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Conrad Stenger, son of Capt Conrad Stenger. He was older than Mrs Rothermel, his boys Ben & Conrad being born before she was married. Capt Stenger who bought ggfather Casper Markle's farm is buried there in Berks Co. This Conrad Stenger married 1st in Berks Co Magdalena Rotharmel, sister of Peter & daughter of Christian & moved to Franklin where for a time his family & Peter Rotharmel's all lived together. He married 2nd in Franklin Co Pa Christina Shearer widow of Peter Shearer & daughter of George Merkel of Christian. He prospered became rich bought a farm near London & was buried in a graveyard on the farm. All the children were by the first wife. See book 1 P. 126 & 139.

[Children of Conrad & Magdalena]

Conrad Stenger, m. Eisaman, sister of Mrs Jacob Stough near West Newton & of the Gbg family of same name. His father gave him a farm & at death $7000, but he was a drunken worthless fellow. Lived near London. Went to California & died there leaving a family which was reported to be poor by a grandson of Louis Stenger viz. Samuel Stenger.

Benjamin Stenger was good for nothing. A bad one, Kate says, was unmarried. He sent a young girl, Hannah Stenger to Kate's grandmother who was a daughter of Adam Stenger who was a first Cousin of Conrad above & Mrs R & this girl Ben's 2d cousin had a girl baby which was his & was born 6 mos before Kate. Sister Hannah, Ben died abt this time & a letter came fr her home telling her to come back & she did, but was bad & had several children but was not married.

John Stenger, married a bound girl that Mrs Shearer, his stepmother brought when she married his father. He died young before he had time to spend his money.

A daughter, raised by her Uncle Peter Stenger who was her guardian.

Hannah Stenger, m. Joseph Hersche moved to State of California. Does not know about the family was reported to be poor by Louis Stenger's grandson. See BK 17. P 580 Kate is wrong as Hannah mar Danl Shearer

Peter Stenger Born same year Kate's Uncle Peter was viz: 1793. He was educated ( the other boys wouldn't go off to school). Kept his father's books attended to the business & was a Squire. M. Christina Shearer, Dau of his stepmother by her first husband. She died in summer of 1875, just after death of Kate's mother. He lived "long after" & was up in the nineties when he died. Buried she thinks at London. "He was well off".

Hannah Mary, Living in 1924 at Marion Pa only survivor m. John Diehl Wm S. Stenger, Secy of Com of Pa. Buried at Chambersburg Pa, Falling Sp. P.97. Was locked up for shaking hands with a Rebel Prisoner (an old school chum who waved to him) at Chambersburg during Civil War. Kate's Aunt Kate recd it in a newspaper Born 1840. Died 1918 see Book 3 Page 336.

George Stenger, m. Lottie Hassler

A daughter, Matilda m. Jacob Hassler a minister near Fort London Pa where he died.

A daughter, Harriet, m. Hoke

H.M. Hoke, 219 Commonwealth Ave, Chestnut Hill, Mass.

A daughter, Martha, m. John Horner

Catherine Stenger, or possibly Anna Catherine for her grandmother Stenger. m. Daniel Shearer, son of her stepmother. Kate says when she was a little girl, they stayed over night at Uncle Wm Miller's who kept a hotel, when on their way to the west. She s'd a boy, a son, was driving & a married dau with two children were on the wagon with her mother & the men were on horseback & they all were a hard looking set. Says later they were reported as being in Calif & very poor. Her name was Mary [the dau w/two children] & she, & not Hannah Mar Joseph Harshey See Bk 17, P 380.

Samuel Stenger. "He was a good man". Father gave him a farm near London which he held on to. He married his full cousin Elizabeth Smith, dau of Magdalena & George Smith. She died was a good woman & then he died, leaving two sons who ran through with the farm & it was all gone when Sam Stenger, a cattle drover, a grandson of Louis was at Kate's home. There may have been other children.

A son

A son

Another son, Kate says her mother had heard there was another son, but didn't know his name or anything about him. It was William Bk 17 p 580 see Bk 20 P 92.

Twins, Their mother the 1st wife died at their birth, See Book 17 P 580.

See Book 17 P 580 581

shows that it was not Peter, but his father Conrad Stenger who married Christina Shearer. She says Frederick Shearer hauled one of the wagons for her grandfather when he moved in Apr 1813 having a six horse team & that her grandfather went over with him then, Apr 1813 when He, Frederick Shearer, bought the farm in Fayette Co Pa to which he moved shortly thereafter.

