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Sadie } Both died Mamie?} young.

Laemke, called for Lutheran minister.

John Merts

Dick Graham

Amos Jr

2. Thomas, should be here. See above. I got him put as brother of George & he was a son of George. Thomas Rohland also a carpenter m. Jane Beymer. He lived in a little house in West Newton & got Jealous of his wife & Kate says met her & her daughter on the street just below [one or maybe two unreadable words] & he shot her with a revolver & she fell & died in a minute & he ran & they think crawled under his house where others were afraid to follow. After abt 3 days, he went to Funk's in the country almost starved & they shut him up & sent for the officers. He was taken to Gbg & escaped the gallows by reason of the Davis insanity, but was sent to Penitentiary & had completed abt 16 yrs of good behaviour [sic] & was abt to get out when he died. His sons buried him in the West Newton Cem. She was buried there too, but in her father's lot. He is a son of George, not his brother.

Mamie, m. Miller, a Jew.

Margaret, m. Cyrus P. Markle of C.C. She was with her mother when she was shot.

Mary A., died



George, m. a girl whose father is a foreigner, live lower end of town. Had ice cream saloon etc. Thomas, m. a Markle in Rostraver, Niece of S.P. Markle, laborer. 3. Amanda, got enceinte to Geo Hahn. Her father George got Rev Laemke & his daughter & made Hahn marry her, but he never lived with her. When the child, a boy was born, they carried it up past Kate's on the hill to Hahn mother. He was called Geo Hahn & died when abt 13. Amanda went off somewhere & married someone else.

4. "Bunch" m. Adams. He left there with a boy & girl & she went to Pgh & married someone there by whom she had a daughter.

5. Harry Edmunds, worked in Downs foundry & then moved off somewhere. He is the husband of the daughter Carrie whose name should have been entered before that of Harry Edmunds who is her husband. Have children. Think they moved to Pgh.

6. Belle, Lived across the river below the bridge with a man named Neibart not married & one morning many yrs ago, both were found dead in the house, mystery of it never solved. No issue. She was not sound mentally.

7. "Liffs", a girl went away somewhere & married, but dont know where.

8. James, a bad boy, would steal etc. married some girl & moved away. He died, leaving his widow with one child, a daughter.

9. Catharine, got married & kept her mother who while of the Davis strain was herself all ok mentally. After her mother died, Catharine left West Newton & Kate thinks she is living but dont know where Said she did not have any children.

V4 Page 20

[Descendant Chart Continued]

Philip Rohland Senior, ctd from Page 19. Kate says he & his wife are both buried in West Newton Cem & she thinks there are markers to their graves.

[children continued]

2. Caroline Rohland, Had an illegitimate child by someone before her marriage which took her name. She married Mark Brundridge of a family abt town. He ran off & left her. She died years ago & is buried in West Newton Cem.

Edward Rohland, natural son, married & moved to Irwin Pa. Dont know abt his family.

Mark Brundrige, killed by cars after his mother's death. Unmarried.

3. David, went away. Dont know what became of him.

5. Philip, a carpenter & kept a livery stable. m. Susanna Weimer, Dau of David Weimer. Both dead long ago & buried West N Cem. Thinks we have markers. He used to help Kate's mother butcher also.

Elizabeth, m. John Andy, an engineer on B&O until discharged for drinking now works at Radiator plant. Both are living.

May Andy, m. Charles Rouss, a Jew storekeeper of W.N. Both living.

John Rouss

Philip R. Rouss

Charles Rouss Jr.

Two of these boys were over to France in the World War One of them going on the steamer that took President Wilson over.

4. John, had white swelling & they finally had to take one leg off & he died soon after. Unmarried & buried in West N Cem.

6. Sarah, m. Kyle a Civil War soldier. She died & he married again. He is now dead both buried in West N Cem No issue.

7. Albert, m. Britte Markle, Dau of Gasper the butcher. "She wasn't all together right before & that put her clear crazy." He had been off duty & went back to work on the B&O & was killed the next day.

A Dau, died young

Emmett, Killed on RR aged abt 21. See Page 28 Book 1.

Albert Collins Rohland, See Page 28 Book 1 He is now a lawyer in Pgh.

