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James J. Marshall Died Nov 2, 1864

H.S. Marshall Died Jany 14,1862

Anna Mary Marshall died Mch 9th, 1855

Esther Emma Marshall died Nov 18, 1860

Esther Jack Marshall died Dec 30, 1905

They produce a book "The Marshall Family" A Hist of the descendants of William Marshall Born 1722 died 1796. By O.S. Marshall Kittanning Penna Kittanning Pa Steam Press of Reichert Bros 1884" Page 245.

At Alexander Harvey Jewell's residence Conemaugh Tp, Indiana Co Pa Sept 6, 1921 4:17 PM at Edge of Clarksburgh

From his father's Family Bible printed by T.K. Collins Jr Phila 1852

James Jewell was born May 17, 1813

Catharine Jewell (nee McFarland) born Mch 10, 1825

Their Children are

1. Albert Reuben Jewell born June 11, 1843

2. John Hazzard Jewell born Oct 16, 1845

3. Margret Matilda Jewell born Aug 28, 1849

4. Anna Mary Jewell born Dec 2, 1850

5. Alexander Harvey Jewell born June 15, 1853

6. James Lewis Jewell born Jany 14, 1857, a posthumous child


James Jewell died July 30, 1856 aged 41 yrs 2 mos & 13 days

Catharine Jewell died Feby 14, 1910 aged 84 yrs

V5 Page 213


Albert Jewell & Rebecca Harbinson were married May 5, 1875?

H.H. White & Tillie Jewell were married Nov 29, 1875?

J.H. Jewell & Lizzie Bell Feby 7, 1871 or 1872

J.A. Miller & Anna Jewell Dec 7,

A.H. Jewell & Lizzie Brady Dec 22, 1881

J.L. Jewell & Bell Neal Mch 7, 1889.

From Mr A.H. Jewell own Bible which was printed by John E. Potter & Co Phila No date given.

Births of his children

1. James Edward Jewell born Oct 1, 1882

2. Alexander Hazzard Jewell born Mch 1, 1885

3. Albert Rohland Jewell born Apr 9, 1889

James Edward is not married

Alexander Hazzard Jewell married Lena Young & live in Clarksburg & have one child Sarah Jane.

Albert Raymond Jewell married Alice Pearce & live at Creekside in this Co & have three children Viz 1. Mary Elizabeth, 2. Isabel, 3. Alice.

Mr Jewell says his parents are buried in Jacksonville in the Presbyterian gy. His father helped build the church & she went there to church all her life.

His mother's brothers & sisters, Alex McFarland, a full brother of William McFarland, a half brother, This William was the father of John who was the father of Paul & Wills & Howard. It is now 4:57 PM

V5 Page 214

At residence of James Lewis Jewell in Black Lick Tp abt half way between Jacksonville (Kent) & Aultman Sept 6, 1921 5:30 PM


James L. Jewell and Sarah B. Neal were married at Indiana Pa Mch 7, 1888 by Rev. D. Hall D.D.


J.L. Jewell was born Jany 14, 1857

S. Bell Neal was born Jany 30, 1861

James Jewell Sr was born May 17, 1813 } His

Catharine McFarland was born Mch 10, 1825 } parents

Hugh Neal was born Apr 8, 1809 } Her

Sarah A. Wilkinson was born June 21, 1822 } parents


James Jewell Sr died July 30, 1856

Hugh Neal died Nov 23, 1877

The above is taken from a great big Bible printed at Phila by A.J. Holman & Co 1887. They have never had any issue.

Wm Penn Hotel Pgh Pa Sept 7th, 1921 12:20 PM

I got in from Indiana Pa this morning via PRR Co leaving there at 5:55 Am & reaching here at 8:33 AM. In my rush to cover the conferences & researches there, I took down 80 pages of note size sheets or letterheads hurriedly by pencil since I was at Cousin Martha Dunlap's in Derry Tp Westnd Co Pa Monday evening Sept 5th from 5 to 7 Pm & she gave me from the Family Bible of her Father Daniel Dunlap which was published by Jesper Harding

V5 Page 215

57 [unreadable] 3d St Phila in 1846 such of the family data as it contained which I am embodying in a genealogical table form on Pages 206 to 209 along with the information she gave me from memory of the descendants of her grandfather Thomas Dunlap & his wife Jemima Jack & such information as cannot be put under the tree head will follow in this record.

Martha say the names as written in the old Bible which were written in an excellent hand were written by Thomas Gormly, a school teacher who was at her father's over night shortly after he got the Bible over night shortly after he got the Bible as her mother has often told her.

All of the above are copied in fine Spencerian Chirography into my informant Martha Agnes Dunlap's Bible presented to her by her mother in 1884 & published by the National Pub Co Phila ect but not dated. It contained the record of a few deaths which I have noted on the table. Martha says her grandparents, The Doty's are also buried at Salem Church which is about three miles from her home. Martha thinks Jane C. Shadle who formerly lived at Saltsburgh but who she thought now lived at Kittanning (W.H. Blakely who knows her told me next day that she had left Kittanning & gone to Vandergrift Pa & was living there he thought with a married daughter) might have or know about the family Bible of their grandparents, Thomas & Jemima Dunlap. Martha says her grandfather, Thomas Dunlap, died on the adjoining farm to this to which he moved on

V5 Page 216

an April 4th (year not recalled) when it was snowing removing from Indiana Co Pa. He lived & died on the farm & his wife Jemima survived him. Their son, Archibald lived with them & married between the dates of his father's & mother's deaths. Jemima survived her husband a good many years & Martha says she was "a Chunk of a girl when she died" but can't recall that she remembers her, but her mother used often to try to make her believe she could. I got through at Martha's at 7 PM just as it was getting dark & Nolan drove me over to the adjoining farm, his old home where his youngest brother & his mother live. Martha was a tall woman with a strong face & was about her work when we arrived clad in the everyday raiment common to farmer women. notwithstanding her age, she seemed to be doing all the work as I saw no servant about. Nolan's mother is also a tall woman & is still rather slender notwithstanding her twelve children. His brother's wife is a plump buxom even featured woman & is averse to telling her age evidently as she conveniently forgot the year on which she was born. They gave me the names & dates from their family Bible & I am entering them on Page 209 in the family tree. Martha & the others here at Mrs Dunlap's say there is a Dr Jack living in New Alexandria Pa. Nolan thinks his name is James & says he has a brother William living at New Alexandria also. Nolan & Gilbert's wife think they are over 60

V5 Page 217

yrs of age & are large men, the Doctor being a big fat man.

