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William Anderson. M. Ann______an awful nice woman. He came to Geneseo Ill when he had 3 children & after a few yrs there moved to Massillon O. where he & his wife died. He had a hardware store in Geneseo & was a gardener in Massillon, O.

A Son, was in Civil War was deaf. Had strange power over animals. Was a prisoner. He never married.

Eugene and } were twins. They were both married & Eugenia } live at Massillon, O & have children.

Jane Anderson, m. Richard Beer, a farmer & Uncle of Esther's husband. Sarah thinks he came fr near Pgh, probably Sewickly & was the first Beer to come to Ashland, O. Two of his brothers, Rev & Wm Beer came later. Both died on the farm. She rather early, but at the age of 51 fr inflammation fr getting wet when 35!!

Emily Beer, Unmarried. Buried at Ashland O.

Adaline Beer, died of croup in infancy.

Anderson Beer, they lived in town, was in Civil War before he was married. m. Lucretia_____. She living He died in spring of 1920 aged 88 or 89.

A son A son

Amanda Beer, M. Charles Woodhouse son of Mrs James Anderson. Both died in Ashland O.

Richard Woodhouse m.1. Della Trancer. She divorced him & lives in Geneseo No issue. M.2.______. Did live in Ashland O.

Charles? Died a young man, unmarried.

Milton Beer, m. Alice Urie of Ashland O. He was an editor & politician & was influential. Now dead. Widow lives in Ashland at 220 Pleasant St.

A dau1*, now a widow with one son. A Son, married

A Son, married.

James Beer, was killed in one of battles of Civil War Unmarried.

Kate Beer, m. Dr. Barton & lived at Zanesville O. He is dead & she still lives there. No issue.

Hannah Anderson, m. 1. Frederick. He died in Ohio. M.2. Thomas Weston in Ohio & moved to Geneseo where he had a tannery at West end of town, a widower with children. She had no issue by Weston.

John Frederick, her only child.

"Hattie", married

Kate, married


John Anderson, Born Jany 17, 1811 See Pages 142 & 143

Margaret, married & died a few months after marriage. No issue.

MacLain Anderson2* m.1. Susan Condit. m.2. Imogene McGill He had a drugstore in Geneseo Ill when living with his second wife in the 50s.

Austin, by 1st wife.

Bascom, by 1st wife.

William, by second wife.

Ella, by second wife.

Rebecca Anderson, m. Cover. They were in Geneseo a few years. She left him taking the three children.

Harriet, m. in Geneseo

Jeanette, m. Nelson & lived at Bellefontaine, O & left her husband who did not support her. Had five children.

William, He wrote fr Calif when his mother died. Don't know whether he is married or not.

Lydia Anderson, m. Dr Edward Potter. Lived first at Fort Wayne Ind. & moved to Springfield Ills where he practiced until his death which occurred probably abt 1866. She died in Geneseo after his death, but both are buried at Springfield Ill. They had several children who all died shortly after birth & he is credited with seeing that they did.

A daughter [of Gilbert Anderson] m. Andrew McLain. He settled in Wash Co abt 5 miles from Burgettstown Pa. he had a spendthrift son who got the farm to the exclusion of his sisters.

Jean, m. Armour

Betsy Armour

Hugh Anderson [of Robert Anderson] B. Apr 17, 1724 m. Sarah______

John Anderson, b. Oct 7, 1725.

Joseph Anderson, B. Sept 19, 1727.

William Anderson, B. May 17, 1729.

V5 Page 142 & V5 Page 143

[Descendant Chart]

John Anderson Born in Colerain Tp, Lancaster Co Pa Jany 17, 1811. He died in Geneseo Ill July 1892. He removed with his parents to Washington Co Pa when 4 yrs old & 10 or 11 yrs later went with them into Ashland, O. He married 1. Sarah Frances Redburn about 1835 & married 2d on April 8, 1846 at Ashland Ohio to Mary Andrews daughter of Alanson Andrews & Sarah Howe (nee Gates) whose first husband________had died before she was 20 yrs old. He built a fine brick house in Bucyrus o, where he kept a hotel & where his first wife & two of her children are buried. He took his second wife to Bucyrus, O where he lived until he removed to Geneseo Ills abt 1805 or 1851. I thought 1850. Sarah thinks 1851. He endorsed for a man named Phillips after 1846 a church member as was also Mr Anderson & Mr Anderson had to pay the note which caused him great financial distress & so imbittered [sic] him that he did not transfer his church membership to Geneseo. Sarah Frances Redburn was born at Zanesville O in 1814 & died at Bucyrus, Ohio in 1845 & is buried there. Mary Anderson died Feby 23, 1894 & is buried with her husband in Geneseo Ill. Mary Andrews was born Mch 24, 1821 at Ashland O.