8. Eliza Rohland, She married a man named Rowe & they went to NY to live. He died there & she came back to her brother Philip who was tollkeeper on the old bridge & later worked for him in his ice cream parlors. When her brother Albert was killed, she took the son, Albert to raise until her sister in law, George's wife made a fuss that she was not teaching him to pray & took him away & his Uncle Philip then had Anna Belle natural daughter of his wife Susanna who had married a Collins take him & she raised him. She is buried West N. Cem.

Anna Rowe, m. Foster of NY whose business was taking down mills. She got sick & came home to West Newton & died at her mother's without issue & is buried at West Newton Pa Cem.

V5 Page 21

Oak Hill July 31, 1921 12:25 PM

Reading this morning to Cousin Kate before going to church, from Page 217 Book 1, Will of Martin Rothermel, elder brother of her grandfather, she said when I read of the bequest to Elizabeth wife of his son Jacob Decd: "they had six daughters & the youngest one, Hetty was older than my grandmother". Reading further about bequest to his daughter Maria, wife of John Boyer, she thought all of his children had died before he did, but concluded that was a mistake as to Maria, but added: "She was the oldest of the children & Aunt Kate always said she was older than grandfather". Kate says that when her grandfather lived in Berks Co Pa he lived on one side of the creek & his brother just across the creek on the other side. When her grandfather & grandmother went back from Franklin Co Pa to Berks Co on a visit, while her grandfather was at his brother Martin's, her grandmother went to see Martin's daughter Maria who lived near & at the time had two grown daughters. Mr Boyer was butchering & came in to ask one of them to come & help him & his wife Maria, answered him very gruffly & roughly, after the rough manner of her mother, who had been a Lazier before marriage & didn't go to help him. Maria asked her Aunt who had gotten up to leave: "Aint you going to stay for supper?" & her Aunt said: "I haven't

V5 Page 22

been asked." & went on her way. The mother, Hannah, when the will was read after dinner got up & left the house & never came back, because of the provision in the will that the property after her death was to go to the grandchildren   although they were her own children's issue as Kate says shes was Martin's first & only wife, but she wanted it absolutely presumably to give to some of her own people the Laziers.

Page 222, Kate says the daughter of one of Mrs Neyman's daughters who after her first husband died became the second wife of William Plummer aforementioned in these records must have been the daughter of either Annie, Sarah, Mary or Betsy. I probably got information when at Butler Pa Jany 31, 1920 to determine who this was when I come to it.

Page 223. Kate says Abraham Neyman used to go to see her mother as her mother has often told her. His twin brother Solomon as one of his tricks would impersonate Abraham & go to see her & she could not tell them apart, so Christian Scholl told me. Kate spoke today of her grandmother being ten yrs younger than her husband Peter Rothermel. Said her grandfather who was a bellsmith had four men employed when living in Berks Co (this recital grew out of my asking her to whom he sold his farm in Berks Co when he went to Franklin Co & she said that she didn't think he had a farm but followed his trade) & also an apprentice boy, son of a near neighbor

V5 Page 23

a good boy, & also Jacob Long ("lying Jacob'). Son of Peter's sister. Peter was away on business & on his way back home, he stopped at his brother Martin's, where he was told by Martin that Long had invited all the men to a singing school or some gathering that night & was going to lie in wait for them & kill them. Peter went home & had supper with them all & after Jacob Long who was living with them had gone, he told the Virginian's & the boy that he wd go with them to the singing. The boy sd "what's the old fellow going for?" Martin & his men were lying in wait inside the fence & before they came to that point, he told the Virginians & boy to wait there & he went forward. The boy, not knowing said; "What trick is he up to now?" Peter went forward & behind a tree on the other side of the road, he found Long in his hiding with a knotted club of a peculiar tree of that region which he, Peter had cut intending to make a cane of & which Long had taken from the house. Peter said "Give me that cane, what are you doing here? Now you go home" & he did. The others went on the the meeting & it being unusual for them to be there in attendance & especially Peter, they were all warmly greeted. The next morning Peter who was making much money in pursuing his trade left again on business & in going to their work Long beat the boy unmercifully, so that he died in two or three months notwithstanding the best of care that Martin & Peter could give him. The