Page 402. Kate says Betsy Shearer daughter of Frederick Shearer never married & that her grandfather wanted Peter to marry her. Kate says a year before her Aunt Polly died, a Mrs Fleming came in & told her that Betsy Shearer had died of a cancer & had not received proper attention in her last illness which fact grieved Polly greatly. Kate says the name is Hassler not Hosler. It is now 2:55 PM & I will copy sheet in last page of Book 1 & go to town.

V5 Page 44

Oak Hill Aug 2, 1921 7:30 PM

Book 2 Page 3. Aside from Conrad Stenger, brother of Mrs Peter Rotharmel marrying Mrs Shearer, Kate says that two Uncles of her mother's   both Stengers, but she dont know their first names   married Markle widows. She said one of them would get very drunk but when I read her Miss M. Rebecca Chalfant's statement that her mother's mother had a stepfather, Kate said yes & his name was Stenger, but it was not Mrs Shearer's mother that would get drunk, it was the other one. Both Mrs Shearers were daughters of George Markle Book 1 Page 126 & he died in 1779 & the other widow who would get drunk was the widow of Peter Book 1 Page 125 who died in 1785 & she married a Stenger too, a brother of Capt Conrad Stenger, also. This one had a daughter who at the time of the occurrence cited below was Mrs Leidy. The occurrence was when Kate's grandmother had one of the children born after Kate's mother was born & Kate thinks it was when her Uncle Jacob was born in 1809 but it may have been when her Uncle Daniel was born. When the child was born & she was laid up, both of these former Markle widows who were then both widows again along with Mrs Leidy, daughter of the Stenger that married Peter's widow & a married daughter of Peter's came to the Peter Rotharmel & the Peter

V5 Page 45

widow got hold of a bottle of wine & drank it all & lay on the floor dead drunk & Peter Rotharmel got her in a spring wagon & hauled her home, whereupon Mrs Leidy said they had tried to keep her father Stenger from marrying her because of reports current of her drinking & getting drunk but he wouldn't & her own & Peter Markle's daughter spoke up & said my father had the same trouble in continued efforts to keep her from getting drunk. Kate says they both lived then near her grandfather's & London & that both Stenger husbands were then dead. Neither of these Markle widows nor Mrs Shearer who married Conrad had any children by any of the Stengers & Kate supposes all are buried near London. Kate says when her mother was 4 yrs old, say in 1808, the year before the above recited occurrence that Sallie who was next younger than her Aunt Kate & then 9 yrs old, she was bringing in some apples & her mother said she could eat one. She said "No, I will not eat one now, but will take them upstairs & hide them from the young ones", meaning Ben & Juliana. She came downstairs & dropped & the doctor happened to be there & said "she will never get up. She has the worst fever there is   spotted" & she died three days later aged 9 yrs. Ben got one of the apples she had hid & ate half of it & gave one to Juliana & she ate it & both were taken sick & they sent

V5 Page 46

for the Doctor & he asked what they had eaten & they told each had eaten of Sallie's apples & he said "You have taken the same fever & in the worst way, have eaten it." & Kate says their lives were despaired of & they were very low, but finally pulled through. Kate said that Adam Stenger, father of the girl that Conrad's Ben sent out to Westnd was the son of one of the Stenger's Uncles that married Markle widows.

Kate says that once her grandfather was away for 5 or 6 months & while he was gone, Capt Conrad Stenger, his father in law died, his daughter Katie was born, this we think was in 1795 & Capt Stenger's widow came to Franklin Co & stayed three months with her daughter Mrs Peter Rotharmel.

Page 6 Book 2 Reading to Cousin Kate about Grandmother's death, she said her grandmother's sister, Magdalena Smith was sitting on the porch knitting at Back Creek & the fog came up of the water & went in her mouth & she never had any health afterwards & died in two yrs. The doctor said it went in her windpipe.

