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William Fulton Stevenson, B. Apr 20, 1862 ob May 24, 1903. m.1. Elenor Rankin who was b. Nov 6, 1860 ob Sept 2, 1891. Both buried West N. Cem. He had no children by her. He married 2. Hannah Guffey who still lives in a house he owned & in which his 1st wife died. He was killed on a Sunday night on the B&O RR with which he was employed.

Mary Luella, oldest, recently through school.

A son

A son, was one week old when his father was killed.

Walter, unmarried.

A Plumer, B. 1866 ob 1897 unmarried.

Elliott, youngest unmarried Lives in Pgh [best guess]

A child, by 2d wife, which did not live so Mrs Amzi Smith, a sister of John C. Plumer told Kate's mother when on a visit once at the Jno C. Plumer home where she met Mrs Smith who was not friendly to Aunt Maria.

Martha Plumer, m. John P. Hornish in May 1855. He is dead. She lives at Keokuk, Iowa & I want to go see her next month.

Ruth E. Plumer, m. rev J.K. Andrews

V5 Page 90

No 3, Nancy H. Budd was a Guffey the only girl in a family of seven boys. Her husband Archibald Budd was a brother of Ginsey's husband & was a bad one. When she lay a corpse, the room was flooded with water & they didn't know whether she burst or not. The doctors came & got Capt Wm Thompson to assist them & secretly raised her one night for an examination so Mrs Thompson told Kate's mother, but she s'd "you know William won't tell anything." Budd then married a McLaughlin who left him & went west. He then married old Sol Varner's daughter who knew Kate's mother when she was a little girl & had worked with Markles so long that cousin Cyrus gave him a farm out West & Budd was elected Governor she s'd but don't know what state.

No 4. Rachel Swem. She was a daughter of Master Wilson & married a son of Elijah Newlon & after his death when a widow, she came to nurse Ann, wife of David Longanecker, a sister of her first husband & then married John Swem & had several children. One married Mark Smith, a brother of Harmar D. & another married Felix Schoenthal etc. Mark Smith was a fine nurse & took care of George Plumer a long time, but he wouldn't behave himself. He is now in a hospital in McKeesport.

No 15. Mary Elizabeth Smith. Kate says this is daughter of Rose Ann & Stephen Pollock & that she died 3 or 4 days after her son Harry was born.

No 18. Alvira F. Budd is daughter of Gasper Markle & Elizabeth reported at 16 & 17 & Eliz E. at

V5 Page 91

no 19 is her youngest sister. See record of her children Page 62 Book 4 given to me by her husband John F. Budd Oct 1920.

No 21, 22, & 23. These are father, mother & brother of Leah Robb, John M. died in the house of Axie Freese opposite Kate's & he had Kate ask his sister Louisa Boyd who was up to see him if he could be buried on his father & mother's lot & she did & Louisa said; "why yes, there is no one else buried on it." & went in & told John herself.

No 23 John G. Neth. This was an Uncle of Philip see #33.

No 29, 30 & 31. These are the wife, sister & Father of Elenor the first wife of William Fulton Stevenson

No 33 Philip Neth. This is the relative by his marriage to M.P. McClanahan's daughter.

No 34. Abram E. Neff. Kate thinks this is a son of Andrew Neff who was a son of Emanuel & Viora Marsh Neff, his wife was a daughter of Marsh who was sent to war when he should not have gone as he had the consumption & "died in no time". Kate said she had children. She said there was a whole raft of children sent up to the soldiers Orphan School at Junonville, but it may have been Andrew Neff's children.

No 38. Alexander Elliott. Can't place this party. Mother's cousin Alexander Elliott who lived out in Sewickly was born Aug 30, 1829 see Book 1 Page 352 line 16.

No 46. Josephine C. is the daughter of Polly the oldest child of John Finley of Andrew by her first husband Jesse Carothers. See Book Book [sic] 4 Page 61. Kate thinks Jesse Stoneman died in West Newton & the family then went back on the farm.

V5 Page 92

No 47, 48, & 49. Can't place these, but think Charles D. Markle is son of Harry H.

No 57. Anna Larimer Carothers was wife of son of John C. of James P. of John of James. Her husband's sister came home to take care of the boy baby that she left. The sister if Gladys who is a school teacher.

No 59. The Suters here are all related through the Waltzs.

No 62. Reuben Hood. Kate thinks this was Lucy Hood's husband as she says her husband died shortly after "Han" & "Sade" died & she went down & offered her services. This is wrong. See 115.

Nos 69 to 72. Emma L. No 70 is daughter of E.C. Leightly & wife & the others are her husband, son & daughter.

No 73. This is child of Mary Scholl & Will.

No 74. Kate says her father bought a washing machine from him. His wife who was away from there was Huldah McDonald. It is now 2:30 PM & I must go in town.

No 76. Capt John W. Krepps. This was the husband of Mrs H.H. Markle's sister Elizabeth.

No 78. George R. Kreps. His first wife was Elizabeth Drum. She lived in West Newton & got sick & wanted to go to her parents the Henry Drums at Bloomington, Ill where she died of consumption & was buried. She had no children. She died time of Civil War. He then married Florilla McGrail.

No 81. Isaac M. Budd. This is Nellie Finley's son. He is still living. See Book 4 Page 63.

No 83. Thomas S. Budd, Son of Jno F. Book 4 Page 62.

No 84. John C. Carothers, son of James P. of John of James.

No 86. Kate doesn't know who this is, but

V5 Page 93

says Tom Freese, only son of her neighbor, Harriet Freese & brother of Axie & Mrs Murdoch is married to a Finley & lives with his mother & has four children. His wife is living but her father is dead long ago. Kate says she wouldn't be certain, but thinks his name was Michael.

No 87. These are Lucy Hood's parents.

No. 88. James Brison Oliver. This is old "Jimmy" Oliver the father of Eliza J. the wife of Major of U.S. Senator Edgar Cowan.

No 89. Elizabeth Isett, first wife mother of Eliz J., Lucetta, & Fannie R. Kate says she was buried out in the country & must have been removed as 1830 was before their come. Ellen Allen, second wife was from Shippensburg, Pa. There were no children by her. Frances R is the daughter of James B. who was older than Mrs Thompson & Maj Wm Thompson was buried from her home & I think the date of her death should be 1889 instead of 1839. Andrew C. is also a son of James B. & was unmarried. He was burned dead in a hotel with many others up about Oil City. Samuel, another son, lived out in the country & Kate says is buried in West Newton Cem. Andrew C. was supposed to be very well off, but after his death, nothing could be found. He was in the habit of carrying everything with him & it is supposed his notes & securities were burned up with him.