Mrs Daniel Dunlap gave me two obituary notices which i am to return to her to Blairsville Pa RFD 3.

From Gilbert's, Nolan drove me to Dr Cummins, dentist on Walnut St Blairsville Pa No 220 I believe where I arrived a little before 9 PM & met him & his wife, a Bruce, sister of Dr William Jack's wife & also a Mrs Bruce, whose husband was a brother, Mrs Dr Cummins says that Will B. Jack's brother, James E.P. Jack died in the insane asylum at Warren Pa & that his condition of mentality was such that nothing could be done for him. She says also that their sister, Mary was exceptionally bright (in fact all of them were & that is what was the matter with them.) & she taught school several winters & would go summers to some school or other for further study & thus broke down & had a nervous collapse.

From Dr Cummins, Nolan drove me back to his home, L. Nolan Dunlap's at No 35 W. Campbell St Blairsville Pa where we arrived at 9:07 PM & he got out their family Bible from which I copied the names & dates which I have now entered in the family tree on Page 209.

Peter Markle Hodge J.P. said he was born in 1845 & that Gen'l Joseph Markle, a relative had run for Governor of Penna in 1844 & the Markle was put in his name for him. He said his great grandfather

V5 Page 218

Jacob Rugh was one of the three sons of Michael Rugh, but he did not know who Michael Rugh's wife was, until I told him she was Annie Frankina Markle, an older sister of Casper Markle. His mother had evidently told him she was related to the Markles, but he did not know how it came about. Mr Hodge's mother was Mary M. Row or Rowe & his father, Isaac Northrop Hodge was a Yankee. He said he wd write me, giving me such data as he could. He said to go to Paul d. Sharretts, J. P. No 573 Phila ST Indiana Pa who is a descendant of Christopher Truby, one of the three parties who laid out Greensburgh, Pa & he could tell me where I could get one of the Rugh family charts prepared by J.C. Rugh, who used to live in Indiana & who he said died a few yrs ago. I went to Sharretts office at 7:15 PM last night & he tells me that it was Mrs Rugh who died a few yrs ago & that Mr Rugh went to Ohio & was still living & he would get his address & write me. He, J.C. Rugh, is descended from Peter Rugh, a brother of Jacob. Mr Sharretts s'd all the family had left Indiana Pa. Lyman Ray, hardware merchant, Blairsville Pa said he was 73 yrs old, but he don't look it. He said Rev Scroggs is buried in the U.P. Cem near Ligonier (he would have nothing to do with the Presbyterians) & thought members of his family still live in that neighborhood as he left descendants. Mr Ray directed me to Louis

V5 Page 219

Nolan Dunlap who assisted me in taking me to the country.

I left Blairsville on the 10:30 PM train Monday night 5th, arriving in Indiana a little after 11 o'clock & yesterday morning left with Mr W.H. Blakely for the country. He pointed out the old Gen'l McComb farm with house on the right shortly before we reached Jacksonville. We stopped at W. Bell McGinley who is a big wholesome, strong man & who said that the family records prepared by his mother were loaned to Wills McFarland & he never returned them. He said his father's family Bible was up at his brother's farm, the next one up, so we drove up there & found a handsome black eyed, black haired girl who proved to be their youngest sister, Sarah Hannah Mabel who brought her father's Bible out which was printed by the National Pub Co, Phila, but without date. From it I copied the record which follows:


Edward G. McGinley of Indiana Co Pa & Arabella Veniza Bell of Indiana Co Pa on Aug 7, 1879 at Home by Rev D.J. Irwin.


Edward G. McGinley born Feby 9, 1852

Arabella Veniza Bell born June 6, 1856

1. Lucinda Ethel McGinley born Mch 25, 1880

2. Martin Ray McGinley born Dec 21, 1882

3. William Bell McGinley born Jany 21, 1886

4. Mary Lucetta McGinley born Jany 8, 1889

5. Sarah Hannah Mabel McGinley born Jany 9, 1894

V5 Page 220

Mary Lucetta married Harry C. Ferguson, a blacksmith, a blacksmith [sic] living at Blairsville about 12 yrs ago & have children. Frances, Dorothy, & Irene. They are both living.

Lucinda Ethel is now dead & is buried at Ebenezer. She married "Mack" McFarland Rhea a farmer near Jacksonville, but have no issue. She died June 9, 1918. William Bell married Effie Neal from near North Point, Jefferson Co Pa abt 8 yrs ago & have one child Eleanor Ruth.

Sarah Hannah Mabel married John Neal, a distant relative of Effie on June 7, 1921. He works on Penna RR Co Mr & Mrs McGinley are both buried at Ebenezer.

Wm Penn Hotel Sept 8, 1921 7:44 AM

I got sleepy last night at 3 AM & went to bed. Got up at 6 took a cold bath, have had my breakfast & will go on with my transcribing until time to go to P & LE train at 8 o'c RR time for Youngstown, O. From "Roy" McGinley's, we continued on the Lewisville where is the Ebenezer Church founded in 1790 or 1791 by Patrick Jack & others & where at 9:50 AM Tuesday 6th, I was at work taking such records from the monuments & markers as are here listed.