Page 26 Book 2. Kate said Nancy Bell had more children than Eleanor J. Niccolls gives her via Mrs Milligan, Mrs Pollock, Mrs Hough, & two sons Todd Bell who went west & another & a daughter Josephine by Hough & Kate says that P. Ab Rotharmel said she was 55 yrs

V5 Page 47

old when Josephine was born. Kate says a week or two after grandparents moved to Westnd Co Polly Bell rode into their barn to get out of a pouring rain with a child behind her & one in front of her & the rain continuing, she stayed all night. The next morning, Sunday, she wanted to go to see her father, Squire Andrew Finley who was sick. Kate's folks offered to keep the children & her grandfather took Polly up & found her father up & out in the yard & it was before he had his breakfast. It is now 10 PM & I have rung for Mrs Pallini to assist Cousin Kate to bed. JVT

Oak Hill Aug 5th, 1921 7:30 PM

Cousin Kate now recalls that the Phila lawyer who spent some six weeks in Berks Co getting information to enable him to go after the Rothermel & who died shortly after he got back to Phila was named Newlongburg.

Page 74 Book 2. Kate & I think the William Thompson reported at Cadiz O May 26, 1911 as son of a brother of the Elder Sam'l Thompson there mentioned was the father of Mrs Lucy Hood. Kate says Eliza the wife of William Thompson was James Oliver's daughter (old Jimmy). Kate says they called him Capt &thinks he was in Civil War but don't know. Says he was in California, was gone a couple of years, was a common sized man

V5 Page 48

was rather slender. Nobody knew what he did, would be home & then away & reported that he drank & played cards & at times was "pretty bad off". He once owned the house opposite Kate's where Drums once lived & he sold it to Mrs Nehr or Nair & she sold it to Mrs Hurst (a sister of Fr J.T. Shepler) & she sold it to John Miller & then Mrs Frees got it. He then bought a house on RR st & sold it to Nett or Neth & RR set it & two livery stables on fire. As a young man, he studied with Dr Hasson to be a doctor, but never got to practicing. He owned the farm in Allegheny Co, a fine farm that the County Home was on before it was moved to Mayville & Kate said it was reported that he got this farm from his father. He sold it spent the money & lived high & run through with it as he did everything else. Jimmy Oliver had given his daughter Eliza Thompson the brick house in West Newton on same lot where Lucy Hood's present home is & there, Mrs Thompson lay sick for some years from disease syphilis, he had given her. She & he are both buried in West Newton Cem. After her death, her daughters, Fanny & Lucy got married, but neither of them wd take him to live with them & he died at Spiegels where he boarded. Fannie Oliver unmarried sister of his wife, took his remains to her house & he was buried there from, she censuring her nieces for their unfeeling & unchristian attitude toward their

V5 Page 49

father. Kate says he died the next yr after her mother which wd be 1876. It was two or three yrs before that his wife died. Lucy Hood told Kate that his father died when he was little & before he was grown up & that he was the only one except one sister that died young. He was only married once. Kate says Baldridge spent all of his mother's money except the home & she willed it to his daughters. Kate says they say they were no relation to the Joseph, Alexander, Mary Thompson & others about which she formerly told me, but from Lucy Hood's attitude, I am satisfied she knows nothing about it & Kate concurs with me in that belief. It is 11:22 Pm & Kate will now go to bed. JVT

[Descendant Chart]

William Thompson married Eliza Oliver [Their Children]

Elizabeth, the oldest died aged abt 5 yrs.

James Brison, died aged abt 3.

Frances, called "Fanny" m. Baldridge who before his marriage had been in Civil War. He died abt 6 yrs ago & she abt 2 yrs ago. She drew a pension. Lived, died & buried down near Phila somewhere. He didn't do anything, was well off & so was his mother who lived with them.

A daughter, married

Catherine, unmarried

Lucy, m. John Hood from out toward the Ridge. He was a painter & drew a big back pension which she put in the house. He buried in West Newton Cem abt 20 yrs ago "Just after Sadie" He was in Civil War.

Hazy, m. Ross. a R.E. Agt Live at Mt Wash.


A son

Edward, m. Krepps Dau of Geo R Krepps & live in West Newton. Works at Reduction Works. Owns a house in West Newton Pa. No issue.

Frank, Unmarried, A dentist in Pgh Pa.

Andrew, called "Capt". Unmarried Did live up the Yough River but for a yr or two has been home with Lucy.

John, a telegraph operator. Kate thinks lives in Chicago Married but no children. He the youngest.