V5 Page 24

morning it occurred Martin came over & ordered Long to leave & he refused to go saying he had no place to go but Martin told the hired girl to throw his belongings out the window & they paid him off & made him go. They were fearful he wd return & do some damage, but some weeks or months later, they heard from the Markles that he was out in Westnd Co. Here he married a girl who had a home & he moved in. Kate thought her name Summa or Zumbo & had raft of children. He undertook to beat up one of the Virginians, at same tome he beat the boy (which wd be between 1786 & 1793) & they all four where he learned his trade, but they were all too scared to come. About three days after Peter arrived at his new home in Westnd in 1813, he started out on horseback to buy some cattle. He had been told that Long had said he wd kill him the first time he ever saw him. Riding out the road, Peter found him sitting on an inside corner of a worm fence & rode up & said: "Good morning Jacob" although he hadn't seen him for 25 yrs, Jacob hardly answered being plainly evident he didn't know him. just then another man came along & Peter asked him where Fulton's lived & the said take that road just there. After he had gone Long said to the man "who was that". The man said who did Mr Markle marry: "Long replied "Rothermel". Well, said the man that is

V5 Page 25

who it is & he bought the Finley farm". Long then said: "My God, that is Peter Rotharmel & I said if I ever saw him again I would kill him twice". This scared the man so that as soon as he could elude Long he went to Fulton's & the men being gone with Peter, he told Mrs Fulton & she was greatly alarmed. When the men came back, Mrs Fulton told them & Peter told them to sit down & he told them about him winding up by saying I am not afraid of him". The next morning Uncle Ben & Wagner, going to help drive the cattle met the men Peter, Mr Fulton & his son on the road & Long was sitting at the same place & as Peter passed, he said: "Jacob, do you stay here all the time?" A few days after that he came to Rotharmel's & they had him eat with them etc. Mrs Rotharmel had told them all to shake hands with him so he couldn't say they hadn't treated him right, but when Kate's mother came to shake hands with, he waived [sic] her off saying: "I have plenty like you at home." meaning children. After Kate's mother was married, & while they were building the brick house which was their home ever after Long came to Mrs Smith & said he would send his daughter "Bets" in to work for them & if anything happens to her will hold you responsible. Mrs Smith told him she wouldn't take her, but he sent her. Alex Plumer who lived near insisted on Mrs Smith sending her away & she s'd "I can't, she won't go". Then

V5 Page 26

Alex's wife Eliza came over & told Mrs Smith that she was raising the window & letting men in at nights to stay with her. One morning, when Mrs Smith was sick, Mr Smith & Pinkerton, who was working for him about the building found Steve Gros? with her & locked them both up in the room & were getting breakfast themselves when Mrs Plumer came over. When they let them out, "Bets" & "Steve" just hurrahed & laughed about it. She then would delay doing the washing & other work & Aunt Kate came in & made her go. She afterwards married some man named Glassburn.

Page 258 Book 1 Reading to Kate about Uncle George Markle & my visit at Darr town, O Aug 27, 1898, Kate says he visited Westnd Co shortly after her grandparents moved there & stayed with them more than he did at Markle's. This visit might have been after his father's death in 1819. He had known Peter Rothermel, although older than him in Berks Co Pa before they, the Markles moved to Westnd & had gone to school together & Kate says her grandfather knew George's sisters, the Markle girls, down there & "liked them". When George came back to Westnd Co again, Kate says she was 4 yrs old (it was the fall of 1836) & he stayed at grandmother's the first night he got there. He was a very old man then & asked Aunt Polly to marry him, but she said she would not leave her mother.

Page 259 Book 1 Reading to Cousin

V5 Page 27

the statement to me on Aug 27, 1898 at Darrtown O by David Markle saying his grandfather, George Markle "was a great man to fish & hunt". Kate says her mother told of hearing him tell when at their house that one morning a woman rode by early on a horse & they remarked among themselves where she was going so early on a Sunday morning as it was just after they had finished breakfast. One of the family recalled that she had a sick sister who she was probably going to see before going to church. In a very few minutes after she had passed, the horse came tearing back with the saddle turned under it. He, George Markle, got his gun & started out the road soon coming on to where the woman was lying along the road with her heart nearby on one side & her liver & lungs also nearby & her whole side torn out. Looking up in the tree, he spied the old fellow about making ready for another spring when he pulled up his gun & fired, hitting him in the head. He gave a terrific howl, which was answered by his mate in the forest & came tumbling down dead. Asking Kate what it was, she said it was a big lion.