Ophelia, by 1st wife, born 1837 died 1840 buried at Bucyrus O.

James Anderson, by 1st wife, B. July 9th, 1839 at Bucyrus Ohio, M. Mary Carter from Ashland O being in Geneseo visiting her sister Mrs Peter Beveridge, were married at her father's in Ashland O. She died & is buried in Geneseo Ills. He now lives in Arkansas City, Kansas, where he spends the summers with Richard & spends the winters with Victor in Wellington Kansas. See Book 9 Pages 329 & 330.

Victor Carter Anderson, Born in Geneseo May 26, 1869. Married Eva May Wood from Geneseo Ills & now live at Wellington Ks where he has charge of a Farmer's Cooperative Store. Married on March 25, 1903. She was born in Geneseo Mch 15, 1870.

A Daughter, Her name is Lenore was born Jany 20, 1908.

James Richard Anderson, Born in Geneseo April 11, 1879. Married Jean Evlyne Douglass on Nov 28, 1900. She from Munson Tp in Henry Co Ills. He is a farmer & cattle raiser at Arkansas City Kansas. She was born Nov 16, 1881.

A daughter, She is teaching. Her name is Anna Varnell (Vernele) was born Oct 17, 1901.

Helen Mary, Born Jany 21, 1904.

Mary Anderson, by 1st wife, born Nov 3, 1842 at Bucyrus Ohio M. at Geneseo Ill by Rev Albert Bushnall on Dec 11, 1879 to Josiah V. Thompson Died at Uniontown Pa on Aug 8, 1896 & is there buried.

Andrew Anderson, B. Oct 25, 1880 m. at Franklin Pa. Lida Grimm June 8, 1905.

Mary Redburn, born July 31, 1913.

Josiah V. (Jr), Born June 22, 1915.

Caroline Frederika , Born Nov 29, 1916.

Evalyn Louise, Born Jany 16, 1918.

John Redburn, B. Oct 6, 1882 m. at Uniontown Pa May 28, 1919 to Gertrude Rush, widow of D.D. Rush nee Burrs, No issue.

Martha, by 1st wife, Born 1844 died 1845.

Lyman Duvall Anderson, B. at Bucyrus O. Apr 7, 1847 Died at Geneseo Ill Feby 1910 m. Jennie Louise Woodruff Dau of Simeon & Tacy Andrews Woodruff, a sister of mother Anderson. She died in 1911. Both buried in Geneseo Ills married in July 1894 in Davenport Iowa.

Simeon Duvall Anderson, Born April 1, 1896. He went to war but didn't get over seas. At Sarah's request, he graduated at Ann Arbor Mich in June 1921 finishing his forestry course & is now in Buena Vista VA in the forestry service & is warm.

Sarah Frances Anderson, Born at Bucyrus O. Nov 5, 1849 Removed to Geneseo Ill 1851 stopping on the way at Rockford Ill when the cornerstone of the college was laid & attended by her father. She went to Rockford college in Sept 1868 & graduated in June 1869. She went back & taught & later was bookkeeper then financial secy & was elected President of the College in 1890 and resigned in 1896. She married Henry A. Ainsworth at Uniontown Pa June 30, 1896 by Dr A.S. Milholland. Mr A. was born in Williamstown Vermont Sept 28, 1833. He died at Moline Ills Oct 8th, 1914 & is buried at Geneseo Ills. No issue. He was first married to Sallie Andrews, youngest sister of mother Andrews who was born in 1835 & died in Dec 1891 leaving three children, Harry, Mary, & Laura. Sarah F. Ainsworth is my informant today Aug 26, 1921 at Oak Hill.

Emily Annis Anderson, Born at Geneseo Ill in town Feby 9, 1855. m. Aug 21, 1879 at Geneseo Ills William August Bickel who was born in Germany near the Black Forest. The children were all born in Geneseo. She lives near New London VA P.O. Evington VA I. think Campbell Co. He is living in Chicago Ills.

Carl August. b. Jany 20, 1882. M. Madiera Davis of Portland Oregon. Both now living in New York City where he is 3d V.Pt of the United Press Assem & is head of the News Dept & is located in the World Building. No issue.