V5 Page 50

Oak Hill Aug 7, 1921 8:55 Am

This is the 25th anniversary of my dear Mary's last day on earth alive. She having passed over a few minutes after midnight Aug 8th, 1896.

Page 238 Book 2.

Note Nos 18 & 19 from which I think it reasonable to conclude that the three minor children under 14 yrs of age at that time June 9, 1794 over which Samuel Thompson was appointed guardian were his grandchildren being the children of his daughter Mary. see his will in Book 4. 12:44 PM

Page 247 Book 2

Will of Uncle John Carothers. Kate says that his daughter, Mary, mentioned in 2d clause of his will never married. Says she was awful good & kind, was a common sized woman, but her sister Catharine, the wife of Rev J.P. McKee was a large woman. Kate says John C. McKee, the son, went to Pgh & engaged in the flour business with a man named Gardner, which proved disastrous financially. His sister, Belle McKee & his aunt Mary Carothers went with him. He was engaged to marry Sallie Markle daughter of Sheppard B. & had in his possession a valuable ring of hers which he pawned in Pgh. The engagement was broken of [sic] for some unknown reason & Sallie finally succeeded in getting her ring back. They came up from Pgh to West Newton preparatory to going west.

V5 Page 51

Rev J.P. McKee had been living with them in Pgh & once when they came up on a visit he was not able to go back with them & he was left at the home of the Hanway's who ran the mill in West Newton & there he died. Kate's Uncle Peter Rothermel sent him honey often the last years of his life. Kate & her sister, Hannah, went to his funeral at the house, but not to the grave. She says there were very few in attendance, only a dozen, including his brother in law, James P. & his wife & son John C. Carothers (Fannie & Belle stayed home to have dinner on their return from the grave) Mrs McKee, the two Richeys, she thinks David & Hunter, James A. Dick, who was one of the pall bearers, & Kate didn't know who the other three pallbearers were. They buried him at Sewickly Church & had dinner at James P. Carothers on their way back. Kate says that Uncle John Carothers was a very big man, tall, broad shouldered & big & that he lived with his son, James P. & died there & was buried at Sewickly. Rev McKee had a small son called Thomas that was also buried at Sewickly.

Mrs McKee, her children, Belle & John C. & her sister Mary Carothers went west together & she & her sister died out there. John C., the son, went into the Presbyterian ministry & Clarence Weimer, who heard him preach somewhere west s'd he never heard a better sermon. Belle married out west & about two yrs after Kate's

V5 Page 52

first fall (she says her first fall was on Aug 14, 1909, twelve yrs ago & her second fall was May 23, 1917. "one week before Decoration 4 yrs ago, Decoration was on Wednesday & I fell the Wednesday before".) a young man, Belle's son, who had completed his course to be a Doctor, had stopped off at Pgh on his way west, by advice of his mother or home folks & came up to West Newton to see the old home & went to Adam Darr's (brother of Mary Darr who told Kate) & asked him to show him which he did as the house was then still standing. It was up Main St on the right hand side four houses above Kate's old home. The house has since been torn down & one of the Pores from the Country built a new house & lives there now. He asked Dan to take him out to the Sewickly Cemetery after Church was over, which he did & on their way back, they stopped at Belle Markle's where was a big crowd & they were serving ice cream & he went back to partake thereof & was given a freshly painted chair to sit on much to the damage of his clothes. Kate says that Belle McKee who was a large big strong girl, was engaged to marry in West Newton to a Mr McClurkin who was a brother of the wife of the U.P. Minister McConnell, who with his father was living with the McConnells & who had money in his own right from his mother who was dead. He was delicate & took sick & Belle

V5 Page 53

went to nurse him & being big & strong, she lifted him in & out of bed at will. Mr McClurkin gave Belle some money. Mr McConnell died a couple of years later & the family went back to Pgh. Belle wore mourning for young McClurkin. Her brother, James W. McKee went west with the rest of the family & got married out there.

Kate says that Uncle John's son William S. Carothers was a very very big man, fine looking & well dressed when he called at their house & her father & mother introduced her & she shook hands with him. She thinks it was when she was abt 8 or 9. After he had gone, her father remarked that he was well dressed & looked prosperous, but he had been told he didn't amount to much, whereupon her mother s'd they helped him at home & told of loading a sled as full as they could pile on & took it to him. She said "he lived off somewhere, but it couldn't have bee far as they were taking these things to him in a sled". Kate thought his son, James, married some woman from Washington Co Pa & "lived off somewhere".

