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Josiah VanKirk Thompson


Family Record Book

Vol 5

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B. July 6, 1819, Jany 1, 1896 by He married whose maiden before him. No issue

Nancy Tappan B. June 29, 1850 ) my informant

V5 Page 1

Oak Hill July 25th, 1921 9 PM

Reading on Page 88 Book 1 about mother's statement about John & James Niccolls both marrying her cousins Steeles & then living at first in West Newton, I asked cousin Kate if she knew of them & she said William Niccolls, an unmarried one, she thought a brother, had a store in West Newton & used to go a great deal to see her Aunt Katy. She said her father bought the lot where he later built their old home from a Niccolls. She thought John Niccolls, either the brother, or I suggested the possibility of it being the father. He bought this before he was married & the first year after he was married, he lived in a house where the U.P. church now is & then built the brick house & moved in. She dont know what year he came to this country, but he brought a lot of clocks with him for sale & later had several boxes of clocks shipped to him from Europe. From Phila he went to the western shore "wherever that was" & lived there a year & sold clocks. Boarded or lived with a planter who was often away & when he was he engaged her father to look after the men & keep them at work. He then went to Mt Pleasant Pa where he had a room & sold clocks & from there moved to the old gate

V5 Page 2

house on the Pike, where the school house now is where the road turns down to Will L. Scholl's. When here, he got acquainted with her mother Kate says. She says the wife of one of the Niccolls, she thought it was John, died across from them in the house then on the present Maggie L. Markle lot where the Niccolls then lived. She said one of the Niccolls married a sister of Micajah P. Smith & she died leaving a son Eben, who was taken by her mother old Mrs Smith, who raised him & who said she cried when she had to give him up. There had been a Moore, Kate said from across the River who married a Steele & after two children were born, Steele died, but his wife had a third child not long after his death & Kate said Niccolls, she thought John, came in from the west & married her & it couldn't have been long after as she had to carry the baby in her arms when she was married to Niccolls. She went west & had a child to Niccolls & then she died. Niccolls kept his own child, but sent the other tree back & they were taken by someone over the river. Kate said Amanda Smith, who one of the Niccolls used to court asked if they couldn't give her brother "Mark" Smith a position

V5 Page 3

out there & through Sam Drum out there it was arranged. He, however, got to drinking & his feet were frozen & he was badly disabled & Harmer D., his brother went & bro't them in & either he or H. H. Markle & wife took him & his wife with four children went home to her father John Swem's. After this, "Mark" did something bad by which he had to run off from home. It is now 10:20 PM & Cousin Kate is retiring.

Oak Hill July 27, 1921 12 o'clock noon

Cousin Elizabeth M. Fuller has just gone in town after a couple of hours visit with us. Pallini brought C.C. Kough out at 9:30 AM & he took four pictures of Cousin Kate Smith aged 89 yrs 6 mos & 24 days today & one of Cousin Elizabeth M. Fuller aged 80 yrs 3 Mo & days today & one of the tree of us standing. Speaking of George Plumer Smith, Kate says he has been dead some years & that he left much of his fortune to charity, but gave Mrs Stevenson $5000 & Mrs Hornish $10,000. Kate said his mother was a Plumer, a sister of Uncle John C. Plumer & of Alex & William & that her mother s'd his father was not related to Micajah P. Smith. She married a Finley over by Rehoboth after Smith died. Kate says old Mrs Smith, mother of Micajah P. was a Houseman. Lizzie said then that that was where the relationship to the

V5 Page 4

Housemans came in. Lizzie spoke of having spent a month or two on a ranch out in the Colorado mountains near Seguache (pronounced Sewatch). She said her father owned & used to live on Main St in Uniontown where the present office of the Morning Herald & Blackstone building are located. That a Jim Hedges, a carpenter or something, built a two & a half story house there & couldn't finish it & her father bought it from him & completed it & added a two room one story building for his offices. In this house, she & all the rest of her father's children were born. Her stepmother wanted to get out on the farm with her boys about the close of the war & her father thought he could leg John work into his practice. He had a farm out the Pgh Road which he sold & bought the farm in South Union Tp & moved out. They only remained one year. He bought the Gen'l Joshua B. Howell house on Fayette St & moved in it just after the war & always afterwards, lived there & there he died as did his son John M. & there Alvira, John's daughter & her husband E. Gadd Snider now live & Lizzie's home is on the brick house built on the lot.