She said she now recalled that her mother had said the place where her father went in 1806 to visit Uncle John Rotharmel was on the Wabash River.

V5 Page 28

In reading over the will of John Colglazer of Westnd Co Pa found by Warren T. Markle among his papers, I think that was the name of Uncle George Markle's first wife. His second wife, Barbara was evidently from Westnd Co Pa no doubt also as they told us in Darrtown that his twin sons, John L & Joseph B, born June 15, 1802 were old enough to run about when he moved to Darrtown, O.

Cousin Chas Edward Carothers called this afternoon at 4:50 & was here until 5:15 PM. He said he had been at Valley Forge yesterday at 11 AM or the day before to see U.S. Senator Philander C. Knox & in talking about Fayette Co matters, he told "Ed" that the Gov. criminal suit against me had been "wiped off the slate". (noble prossed no doubt he means) by Atty Gen'l Daugherty & U.S. Dist Atty Walter Lyon. Ed spoke of Judge Orr being a good friend of mine & Senator Knox said he had had him appointed when he was Atty Gen'l. It is now 10 PM & Mrs Pallini has just assisted cousin Kate to bed, & I will go at further reading of my record book 1 from Aug 30, 1898 on.

Ed said he got off the PRR train at Paoh, Pa & Senator Knox sent his Auto to meet him there & took him to his home at Valley Forge which is 8 miles distance. Said Knox's farm comprised 300 A (possibly it was 165 A) with fine big trees & Knox (who took credit he said for having my

V5 Page 29

case noble prossed) said it was the biggest liability he had as he had 65 men employed on it, mainly Italians.

Oak Hill Aug 1, 1921 7:44 AM

Went to bed last night at midnight & got up at 5:45 AM.

Page 298 Book 1. Find from Christian Scholl's talk with me at the Holler on Sept 1, 1898, that Uncle George Markle's first wife as above indicated was a Colglazer & his second wife was Barbara Deere of Allegheny Co Pa. However, the statement of his mother on Page 299 that he was older than her mother is not correct. He was 8 yrs younger.

Speaking to Kate this morning about the woman being killed, I said I didn't know lions would climb trees & she says that is what her mother said & that George told it at their house & that the lion was out on a limb & he quickly shot right up above him & the lion cried & fell & they cry was answered by another in the woods. He did not go at once to the lion when it fell, fearing it was not dead. A party of them then went on the hunt of the other lion, but did not find it. Her mother told her that ggmother Markle at their house told of George Markle, her step son being the best rider in the whole neighborhood & if invited to a wedding, he wd go horseback & if not invited he would go anyway & was up to all kinds of mischief, would tear down

V5 Page 30

bake ovens, trim the horse's tails etc & the next day, a party would ride to meet the bridegroom coming back & would race & the winner to get the bottle of wine & George always won so ggmother Markle told them.

Page 301 Book 1 Reading to Cousin Kate of C. Scholl having letter from his niece Lenora Martin of Indiana, Kate says she died not long back & that her sister Susan Rothermel widow of Peter Absalom Rothermel, called "Ab" (not Albert as named in 1897 on Page 25 Book 1) Still lives at Christy Park with her unmarried son, Ben, who is a painter & who Kate says "used to drink like fury". Sallie Brown can give their address.

Page 301 & 302. Kate say the right name of the Niccolls that married Paul (she dont know his first name) was Rebecca. Said Paul was no good & spent her money. They had several children. She went back & returned to West Newton as a widow & was very poor & went back west again. Her sister, Jane Niccolls married a Dawson, dont know his first name & went west. She had some money, but Dawson spent it or "got away" with it. Says when Rebecca was back, she had a son with her, William Paul, she thought, who when there went to a select school that her sister Hannah attended. Said the girls, Rebecca & Jane didn't take good care of their mother & that one of the Niccolls boys went up & scolded