No 90. Mary A. wife of Israel Miller was first wife nee

V5 Page 94

Milligan & John A. was their son. The second wife had differences with the family & built a little house for herself out by Mendon after Israel's death. She was a Boyd. Her mother a Waltz. Kate thinks she was buried on same lot, but I found no marker or inscription.

No 91. These are the parents of Capt John W. & George R. Kreps.

No 92 Hannah E. was daughter of Jacob Markle

No 93 Andrew H. Budd. This is Nellie Finley's son.

No 94 Benjamin Budd. This is Nellie Finley's husband.

No 95 This is Sheriff John Guffey & Barbaretta his wife, sister of Mary J. Wachob & dau of Paul & Martha Cook Hough & parents of Joseph F. Guffey. See Book 4 Page 54.

No 96 to 98 these are our Cook Hough relatives.

No 102 Polly Finley wife of John Finley who died over by Webster was a sister of old Joe Stokeley who married Matilda M. dau of John C. Carothers

No 103. Alexander Plumer was a brother of John C. His first wife was Robinson from up about Stewartsville. His second was Elizabeth_______. Eleanor, his 3d wife was from Shippensburg Pa & his 4th wife was also from Shippensburg Pa. Jane Plumer Greer was his daughter & died in Dixmont where she had been confined many years.

No 105. Kate thinks these are the parents of Wm Page Fritchman

No 107. Martha M. Carothers, dau of John C. & wife of Joseph Stokeley Sr & below follows her three sons Samuel having been married but the other two were not as heretofore noted.

V5 Page 95

No 108. Archibald Boyd. Kate says he lived out in the country, but was not of the Boyds that bought the John Jack farm, but might have been a brother of Israel Miller's 2d wife. His wife, Elizabeth was a Pinkerton, a dau of the man that joined her grandfather's farm.

No 109. Kate can't place them.

No 111. George Plumer, son of Alex, noted at No 103 by his first wife. He & his wife had no children, but adopted one out of a home.

No 112. These are the parents of Sheriff John Guffey No 95.

No 113 & 114. Kate can't place these.

No 115. John S. Hood. This is Lucy's husband. Her husband was in the Civil War. See No 62. Don't know who Reuben is.

No 117. Albert G. Miller. This is brother of Leah M. Robb, preceding & his wife Nancy was a daughter of Susan Patterson.

No 118. David P. Bell, son of Nancy & Wm Bell No followed by numerous members of his family.

No 119. Robert Brown. Kate says he came from across the River somewhere & went to live over there with his son Elliott heretofore referred to. His wife was Barbara Longanecker, sister of Benj Rotharmel's wife   "Aunt Eliza".

No 120. Samuel B. Oliver. This is a son of "Old Jimmy". See nos 88 & 89 & his wife Lydia was a daughter of Morgan Paul.

No 121. Wm G. Newlon. This was a brother of Ann, the wife of David Longanecker & their father Elijah was a brother of Wm Newlon at the Willow Tree. He lived in West Newton. His wife Matilda was a Blackburn.

V5 Page 96

No 122. Adda McClure. Kate says she was the 3d wife of F.V. Jefferies who had a tin store in West Newton. His first wife was an Elliott, a relative of Ruth Plumer's & she didn't live very long dying without issue. He waited on her very attentively, but she didn't leave him a cent. By his 2d wife, he had two children & he got this 3d wife Kate thought in Pgh.

No 126. Ann. Kate says she was a daughter of John C. Carothers & a sister of Jesse Carothers & Mrs M.M. Stokeley. Her husband was Samuel Brenneman. Kate says he is dead long ago. He went to Pgh & Kate don't know when he did die. His son "Lute" lived in Pgh & always came to the Stokeley funerals, but a year or two ago, he seems to have disappeared & no one has since heard of him. He was married so Mary Thompson of Homestead told Kate. Kate says there are none of them on the farm. Kate says when she was a little girl, she attended the funeral of this John C. Carothers who was buried out at Sewickly Church.

No 127. Howard S. Lawther. This is the husband of Hannah Markle.

No 128. M.P. Smith. This is Micajah P. His first wife Maria was buried against her wishes at Rehoboth among his people. He got his second wife in NY. She was a widow with a son Orton Bryan.

Eben G. Smith was his son.

V5 Page 97

No 137. Can't place.

No 138. Can't place.

It is now 10:30 PM & will let Kate go to bed.

Oak Hill Aug 13, 1921 9:09 AM

No 141. Andrew F. Thompson. Kate says the firm which she called, Neibert & Sons, which put up grandfather's tombstone, were in business as such when she was a little girl & the father & sons all died from the dust attendant on working in the shop. Coughed & died some from consumption. She thinks Adam was the last one (Mike she thought dying before) & he died about the time Kate's mother took Sallie Smith, now Brown to raise which was just about the time her mother died as she was only a week old when her mother died which was Nov 17, 1863. (see No 106, Page 113 Book 4). Kate's Aunt Kate & her sister "Han" went to the funeral. Adam was a nice man & married a Neth & after his death the shop she thinks was discontinued. Mike married a girl that was rather low & she brought him down to her level. She says that 66 yrs ago, they had their shop opposite them in what is the Freese home now. Father probably got the marker between 1850 & 1863.

No 142. Charlotte A. wife of Robert McCune, born 1835 & still living. Kate says she is a daughter of Thomas Williams & a brother of Dan, the owned of their old farm. She was first

V5 Page 98

married to a Strickler, a widower with children by whom she had three children. Strickler wishing to buy a farm went to his father in law, Thomas Williams for help, which he promised to give provided the title of the farm was put in the name of Charlotte & her children. Strickler would not agree to that saying his children were all alike to him. The next day when his daughter by the first wife went to call him to dinner, she came back & told her stepmother: "Father is hanging out in the barn". & going out, they found he had hung himself. He was a first cousin of Kate's Aunt Eliza (Benjamin Rotharmel's wife). His father then living agreed that Charlotte should have the money or means of her deceased husband abt $4000 for herself & her children by him & Mr Strickler would provide for his son's children by his first wife. Charlotte then married Robert McCune & he didn't treat her Strickler children well, even locking the parlor when his wife's daughter by Strickler was to be married & she was married in the kitchen. His action led Thomas Williams to give Charlotte $4000 & provide for her children by Strickler & give nothing to her children by McCune which made McCune very mad. She had two boys & two girls by McCune & one of the girls married Ben Painter & lives at the Willow Tree & she lives with her. It might be Israel. Both are sons of Col Israel.