Page 249 Book 2. Kate says she was at Jane K. Carothers funeral & helped to get the dinner. She says Fannie willed the house in West Newton that she got from her mother to her sister Belle Markle for life & at her death, it is to go to Belle's children. Fannie also willed Belle's daughters $500

V5 Page 54

a piece. Kate says the Rev Boyd that "Fannie" married used to preach at Sewickly Church & was a widower & had a farm out near where Bryan lived in Nebraska & that "he was none of the West Newton Boyds". "He didn't do right either" Kate says. Before he married Fannie, he deeded his farm to his son & a daughter who had married Rev Byron E.P. Prugh had died leaving three children (two daughters & a son?) & he left or gave each of them $8000 & then only left Fannie the home as long as she lived in it & paid her back what money she had advanced him to repair it. Rev Prugh for his third wife married Mrs Major Mungo Dick being her third husband. She was a daughter of old Charles Goehring & married first a Smith, Second Major Mungo Dick & third Rev Byron E.P. Prugh. Fannie had a stroke in the cellar & fell there & Kate don't know how she got upstairs, but she was taken out to Belle's at Millgrove & died there. She is buried at Markle's Cemetery.

Page 253 Book 2.

See Will of Thomas Dunlap

Page 267 Book 2 Lines 23 & 24 Kate says she had heard her mother speak of the Criders, who she s'd had visited in Westnd Co.

Pages 270 & 271 Book 2

Wills of two John Elders, one of Armstrong Tp Westnd Co Pa names daughter Isabella

V5 Page 55

Thompson & appoints wife Mary Alexander Thompson & son Thomas exrs dated Oct 14, 1800 & Proven Nov 10, 1800.

The other is named as John Elder Junr of Fannett Tp, Franklin Co Pa is dated Feby 17, 1795 & is witnessed by David Anderson & John Anderson & Proven Dec 22, 1804.

Page 271 Book 2 No 28 Clement Finley will

This is the party who owned the old Rotharmel Farm & which in this will dated 1775 he willed to his son, John, then under age & which was bought from his heirs by Peter Rotharmel in 1813. Kate says that old grandmother Finley "Polly" who was a Stokley & the widow of Squire Andrew Finley's son John, always spoke of this man as "Uncle Clemons" (or Clement) which still further convinces me he was a brother of Squire Andrew Finley who witnessed the will & the John Finley also a witness was probably Andrew's son. "Polly" Finley also said as previously reported that he, Clement, & two of his sisters were buried on the farm. Aunt Hannah Markle (grandmother's sister) told Kate's grandmother & Aunt Polly once when at her grandmother's that "Clemons" Finley, the "old gentleman", had died very poor, that they came to their house, the Markles, to get a shirt to put on him when he died. His wife, Elizabeth, must have been a sister of Col John Carnahan living on the "Willow Tree" farm adjg for in appointing him as one of his Exrs, he calls him "by brother" & as he, John Carnahan, had married my Aunt Rebecca Carothers, who had no sister, we

V5 Page 56

must conclude that Clement Finley married his sister. Kate said that "Polly" Finley was not treated right by her son "Mi" (Nehemiah) who was on the farm & that she used often to come to her mother's & her mother & her brother Sam would often lead her home. She lived abt three houses up Main St, above Kate's home on the left hand side in a house which she owned. Her friends sent her in loaves of bread & pieces of meat & "McKees were awful good do her". I recall that Kate said that Bell McKee went to Gbg to keep house for Uncle John Richey when his wife died for awhile.

This is the John Finley who had owned the Rotharmel farm before Peter Rotharmel bought it. Asking Kate about his daughter "Jenny Robertson', she said this was the one that came to their house once after the family had rtd from the west & asked for a bucket of cherries & although the cherries were most gone, they picked her a bucket full )she s'd she wanted them from her old home) & Mrs Rothermel asked her if she had lard to bake her pies with. She s'd "No" & that they were very poor, so Mrs R gave her lard & picked some beans out of the garden for her, gave her a piece of meat to cook the beans with & other things. A couple of boys, her sons, came to help her carry the things home. Kate thought she lived in a small house on Uncle John Robertson's farm & that her husband