V5 Page 31

them for not giving her proper attention. Kate repeats about buying the lot where they built their old home from Sheriff John Niccolls, who owned the Baughman farm extending above Maggie L. Markle home & down Mains St toward the River taking in the old Baughman but not crossing Main St. Kate says they used to keep a hotel & Rebecca was pretty free with the guests & wanted to marry a Dr Patterson who lived at the Hotel & he wouldn't have her & she instructed the girls to not give him at table the things he liked. She agrees with C. Scholl that old Mrs Niccolls was a "great old price" & said that Rebecca was like her a "regular deal" (devil). Kate never heard of her marrying Uncle John Robertson & thinks that is a mistake, but Mr Scholl being 18 yrs older than she, I think wd know & is correct. Kate however says that her mother said "he got his match" in the Ohio wife he married. She says Sheriff Niccolls laid his two or three meadows out in lots & used to live in the old house on the Maggie L Markle lot & must have been there when her father first moved there as his cow which he kept in the meadow below used to jump in his lot. He died sometime before his wife did, but Kate dont know where they are buried, probably at Sewickly or Dicks as it was before their West Newton Cem was organized. She don't know the Christian or maiden name of Old Mrs Niccolls.

V5 Page 32

Page 304 Book 1. Asking Kate about the Brown's at Fayette City, Andrew's mother, she said old Robert Brown of West Newton, who married Barbara Longanecker, sister of her Uncle Ben's wife was, she thought some relation as he had, she thought, brothers who lived across the river.

Page 307 Book 1. As fixing the time when her grandparents came to Westnd & the variance of a year in C. Scholl's statement, Kate says her Uncle Sam was 18 months old when they came. He, Scholl, is all wrong in the order of ages of the children as given on lines 23 & 24 & "Mollie"? is identical with Polly, being a repetition.

Pages 307 & 308. Speaking of her Uncle Ben & John N. Robb's Jumping superiority, Kate said her grandfather put up in his yard, some kind of a jump arrangement that all the planters down in Virginia, where he learned the bellsmith trade had for their children & which her grandmother said would keep the children at home at innocent sport rather than going from home & engaging in something questionable. She said her mother & Maria Markle always won at this & could even "out jump the boys" where there would be a gathering of young people almost every Saturday afternoon.

Page 312. Kate didn't know the name of John C. Plumer's first wife, but said she was a sister to a Mrs Fulton out in the country & they used to visit each other. Kate says Mrs Stevenson came to her

V5 Page 33

half sister Martha's wedding to John P. Hornish from somewhere in the state called Birmingham (Huntingdon Co no doubt) took sick & died. Kate says that a year ago, Martha P. Hornish was living at Keokuk, Iowa & was six months older than she is.

Page 333 lines 17 to 21. Kate says her mother told her that Ruth Plumer (later Andrews) was 2 or 3 yrs younger than she, Kate, was.

Page 335. Kate says this Mrs Smith, sister of John C. Plumer, who became Uncle Michael Finley's second wife, was the mother of George Plumer Smith of Phila, Pa, who I find from my own records died in 1897. His father was of a different family & not related she thinks to Micajah P. Smith. Kate says there were three Plumer sisters married Smiths. Kate said her mother said "Finley was smart. He put the farm in his son's name & took a smaller house & not living long thereafter, didn't leave much for his widow to live on". It is 1:30 PM & I must quit & go in town.

Aug 1, 1921 7:07 PM

Page 341 Book 1 Lines 20 21 Kate says: "yes, Rev Mungo Dick drank like a fish & would go in the pulpit drunk".

Page 347 Book 1 Lines 13 to 21. Kate had spoken of this Fulton marrying a sister of John C. Plumer's first wife. Just as Cousin Ruth E.P. Andrews related & Kate says too that they went west & that they had a daughter Nancy (Cousin Ruth named only Mary) who had gone to Wash 

V5 Page 34

inton Pa to school along with a niece of Dr Hasson's who was being educated by the doctor. After finishing school, Nancy taught about West Newton & going west with the family, died shortly after. Kate says Maggie L. Markle taught school two years out in the Fulton neighborhood & a brother of Nancy, a relative of the Plumers went to school to her. Roxy got married & Maggie had to give up teaching & go home. Asking Kate where Maggie was educated, she s'd she went one term or one yr to Washington Pa & her mother wanted her nearer home, so she finished her education at Mt Pleasant Pa.