V5 Page 99

No 148. Corporal Geo R. Markle was a son of Gasper & was brought home from the War for burial. His sister Hannah was a very pretty girl & Kate thought she died of consumption.

No 151. Kate says Mary Elizabeth was twin sister to Margaret (Mrs McMasters) & that Sheppard B Jr had a twin brother that died of the fever & that was what crippled "Shep".

No 156. Kate says that ggfather Markle lived in the big house at the mill when he died in Sept 1819 & that she thought ggmother lived there until she died & that then Aunt Hannah, with Aunt Mary & father moved to a small house up in the field where she went one night with her Aunt Kate & Uncle Sam when a young girl going to school, probably ten or eleven yrs old & that in going back home through the fields, father ("Gasper Thompson") picked her up & handed her over the fence to Uncle Sam. When Aunt Hannah died, Kate & others of the family were up at a new farm at Barren Run (Scottdale) that her Aunt Katy & "Frank" Rothermel (son of Benj) had bought, picking blackberries, which the farm was thick with & while they were there, Roxie & Maggie came up after the funeral to pick berries also. Aunt Hannah moved from the small house above referred to, to a room or house in the yard at the stone house that the general, her brother built for her & in it, she died. Kate says great grandfather Casper Markle & his wife Mary are both buried in the Markle Cemetery. Kate says she asked her mother where his first wife was buried & she thought there.

V5 Page 100

No 157. Hannah Scholl & Jacob C. Scholl were were [sic] children of Chas J. & Susannah Markle Scholl.

No 158. Barbara Scholl was the wife of David Scholl, a son of Charles J & Susannah M above named. She was Barbara Wyland before marriage Kate thinks she died with fever.

No 160. David Scholl. This was son of Chas J. & Susannah. He never married again, was a widower 26 yrs.

No 161. Kate can't place them

No 164. Catharine, Jacob Markle's wife was Catharine Painter. He never married again, was in the War of 1812 & drew a pension.

No 159. Kate thinks it was just trouble that killed David that her mother had told her the preacher went to see him & he told him he didn't want to live.

No 171. This is son of Joseph & Jane Markle.

No 173. John Fullerton was the son of Samuel Fullerton who married a Kilgore, a sister of Wm J. Robertson's wife & he was consequently a first cousin of Anna Jack Gaut. He never married again. His wife Margaret Jane was a sister of Frank A. Gaut, Anna's husband.

No 174. Rebecca, wife of Daniel F. Williams was before marriage Rebecca Nichols & her mother was a Boyd (related to the Waltzs) & Kate thinks probably a sister of Israel Miller's second wife. They separated & Dan s'd he wd never be buried by his wife. She went to live with a brother of her up by Scottdale & died there & her brother brought her to the Markle Cem for burial. This brother

V5 Page 101

later got a position for a time as steward or warden at the County Home & then came to West Newton Pa to live where he died abt a yr ago. Dan went to live with his only daughter who was married & living up near Scottdale & he died there & they buried him there. However, they failed to pay for his lot & they had to raise him & brought him to the Markle Cem & reburied him. Kate says he had two or three sons buried there. One married & one single who died before Dan. it was Dan who laid out Williamsburg & gave it its or his name. It had been called Turkeytown & Hill Town etc.

No 175. Nehemiah Finley's wife was Mariah Josephine Kern, daughter of Tom Kern, a farmer living up by Port Royal. Nehemiah never married again but lived illicitly for years with the servant girl in his house.

No 176. Kate says her grandfather died of consumption "he always had it" but "Dick" Rotharmel said he had dropsy of the chest in his last illness, whatever that is. Said Dr Sutton said her grandmother died of dysentery & that she was 22 when she died. She says the markings for her Aunt Betsy are all wrong: name, date of death & age & that her grandmother said "What did you put that on for". Kate's mother told her that she, Kate was 9 mos old when she died which wd make date Oct 1832 & her Uncle Ben said she was just or very near being just 37 yrs old when she died. Her Uncle Ben is wrong about

V5 Page 102

this as she would be 41 or 42 born in 1790 or 1791 as she came in between Aunt "Polly" (Maria C) born in 1788, the oldest & uncle Peter born in Feby 1793, the third child. The tombstone records only make Mrs Rotharmel & or 8 yrs younger than her husband to which Kate says they might have been wrong in telling her she was 10 yrs younger. Kate remembers her Uncle Samuel says he was a tall friendly man & liked lots of fun. He died of typhoid fever, unmarried, at home on the farm. James B. Uncle Ben's son died of diptheria. His sister Sevilla took it first, but she got well. Strickler J., Ben's other son "died of scarlet fever & diptheria combined & was red as flannel & had a tumor in his neck & I helped to take care of him." Kate says she never had to scarlet fever & helped nurse another time when more of the children had it. Strickler lived three weeks with it.

No 182. William Miller. This is Israel Miller's son & the father in law of Cy Markle with whom the widow lives.

No 183. These are father, mother & brother of Mrs William Miller just above. Kate says Sam Miller, son of Albert G. told her that David M. Andrews, a bachelor had $15,000 in Bank in West Newton. He had another sister in addition to Mrs Miller.

No 184. Milo T. Scholl is son of David S. Scholl.

No 185. This is David S. Scholl's wife, he is brother of Wm L. & Millard F.

This finishes the Markle g.y. & we now take up that at Sewickly church.

V5 Page 103

No 191. John C. Carothers. This is Mrs Stokeley's father & mother & son of Uncle John Caruthers, brother of ggfather James Caruthers. Kate attended his funeral as heretofore reported.

No 192. Kate don't know who these are but says there is a Finley living in West Newton now, a carpenter, past middle age.

