 1834 Both buried in Leckeys gy See Book 12 Ps 30, 31 & 35 to 40.

8. Thomas Wilson, Born say 1774, died Dec 8, 1859 in his 86th year. M. Sarah Flenniken Born say 1783 Died Dec 3, 1862 in 80th yr. Both buried at Dunlaps Creek gy.

Mary Wilson, b. say 1804 ob July 11, 1884 in 80th yr. M. Moses B. Porter B. say 1797 ob Apr 27, 1876 in 79th yr. Both buried in Dunlaps Creek gy.

Sarah Wilson, m. Cephas Porter

4. John

10. Deborah, m. Jno Laughlin See Laughlin Hist, on Jany 17, 1804. She born 1781 & died 1868 S. born Feby 9, 1781 & died Jany 20, 1868 in 87th yr. He born Jany 9, 1777 & died Oct 11, 1851 in 75 yr. Both buried in Pres gy near Old Wash O. See Laughlin Hist Ps 11 12 &c

7. Margaret, m. Hugh Gilmore

V5 Page 158

From Page 155

Mrs Hostetler said her sister Mary Ann & her brother Albert both died unmarried. Her sister Eliza Jane married Samuel Fretts. She is dead, but he lives at the Jonathan Galley farm house. Her children were A Lindsey Fretts, Jasper, Alice & one dead. Alice married Will H. Rider ( a brother of Joseph G. the butcher) who shot himself in Masontown Pa & she married second a Walters of Masontown whose mother was a Brown, a son then of Ephraim T. & Sallie Walters.

Matilda's sister, Emily married Henry D. Core being his first wife & she is buried in Oak Grove Cem. She had two children, one living, a daughter who is the wife of Wm McCormick, son of Wm M. McCormick. l She was not sure what her grandfather Hostetler's name was, but thought it might be Nicholas. She named the following brothers of her father's.

1. Harry, father of Samuel

2. George, father of Daniel

3. Daniel, father of the blind family.

4. Jacob, father of John Henry & Edward.

She thought that Nancy Poundstone nee Coffman, widow of John Henry Poundstone who is almost blind & is living with one of her sons probably A. Jack could give much information about the families. It was just 6 PM when I finished & bid her goodbye. I will now transcribe here what records I took at the Presbyterian gy back of the Court House adjoining Coon Hollow & the Gallagher property.

V5 Page 159

From Old Presbyterian Graveyard, Uniontown 1. John Carothers died May 7, 1868 aged 67 yrs 4 mos & 1 day.

On east side is same kind of stone, no doubt his wife face down & I could not raise it. Just west is one broken & down viz:

2. M. Louisa, wife of James Marshall died Feby 27, 1872 aged 39 yrs 9 mos & 9 days.

2 1/2. John Stevens died Oct 2, 1872 aged 52 yrs.

3. Minerva E. E. McKean Died Aug 18, 1853 in her 30th year.

James T. McKean (down) died Oct 21, 1853 aged 3 mos & 14 days.

4. James Winder died Nov 25, 1839 in his 68th yr.

Mary Winder died July 21, 1838 aged 56 yrs 1 mo 18 days

5. Lewis Lewis died Mch 8, 1829 in his 93d yr. He was a soldier of the Revolution who fought for the liberty we now enjoy.

Mrs Sarah Lewis died July 8, 1845 in her 86th yr.

6. John Lyon Born in Carlisle Pa Oct 13, 1771, died in Uniontown Pa Apr 27 1837. In his profession, He saw by the power of his mind, He comprehended by his understanding & enlightened by his eloquence. As a man through life endeared to all by his eminent virtues. Erected by the members of the Bar of Fayette Co.

7. Jane McWilliams died May 19, 1835 aged 44 yrs.

8. Dr Daniel Marchand Born Dec 8, 1773 died Mch 13, 1822 aged 48 yrs 3 mos & 5 days.

Jane Irwin, Consort of Dr Daniel Marchand Born July 16, 1784, died Apr 22, 1819 aged 34 yrs 9 mos & 6 days (over)

V5 Page 160

9. Robert Skiles Born Feby 23, 1787 Died Apr 10, 1838.

Rachel Beeson, daughter of Jacob Beeson one of the original proprietors of Uniontown Pa & wife of Robert Skiles Born Mch 3, 1785 died April 29, 1865.

{Jane Beeson, wife of John Clark died July 24, 1855 in her 84th year.

{John Clark, died Jany 29, 1813 aged 48 yrs.

10. Isaac Skiles Senr Born July 12, 1789 Died Jany 8, 1865.

11. Jesse Beeson, died March 22, 1826 aged 58 yrs 3 mos.

Mary C. Beeson Born Sept 29, 1816 died Aug 29, 1828.

Elizabeth Skiles wife of Jesse Beeson Born Mch 16, 1792 Died June 25 1886. Martha Beeson Born Nov 4, 1810 died July 14, 1829.

12. Jacob Beeson died Feby 13, 1820 in his 52d yr.

13. Adam S. Simonson M.D. died Feby 24, 1808 aged 49 yrs.

14. Benjamin Campbell Senr Born Feby 5, 1749 died Sept 24, 1843

Mary wife of Benj Campbell SR died July 6, 1833 aged 74 yrs 3 mos & 21 days.