V5 Page 57

was a brother of Uncle John. She said Uncle John wouldn't give them anything, saying he wouldn't give to people who wouldn't work & she said her husband's health was delicate & he wasn't able to work. She says her Aunt Katy says this was after Kate's mother was married & after Aunt Joanna's death & that a daughter of this Jenny Robertson had a child to a brother of Mrs Stephen Pollock (Bell, but not Todd Bell) & he, Bell ran off. She says her Aunt Katy said the family went off somewhere, but she don't know where they moved to. This will does not name any wife & she evidently had died before he did, & according to Kate, his son William soon followed him in death, as the Markles told them that three of them, the wife, the father & the son William had all died within eleven months of each other & I believe within eleven months after they moved in the new house on a Saturday. The neighbors told them it was bad luck to move in on a Saturday & tried unsuccessfully to prevail on them to not move in on a Saturday. She said William & Walter Bell had the contract to do all the woodwork & they cut, sawed & split all the woodwork shingles & all from the woods on the farm & were paid $500 for it which Kate thinks was small as it was a big house. Kate says John Finley, his wife & son were not buried down in the

V5 Page 58

meadow, but were taken to Sewickly & buried in the upper end toward the field & next to the road, that she had seen some Finley markers there with their names of the four younger daughters but says one of them married a Kerr (they used to call it Carr) & a son of hers became a Presbyterian preacher & preached a good sermon once at Sewickly & was entertained by cousin James P. Carothers who introduced him as his cousin. As heretofore stated, she said Uncle John Carothers, this John Finley & Rev Wm Swan all married sisters   they were daughters of Rev James Power. This will develop a change of the time fixed by Kate for her grandfather coming to Westnd viz Apr 1813, for it is dated Sept 6, 1813 & probated Sept 13, 1813 & inasmuch as Peter Rotharmel bought it from the Exrs, he could not have moved there if it was in Apr until 1814. Kate says her mother & Aunt Kate must have been wrong in the date they fixed for their moving there. Kate says her grandfather paid $24 per acre for the farm of something over 300 A. Said old "Polly" Finley said they stole a field off of old "Clemons" Finley & he was so easy he let them take it. She thought it was on the Painter side or Carnahan farm or it might have been on the Pinkerton

V5 Page 59

side. Kate says her grandfather did not pay for it all down, but in payts as he had sold his farm in Franklin Co on payts & then he had to keep some money to work on to build up the fences etc.

Kate says that two of the Lloyd girls, Elizabeth or Betsy married Gen'l Joseph Markle & Mary or "Polly", the younger one, who was the same age as her mother married a son of Squire Finley & this then, would be Andrew. Kate says they moved west & that when her grandmother died, Gen'l Joseph Markle & his wife Elizabeth Lloyd came to the funeral & brought with them a Mrs Harris, who was a daughter of Andrew Finley, the younger & his wife Polly Lloyd. Kate says it was Polly Bell told her at the time she had the dropsy about Brothers, the son in law of Andrew Finley & her own brother in law eating the blackberries. She thinks she said his name was John.

Asking Kate if she knew whether Squire Andrew Finley or his wife died first, she said Mrs Finley was present when the present Ginsey Budd was born (which I remember was Feby 17, 1830) (Squire Finley then died first as his will was probated Aug 26, 1829) to her granddaughter Eliza Carnahan then the wife of Emanuel Neff & it was less than 9 mos after her

V5 Page 60

marriage to Neff & her grandmother was offering some excuses indicating a premature birth & some woman present said, "Oh no, it is a nine months child". Kate said her mother said it was six months after her marriage to Neff & her mother said the same, premature birth of twins after her marriage to Lindsey Carnahan. Kate says there was one of those Finleys lived to be "very very old, awful old" somewhere in the west, that Polly Bell told her when she had the dropsy that he was still living & she says it might have been a brother of Squire Andrew or little Jim or Devil Jim. Said someone wrote in from the west once that he was still living, very very old, but so childish, they didn't know what to do with him.

Kate thought it was Squire Finley's son & most probably it was Andrew as she thought they talked as if it was Polly Bell's brother.

Kate says that Andrew Budd, a son of Ginsey Budd died this past winter aged 60 yrs.

Page 289 Book 2. Will of Jacob Frick. Kate says there were Fricks lived over near or beyond her Uncle Barney Wagner near the Willow Tree farm & used to work for them. One was John Frick a large big man.