Lizzie told again about the tip given her about the incoming administration intending to let a lot of clerks go because congress did not appropriate any money to pay them, so she went to see Postmaster Gen Walter Q. Gresham who had only come in office

V5 Page 5

a few days before & he was out & in conference his ass't Walker told her with the Postmaster of Balto & she told Walker who said he understood she had a father who was able to keep her to which she replied: "I have a step mother & that is the reason I am here". Walker told Gresham & he said because of the appropriations failure, they wd have to let them go & she said she lost all control of herself & burst out crying whereupon Gresham patted her on the shoulder & said "Dry your tears, we will take care of you". She explained that he had had a stepmother & had been driven from home at a very early age to make his own living. Jas as she was in later years. She said she was the only one that went out from home & made her own living & incidentally explained the start of her coolness with Amanda Smith, first cousin to both her father & herself. She was walking on the streets of Wash D.C. with Mrs Swearingen & met Amanda Smith, who was very cool & pretended not to know her, charging her as Lizzie said of disgracing the family by going out to work & earn her own living. Later, at Cuba with her cousin Alfred M. Fuller, she was in the receiving line that recd Mrs Gresham & other notables. Alf M. had married Minnie Jones, whose mother was a sister of Mrs Gresham.

Lizzie, sitting on the terrace this morning said: "This is the old Dawson home.

V5 Page 6

The first wedding I ever attended was here. Richard Dawson, a younger brother of John N was a friend of mine & he had them invite me, although I was very young to the wedding of his sister Louis to Berry & Cousin Jim Fuller (father's cousin) brought Harriett & me & I had a grand time. I was younger than the others & everybody made a fuss about me". She said Maria Dawson was a large handsome girl & she married Baldwin & the youngest, Ruth Elizabeth married Johnston.

Page 98 Book 1 Lines 28 to 34. Kate does not think this statement correct.

Page 102. Kate says her mother had often spoken of Dr Abraham Markle Kate did not know of their family.

Page 112 lines 10 & 11, asking Kate if she knew of Henry Fulton's [sic] she said "yes he had four wives. Aunt Katy was invited there once shortly after they moved here & went with the Markle girls & their mother Betsy who was a sister of Mrs Fulton". Asking her if she knew their daughter Eleanor, she said: "Oh yes, Nellie. She married Dr Isett & lived in the old house on the present Maggie L. Markle lot, just across the street from us. She didn't like to work & once her sister (or half sister) Jane, called in to have her go with her & she put on a white dress that had been starched, but not ironed & Jane said she was ashamed to go with

V5 Page 7

her, but went. They moved to Iowa & once after that, I saw a woman in deep mourning & a long black veil go in Drum's across the street (they were her cousins you know) & I told mother & she said that is Nellie Isett & got ready & went over, but by the time she got there, she was gone. She had a brother John, who went to California & probably died there, as his wife died there. He had married in West Newton, Eliza Jane Linn a daughter of William Linn a blacksmith who had been in the War of !812 & drew a pension & had a daughter Alice born to them in West Newton. He went to Calif without them & was a tanner there & sent for his wife to come on & she went with Alice. She had a son born to her there & perhaps more & died & he married again. When Leah Robbs [sic] was rtg home with her husband, she wanted to go see them, but Robb objected, but Leah persisted & meeting a boy said: "Can you tell me where John Fulton's tannery is?" The boy sd: "I can tell you where his factory is. I am going there, follow me", which they did & had a long talk with them. Mrs Fulton wrote a long letter for Leah to give to her father & by the time she got home, he had died. She says Abram Fulton married Rachel Newlon, sister of Elijah who married Mary, daughter of Jacob Markle & who was a daughter of William Newlon who lived at the Willow Tree farm when his daughter Hannah married Kate's Uncle Dan Rotharmel

V5 Page 8

William Newlon owned the Willow Tree farm then, tore the old house down & built the present one, but Painter built the present barn. Abram Fulton went to Washington Pa & kept the hotel & boarded students & then moved west somewhere, was very poor & wrote home for help, but Elizabeth, daughter of Daniel & Hannah Newlon Rotharmel who was then the wife of old "Mike" Haymaker who lived out by Newlonsburg & was very rich with plenty of money at interest, wouldn't give him a cent. Kate said Elizabeth should have given them money for what they did for her, as she says they kept her for years at the hotel, both boarding & clothing her. She married Haymaker when she was 28 yrs old & had five children to him. He was much older than her, rich & stingy. He had wanted to marry her mother, Hannah, & she wouldn't have him. He came once to the Willow Tree to see Hannah & she saw him coming & ran up through the fields to Rotharmels & after awhile, they saw Haymaker & the Newlon boys coming up through the fields & Hannah took out across a field to Wagner's where she stayed all night. The next morning, Mrs Newlon told Haymaker he need not come back any more as Hannah wouldn't have him. He waited & Kate says was s'd to be 60 when he married Elizabeth. He died up abt

V5 Page 9

Newlonsburg which is near Murraysville & she supposes is buried there.