Ebenezer Pres Church graveyard

Entering at entrance back of church, I continued down to the left to lower side & worked back up across & across to the Public Road at upper end

V5 Page 221

1. Robert N. McComb died Feby 3, 1894 aged 65 yrs

Capt Co G 206 Reg Pa Vol.

Margaret D. Miller, wife of Capt R.N. McComb Died June 16, 1912 aged 77 yrs

Infant daughter of RN & MD McComb

Johntie Irwin, son of RN & MD McComb died Aug 30, 1865 aged 3 yrs 9 mos & 20 days

E. Annie, Wife of Dr J. Milton Shields Died May 19, 1868 in 23 yr

2. Rebecca Rosborough died Sept 1, 1856 in her 98th yr

3. Mary, Consort of Capt Wm McFarland Died Nov 11, 1843 in her 92d yr With Ewings all around it.

4. William McFarland (evidently "Long Billy") died Sept 11, 1869 aged 62

Cynthia, wife of Wm McFarland (nee Wills) Died Jany 25, 1879 aged 69 yrs

Anna E. McFarland died Feby 25, 1882 aged 40 yrs

Robt E. McFarland (repeated just below) died Oct 6, 1865 aged 16 yrs

Robt Edward, son of Wm & C McFarland died Oct 6, 1865 aged 16 yrs 6 mos & 6 days.

5. Martin R. Bell Born Apr 16, 1864 Died Oct 18, 1879 aged 15 yrs 6 mos & 2 days.

6. Andrew Kincaid Died Aug 29, 1865 aged 81 yrs 6 mos Hotel Ohio, Youngstown O Sept 8, 1921 2:22 PM continuing transcribing

7. Capt William McFarland died Jany 25, 1840 in his 89th yr

Elizabeth, Consort of Capt Wm McFarland Died March 15, 1821? in her 73d yr

V5 Page 222

Capt John McFarland died Aug 19, 1829 in his 50th yr

Christiann, Consort of Capt John McFarland Died Oct 10, 1812 in her 40th yr

Catharine, Consort of Capt John McFarland died Feby 18, 1828 in her 33d yr.

8. Wm M. Bell July 24, 1818, May 22, 1896

Lucinda H. his wife, Dec 12, 1822 May 16, 1896

9. Moses Fulton died April 5, 1878 in his 79th yr

Esther, wife of Moses Fulton died Oct 3, 1873 in her 69th yr

Silas C. Fulton died Jany 17, 1899 aged 66 yrs

Mary E. wife of Silas C. Fulton died Aug 11, 1897 aged 49 yrs.

10. William Jack M.D. 1834   1892 }

M. Bruce, his wife 1843   1894 }

M. Blanche Jack 1870   1872 } On the monument

W. Bruce Jack 1866   1890 }

J. Arthur Jack 1876   1895 }

Mary Blanche, daughter of Dr & M.J. Jack (a marker) died Jany 14, 1872 aged 1 yr 11 mos & 26 days.

11. Allen McComb died Aug 8, 1830, in his 81st yr.

Hannah McComb died Sept 9, 1834 in her 76th yr

12. Sylvester C. Kennedy Jany 17, 1843 Apr 18, 1916

Emma Feby 24, 1851 Still living

Infant dau of SC & Emma Kennedy Mch 16, Mch 18, 1875

"Our Pet" Elmer Clifford Kennedy aged 8 mos & 3 days

V5 Page 223

13. Eliza M. Daughter of James & Mary Jack died Nov 23, 1876 in her 42d yr

"Our Aunt" Mary Ann Jack 1830   1912.

14. Marshall, father? John S.

M. Olive 1855   1896

J. Frank 1875   1917

Infant daughter 1895

15. Shields

James G. Oct 10, 1820   Mch 20, 1907

Mary A. May 23, 1829   Apr 23, 1895

John L. Sept 23, 1866   Apr 7, 1900

Maggie I. Apr 23, 1868   Jany 2, 1887

Infant died May 12, 1876

16. Margaret J. Speedy "Mother" Born Nov 10, 1813 Died Nov 11, 1896

H. McKee Speedy Father Born Feby 2, 1853 Died Dec 9, 1896

M. Belle Speedy Born Aug 14, 1854 died Aug 28, 1918

Tillie Speedy Died Aug 19, 1899 aged 15 yrs 11 mos & 8 days

17. Elizabeth Dunlap died Feby 16, 1878 in her 90th yr

18. M.P. Thompson died Nov 10, 1885 aged 78 yrs 3 mos & 4 days

Nancy C. Thompson died July 16, 1886 aged 73 yrs 11 mos & 29 days

Eliza Thompson died Oct 29, 1888 aged 74 yrs 10 mos & 28 days

M. Josephine, Daughter of M & N Thompson & wife of B.B. Rhodes died Aug 1, 1897 aged 78 yrs 4 mos & 16 days

19. James S. Hosack 1848   1904

Fern S. Daughter of S & N Hosack aged 15 mos

20. Jas G. Shields Co I 155 Pa Vol Apr 3, 1899

V5 Page 224

Effie May Shields Feby 28, 1883, July 13,1898

Samuel M. Shields Jany 4, 1851, Aug 5, 1919

Mamie Shields, Wife H.H. Charles Sept 19, 1882, Apr 25, 1904

21. McGinley

Edward G. 1852   1920

A. Veniza 1856   1920

22. Shields

Charles E. Mar 14, 1870, Apr 16, 1909

23. Samuel P. Marshall Died July 23, 1893 aged 64 yrs 5 mos & 8 days

Elizabeth, his wife died Sept 4, 1904 aged 71 yrs 7 mos 12 days

Jane Marshall, wife of Robt Oliver 1827   1901

Ida L. Oliver 1860   1885

Flora Emily, Dau of S.T. & E.L. Marshall died Jan 20, 1885 aged 2 yrs 11 mos 20 days