It is not 9:40 PM & I have come to Aug 9, 1901 at Emily Eliza Smith's about which Cousin Kate is not versed & she has gone to bed & I will read up tonight & in the early morning. JVT

Oak Hill Aug 2, 1921 9 AM

Page 390 Book 1 top, David Waltz was wrong about Shearer marrying a sister of Gen'l Joseph Markle. He married a daughter of George Merckel & a first cousin of Gen'l Joseph Markle.

Kate confirms what Waltz says about employing Tom Keenan & said the belligerent David Rothermel who shook his fist at them was of ggmother Markle's family, probably son of a brother of hers. Speaking of the fortune, Kate said that

V5 Page 35

before they employed Forrey (some years she thinks) the Rothermels in Berks Co Pa employed a lawyer in Phila Pa, a fine trusty man to go abroad for the Rothermel fortune. Said he came to Berks Co & was there six weeks among the relatives gathering information & may have gotten the copy of the will. He was in delicate health & died two weeks after his return to Phila. Kate says she never heard what became of the papers he got. She said she thought of his name the other day, but don't recall it this morning.

Page 391. Speaking of Waltz going to Pgh with 27 horse team, Kate said they got up a 30 horse team at Bells Mills in the Harrison & Markle Campaign of 1844 & her grandmother furnished one of the horses & when they got to Pgh, they put up at Philip Winebiddle's who lived in an old log house on his big farm at East Liberty. He said years before this, when her grandfather was living in Westnd Co, Winebiddle had killed a nigger in one of the coal banks opened on his farm & he left home & stayed in hiding by reason thereof for some years thereafter. Winebiddle was a drinking man & would get very drunk. His father owned a large part of what is now old Pgh, the business part of the city, at an early day & he had educated Philip who could speak German fluently for a lawyer but he wouldn't practice. When he was away from Pgh he stayed much at Peter Rothermel's & once riding with Martin, when he was out on his visit to his brother Peter's to Mt Pleasant Pa. Philip

V5 Page 36

told Martin about killing the nigger & both Martin & Peter told Philip to go back home that they wouldn't do anything with him, but he wouldn't go. Upon their going shortly thereafter, he told them to bring him some money & to bring his wife back with him. They saw her as they went in & she said she hadn't the money, but to call the next day on their way back & she would try to have it. The next day, she had the money & they s'd she must go to but she said she had three sick children & couldn't leave them. They however, told her she must go with them & she did & the night after she got out to Peter's home, her brother, a Negley of Pgh rode up at 2 Am & said she must go back, that one of the children which had been left with his & her mother would be dead before they could get back, but her husband wouldn't let her go. A year or more thereafter, the money all being used, she appeared at Pgh with a baby in her arms & asked for more money of her brother who refused her saying: "I have money of your husband's, but it is in the bank in my name & you can't get it". She then could not send her husband money, so he came back to Pgh & going to his lawyer, the lawyer on payt of $5 arranged a settlement of all charges against him. He was in a store in Pgh one day & picked up a newspaper & reading from it dropped it crying out: "My God, that is the best friend I ever had & he is dead".

V5 Page 37

It was the paper announcing the death of Peter Rotharmel. a Presbyterian preacher was in the store & he had prayer in the store. Philip wanted a mourning scarf for his hat & they wouldn't sell him one saying it was no relative of his & seeing he was very drunk. He went to another store, however & put it on his hat & when he went home, his mother in law, Mrs Negley was there & remarked at the mourning & her daughter, Mrs Winebiddle s'd "I suppose his favorite horse or dog has died" but Mrs Negley picking up the paper & reading of Peter Rothermel's death, her daughter said: "oh, he was the best friend we ever had". Their daughter was marrying some River Captain & when the ceremony was in progress, he came into the room screaming: "I object, I object", but his son Lafayette took him by the arm & said to the preacher to proceed & pay no attention to him. Lafayette was a very fine man. Not long after the marriage, the steamboat was blown up & the captain was killed. His widow couldn't go home, so she went to her sister's & there a son was born to her. Her mother had a farm of her own & she put this daughter & her baby & a son William on it. Philip asked his wife to put the farm in his name & she refused. He persisted saying: "Now Betsy, you make it over to me & our children can live on it". On this promise, she died & the next hour, he put his son & daughter off. William went crazy by