No 193. James Carothers. This is grandfather Samuel Carothers' brother & his second wife who was a McClure. Kate thought his first wife wd be buried at Sewickly too, but I find no marker. "He was a very friendly man & always good to mother. The first Sunday she went to Sewickly Church after coming to Westnd Co when a little girl, he took her in his seat, & told her she could always sit there & she did". 6:11 PM

My friends from Wheeling WVA, Blanche D. Steenrod, Dr & Mrs Quimby came at 3:11 PM & were here until 4:55 & r't'd to the Summit Hotel for the night & at 5 I went in to dinner & have just rtd. They told Cousin Kate & myself about Cousin Elizabeth Stevenson, Tom's youngest daughter having been married on Saturday Aug 6, 1921 at Wheeling to Henry Stifel, the richest bachelor in Wheeling 25 yrs older than her & worth two million dollars. He is the principal owner in the Calico mills at Wheeling, the oldest & largest in the world. Her brother John E. Stevenson's wife is a sister of Stifel. They have one child

V5 Page 104

& are going to moved in a big house out this side of Wheeling near John Arbenz where I have visited that Mr Stifel has just built & all live together. Helen said they had quite a time the night before the wedding & Elizabeth spent a good part of the night vomiting, being sick at the stomach. her sister Louisa married a Mr Tower & has a daughter almost grown. Kate think Elizabeth is about 23 yrs ago [sic] & that she was born in Allegheny Pa or Wheeling WVA.

No 200. Kezia Newlon was the wife of Wm Newlon of Willow Tree & she was a Robbins. Her daughter Rachel Newlon married Abram Fulton, a son of Henry & Rebecca Jack Fulton. Her daughter Kezia married another Fulton & her younger daughter Margaret married Joe Bennett. Hannah Rotharmel at No 201 was also her daughter.

Kate says Sam Drum when on a visit at Kate house with two nieces from Illinois for several days got a carriage & took Kate & his nieces out to Sewickly gy to see the graves of his sister Susan & brother Christian (no 205) & when at the cemetery, told Kate that his father Henry Drum when getting the markers for these children also got the one for his grandmother Elizabeth Markle. There were two more infant babies of Henry & Jane Drum buried at Sewickly & one Harmar Denny [or Harman Denry]

V5 Page 105

Drum aged 1 yr buried in the West Newton Cem. She thought "Paddy" Jack was buried at Sewickly Church. He was living at John Markle's when his mother was there. Kate thought that when her folks first moved to Westd that Mrs Jack was living with Joanna Robertson but came to John Markle's soon thereafter.

Page 34 Book 4

Letter from grandson of John Robertson of John leads Kate to say that his brother in law Wm Plumer told Kate's mother that if anybody knew where her brother Jacob Rotharmel was, that he John Robertson wd know as they were such good friends.

Page 61 Book 4

Kate says the names of the children of Samuel Miller son of Nancy & Albert G. Miller are:

1. Nancy, the oldest, she was killed in a hotel in Pgh by a man who wanted to marry her shooting her. She was a great big fat girl. She was unmarried & was buried in her father's lot in West Newton Cem. Thinks Sam's wife was dead at this time & she was buried from her grandmother.

2. grace, a schoolteacher & went off to teach.

3 & 4. Two other girls, both married One lives down below McKeesport & the other up above Jacob's Creek.

5. John Miller, named for his grandfather's brothers was in France in World War & got back safe.

6. A son in France in World War & was killed.

V5 Page 106

7. A son married & went west.

8. Amzi.

Don't know order of ages except that Nancy was oldest.

Kate says Samuel, father of above is living with his sister Leah.

Kate says Margaret & Hiram Markle had 8 or 9 children but most of them died young. She says Anna married someone up about Barren Run or Scottdale. Kate says she remembers when she joined the Presbyterian Church & was baptized.

No 4. Page 66 Book 4 is the child of Uncle John Robertson by his last wife, which died abt 3 mos after his death.

No 15 Page 67 Book 4. This was Margaret Plumer sister of Wm Plumer who married Sallie Robertson. See Page 386 Book 3.

No 18 Page 67 Book 4. This is the Robert Fulton that Eleanor Jack Niccolls said was the first man she ever say [sic] die, where she went in 1819 when her mother died. He was a brother of her grandfather Abram Fulton. His wife named in his will as Agnes which in early times was synonymous with Nancy, which is used on the tombstone is as I am satisfied the daughter of Samuel Thompson brother of my great grandfather Wm Thompson Note that she would be born in 1754. Wrong. [This last word added perhaps in pencil]

No 19 Page 68. This is Samuel son of Polly Bell etc.

No 29 Page 70. Kate says Alfred is the son of old Uncle Gasper who had 6 boys & his wife

V5 Page 107

was a Bair.

No 33 & 32 Page 70. Kate don't know about these Fultons. Ask Jane Markle No 32 may be son of Robert noted at #16 above.

It is now 11:45 Pm & Cousin Kate has just gone to bed.

Aug 15, 1921 Oak Hill 9:11 AM

No 38 Page 71 Book 4

Asking Cousin Kate as to which of ggmother Markle's children Mrs Oliver (Salome) or Gasper was the older, she said her mother always said Gasper was older than Mrs Oliver & this is born out by the tombstone record at Dick Church gy which would make her born in 1791 when we have the original Bible record of Gasper giving his birth as July 8, 1790. Then by proving from the Bible record, tombstone inscriptions & recollections of aged persons, we find that little Daniel, heretofore spoken of in these records & of whom cousin Kate says her Aunt Polly Rotharmel in the last year of her life told her that great grandmother Markle had told her that she had a little Daniel who died when a little over a year old when the weather was very cold, the snow deep & the Indians very bad. Also that her oldest son, Joseph had looked after & cared for him as a baby. Joseph would have been 7 or 8 yrs old. Mary Oliver shown here as wife of Wm Cochran came on a visit to her Uncle James B. Oliver in West Newton (she was 1st cousin to Eliza wife of Capt Wm Thompson) took

V5 Page 108

sick & died there. Her son came on but all she was able to say after he arrived was "Remember your mother". They took her away Kate says for burial most likely to Leechburg Pa as Christian Scholl said that is where they lived & that her daughter Nellie Cochran as "Nellie Bly" or "Nellie Blythe" made the famous trip around the world. See Book 1 Page 19.

No 37. Andrew Oliver. I am inclined to think this is the father of Samuel Oliver alongside of whom he is buried & also of James B Oliver & comparing age of Agnes or Nancy wife of Robert Fulton No 18 Page 67 Book 4, would indicate considering the location that he might be the husband of Elizabeth Oliver the daughter of Samuel Thompson see will Book 4 Page 212 & note that Mary J. Wachob said she went to Sewickly Church when it was attended by Samuel Thompson who wd be a brother of Mrs Oliver. Asking Kate if she knew of any other brothers or sisters of James B & Samuel Oliver she said Eliza Thompson had an Aunt who when a widow with a married daughter Mrs Robinson married a widower in Pgh who had a son & a daughter Ella, who were very rich by inheritance from their deceased mother & went there to live. After the husband died, his daughter Ella lived in Pgh with her stepmother with whom Mrs Robinson & her daughter moved in & after wearing her clothes a time or two "Cousin Ella" as they called her wd

V5 Page 109

give her clothes to Mrs Eliza Thompson. She was considered then one of the richest girls in Allegheny. She got married.