"Frank" Rotharmel (son of Uncle Ben) when at Gbg once on the jury met a son of Elizabeth who was also on the jury (they had never met before & didn't know each other until meeting face to face when their names were called) & he told Frank his mother had died of a broken heart, but didn't say for why. Someone since told Kate that a son & daughter had gone to California, both married & two daughters unmarried were still living. Once her Uncle Dan was at Haymakers & was sick & they sent him to her Aunt Katy's (Geo Brush's) near Irwin. Brush was very mad & came to see Kate's father who told Brush to just keep him there & he wd help pay his exps. He lived just 3 weeks & Kate says her father & Uncle Ben buried him. He was buried on the farm & removed to Markle's. Hannah died when her second child, Keziah was born & Mrs Newlon took Elizabeth & Keziah & cared for them until Dan got married the second time when he took them.

Kate does not know of Abram Fulton's children. It is now 3:30 PM & must go in town.

July 27th, 1921 8 PM

I went in at 3:30 PM & got this afternoon 30 cks from Frustee D.M. Hertzog & his clerk J.B. McPherson which I laid away in my drawer there. Lenora came in & got

V5 Page 10

her ck, the larger one & I stopped at 7 PM to 7:30 & gave her the smaller ck, & asked her about Jno A's Uncles John & James Niccolls & got statement made to me by mother Oct 3, 1897 & as recollected by Cousin Kate. Lenora says John A's Uncle John first married a Smith, sister as Kate says of Micajah P. Smith & had two sons, John & Eben. John went to California & married a very nice woman & lived at Los Angeles. They had a daughter, May. After his first wife's death, he married Maria Steele & had a lot of children, Lenora recalls Violet, Harriet, Alvin, Elliott & Cassius. She says Maria visited mother at Springdale with the two girls Violet & Harriet who were very quiet & practically talkless. Violet did not marry well & dying left a daughter which Harriet adopted. Harriet married a Reeves & is still living she says in Bloomington. Alvin went to Kansas & John A. went there with him after five yrs service in Dry good store of Wm Rice. His Uncle John got him the position telling him to pay the boy a salary & he would make it up to him. After one week, he told the Uncle he would not be called on to make anything up as the boy was earning the salary & more. He remained in the store until Rice died & the store was sold out. Cassius now lives in Calif & wrote Lenora a few

V5 Page 11

moths ago wanting to know about the Niccolls History. I should get his address from her. She did not say what became of Eben & Elliott.

James Niccolls first married Elizabeth Steele & it was he & not John, that married the widow Steele (widow of his first wife's brother who Kate says was a Moore, after his first wife died.) It was she who had the three children who Lenora says Elijah & Ruth Craft took & raised & she says Mrs Miller, mother of Fannie S. Miller & Sara C. Gorley, with whom she now lives was one of them. Lenora thought she divorced Jim, but I think Kate's statement that she died is correct. Jim then married Melinda Hibbs as stated by mother, so Lenora says Robert Niccolls who died in Calif a few years ago was another brother of John, James & Thos H. Niccolls. Lenora says he married "Frank" Moore & had two children that did & he left his money to about 30 nephews & nieces. I think she said he died at San Diego Calif. She said Lida, her daughter got $2540 from his estate. Kate now says that Eben Niccolls married Melinda Clemens, whose father taught school in & around West Newton. Said abt 5 yrs ago "Mark" Smith told her he had had a letter from him & he was then past 80 & his

V5 Page 12

wife was dead. He was living somewhere in the west. Kate says Robert Niccolls who married Frank Moore went to school in West Newton. She says Jim Niccolls was a great tall man & that he used to go to see Amanda Smith. She says his second wife, the widow Steele died when her first baby to him was born.

Page 125 Book 1 Line 15. Kate & I conclude that this is the Gideon Markle she told me about & who she thought was a brother of great grandfather, whereas he is a brother's son. It was Gideon who was a counterfeiter & got in the toils [best guess] of the law.