Our darling baby

J. LeMoyne Marshall Aug 18, 1905 Dec 5 1906

24. S.C. Hazlett died Dec 24,1893 aged 77 yrs 6 mos

Jane, wife of S.C. Hazlett died May 31, 1885 aged 70 yrs 3 mos

William F. son of S.C. & J Hazlett died June 20, 1861 aged 4 yrs 4 mos & 2 days

The above on monument, on marker he is named as Wm Franklin

25. James M. Jack died Nov 26, 1908 aged 83 yrs 5 mos 11 days

Elizabeth Fulton Jack died Sept 3, 1888 in her 53d yr

Franklin Jack died Sept 16th, 1889 in 16th yr

James P. Jack 1872   1918 [last two digits are a guess]

V5 Page 225

26. Robert Anderson died Sept 19, 1835 in his 82d yr

Mary Anderson died Feby 13, 1822 aged 54 yrs

27. Thomas Nisbet Sloan Born Feby 4, 1769 died June 14, 1813

Martha, consort of Thos N. Sloan Died Oct 1, 1833 in her 59th yr

Frances Sloan died July 25, 1834 in her 33d yr

28. Mary L. McFarland born July 1799 died Oct 22, 1827 aged 28 yrs & 4 mos

29. Samuel Marshall died Apr 29, 1871, aged 82 yrs

Nancy, wife of Samuel Marshall born Sept 4, 1808 died Apr 13, 1881

Mary, wife of Samuel Marshall died Sept 19, 1830 aged 36 yrs 11 mos 7 4 days

Wm J. Marshall died June 3, 1855 in his 18th yr

James G. Marshall of Co E 11th Reg PVR died June 13, 1863 of a wound received in the Battle of Fredericksburgh VA Dec 14th in his 28th yr.

Francis F. Marshall of Co G. 206 Reg PV Died Oct 12, 1864 of disease contracted in the army at Point of Rocks in his 22d yr

Mary A. Marshall, wife of Benj Irwin died July 20, 1866 aged 37 yrs

Benjamin Irwin died Sept 25 1896 aged 73 yrs

Ida May, daughter of Benj & M.A. Irwin died Feby 15, 1865 aged 8 mos & 14 days

Rebecca M. Stirling, wife of Benj Irwin died Aug 25, 1873 aged 35 yrs

V5 Page 226

30. Under a big white Oak at back stone wall, straight back from the church is Adam Thompson died May 8, 1853 in his 77th yr

Nancy, wife of Adam Thompson died Aug 20, 1851 in her 63d yr.

31. Jacob Libengood died Apr 6, 1849 aged 94 yrs

Jacob Libengood died Sept 4, 1847 aged 35 yrs 4 mos & 4 days

Peter Libengood, stone is down.

32. Mary Henderson Senr died May 6, 1824 aged 83 yrs. There is a stone adjoining with the record gone.

33. John Patterson died May 27, 1834 in his 74th yr

Margaret, wife of John Patterson died Oct 8, 1842 in her 72d yr

Alexander Patterson A.B. died May 1, 1833 in his 33d yr

John Patterson Junr died Nov 3, 1821 aged 19 yrs

Alexander Patterson died Mch 1, 1832 aged 72 yrs

34. Samuel McGinley "Our Father" died Mch 20, 1881 aged 80 yrs 6 mos 16 days

Jane R. wife of Sam'l McGinley died Aug 14, 1861 in her 49th yr

Nannie J. Dau of S & J.R. McGinley died Dec 14, 1881 aged 24 yrs 2 mos 23 days

35. Mathew Watson died Mch 1, 1856 aged 92 yrs

Mary, wife of Mathew Watson died 1809 in 42d yr & 5 other Watsons

V5 Page 227

36. Halfway back, straight back fr church John Leslie scaled off & broken but enough to make out died Apr 26, 1799 aged 58

Margaret Jack, alongside of Jno Leslie, her former husband died May 12 1816 in her 71st year

not far from here with a soldier flag, I found a stone entirely scaled off & alongside of it, a small bit with "ck" on it & I expect it is the marker for Patrick Jack buried by his second wife.

37. Robert Wilson died May 20, 1817 aged 76 yrs

Esther Wilson died Nov 27, 1808 aged 64 yrs

Ann Wilson died July 1, 1833 aged 62 yrs

38. William McFarland died Aug 13, 1870 aged 84 yrs 10 mos 11 days

Margaret D. wife of Wm McFarland died Apr 12, 1866 aged 73 yrs

Alex L. McFarland died July 16, 1858 aged 33 yrs

James McFarland, a Soldier died Mch 7, 1863 in his 49th yr

39. James Jack (up near to & back of church) died Aug 28, 1861 aged 81 yrs 8 mos 4 days

Mary, wife of James Jack died June 17, 1886 in her 93d year

Charles A., son of JM & EA Jack died Sept 18, 1862 aged 6 weeks`

Mrs Margaret Shields eldest dau of Jas & Mary Jack died Oct 15, 1865 in her 52d yr

James Jack Shields of Co H. 105 Reg PV died on David's Island aged 19 yrs Buried in Cypress Hill Cemetery

40. John C. Hazlett Oct 24, 1814, July 8, 1890

V5 Page 228

*Here commences the record from the Presbyterian graveyard at Clarksburgh, Indiana Co Pa