No 48 Rosanna Milligan was the daughter of Polly Beli & this is her husband & son. I suppose No 49 is likely her daughter & son.

Page 79 Book 4

Kate says speaking of the wife of Thos H. Campbell that a Rosa Metsch lived at Plumer's & this sister Elizabeth Metsch lived at Goodman's. Goodman's wife was an invalid & "Lizzie" got in trouble with Goodman & went away & came back with a girl baby which she had born to Goodman & put the baby in Mrs Goodman's lap who said: "Take it away". It was accordingly put with some friends who raised it. Goodman meanwhile paying for its keeping. He got married again & then stopped paying. She, Lizzie, had in the meantime married Theo H. Campbell & took the baby to her new home but did not treat it right & Brundage who had married a sister of Lizzie's & his wife had died, told Kate of Lizzie's ill treatment of her little girl & said he was going to reprove her for her inhumanity. The little girl married a Pore, son of a farmer out there.

Kate says Theodore was a great fighter & when he got back from the war had many contentions & fights with Democrats. She said some Democrat was wearing a butternut & he took it off of him & gave him a good pelting. Said he was a wild one.

V5 Page 110

Kate says her grandfather was given to attending all the weddings & gatherings in the neighborhood that he was very dressy & always wore silver shoe buckles etc up to the time of his death.

Will J. Stewart of Luzerne Tp was out here to Oak Hill between 11 & 12 & weighed 139 lbs & I 189 when he stepped on the scales he spoke of it reminding him of being in Chicago, Ills at the fat stock show in the 80s with father & James Slocum & that every time father would come to a striking machine, he would give the woman running it a dime or the fee & he said father always struck a harder blow than he could. He said he would rather be out with Father than with a young man & so remarked to father & father said to him: "When I leave home, I leave my business behind me & don't concern myself about it while gone".

Page 83 Book 4. Kate says it was Maria Scholl Born 1803 who took care of the baby Israel Miller in 1816 when his mother, Mary Markle was getting married to William Miller & Mary said to her niece Maria: "Keep his mouth shut while I am getting married".

Page 86 Book 4.

Kate says Josiah Pore who owns the old John Jack homestead is rich & lives in West Newton Pa. Late in life, he married a Painter from over by Irwin & has a daughter & three sons.

V5 Page 111

Page 88 Book 4

Kate says there was an Adam Byerly who came from about Jacksonville (out Irwin way) where there are lots of Byerlys & who most likely is a son of Adam Byerly who married a daughter of John Finley of "Clemons", who married Jane Brush & went with him to the copper mines where he made a big fortune. He brought her back to Kate's Aunt Kate Brush at Stewartsville where the baby, a girl called Emma Byerly was born & lived. Kate says this was about the time her grandmother died which was 1854. Kate thinks this was her youngest child & says she had three sons that she has heard of, one named George, shot & killed himself in a hotel in Uwossi (Mich, where they had moved & where Mr Byerly had a store.) Someone told him his sons were squandering his money & when he looked into it, found they had taken $7000, so he stopped. Another son Robert, she thinks, married & left a young babe son when he died & the grandparents took it home to be raised. Thinks the other son was Edgar, the oldest, who married & his wife had to keep him running a millinery store. Adam made his will & cut out the bad boys leaving half to his wife Jane & half to his daughter Emma who was to take charge of her deceased brothers son & not let him go out of the house. The widow died suddenly & did not have time to make a will & Edgar got a share.

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Sarah Brush, an unmarried sister was out at her sister Jane's when she died. This Sarah & Jane were sisters of Geo Brush. Kate's Uncle, whose father was Robert Brush & their mother a Shaver & there was another sister Hettie who married a Thompson, who when she married him J.M. Shaver called a "worthless scamp", a young man who had been raised by an older Thompson out Jacksonville or Irwin way who had no children of his own & who was probably an Uncle of the boy & who was related to John Thompson, the grandfather of Mary Thompson who recently died at Homestead. When John Thompson died which as heretofore recorded was abt Nov 1863 they sent word to the old man Thompson who raised the boy that married Hettie Brush & he came to the funeral. This John Thompson had two brothers living west that visited him & one of them visited him twice asking both times for Jasper Thompson to whom he said he was related. Hettie nee Brush had a child to Thompson & he dying, she went out to her sister's Mrs Byerly's at the copper mines where she got married again. Kate thinks this was after Mrs Byerly was back to give birth to Emma.

Page 90 Book 4 Kate corroborates Will L. Scholl saying Martha Cook Hough was a wonderfully fine singer.

Page 99 Book 4. I have no trace of what

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became of Andrew Finley's second child Martha Finley, named no doubt for gggmother.

No 3. Eleanor the 3d child was the wife of James Carnahan, son of Col John & Rebecca & the mother of Eliza who married Emanuel Neff & later Lindsey Carnahan.

No 4. Jonny Finley the 4th child was the wife of Joshua Brothers & was dead when her father made his will in 1827 leaving children see his will.

No 5. James B. Finley the 5th child where his middle name when he died aged two is given in notice of his death as "Barkley" proves up G. Anjou's record where he gives John Finley's wife, mother of Squire Andrew Finley as a Barkley.

No 6. Polly Finley the 6th child is Polly Bell whom I knew, wife of Walter Bell.

No 7. Andrew Finley the 7th child is the one reported as going to Iowa & then to California a great hunter & frontiersman & who Kate has recently spoken of as living to a very great age. So far can get no trace of his location or children or who he married.

No 8. Nancy Finley, the 8th child. This is wife of Wm Bell & later of Joseph Hough. Jane Bennett, oldest child of John Finley is the one Kate insisted existed, although her nephew John F. Budd missed entirely giving account of her.

I went in town at 3 Pm & I am just now back as it strikes 9 PM.

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Page 109 Book 4. Kate says Emanuel Neff got drunk & was a bad one. This is the son of Emanuel & Eliza. Kate says she went to school with an Abner Neff & they said it was one of them. She thinks just as I do that there were three or four more children.