V5 Page 38

reason thereof & was sent to Dixmont, but after some years got out & was partially sane. Kate says they wanted to put a road through Philip's farm, but he fought it, but they put it through & assessed him for its cost which was paid after his death & the farm then laid out in lots. He died, Kate says, a short time before her mother's death as she read the notice of his death to her mother. He was up in the eighties. His widow survived him & they wanted her to go in a new house that had been built, but she preferred the old log one. About the time when Kate was first hurt abt 12 yrs ago, they noticed the death of someone which released a life estate in some property to William Winebiddle then past 80 yrs old to the property.

Page 392, Book 1. Reading to Kate of Susan Waltz marring Wm Suter from whom Eli C. Suter descends, she said Eli C. had a son by his first wife & for his second wife married a Cowan whose mother was a daughter of lying Jacob Long & there was another Cowan girl named Kate, sister of Mrs Suter who once lived with Kate's grandmother who didn't like her & wouldn't keep her & she went to live with John A. Robinson up by Stewartsville Pa. Robinson was a first cousin of one of the Geo Plumers & his wife was a Hough. He lived on a farm that belonged to his brother & his mother lived in a little house in the yard.

V5 Page 39

Kate Cowan's presence in the family soon estranged Robinson from his wife & one day at table, he helped Kate, but didn't help his wife at which she remarked & he pitched [sic] up the butcher knife as if to make at her. Shortly thereafter, he sold all the oats, hay, & grain off the farm & he & Kate disappeared & went west. His wife went home to her parents with a young son which soon died & two young daughters. The daughters were later taken by the grandmother Robinson living in the yard to raise, their mother having died & their grandfather Hough having married for his second wife a Bennett, a fine woman but she was only stepmother to the girl's mother. John A. Robinson & Kate coming back from the west a few years later with a young daughter were both killed by a train a little below Pgh but the little girl standing alongside of them was not harmed. She was big enough to tell who they were & where they were going & his brother being notified came & took the remains to Long Run near Stewartsville for burial. John A. had put some lots in Kate's name in the west, which went to the little girl who was taken by her Uncle Eli C. Suter who was appointed her guardian & raised her & she grew up a petted, spoiled, haughty girl. At a party given by all the Robt Taylor connections once, a Miss Irwin, their niece who was leaving before the party broke up which brought all the company to the door to bid her goodbye & after she had gone this

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[There seems to be a page before page one which has a descendant chart on it the only part that copied on page 1 reads as follows:] iconBold followed by the year and then by inclusive page numbers. Notes are indicated by ‘n’ or ‘nn’ after the page number. Page numbers in italics refer to illustrations. Author Index

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Программа загружается стандартным образом Пуск Программы Adobe Page Maker 5 — Аdоbе Page Maker 5
[There seems to be a page before page one which has a descendant chart on it the only part that copied on page 1 reads as follows:] iconPage 346 Unit 6 Southwest and Central Asia Page 347

[There seems to be a page before page one which has a descendant chart on it the only part that copied on page 1 reads as follows:] iconUnique page headings have been retained, marked as [Page Heading] and positioned prior to the relevant paragraph

[There seems to be a page before page one which has a descendant chart on it the only part that copied on page 1 reads as follows:] iconOrganizing Committee page 2 Fellowships, Awards, and Recognitions page 3

[There seems to be a page before page one which has a descendant chart on it the only part that copied on page 1 reads as follows:] iconPage 202 Unit 4 Europe and Russia Page 203

[There seems to be a page before page one which has a descendant chart on it the only part that copied on page 1 reads as follows:] icon Alan Page (Pages 1-3)  School winners (Page 15)

[There seems to be a page before page one which has a descendant chart on it the only part that copied on page 1 reads as follows:] iconAuteur du document : Ian Eschstruth, étudiant en sociologie dernière mise à jour : 15/09/2008
«//») et les changements de page par «/p. Xx/», où XX est le numéro de la nouvelle page (par exemple : «/p. 25/»)
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