Nancy McFarland Hazlett Aug 10, 1817 Dec 11, 1898

James L. Son of Jno C & Nancy Hazlett member of Co E 11th Reg Pa Reserve Corps died Feby 7, 1863 aged 23 yrs 8 mos & 6? days

41* T.E. Marshall died Dec 24, 1903 aged 70 yrs 11 mos 3 days

Rebecca J. Marshall wife of T.E. Marshall born Dec 10, 1843 died Nov 27, 1880

Mattie A. Dau of T.E. & R.J. Marshall Born Feby 7, 1865 Died Apr 8, 1878

Infants, sons of TE & RJ Marshall

Clyde, son of TE & RJ Marshall died Jany 27, 1891 aged 11 yrs 9 days

42. George Reed died Apr 13, 1883 in his 82d yr

Mary Reed died Aug 23, 1889 aged 83 yrs 2 mos 23 days

B.F. Reed (A Soldier) Died May 1, 1876 aged 32 yrs 4 mos 22 days

Capt John Reed of Co K 11 Reg PV died Oct 2, 1862 Battle of Antietam Md in 30th yr

John Marshall son of DM & EJ Reed 1875   1875

43. James J. Marshall of Co E. 11th Reg PRC died Nov 2, 1864 in his 26th yr

Esther E. Dau of Wm C & E Marshall died Nov 18, 1860 in her 9th yr

Scott Marshall Sr "who was a soldier in the War of 1812 & volunteered his services & went after the Rebel Morgan in June 1963" died July 28, 1864 aged 77 yrs

44. Robert Sloan died Apr 29, 1879 aged 79 yrs

45. Daniel Cribbs died Feby 2, 1893 aged 88 yrs 5 mos 14 days

V5 Page 229

Nancy, wife of Daniel Cribbs died Dec 5, 1897 aged 83 yrs 9 mos 3 days

Finished & leaving Clarksburgh graveyard at 2:50 PM Sept 6th, 1921.

When I left the Ebenezer ch at 1:11 PM 6th, I stepped the church finding it 20 X 16 steps & I would say it is 60 feet deep & 48 ft wide is two stories high & is a large Brick Church built as stone in gable shows in 1870. O.W. Shields who runs the store across the road says it replaced a brick church which stood lower down, about where the sheds now are.

After finishing at Ebenezer, I went to the residence of Armor Cribbs & got the record of his family from his wife & daughters as shown on on [sic] page 210 but there are no markers up yet at the graves of her parents as I learned at T.S. Marshall's. From Mrs Cribbs, I went to the Clarksburg gy & what records I took there are shown on the preceding page & this. From there, I went to the residence of Theodore S. Marshall in Clarksburg. He has a big barn & a good substantial old stone house sitting back from the road & an ideal level barn yard & yard in front. He was not at home as it was old soldiers day at the fair at Indiana Pa & he had gone as usual to attend. His son, however, got out some old Bible records

V5 Page 230

being that of his grandfather Wm C. Marshall which I copied on Pages 211 & 212. They could not find Theo S. Marshall's record of his own family as it was not in the Bible, but on a record that he keeps locked up. They promised to have him write & send it to me. I then went to Alex Harvey Jewell's & he gave me their record which I entered on Pages 212 & 213. We then proceeded up through Jacksonville & stopped half way between Jacksonville at the residence of James L. Jewell's on the left hand side of the road where the house sits along the hillside a short distance from the road. He was away, but his wife gave me the record from their family Bible as shown on Page 214.

Mrs Cribbs is a fine woman, grayhaired & matronly, a little under medium height & stout with a good strong face. Her son, C.C. is pastor of the 1st Pres Ch at Apollo. Her daughters are both teaching & the youngest one, Lida Mabel who was at home is a very small girl, not as big as Delilah T. Hagan.

Mrs A.H. Jewell is also a fine faced & figured woman, gray haired & dependable. She too like Mrs R. A. Thompson was a Brady. Mr Jewell is tall & slender & when we picked him up on the road, he had evidently just come out of a coal bank as he was all black. Mrs James L. Jewell is also grayhaired & rather short &

V5 Page 231

stout, but a good kindly woman. She told us that Mrs Henderson, her husband Mr Blakely thought descended from Genl James McComb, had died during the day from an operation at the hospital so we did not stop, but went into Indiana where we arrived at 6:06 PM & I got my dinner. After a half hour in rubbing my feet which had been soaking wet since 10 o'c in the morning, I put on dry socks, but the wet shoes soon dampened them. After supper, I went up to 563 or 563 Pennsylvania Ave & saw Paul D. Sharrets & he could not give me the information P.M. Hodge thought he could. I then went to Mrs Mary T. Ray's & gave her back the Alex Donaldson record about the churches & bid her & Eva G. Thompson & another woman goodbye, then went to R.A. Thompson & saw him, his daughter & granddaughter & arranged to bring the Thompson Hist he loaned me with me to copy, then went over to 1208 Washington Ave arriving at 8:30 PM & found no one at home. I sat down on the porch & Mrs McFarland came shortly from the house across the street. The plumbers had not made connections so we only had a candle for light & she had left the family record up at her son Paul's at Shelocta. She promised to send for it & mail it to me or a copy. I asked her to light the gas in the stove & dry out my shoes, as I had brought my slippers along, which she did. Mrs McFarland however gave me some information which follows this immediately. It is now 8:40 & I must pack up & go to 9:15 PM train.

V5 Page 232

Hotel Sherman Kansas City MO Sept 9, 1921 11:44 PM

Continuing my transcribing.