Mary Andrews. B. Mch 24, 1884 m. Frank M. White of Illinois on June 18, 1913 at Sarah's in Moline, Ill. They were students at Illinois State University at Urbana Ills. They are now living at Rockford Ills where he is with Emerson Brantingham & Co.

Frank M. White Jr, Born in Madison Wis July 17, 1916.

Basil Frederick, b. Sept 4, 1887 middle name was for the German emperor. He was educated at Leland Stanford University, California M. Mary Cole of Geneseo, Ill & now live in San Francisco, Calif where he is in a bond house with the Lumberman's Trust Co "As fine & nice as they make them" No issue.

John Anderson, b. June 21, 1889. Educated in an Electrical School at Washington DC & finished his electrical Engineering course at Angola Indiana. Married Leone_____at Angola, Indiana. They live at Atlanta, Georgia where he has charge of selling structural steel. He was in the World War & was overseas abt 2 yrs & was in the Argonne & other fights & was made a major. Was in 123d an Ills Reg. No issue.

Frank Gates, B. Aug 19, 1891. Educated 1 yr at Atlanta Georgia & 1 yr at Fall River Mass where he specialized in chemistry to fit himself for a dyer. Married Florence Axelson from East Moline Ills where she was the most efficient telephone operator Williams White Co ever had before or since. "Twas s'd she could talk to two people at same time" No issue.

Sarah Anderson, B. Dec 19, 1895. Educated in the public Schools of Geneseo Ills & is now living with her mother in New London a small village in Virginia 10 miles & near the homes of Patrick C. Henry & Thomas Jefferson. Is unmarried.

David Perry Anderson, Born in Geneseo Ill Apr 13, 1857 married Julia_____ He lives in Moline, Ills in the employ of Williams White & Co.

Jessie Frances, m_______She dead. He living. No issue.

Catherine, m. William O'Brien of Rock Island Ills. Live in Moline. No issue. married abt a year & a half ago.

Frank Locke Anderson, youngest child B. April 6, 1859 at Geneseo Ills. He married_______of Iowa. They are both living at Montevideo, Minnesota, where he is a farmer. He lived when married at Ruthven [Ruthren?] Iowa. She is "very poor manager".

Percy Anderson, m______Have two children.

Harold Anderson, m. Mary A. Tweter Her father bought the farm Frank lived on & on which they now live. She is an excellent woman. No issue.

Nina Anderson, educated by Sarah at a Norwegian School, the Montevideo Institute & was graduated at Yankton Dakota College. Now teaching & is unmarried.

V5 Page 142A

[found between pages 142 & 143   in a different handwriting than JVT's very neat, vertical strokes with even loops, an attractive hand.]

Father closed his first of many sales of coal lands to H.C. Frick for his Co. the H.C. Frick Co on Sept 30, 1889


Jasper Thompson, Father's father, died March 15, 1889.


Father married Mary Anderson on Dec 11, 1879 at Geneseo, Ills.


Andrew Thompson was born on Oct 25, 1880 at the "Holler" 139 W. Main St Uniontown, Pa.


Father's mother, Eliza Caruthers Thompson was born Jan 6, 1821 on the banks of Sewickley Creek in Westmoreland Co Pa. She was the dau of Samuel Caruthers (1779 1849) and his wife Ruth Elliot. Father's mother died on Oct 31, 1897 at her home at Springdale on the McClellandtown Rd (over)


[There is no copy of the other side of this note which appears to be 2 1/2 inches wide & abt 8 long. I wonder if JVT's son Andrew could have written these notes, although to look at the handwriting, I would guess it was a woman's hand.]

V5 Page 144

Oak Hill Aug 27, 1921 7:22 PM

This afternoon at 5:30 I went up Morgantown St to corner of Ray ST & found Mrs Geo Porter Jr sitting on the porch & after talking a few minutes, asked for her mother, Mrs Naomi Moore, whereupon she took me inside & called her mother. Mrs Moore said her mother's father Thomas Leckey was a brother of Alexander Lecky (son of John & Mary) & that her mother always called him Uncle Alex. She also spoke of the relationship to the Dunlaps & Hustons & said she knew too of the relationship to many Jenkins about whom she had heard her mother speak, but she does not know what became of them. She never heard of the other sister Elizabeth Reed, nor of the Thomas Leckey, who according to Gustave Anjou's letter recd yesterday came also to Fayette Co Pa. She remembers Levi Perry & Stephen Grove, brothers of her father Harvey Grove who had visited here from the west, but never saw their other brother William Grove. Hannah Matilda, wife of Elias Parshall was the only sister she could ever recall hearing of. Her grandfather, Thomas Lecky, married Ann Kendall, daughter of Jeremiah Kendall Sr, a Revolutionary Soldier from Virginia who after being wounded at the Battle of Brandywine & disabled for service married a Scotch woman named Rhoda McIntyre & came out to Fayette Co & settled

V5 Page 145

on the farm of Hugh Gilmore grandfather of Andrew J. Gilmore in German Tp (this is from the Kendall record that Mrs Porter produced). His son, Jeremiah Kendall Jr was the father of Capt Isaac Phillips Kendall by his wife Sarah Phillips.