Page 114 Book 4. Kate says it was the rich one of the Thompson brothers named here that asked for father.

Oak Hill Aug 17, 1921 9 AM

Cousin Kate says this morning that great grandmother Markle said there were only two houses & a blacksmith shop in Pittsburgh Pa when she first came through it on her wedding trip in 1776 & that the whole of the present old city was then owned by old Mr Winebiddle, the father of Philip aforementioned. Kate says too that Uncle Joseph Markle's first wife died shortly after her grandfather moved to Westnd. She said the Gen'l brought her over to spend the day the summer they came & her grandfather took her home & that she wasn't out of the house much after that.

Page 211 Book 4. Will of Thomas Potter. I think John went to Mercer Co. Thomas lived in Mt Pleasant. Anna was Mrs Robert Brown & I think Catherine was the wife of Mathew McClanahan one of the Exrs.

Page 213 Book 4 No 105.

V5 Page 115

Referring to Adm on Margaret Campbell were granted to James B. McGrew with Robt Fulton one of the bondsmen. This Robt is probably the son of Robert & Agnes nee Thompson & McGrew may be the husband or son of Samuel Thompson's daughter Mary mentioned in his will. Kate says there was a James McGrew lived out in the country & used with his two deaf & dumb brothers which he was to care fore, visit at "Billy" Newlon's at the Willow Tree when Abram Fulton lived there & they send a basket of apples to her grandmother's when she was abt ten yrs old by one of these deaf & dumb brothers. He did not care for them & sent them to the Poor House. She thinks he married a Greenawalt & he had a daughter Susan who lived in West Newton Pa & died abt 8 or 10 yrs ago & Kate thinks was taken for burial out among her own people. Susan cared for a nephew named Leah who is probably still living & who married a Getchy, a cousin of Rosa Metsch, that used to live at Plumer's. The father of this Getchy girl was a brother of the father of Mrs Geo L. Cronshore who came up with us on June 25th last.

Page 214 Book 4. Read ggfather's will to Kate. She said he & ggmother did not get along well together in their later years & that he had his room & she had hers.

Page 215 Book 4. Asking her about the location of the Moses Latta farm she thought it was the one of the Pike adjoining the Jacob Markle as here indicated. She said it was this Jacob Markle farm that the big pile of stones was located.

V5 Page 116

Page 221 Book 4. Kate says that Elizabeth Larimer Boyd, wife of George W. Markle was a daughter of "Bob" Boyd who was a brother of John Boyd, who married Mary E. Markle the full sister of cousin Cyrus P. Markle. They were sons of the purchaser of the John Jack farm (Robert Boyd I believe). Kate asked if their daughter Margaret & Elizabeth Markle was married yet & I said "no". She then said a lawyer in Gbg, A Democrat, had been going with her since she was in High School & when he was running for office once she came with him to West Newton once & stayed at her Aunt Maggie L. Markle's while there. There was a Greenawalt used to wait on Alice before they moved to Gbg but her mother being opposed to him, she used often to stay with her Aunt Maggie & he would come there to see her & using the back room. Kate would hear him leaving over the porch next her, always at midnight.

Page 223 Book 4. Kate says her brother Peter was visiting once at Christian Scholl's & went together to the Markle Cem & Peter said "Let's go over & see Geo W. Markle", who lived just adj the cem. Mr Scholl said: "No, he is under a cloud now & won't see or talk to anyone. His daughter Edith has caused him trouble". She said Edith & the cause of her trouble, David Hunter, were married before the child was born. He was son of S. Florence Hunter see top of page 3 book 4.

V5 Page 117

Page 223 Book 4. Kate says Geo W. Markle was out at his farm at the stone house where Shep & Belle, two boys were arranging & preparing for putting in the fall crops, it was on Aug 10, 1912. When George said to them "well boys, I must go as I have some distance to go to make my train". He evidently walked too fast or ran as when at the station where the road crosses the tracks & which was near to his daughter Edith's. Just as he was going to step up to get on the train, he dropped dead at the station. They carried him to his daughter Edith Hunter's home near by. Reading Kate the names of Edith's eight children, she said there were a lot more of them as Maggie Markle told her ie that Edith had a lot of children to die or perhaps more largely premature briths or miscarriages saying she had had one & just got out of bed the day before her father died.

Kate says that Susan McGrew who died in West Newton 8 or 10 yrs ago "was anyway 75 & probably more" when she died & might be the daughter of James B. McGrew.

Page 227 Book 4. Kate said Will Penney was at Cousin Jane K. Carothers funeral & was helping in the kitchen when Fannie said "you go out on the porch & talk to

V5 Page 118

my cousin" which she did. Shortly after Fannie said she was going to write him to come & see her (he was a widower) & she said "don't you do it, I won't have anyone who has children". But she said to me he was a nice man.

Page 250 Book 4. Reading about Hull she Kate said Samuel Hibben bought the lot just next to them below before her father bought his lot & Hibben built the house on it. He was a wagonmaker. He married Mary Ann Pearl & she lived to be 85 dying over at Latrobe but was brought back & buried in the West Newton Cem alongside of her husband. She had a niece five yrs younger than herself, Vanela Micker, daughter of Mrs Hibben's sister. She married a Hull over at or by Monongahela City whose daughter Amanda married John Miller. Vanela went to Pgh Pa to visit a daughter & died there aged 100 yrs & 2 or 3 mos but was taken back to Monongahela City for burial alongside of her husband.

Page 251 Book 4. The father of Laura Fullerton's son was a Painter & she bought a little place on the outskirts of Scottdale Pa where she lives John Gaut who married Lizzie's daughter of Benj Rothermel & who lives in Scottdale is a brother of her mother. She still owns the farm.

It is now 2:30 PM. & I must go in town.

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Oak Hill Aug 18, 1921 8 AM

Reading this morning to Cousin Kate from Amanda Smith's book, she told me a story reported by Julia Ann Hearne, a servant in the family of Rev Hughes, Presbyterian minister at West Newton Pa of Amanda's father Micajah P. Smith going to see Mrs Hughs that caused a great ruction in the church. This Mrs Hughes it seems had been a Larimer up by Jacksonville & had married Humphrey Fullerton, a man of wealth who dying, left her with three children & if they died it was to go to his brothers & sisters. Her children all died but Anna who married a Logan & Rev Hughes died & his wife or widow got $1300 a year out of her first husband's estate. This Julia Ann Hearne, a "big mouthed' woman though unmarried had two children.