At Mrs Christina McFarland's, widow of John McFarland No 1208 Washington St Indiana Pa Sept 6, 1921 9 PM

Mrs McFarland says that her father in law William McFarland, known as "Long Billy" is buried at Ebenezer & that for his second wife, he married Cynthia Wills who is buried there also. See Page 221 item 4 this Book. He had a half brother, Alexander & a half sister Catharine Jewell William had 5 sons & 3 daughters by Cynthia Wills & probably had children by first wife, but Mrs McFarland don't know. His children by Cynthia were:

1. Mitchell, oldest she thinks, Killed in Civil War at Gettysburgh, Pa, at least they knew he went into the battle & was never heard of afterwards. He was unmarried.

2. Hannah Jane, next, she married Rev Sam? Kinkead a Presbyterian preacher. She is buried at Oakland Cem, Indiana Pa. He was buried where he was preaching when he died, thinks it was at McCollensburg. Was kicked by a horse. This was fully 25 yrs before she died & was when their daughter was abt 2 yrs old. They had children:

A. John Mason Kinkead

B. Elizabeth Kinkead. She died unmarried & is buried in Oakland Cem alongside of her mother.

V5 Page 233

John M. Kinkead married Miss Blance Wells who was wealthy & had a Bank at Sistersville WVA where they both live. Someone else told me he was now living in Wheeling WVA. They have two children. One is John Mason Jr & don't know the name of the other boy which is young.

3. Wills McFarland, married Miss Florence Scott of Butler Pa. Both dead & buried at Butler Pa. He was an oil man. Had two children viz:

A. Edward, married & lives in Butler Pa where he & his sister run a hotel together. No issue?

B. Florence, she married Earl Clinton. They are running hotel with Ed. Have 3 boys, but don't know names.

4. Elizabeth, died unmarried. Buried beside her parents at Ebenezer, aged probably 45. Would never tell her age, took it out of the Bible. This is no doubt Anna E. lines 20 & 21 item 4 Page 221.

5. Edward, died when abt 16 & is buried at Ebenezer. This is evidently Robert Edward lines 22 to 25 item 4 Page 221 this book.

6. John McFarland. When he died had a time to get his age. It wasn't in the Bible. Mrs McF. says he was 65 when he died 20 yrs ago. He is buried at Oakland Cem here. He married Christine Kimmel my informant, who says she was born 8*Dec 11, 1872 at Ligonier Pa & have 4 boys.

A. Wm Howard who lives in Chicago & is in the book business. He married

V5 Page 234

Miss Bertha Machesny & have 2 children viz:

1. Florence Elizabeth aged 20 yrs

2. Lois aged 16 yrs

B. Lloyd Kimmel. Died unmarried at 19 & is buried at Oakland Cem

C. Edward Wills. Married Francis Rice & live in Detroit Mich where he is Supervisor of schools. They have twins.

1. Robert Nelson

2. Ruth

D. Paul. Married Miss Evalyn Starr & live on a farm near Shelocta, Indiana Co Pa No issue

7. Harvey McFarland. He married someone out in California & she didn't live very long. She has been dead for years. had two children to die shortly after birth & one, Wills, was killed by a street car in New York when 16 yrs old & is buried there. Harvey is now alone & unmarried & is living in NY. He used to be a Presbyterian preacher, but his throat gave out &he went in the coal business. Mrs McF says he got the family record & papers from her & never returned them.

8. Fannie, Married Caleb Walters of Blairsville Pa. He is dead & buried at Pleasant Unity Pa. She is living in Pittsburgh Pa. They had children:

A. Ralston, married & lives in Pgh Pa where he is a street car conductor & has six children, one dead & five living, but don't know their names.

B. Clyde, married a Pgh woman & live at Derry Sta where he is an engineer

V5 page 235

on the RR Have two boys but don't know their names.

C. "Mack" Walters, unmarried. Lives at Pgh Pa with his mother

Mrs McFarland says Miss Florence Mitchell living in Indiana Pa is a McFarland descendant & can give record. She is a granddaughter of Dr Robert Mitchell. He is buried at Greenwood Cem here. It is now 9:40 PM 6th. Mrs McFarland is a small woman weighing she says 115 lbs & is of wrinkled face & homely but very kindly & considerate. She says her father in law William McFarland was known as "Long Billy" or "Black Billy" as he was very dark complected & he was considerably over six feet in heighth & all of his children were tall, even the girls. Says Mitchell was over 6 ft & her husband John was just 6 notwithstanding their mother Cynthia Wills was a small woman, no larger than herself & was a cripple with a slight limp from having had white swelling when a little girl which caused her to always limp slightly. She said she was a pretty woman & showed me her picture on the wall and s'd further that "she was an awful good woman". Said when she & John were married Cynthia & John & Elizabeth were living together. Cynthia being then a widow & she, Christina moved in & they all lived

V5 Page 236

together abt 3 yrs after her marriage when Cynthia died & they never had a difference.

It is now 2:08 AM 10th & I will go to bed

Hotel Sherman Kansas City, MO Sept 10, 1921 8:44 AM

Continuing transcribing

Sept 8, 1921 12:15 PM

I got in to Youngstown O at 9:35 this morning & took a taxi to Hotel Ohio where I got rooms 804 for the day. I then walked over to the public square & took an Elm street car to Madison Ave where I turned to the left going two blocks to Pennsylvania Ave where I turned to the right & crossed over to No 830 Penna Ave where I arrived at 10:30 AM & rang the bell for 10 or 15 minutes & then asked a beautiful young girl sitting on the front porch of the house adjoining below who told me that Mrs Moore had gone to Indiana with the remains of her mother who had died last week, another instance of delaying too long in going to see an aged person. I then took a street car back & went to Valley Investment Co Office 710 Stambaugh Building & asked for Col Joseph G. Butler Jr & the young girl in charge said he was off at some Island & wd not be back until Monday night. Getting off the elevator, James & E. Bell of Greensburgh Pa formerly of the Bank at West Newton Pa spoke to me & s'd he was here on inter 