Thomas Lecky & Ann Kendall, his wife, lived on the Harvey Grove farm where Mrs Moore's mother was born & where she always lived. He had sons Thomas and Jeremiah & daughters Rhoda, Mary & Elizabeth. Their daughter Elizabeth married Harvey Grove Sept 22, 1829 see Page 170 Book 4 & the newly wedded couple bought the farm which I infer Thomas Leckey had recd from his father in reading his will & Thomas Leckey, wife & family at once removed to Wooster O where Mrs Moore says he died & which was probably 15 to 20 yrs later, & she says he made a will but did not have very much to will. She says that two weeks after her parents were married (I would think two months would be more like it) they went out to visit her parents in Ohio, going in a sled & the snow remaining on the ground, they came back home in the sled some considerable time thereafter. Mrs Moore says her Uncles Thomas & Jeremiah Leckey both married & left children but she cannot recall the names of either of their wives or any of their children, but says they lived near Wooster O. Her Aunt Rhoda Leckey she says married a Johnson & had children

V5 Page 146

Andrew, William a preacher who Mrs Porter thought once preached at Saltsburg, Pa, Anna & Lizzie. Anna is unmarried & is upwards of 70 yrs old & lives in Illinois & would be well versed in family lore. Wm E. Grove can give her address.

Mrs Moore's Aunt Mary Leckey married at Wooster O. Andrew? McClelland & she thinks they had a son Andrew. According to the Bible record Page 170 Book 4, Mrs Naomi Moore was born May 20, 1842 & is in her 80th year. She fell some years ago & broke her hip & being large & fleshy gets about with difficulty.

Frank A. Gump in the office this afternoon said he was born July 15, 1872. I have just phoned Wm E. Grove, McClellandtown 14 R 4 & he says Anna Johnson's address is Monmouth, Ills & that she lives just near the town.

it is now 8:30 PM. JVT.

Oak Hill Aug 28, 1921 9:40 Am

I have this morning drawn off on Pages 148 & 149 a genealogical table of our Fuller relatives from a blueprint made by John C. Fuller & loaned to me about two months ago by Cousin Alvira Markle Snider, a strikingly handsome magnificent young girl, & to whom I must return the chart before going west on my trip.

V5 Page 147

Oak Hill Aug 29, 1921 8:20 PM

I worked here this morning from 6:30 to 10:30 AM & then went in & met Hugh G. Bowie & walked over to the Gallagher property with him & stepped the 200 ft along & below Lincoln St & beyond the old Connellsville Road for which Luther Keck for himself & Harry B. Gaus has offered $3,200 cash & which Hugh said was a fair price & to sell. He further said if I could not get $50,000 for the entire property, to sell for $40,000 for it entire & he would be satisfied as would also his sister Jennie G. Bowie, his niece Louise Roddy & the estate of his brother Will which he represented as Executor. Later, at 1:30 PM as I was passing Rebecca J. Messmore's who has been bedfast for five yrs her son in law E.H. McCune took me upstairs to see her & upon asking her & him if I should sell, she nodded assent & he told me they would be satisfied with whatever I did. Hugh & I went in the house & saw Mrs H.H. McClean & Will. There are six rooms & a kitchen in the house. I then bid Hugh goodbye & at 11:30 AM went in the old Presbyterian graveyard given to the town by Henry Beeson the founder of the town & was there in the boiling hot son [sic] until 1:30 PM & am copying on Pages 159 160 what records I took from the tombstones. The graveyard is in bad condition. While there, John Hillinge [Hillings?] Russell McLean, son of Stephen & another came to me & talked a few minutes

C'td at Page 151.

V5 Page 148 & V5 Page 149

[Descendant Chart]

3*John Fuller, born 1764 m.1. Dulaney of Phila. m.2.________ 1764 Fuller   1920 Blueprint Chart made by John C. Fuller 55 Highland Ave Uniontown, Pa.


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