Showing Kate the record in which Amanda had entered date of her parents' marriage as "June 183 " she said Amanda didn't know that it wasn't the month before Hanna was born, but three months before that, his parents were born. Kate has not been able to fix date of Maria's death, but we can get that, no doubt from the tombstone at Rehoboth. Kate thinks she was 19 or 20 when Maria died & says her mother went over at the time & the day of the funeral, she kept one of Jane Drum's babies while Jane went to the funeral. Kate says Maria used to come to her grandfather's & sometimes stayed four or

V5 Page 120

or five days playing with Kate's mother (who thought so much of her) climbing trees & such capers, until her mother, Mrs Markle would come for her. Kate says their family & John Markle's family were all one. Says her mother was tall & slender "very slender, there was nothing of her" & that Maria was about same height, but he aviers [sic] Maria had red hair & so had Gasper, but Lucinda & Nellie did not have red hair. Asking her when Nellie was married she said it was shortly after her mother was married. Kate says she told her she "had been married about a year when when [sic] "Pete" was born". Kate says her father went to Pgh sometime after he was married & bought his wife a green scuff bonnet which Mrs Markle liked very much & borrowed it & made one like it in white for Nellie's wedding hat. Kate says Mrs Markle was very handy, could make anything. She took the hat apart & put it together again. Kate says that in the July after her grandparents moved there that the Markles came to spend the day with her mother & they came in flannels & all in their bare feet. Lucinda, Maria, Nellie & Gasper named here in the order of their ages. it was blackberry time in July & up to that time, Kate's mother & grandmother had the idea that blackberries were poisonous & never used them until the Markle children told them they were all right & they made a blackberry pie that night. Kate says Amanda Smith is wrong in

V5 Page 121

naming 1807 as the year of her mother's birth for her mother always told her that Maria was older than her & that Nellie was younger. Nellie was married before her own mother died. It is now 11:22 AM & Miss Mary F. Beeson is with us coming out at 10:17 AM. She has just told me about the time when her great grandfather Henry Beeson, the founder of the town going on a business trip to Kentucky & leaving his wife in a cabin where sister Lenora M. Niccolls' home now is with her first & then only child, Jesse, who was just beginning to walk playing on the floor when she saw some Indians coming single file. She picked up her babe & sit him on her knee & lifted her eyes in silent prayer. The Indians came in & saw her husband's clothes & broad brimmed hat & said: "we no kill Penn's people" & departed. This child, Jesse Beeson later married Elizabeth Skiles being her first husband & Johnson Van Kirk being her last husband & I knew her well as "Betsy" Van Kirk. Mary says she has often told her about her mother in law telling her the above story. Her mother in law was a Martin of the Fairfax family & "Aunt Betsy" remembers when her, Mrs Henry Beeson's, father riding out here to see his daughter found the trip exhausted him & he died & is buried over in the Pres. gy. "Aunt Betsy" met him at the time. Mary says his father lived to be over a hundred years old. Mary says her father Jesse

V5 Page 122

Beeson who lived to be 81 or 82 never used glasses, nor did his sister Mary Beeson Rutter who lived past 80, nor does Mary use them. She says her Aunt Mary Rutter told her she never used her eyes after night, always thus protecting them. Mary said her great Aunt Betsy Van Kirk used to tell about Rev Wylie who lived & I believe owned where the Titlow Hotel now is before it was acquired by Dr. Daniel Sturgeon being in her house once & picked up the Snuffers which he never had seen before & asked what they were. He opened them, she telling him what they were for & he took his fingers, snipped of [sic] the burnt wick in the flame & layed [sic] it in the snuffers saying "Fine, handiest thing out". Aunt Betsy would tell this & laugh. "Aunt Betsy's" second husband was Rev Guthrie of Laurel Hill Pres Church & her third & last husband was Johnson Van Kirk father of Uncle Josiah for whom I was named. We have just been weighed, Cousin Kate Smith weighing 91, Mary I. Beeson 106, & myself 190. After having Mary to lunch, will drive her in town & Kate & I plan to go out to brother Will's to call & then I want to run out to Laurel Hill gy to see markers to Elisha Peairs & wife's grave & others. Then tomorrow at 8 AM we are expecting to go with Cousin Kate to Pgh in Cousin Thos B. Seman's car viz of West Newton Pa & stop for Cousin Kate to speak to Mrs Freese & run out to her

V5 Page 123

grandfather Rothermel's farm.

AT lunch with Miss Mary, she spoke of her brother Henry R. Beeson, then boarding at the McClelland House here coming out in front of the hotel where several men were standing & among them was a very old man who pointed across the street & said: "that is the Benjamin Hollen property. I was Sheriff of Fayette Co once & had his body under execution for debt when his daughter married young Beeson & they plucked him sufficiently to pay off the debt & get rich". He didn't know a grandson of Hellen's was in hearing . Henry asked his father why he allowed this & he answered "It was your mother's father, Henry". The old man was Ex shff George Craft, Wm Hellen married a Johnston of an excellent Maryland family into which John Quincy Adams also married. He sailed to England & was lost at sea leaving two children, one, a girl I believe, stayed in Maryland & Benjamin came out to Fayette Co & married Drusilla Hook or Hoge, one of two daughters of a man of means (the other Priscilla married a preacher, Daughaday or something like that who died at 33 yrs & he is buried in Methodist gy here) & his oldest daughter Minerva married Wm Wilson & among his children were Jane Whittaker & Juliet H. Wilson, both recently deceased upwards of 80 & Jane married Jesse Beeson & became the mother of Mary I. Beeson. Mary said that "Kim", a servant in the family when Mary was born told her

V5 Page 124

that her mother was not like any of the other Hellens ie her brothers & sisters, but was superior to all the others & very different in character & disposition. She said her grandfather, Benj Hellen sent for James Veech to write his will & he was taking down directions & when he was apparently through dictating & nothing had been provided for the children of Minerva & Jane Mr Veech asked him what provision was to be made for them, he said none. Mr Veech got up & told him he would have no part in drawing such a will & left. Hellen then got Jno K. Ewing who drew it that way & made himself trustee. When his wife heard what he had done, she told him in the presence of Jane Whittaker nee Wilson that if she survived him, she wd not let the will stand. He then agreed to change it & sent for Col John Collins to come & change it, but his son B. Frank Hellen intercepted the messenger, it was never changed. Mrs Hellen died first & the will stood, giving B.F., the lion's share & enabling Judge Ewing to feather his nest. Mary's opinion of his daughter Anna L. Lazier is in sweet accord with mine & Drusilla H. Lingo comes in the same category. She spoke of Mrs Lingo coming different times to see her & on several occasions spoke of looking over her father's books & saying if people had paid him, they would have