V5 Page 237

nal Revenue business. I then went in the Tod House & learned that Dr Chas A. Moore's office was No 414 Stambaugh bldg & going back there, he was busy with a couple of parties & I noticed the specialties he advertised were the "Eye, Ear, Nose & Throat" & that L.E. Moore who is practicing with him in an adjoining office as a Dentist, is I learned his son, a well built solid substantial young man. I told Dr C.A. who I was & he s'd his mother in law, Mrs Mary E. McCampbell had died last Friday morning Sept 2, 1921 at 3:30 AM lacking but 16 days of completing her 93d year & his wife had gone with the remains to Middletown, Indiana where a son of Mrs McCampbell lived & where her husband died over 25 yrs ago. He said she had had a stroke of paralysis last May, but it did not interfere with her talking (in fact, he s'd you could hardly keep her from talking, as she talked all the time) & her mind was clear up to the day of her death & she would sit by the window in her chair & read the papers. She was bedfast about ten days before her death. Dr C.A. thought her mother was born in Indiana Co Pa but he may have meant that she herself was as Dr L.E. sd "grandmother was born in Punxsutawney, Indiana Co, Pa". She has a son in business in Middletown

V5 Page 238

Indiana which C.A. thought was in Henry Co. C.A. says he & his wife are expecting to motor to Hagerstown Md next month & I asked them to stop over night with me. (It is now 9:25 my time 8:25 here & my clothes have been rtd & I must dress & go breakfast) (It is now 10:30 & I continue)

C.A. spoke of having been in Brookville Pa where he found many Hendersons all well to do. They said the obituary of Mrs McCampbell was in the "Telegram" of Sept 2d which paper I went to the office & got & find notice of her death on Page 4. Dr L.E. s'd the paper was wrong in stating that she went from Penna to Middletown Indiana, as it was to Marysville, Ohio. she went with her parents when a little girl. It is also wrong in stating that her mother was Mary Jack. It should be Anna Jack. In same paper of Sept 2, on Page 21 is notice of death of Gavin Jack at 10:40 AM same day Sept 2, 1921 at his residence 311 Grant Ave, A Civil War veteran aged 94 yrs, born in Stonehouse, Lanarkshire, Scotland on June 19, 1827 son of Stark & Katherine McClelland Jack, last survivor of 11 children & who came in 1855 to America & to Youngstown O & leaving a widow surviving & 3 children viz Geo. B. Jack, Hubbard O, Joseph K. Jack Ft Wayne Ind & Mrs James Porter City.

AT 1 PM, I started to 311 Grant St taking an Elm Street Car again at the Public

V5 Page 239

square in front of the Dollar Savings Bank to Grant St where I turned to the left & walked abt three blocks arriving abt 1:25 & left at 1:50 PM. The house is a two story frame & sets back of 309 & between it & 313. A short heavy set stocky man weighing he s'd 185 lbs came to the porch & said he was Joseph K. Jack of Ft Wayne Ind & that his mother who was 81 yrs old was sick & lying down sleeping & I could not see her, but he would answer any questions he could.

He said Mrs Mary Simpson, daughter of his Uncle George Jack, living for the past 15 yrs in Pittsburgh Pa where her husband works for the Atlantic & Pacific Tea Co now in Pgh & did before work for them in Scotland, can give a better account of the family than he can as she had lived among them in Scotland. He thinks her father was oldest of the family. Gavin, his father, was 5 ft 6 in & he Joseph K. is 5 ft 8 & weighs 185 lbs. He says his father always told him he was a dead ringer for his grandfather Stark Jack as he looked so wonderfully like him. He thinks Mrs Simpson lives in East Liberty.

He said that in addition to Mrs Simpson's father, George Jack, his father had a brother, Alexander Jack & a sister Rachel Jack who married a McRae & died in 1913 aged 69 all living in Scotland. He s'd his father was the oldest & that there were 7 instead of 11 in the family as stated in the newspaper

V5 Page 240

He says Stonehouse is 60 miles fr Glasgow. He thought his father had an Uncle James Jack.

I got back to Hotel Ohio at 2:11 PM & went right to work writing up this record continuing until 8:45 PM with a half hour's intermission to get my dinner in the cafeteria, then went to B&O Sta, got my ticket to Kansas City MO & at 9:15 PM took the train for Chicago transferred to the Santa Fe Station, got my seat reservation & left at 9:55 AM their time 10:55 mine for Kansas City, passing through Streator, Joliet & Galesburg & crossing the Mississippi River from East Ft Madison Ill to Ft Madison Iowa. From Dallas City, Ill through Pontoosnc [sic] to East Ft Madison Ill the Mississippi River was plainly visible for a distance of 7 miles & thousands of small dead trunks of trees truck up out of the water covering hundreds of acres & for much of the distance the RR tracks were built on a filled in causeway across the River. We reached Kansas City Mo a distance of 451 miles at 10:10 their time & I never traveled over so many miles on a RR with so few towns of importance on the route, most all being small towns. I took a taxi to the Densmore Hotel, Locust & Ninth Sts & found Mr & Mrs Chas M. Roscoe had 4 mos ago gone to Park Rapids, Minn, expecting to return at Sept 1, but they have no recent word, so I am wiring them & also M. Agnes Mackey Mullen & will go at

V5 Page 241

11:30 by the Frisco route to Paolo Kansas & see if I can find the Boglesongs. I have my records now written up to date & it is 10:30 their time.