15. Lydia Beeson, daughter of Jacob & Elizabeth Beeson died June 19, 1821 aged 56 yrs 4 mos 2 days.

16. James Piper died Aug 27, 1818 aged 66 yrs & 11 Mos

Isabella Piper died Sept 16, 1842 aged 84 yrs

Martha Jack, daughter of James & Isabella Piper, Born July 17, 1793

Died July 20, 1848. She was a good wife, an affectionate mother, and a sincere friend.

Henry Jack Born Aug 16, 1791 died Mch 9, 1850.

George Jack Died Sept 1, 1822 aged 1 yr 7 mos 8 days

17. Matthew Irwin born Jany 27, 1783 Died Dec 20, 1844.

Also four or five Irwin children died mostly in the twenties.

It is now 1:44 Am Aug 30, 1921.

V5 Page 161

At residence of John Gaut Jr No 29 Pearl St Scottdale Pa Aug 30, 1921 9:47 AM

Cousin Geo Lloyd Markle came up here with me & introduced me to Mrs Gaut who is a sister of Saul B. Rotharmel recently deceased. She had brought out their big Bible, but there is no record in it, but produces her marriage certificate which reads as follows:

"This certifies that on the 19th day of Jany 1871. John Gaut Jr and Lizzie Rotharmel were by me united in marriage at Uniontown Pa Fayette Co according to the laws of the State of Penna W.W. Ralston, minister of the Gospel.

Their Children

Mary Eliza Gaut was born June 1, 1872

Olive Amanda Gaut was born Jany 17, 1875.

Olive, she died in Jany about the 10th 1883.


Mary Eliza Gaut married George L. Galster when she was abt 25 yrs old. He died about nine years ago & is buried in Scottdale Cem & so is she. She died July 16, 1918. No issue. He died Oct 23, 1912.

Back again same day 1:40 PM

Margaret Jane Gaut born Feby 19, 1840

John Gaut Jr born Oct 12, 1844

Francis A. Gaut born Nov 12, 1846.

Oak Hill 7:11 PM

John Gaut Jr was at home when we returned in the afternoon & is very well preserved for 77 yrs, but his wife is feeble. She gave me the above three dates of births from the many noted in his father John Gaut's Bible & Lloyd drove me to the Scottdale cemetery where we arrived at 2 PM & he left me.

V5 Page 162

At residence of Miss Anna Clara Fullerton East Huntingdon Tp Westnd Co Pa

Aug 30th, 1921 10:30 AM

Cousin Geo Lloyd Markle has driven me out here in his auto coming to Mrs Gaut's for me. Clara says her brother in VA has the family Bible of her grandfather Samuel Fullerton, but says there is no record in it, not even the record of his marriage. She has the Family Bible of her father, John Fullerton which was laying alone on the lower shelf of a small stand in the parlor & which is a large sized Bible printed or published by William W. Harding at Phila in 1861 & from which I am copying the family record.


John Fullerton and Margaret Jane Gaut were married Dec 20, 1860 Births

1. Mary Fullerton was born Oct 11, 1861.

2. Margaret H. Fullerton was born Nov 17, 1862.

3. John Fullerton was born Oct 26, 1864.

4. William Fullerton was born Aug 30, 1866.

5. Albert Fullerton was born Sept 22, 1867.

6. Martha Fullerton was born Aug 28, 1869.

7. Samuel Fullerton was born Aug 25, 1871.

8. Anna Clara Fullerton was born Jany 15, 1874.


Mary Fullerton died July 30, 1863.

William Fullerton died Nov 10, 1866.

Margaret Jane Fullerton died June 9, 1876.

Samuel Fullerton died Feby 17, 1895.

V5 Page 163

In a "Biographical & Historical Cyclopedia of Westmoreland Co, Penna" compiled edited & published by John M. Gresham & Co Samuel T. Wiley, chief Assistant Nos 1218 & 1220 Filbert St Phila 1890 which Clara produces there is on Page 587 a biographical sketch of John Fullerton of South Huntingdon Tp says he was born in Hempfield Tp West Co Pa Jany 25, 1830, a son of Samuel & Mary Kilgore Fullerton & a grandson of William Fullerton who was born & reared in the County Antrim, Ireland where he died. It states that his son Samuel emigrated to America about 1818 & settled near Greensburgh but died near West Newton in 1877 aged 83 yrs. He had by Mary Kilgore his wife, two sons, John & William.

John's wife Margaret Jane was a daughter of John Gaut.

Clara's Uncle William Fullerton was unmarried & made his home with his brother John & died there & is buried in the Markle Cem. He was born in 1824 & died Jany 1, 1890.

Oak Hill Aug 30, 1921 7:11 Pm

Miss Fullerton has a good memory & gave me the dates & names in connection with the descendants of her brothers & sisters on the following page from memory. She said however that her father had a wonderful memory for dates & everything else. She had threshers coming & had to take from one

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V5 Page 165

[Descendant Chart]

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