V5 Page 125

money. She spoke of it once too often & Mary told her she had a receipted bill for $2000 of a bill from him for goods her mother had never gotten the other members of the family having gotten them & had them charged to her husband. Mrs Lingo never after mentioned the subject. She said Strubles told Dukes in an effort to dissuade him from considering marrying her that she had no money. I asked her if she knew that Asbury Struble was not a Struble at all, that while he was the son of Frederick Struble's wife, his father was Samuel Wilson & she nodded that she did, saying that her Aunt Mary B. Rutter had told her saying that John Rutter, brother of her husband Geo W. Rutter, had a store in McClellandtown & knew all about it & to her sorrow $3000 of her money had to go to liquidate that store's debts that Geo W. Rutter was liable for. Pallini took Mary home at 1:30 PM & at 1:55 we started with Cousin Kate to Springdale & called a few minutes with Kate who told us that Will was over at Sandy Hill picnic of his Sunday School. We got back to Oak Hill at 2:55 PM & at 3:05 we run out to Laurel Hill gy where I wanted to get tombstone record of Elisha Peairs & his wife Elizabeth Jack, but when we got there it was raining hard & we came back to town arriving at 4 PM. In the afternoon, Miss Canagahn [best guess] called also Jasper Augustine, F.H. Rosbess [best guess]

V5 Page 126

& H.K. McQuarrie to whom I paid my note of $1000 & int to Wiktorya Dzik. At 5:15, Eliza J. Baird called & in answer to my last week's inquiry, she said she had her Cousin Mary Hibbs hunt up the Bible of their grandfather Alexander Lecky which they found in the attic at 74 Lincoln St, very much dilapidated & with the record only of himself & his wife & not giving the names or dates of birth of their children. She copied it of [sic] & follows herewith:

Alexander Leckey was born July 16, AD 1793.

Alexander Leckey died Nov 20, 1864

Mary Davis (Leckey) was born Apr 20, 1792.

Mary Davis (Leckey) died Apr 12, 1879.

On July 11, 1921, Miss Matilda Hostetler wrote me that her mother, the oldest child viz: Ann Leckey Hostetler was born May 10, 1811, was married March 24, 1836, & died Aug 24, 1883.

Miss Baird said her Uncle & Aunt Fogle were living in Grand Ridge Ill & she had recd a letter from their daughter Lizzie inviting her to come out Oct 15 next & spend the winter with them. After coming out this evening, Otto O. Donley called me from Morgantown WVA & reported progress in his negotiations to secure his Uncle James W. Donley's coal & told me Miss Maria Livengood had died day before yesterday & was

V5 Page 127

buried today. Also that Asa M. Sterling had fallen last night from the 6th story window of a Pgh Hospital & had died in five minutes. I said to Andrew who was here at 9:30 that I believed he had jumped out, which he corroborated saying Bruce F. Sterling had told him that his wife & nurse were in the room with him & by reason of the great pain he was suffering after his operation, he asked them for morphine. They stepped out of the room about 2 or 2:30 AM this morning thinking he would quiet down, but instead, he took out a window screen, pushed a chair to the window & crawled up & flung himself out. A.B. Egolf, Cuppett & Hughes were here a half hour at 9 PM trying to sell me their 150 A of First Natl Bank Bedford Pa coal on the Narrow Guage [sic] RR as they said the Dept had notified them they must sell by Sept 1, 1921. It is now 11 PM & Kate has retired, so I will write up my book & read the papers & go to bed. JVT.

V% Page 128

Oak Hill Aug 24th, 1921 11:20 PM

When up at Morgantown a couple of weeks ago, I made some examination of the Records of

No 1. Monongalia Co WVA (then VA) Deed book 1 Page 309 where Deed was made May 8, 1797 between Alexander Wilson & Deborah his wife of Fayette Co Pa & William Lankester of Monon Co Va conveys lands in Monon Co VA on South side of Dunkard Creek adjoining lands claimed by John Cooper including settlement made in year 1795 ctg 281 Acres recites that it was granted to Alex Wilson by patent dated June 15th, 1784 agreeable to cft granted by commissioners for adjusting claims to unpatented lands in the Counties of Monongalia, Yohogania & Ohio, bounded as follows: course to go down Dunkard Creek 223 Poles then crosses Days Run & recrossing Days Run goes north 282 Poles & comes back to place of beginning signed Alexander Wilson Deborah (her mark) Wilson.

Witnesses John Evans, Dudley Evans & John Fairfax. John Evans was clerk of courts then.

No 2. Deed Book 2 Page 529. Samuel Wilson & Sarah his wife convey to Jacob Livengood of Greene Co Pa for $160, 78 Acres in Monon Co on "Marrickles" Run on Apr 12, 1803.

Witnessed by John E. Bills & Michael Core. Also to Wm Jobes same day & acreage W.E. 3 Page 63.

V5 Page 129

At Pgh within the past month, gleaned as follows:

Pittsburgh Pa Court House.

1. Bond book 2 Page 167. Mary Irwin & James Irwin with Boyle Irwin & Wm McCandless on give bond to Adm estate of John Irwin late of Pgh for $2000 on June 3, 1808.

2. Page 168, same book Martha Irwin & John Irwin with John Caldwell & John Herron on give bond to Adm estate of James Irwin for $2000 dated July 18, 1825.

3. Page 169 same book Agnes Irwin, Wm W. Irwin & John McKee with John D. Davis & Geo Boggs on give bonds for $10,000 dated Apr 25, 1830 to Adm estate of John Irwin.

4. Page 170. Robt Wilson gives bond with John Wilson & Thomas on For $600 to adm estate of Joseph Irwin.

5. Page 172. Esther Irwin & Freck Gardner with Wm Fenton & Wm McClure on give bond in $1000 on estate of Robert Irwin of Elizabeth Tp dated Aug 26, 1806.

6. Page 174, David Irwin gives bond with George Stewart & Thomas Bracken on for $6000, dated Mch 19, 1811 on estate of Agnes Irwin.

I went out in our car, Pallini driving, 1:30 PM & got back 5 PM to Laurel Hill Church graveyard & made following notations from tombstones & monuments.

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