Page 294 Book 2 Polly Finley's will.

V5 Page 61

Kate says Nancy Miller was a granddaughter, being daughter of Susan Patterson & not a daughter. She also says that Polly had a daughter, Mrs Bennett, among one of the older ones, who went west as soon as they were married. The husband was a brother of David Bennett. Once when Kate's brother Sam was about 20 yrs old, a couple stuck their heads in the door & asked where Mrs Hough lived (Nancy Finley Bell Hough) & was directed. Kate s'd her mother asked who it was & he not knowing she sent him to Mrs Hough's to ask & it proved to be Mr & Mrs Bennett in from the west on a short visit. Mrs Hough asked the Bennetts if they knew who it was, but they didn't & she told them, "that is Julia Rotharmel's son" & Mrs Bennett s'd "what, that little Run Jumper's son, if I had known she lived there, I wouldn't have walked away out here for I am tired". Kate says there was a Run out by Sewickly Church where they used to jump over & the boys wd always land in the mud, but her mother always cleared it & landed on the grass never getting her shoes muddy & from this she was called "the little Run Jumper". Kate says Nellie Budd, the mother of John F. & daughter of John & Polly Finley, died when on a visit to the west she thinks.

Page 296 Book 2, Will of Wm T. Bell

V5 Page 62

Kate says this is "Todd" Bell who she supposes "was 50 anyway" & who is buried at Sewickly Church as is his mother Nancy Hough. The brother Andrew Bell mentioned in his will is the one Kate says who got Jenny Robertson's daughter in the family way & run off west. She says he was gone a long time, but came back after his mother's death as he was getting something out of the farm. He was married & had children. His brother, Wm Todd Bell was unmarried.

Page 299 Book 2. Will of Martha Hissam, who Kate says was an Orr, & the sisters she names in her will viz Elizabeth Maricle was wife of Gasper Markle butcher, Margaret Roland was wife of George Rohland & Harriet Orr afterwards married Bill Frew. There was a sister Lucinda Orr who died of consumption & was unmarried. Mrs Hissem's daughter Adaline, taught school in West Newton & was the first teacher they sent Sallie Brown to. She died a young girl in West Newton while teaching.

Page 301 Book 2 Will of Henry Isett.

Kate thinks James B. Oliver's first wife is buried at Sewickly Church. He got his second wife at Shippensburg (Alex Plumer got his two last wives at Shippensburgh) & she died a short time before he did & both are buried in West Newton Cem as are daughters Annie, Fannie & Eliza Thompson. It is now 10:47 PM & Cousin Kate has just started to go to bed.

V5 Page 63

Oak Hill Aug 8, 1921. 8:30 AM

This is the 25th anniversary of my dear Mary's death. Her sister, Sarah F. Ainsworth is with us at Minnie's.

Page 314 Book 2.

Kate says that after gggfather John Jack died, his widow went to live with her daughter Joanna Robertson & that something occurred (John Robertson's niggardliness, no doubt) & she wouldn't stay longer. John Markle s'd he wouldn't go for her as he would be likely to give Robertson a punch, so his wife, Elizabeth went for her mother & had a battle of words with her brother in law, John Robertson, who wanted to keep everything, but Mrs Markle had taken a spring wagon with her & took away her mother's beds & other belongings.

Oak Hill Aug 9, 1921 9:50 AM

Page 45 Book 3 Lines 31 to 35.

Referring to the wife of James Jack Hazlett, Kate says Lucy Hood of West Newton who was her first cousin (Lucy's mother & Mrs Hazlett's mother being sisters) went to Gbg to nurse her when she was sick & who she said was at times out of her mind. Her husband, James J. Hazlett had died some years before & they had no issue. Her brother, James Cowan, who had spent all of his money & was poor had lived with her, but died a bachelor before she did. Her brother Frank Cowan's wife died leaving a girl baby & Frank with his baby daughter went to live

V5 Page 64

with his mother determined to make a great lady out of his daughter. She grew up ranking in society as a "great lady", but ran off with a bar keeper & married him which so angered her father that he disinherited her, leaving his property to the town of Greensburgh. She in some way got rid of the bar keeper & married another man. She came to Gbg when Mrs Hazlett was sick & Mrs Hazlett left her fortune to her. After Mrs Hazlett's death, she sold the Hazlett home & went back to her husband & two children & Kate thinks they are still living, but she don't know where. She supposes Mrs Hazlett is buried in the Gbg Cemetery.