Page 125 Line 16. We feel satisfied that this Catharina's husband, John Rothermel Junior is a son of John Rothermel & a brother of great grandmother Mary Rothermel Markle. Investigate when at Washington Davies Co, Ind.

It is now 10 PM & Cousin Kate has gone asleep in her chair & I have rung for Mrs Pallini to come & assist her to bed. I go to Morgantown WVA at 10:24 AM tomorrow & will probably not get back until 7 PM Friday evening JVT

Oak Hill July 29, 1921 7:30 PM

I got back from Morgantown on the 5:30 PM B&O, had dinner at the "Holler" with Minnie & Sarah 6 to 7 & came out home.

V5 Page 13

Pages 127 & 128 Book 1 Will of Peter Rothermel. This is a son of Peter who was a brother of Paul & of John my ggfather & of Christian, Kate's ggfather. See Anjou's History Pages 39 to 42. Kate says her grandmother said there were so many Peters & that her Uncle Ben, when attending the meeting about the fortune said they called his father "Long Peter" because he was so tall. Kate says her grandfather "was very tall over six feet & very slender." Page 128 & 129 Book 1. Will of Magdalena Rotharmel Line 7 Page 129 Kate says her mother always said Catharine was married to Henry Heppner & knot Keppner & I may have read the record wrong. Kate further says her mother said Maria was married to Fegely, but she now supposes that Hegely is right. Her mother only knew of one son, Kate says Margaret only had one child by her second husband Long & his name was Jacob, also "lying Jacob" she says. Conrad Stenger who was married to Magdalena was a brother of Kate's grandmother, Peter's wife. She says this Magdalena was living the time her grandmother's hair turned white for Martin the next morning when he came in went after her mother & his own mother. Kate says this record is no doubt right & that her great grandmother was Magdalena Bauer instead of Sibilla as she had previously stated. Kate says

V5 Page 14

she died at Grosscup's   her daughter's.

Page 140 Book 1 Will of Jacob Rothermel. This is great grandmother Mary Markle's brother see G. Anjou's Hist Pages 51 & 52. Cousin Kate says he had a brother Daniel how had a son died in Pgh & who had an odd name by which great grandmother knew it was her brother Daniel's son as the name was that of one of his Uncle's on his mother's side, not on his father's side. I notice that Benj. Parks was one of the witnesses to Jacob Rothermel's will. The person named by John H. Rhoads bro line 35 Page 134 Book 1 as marrying Maria Daughter of Peter Merckel.

Following will of Jacob Rothermel on Pages 140 & 142 is will of Abraham Rotharmel & it is evident from his will proven in 1777 & his children being named by Jacob as grandchildren, that his widow Barbara was Jacob's first wife & Magdalena (Price as Anjou says) was his second wife, but nothing yet to tell which of the wives was mother to his nine children or how they are divided between them or who this Abraham was. He might have been an older brother of Jacob & one of the ten children of John Rotharmel of whom ggmother always mentioned as in her family. I am strongly inclined to this belief. Kate inclines to this belief also & says there were Mrs Baughman & Mrs Hayes who were sisters of

V5 Page 15

ggmother as she got from her mother, who when she wd be at ggmother's the year Sallie was down in Ky with grandmother, used to sleep with ggmother.

Page 134 Lines 3 to 5. I had thought this Gideon Markle was the one imprisoned for counterfeiting. Kate says he died in prison. I can see how that news might have been circulated & then accomplices might have helped him to escape & he gone off to Sunbury where he might have been killed later.

Kate says that two of her mother's Uncles Stengers, living in Franklin Co Pa, I think about London, married Markle widows, that one of them married Mrs Shearer, a widow, who was a Markle before she married Shearer & she didn't know whether the other married the widow of a Markle man, or whether she was born Markle, married & became a widow as did Mrs Shearer. There was however, a Daniel Markle who lived in Franklin Co. He was son of George Markle Page 162 & I think his two sisters, Ann Elizabeth & Rebecca, both married Shearers.

Page 130, Book 1 Will of Leonard Rotharmel. This is a son of Lawrence the Elder of the immigrant brothers see Anjou Hist Pages 19 to 21.

Page 131 Book 1 Will of Peter Rothermel. This is son of Peter whose father Peter was one of the immigrant brothers, see Anjou Hist Pages 43 & 44.

V5 Page 16

Page 131 Book 1 Will of John Rotharmel. This is a son of Peter who was a son of Paul, one of the emigrant brothers, see Anjou Hist Pages 25 to 28.

Cousin Kate went to bed at 10:15 & it is now 11 Pm & I will continue on reading my records made at Reading in 1898.