Probate Judge office Paola, Miami Co Kansas Sept 10, 1921 1:50 PM

Will Index

[Names are entered given name first, surname last. I am putting surname first for indexing purposes. CW]

Greason, Samuel Page 64 Will Book D Pages 25 to 27

Greason, James Page 119 Will Book F Page 258

Roscoe, Cynthia M. Page 90 Will Book E Pages 126 to 130

There are no Caruthers, Jacks, Kilgores, Markles or Rothermels on the will index.

Will of Samuel Greason Will Book D Page 25 to 27 Recites that he is of West Pennsborough Tp, Cumberland Co Pa & states that it is not for any want of affection for 1. his daughter Mary Ellen Herckaby but because I have advanced to her what in my judgment I deem to be her full share of my estate.

2. I give to my daughter Jane Amelia Brandon $500 in addition to $3000 heretofore advanced to her.

3. I give & devise to my son Wm D. Greason the farm on which he now resides in West Pennsborough Tp Cumb Co Pa adjg Robert Greason's est & others ctg 116 A subject to the payt of $2000 to my Exrs one yr after my decease. Also give him "my family Bible"

4. I give & devise to my daughter Frances R. Kennedy wife of Wm Kennedy my farm in East Valley Tp State of Kansas ctg 160 A on which they now reside subject to payt of $1500 to my Exrs in 1 yr after my decease

V5 Page 242

5. I give & devise to my son Samuel Wing Greason that certain house & lot in Greason 40 by 200 ft Also $1000

6. I give to my son in law, Wm Kennedy $500 for the use of my grandson Albert G. Hackaly to be held in trust & p'd in his discretion after he becomes 21 yrs of age.

7. All residue of my estate including the $2000 & $1500 above called for as also proceeds of the house in which I now reside in Greason bounded by Joseph Carothers (on the north) & others 40 by 200 ft which he directs Exrs to sell & to divide same equally among all of my children living at the time of my death.

Lastly appoints Wm D. Greason, my son & R.M. Henderson Exrs Dated Apr 24, 1895 signed Samuel Greason (seal)

Witnessed by S.W. Haverstick & J. Webster Henderson. Proven Mch 27, 1897 in Cumb Co Pa by s'd witnesses before C.U. Jowls Dep Reg & D.T. Ramsey Register of Wills certifies it is a true copy as recorded in Cumb Co in Will Book V Page 146.

Will of James Greason Will Book F Pages 258 to 263 Recites that he is of West Pennsborough Tp (Cumb Co Pa) is advance in years.

1st Directs body to be interred in the graveyard of the Presbyterian Church of Silver Spring & to be suitably marked. States he has made advances to & for all his children all of which is cancelled & the present distribution is

V5 Page 243

made & "based upon my sense of justice toward them in view of such advancements"

2. Bequeaths $2500 to Exrs for Maintenance of Son William & then to revert to estate unless he should marry & have children to survive him who would take it.

3d Devise to my son James D. Greason the farm on which I live with 10 A woodland ctg together 160 A & charges same with $2500 to be paid to estate.

4. Devise to my daughter Elisa Washmood the farm adjg the one devised to James & the small tract of Woodland adjg the farm ctg together 118 A & gives her $1000

5th I devise to my son Samuel the farm on which he lives ctg 118 A charged with $1000 to go to Estate.

6. I devise to my son John the farm on which Wm Anker now lives ctg 141 A & charges same with $4000 to go to estate.

7. I devise to my son Thomas the farm adjg the one last above described ctg 122 A which includes the 10 A adjg Plainfield & devises to him also the house & lot on which he resides in Plainfield & charges same with $1000.

8. To son Robert, the farm on which he lives ctg 160 A more or less & charges same with $100 but if Wm boards with Robert as long as he lives, this charge is to be waived.

9. I devise to my daughter Rebecca for life with remainder in fee to her children the house & lot in Plainfield which I purchased from Wynkoop & bequeaths $2500 to Exrs for sole & separate use of Rebecca & her children.

10. I give my daughter Agnes Dunlap $2600

V5 Page 244

11. The advancements I have made to my son in law, Charles Weaver exceed $4200. His wife is now deceased. I therefore give to his sons Joseph & Philip each $750 provided their father Chas Weaver in one year from my decease secure to the satisfaction of my Exrs a like sum to each of his other three children viz James, Charles & Mary Rebecca

12. To Catharine Clep who has faithfully served me the int on $1000

13. All residue to go equally to children living regarding the trusts


Lastly appoints two sons, Thomas & Samuel exrs & give my grandson James A Greason $500. Dated May 17, 1855 Signed James Greason (seal)

Witnesses S.W. Haverstick Fredk Watts Prove July 14, 1855.

V5 Page 245

At residence of Wm D. Greason No 510 South Silver St, Paola, Kansas Sept 10, 1921 4 PM

Copying from two loose leaves from the old Bible of Mr Greason's father Thomas Greason which W.D. says is in his father's handwriting:


1. John Howenstine was married to Barbara Ann Smith (no date given) In pencil is written "J.D. Greason Senr & Mary Carothers" W.D. says this was written in by his brother Jas D. Greason now dead

2. Andrew Heiks was married to Margaret Howenstine Nov 29, 1821

3. David Shank was married to Ann Mariah Howenstine March 19, 1829

4. Henry Greider was married to Elizabeth Howenstine Jany 25, 1827.

5. Thomas Greason was married to Sarah Howenstine Oct 25, 1836

6. John Howenstine Jun was married to Nancy Lonenacre Dec 2, 1847.

7. Elxander Owen was married to Rebecca Howenstine May 18, 1847.

8. Thomas Greason was married to Margaret Bear Dec 1844

9. Thomas Greason was married to Anna Gohman Dec 27, 1849

10. Thomas Greason was married to Mary J. Hale Dec 1854.

V5 Page 246

1   ...   10   11   12   13   14   15   16   17   ...   41


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