Page 46 Book 3 Lines 4 6

Kate says there were Welshs used to come to her grandmother's electioneering. Said Welsh was elected Shff & died a short time before his term was out & his son was appt'd in his place & was then elected shff. Said the daughter ran off with some man. The old gentleman had a factory & manufactured woolen blankets.

Pages 61 & 62 Book 3

Reading to Kate abt my trip to Wheeling, Kate said John Elliott Stevenson, son of Tom, was born in Ruth E. Plumer's home in West Newton Pa & Tom, not liking his Aunt Ruth, moved in the Maggie Markle house, which he rented just opposite their home & said John used to be in their house

V5 Page 65

every day & would often stay all day. Said he liked "Han", her sister, best, as he wd humor him & go abt with him. Said when they were living down in the Lucy Hood brick house, John's sister was born & when it was two days old, the girl left & John (or Tom) came up & sister "Saide" went & stayed four or five days with them. She said Mrs Stevenson was an Elliott (as Tom had told me) was a large woman, tall & broad shouldered, but didn't look big, but weighed as she told Kate over 200 lbs. Her name was May. She had an unmarried sister Louise Elliott who waited her, who was much larger, a very big woman. Kate says she married afterwards. The baby born as above indicated was named Louise for this aunt. Tom's daughter, Elizabeth, mentioned on Page 73 was born later. Louise, the Aunt told Kate that her brothers were large men.

Pages 70 71 Book 3

Kate says the Ryall that married Hannah Bovard Fulton's sister was not just right in his mind & they removed to near Ashland, O. where they put him on a farm. Daniel Grosscup, a farmer & widower & brother of Judge P.S. Grosscup's father met Ryall's daughter there & she became his second wife. Kate's mother died in May 1875 & in August 1875, she visited Kate's home, having been brought there by David Ryall who she thought was a brother of her father & had with her two daughters

V5 Page 66

one who had just graduated from High School & the other several years younger. When she had finished her visit, "I must now go out & see Aunt Hannah Fulton" & she did. Kate's Aunt Kate asked her how her father was & she said he was better. Her husband's health broke & he was not able to run the farm longer & then had a planing mill in the town. His father, Paul Grosscup, was dead at this time.

Page 75 Book 3

Reading to Kate abt Mary Boyd tearing the family record out of Scott's Commentaries, Kate said Roxy & Maggie were just as bad about telling their ages & she s'd when Roxie was buried some of the Lloyd women married cousins asked Maggie & she couldn't avoid telling them. Kate says Roxie was just one month younger that she is, born in Feby 1832.

Page 81 Book 3

Kate says when Mrs Neth's 7th child was born, Doctor Robinson (father of the Present Dr Robinson) of West Newton who had attended her when all her children were born was very mad because it wasn't a boy, as she had had six sons before & he was anxious for a seventh son.

Page 84 Book 3

Mrs Neth is evidently wrong about great grandmother being present at birth of her brother William Elliott

V5 Page 67

McClanahan on March 17, 1837 as my records show that she died July 2, 1830. See Book 1 Page 87 line 19. It is now 2:10 PM & I will go in town afoot as Pallini went over to Frostburg MD to get some more of his hayfever medicine.

Page 89 Book 3

Kate says of the children of Martin of Christian that Maria was the oldest & was married & when Peter Rothermel & his wife were back on a visit to Berks Co from Westmoreland between 1813 & 1823, Maria's mother told them she had two big daughters. Her father, Martin was then living & it was after that that he visited Westnd Co. After Jacob died, his father built a house in his yard for his widow & children & provided that after his death, they were to have a home elsewhere. Hetty was the name of the youngest of Jacob's children & she was older than Kate's mother & lived at home with her mother.

Jacob Grosscup's wife died out toward the mountains & Peter Rotharmel & his daughter Katie went to funeral. Her name was Dolman. They had one child, a boy called Isaac for her brother who had a farm & took it & raised it. Kate says the Dolman's were nice people. Jacob Grosscup then moved to Rostraver Tp & married again & Kate thinks they both died leaving a red headed boy who worked for Ryalls at Ashland O & a girl.

V5 Page 68

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