Page 148 Book 1 Will of Jacob Merkel.

This is the son of Casper & brother of Benjamin see Page 144 Book 1.

Page 151 Book 1 Lines 33 to 35. It seems evident to me that the Casper Merkle named here (being of Richmond Tp & a Miller) is the son of George Merckel named in his will Page 162 Book 1 where he got this same land as will probably be found on verification & is also the same named at head of family chart on Page 144.

Page 160. This George Merkel is the son of Benjamin & grandson of Casper, see Page 144 & Mrs Spang's statement Page 145.

It is now 1 Am 30th & I will write up my expenses for yesterday & today & go to bed.

Oak Hill July 30th, 1921 10 AM

It was 2 Am when I got to bed last night & I got up at 5:33 AM & read over the 20 odd pages of genealogical tables from Page 154 to 181 both inclusive in Book 1 & then read Cousin Kate the statement of Wm M. Kaufman Page 165 lines 18 & 19 & she says the Paul Rothermel there mentioned was son of her Uncle Paul's son Paul & that

V5 Page 17

she had figured from what her grandmother told her that he had died in 1892. She only missed it 2 yrs. See Anjou's Hist Page35, which corroborates W.M. K's statement as the Paul above mentioned at lines 18 & 19 was born June 27, 1804 & died Nov 28, 1894. It was his father, Kate said who visited them along with Corley? Baughman while her grandfather was living. He was not so old as her grandfather (was 19 yrs younger) out at the time of the visit he had grown up children. Kate dont know how many children he had, but said it was in sugar making time when he visited them. Kate says his mother, the wife of "Uncle Paul" the immigrant was an invalid & was in bed for years.

Page 264 Book 1 reading to Kate about the old mill & "Mussillie" Creek, Kate says her Uncle Sam Rothermel was down there two years in succession on a visit & was at the old mill & met there two men one named Fisher & the other named Yager or Jager on his second trip. They had both been to Europe with Forney who had been sent to get the fortune. Fisher going for his health & Jager on business & Fisher pointing to the water in Moselem Creek said to Uncle Sam: "as sure as that water runs the fortune is there". Same was not feeling well when in Berks Co & returned home & died at the Rothermel homestead 5 or 6 weeks later of typhus fever aged 37 & while

V5 Page 18

his mother was still living. He was unmarried Kate says.

Page 277 Book 1 lines 32 to 35 reading to Cousin Kate about H. Messchert, the millionaire hermit at Douglasville Pa abt whom Mr Rhoads & Gen Gregg spoke, I told Cousin Kate that his grandmother was a Stoever & she said Uncle Joe Markle called them Stavers & told his mother of the relationship which was as follows viz that the Elder Philip Rohland's mother was a first cousin of his ie of Joseph Markle, she having been a Stoever (daughter evidently of Catharine Merckel & Gen John Casper Stoever. This Elder Philip used to butcher for Kate's mother & he told her that "his mother was a first cousin of Gen'l Joseph Markle & that makes me a second cousin of Cyrus, but he wouldn't look at me, but I don't care." Kate says he lived to be very old & is buried over in the West Newton Cem. Kate says she remembers him well & says "he had a whole string of children, but I guess I can name them".

Kate says Tom Rohland was jealous of his wife, but had no right to be for "she was a good woman & all right".

I got out tonight at 7:30 & it is now 10 PM & the time has been spent in getting the record of the Rohlands, Stover descendants appearing on the two pages following 19 & 21. I will let Kate go to bed & go at some other work.

V5 Page 19

[Descendant Chart]

Philip Rohland of West Newton whose mother was a daughter of Rev John Casper Stoever & his wife Catharine Merckel. Kate dont know who his wife was. Says they came at an early day to West Newton Pa from Lebanon Pa & she thinks only their two youngest children were born in West Newton. Kate thinks it is 80 yrs since they came to West Newton. He was in carpentry trade. Continued on next page.

[Their Children]

1. George, a carpenter lived in West Newton & married a Davis of the family that had the insanity in it. Had lots of children & they were as bad as they could be. He was killed in West Newton by the cars running over him.

1. Evaline m. Amos Zimmerman. He was fr abt Gbg, a painter, lived at Wilkinsburg. Died 1916 & buried West Newton Cem alongside of daughter. Widow lives with her sons at Wilkinsburgh Pa. Had gone west before his death, but by reason of poor health all came back to Wilkinsburgh. All four of the boys are married.
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